WWE Teases NXT Debuts, Returns & Legend Appears!

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All of today's wrestling news including:
WWE Hall Of Famer Appears On NXT (0:20)
Mysterious 'Diamond Mine' Vignette Airs On WWE NXT - Big Debut Coming? (3:39)
Finn Balor Returning To WWE NXT Next Week (5:30)
What WWE's Roster REALLY Thinks About Live Crowds Returning (7:27)
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Jayla Gaskins
Jayla Gaskins 3 kun oldin
Johnny82Utah 3 kun oldin
Even as a kid I always loved DiBiase to me there was no better heel in the late 80s early 90s
Curtis Deck
Curtis Deck 3 kun oldin
Diamonds and motivational slogans? DDP!
WuJen 4 kun oldin
DDP return!!!
Connor StJohn
Connor StJohn 5 kun oldin
The NXT Million Dollar Championship! Lol
Alexander Mendoza
Alexander Mendoza 6 kun oldin
14:20 Andy Murray giving us the bird is the highlight of my week. Thank you guys for all the hardwork and amazing content!
Rodney Chembe
Rodney Chembe 6 kun oldin
Himanshu Dhami
Himanshu Dhami 7 kun oldin
Diamond Vignette is probably be of Tessa Blanchard
John Evans
John Evans 8 kun oldin
remember in 91-92 the diamond mine was the name of a interview segment hosted by ddp in wcw
Blue Weegie
Blue Weegie 4 kun oldin
Was it not a stable with ddp, the diamond studded and vinnie vegas aswell?
PeterPromo 8 kun oldin
SO wait, is Brock in this video or no????
Josh Reardon
Josh Reardon 8 kun oldin
It’s Tessa Blanchard 💎
Antog1331 8 kun oldin
The Diamond Mine is going to be a DDP managed stable of wrestlers.
J.W. H.
J.W. H. 8 kun oldin
"Diamond Mine" is nowhere near new. Early 90s WCW. DDP, Hall, Nash, Raven, and the Freebirds.
Martin Rubio
Martin Rubio 8 kun oldin
Cm punk should come back
Martin Rubio
Martin Rubio 8 kun oldin
Finn balor should come back
Martin Rubio
Martin Rubio 8 kun oldin
Its good to see ted dibease back
Kevin Finney
Kevin Finney 8 kun oldin
Lol Andy it's a bulid-a-figure
Kimberley Gray
Kimberley Gray 8 kun oldin
Timothy Banks
Timothy Banks 8 kun oldin
The Chyna / Rocco thing is if you buy all 4 figures in the collection ( hbk, Goldberg, edge, Chyna. They build Paul Ellering with Rocco.
Mo Kabeer
Mo Kabeer 8 kun oldin
The young bucks, never ever liked them as baby faces but love them as heels
Alex Dominguez
Alex Dominguez 8 kun oldin
In the Diamond Mine vignette, the end picture looks a lot like CM Punks’s lightning.
James smith
James smith 8 kun oldin
Sheamus had to say fella a lot
Nemesick TV
Nemesick TV 8 kun oldin
hate The Miz as babyface.
Chris David
Chris David 8 kun oldin
It’s going to be a faction led by Simon diamond.
MephProduction 8 kun oldin
clearly he was a heel if you didn't like him. I don't see the fuss about CM punk... it's only a thing because he wont wrestle, wasn't like he was extraordinary or had a good gimmick,
Mark Sanders
Mark Sanders 8 kun oldin
It's a build a figure build a Paul ellering derrrrr
Willard Squire
Willard Squire 8 kun oldin
The Dimond Mine is a stable led by DDP
Internet Bandit
Internet Bandit 8 kun oldin
I am not interested in CM Punk coming back to wrestling. Frankly, I am tired of people talking about his comeback.
Jae Prize
Jae Prize 8 kun oldin
Orton is WAY better as a heel.
Duck Taylor
Duck Taylor 8 kun oldin
Diamond has gotta be Tessa
Mike Henderson
Mike Henderson 8 kun oldin
Cm punk is the new roddy piper
mike paez
mike paez 8 kun oldin
Chyna figure is part of a set of four figures that allows you to build Paul piece by piece. Other figures are HBK,Edge, and Goldberg. Not an error
pkisfubar 8 kun oldin
its a build a figure for Paul Ellering and she comes with the dummy and Paul's arms if i remember right when i saw this at the store and was very confused myself.
David Reed
David Reed 8 kun oldin
When is Becky coming back geez
Xristosdomini 8 kun oldin
AEW has had fans at Daily's for a couple months...
Young T
Young T 8 kun oldin
Eva Marie & Parker Borduex (spelled his last name wrong)
pigs18 8 kun oldin
25% crowd, plexiglass around the ring, actually enforce the mask mandate.
Wondering Wayne
Wondering Wayne 8 kun oldin
It's UZpost sensation @DanTDM
Arash TA
Arash TA 8 kun oldin
Parker b.
Dafydd Williams
Dafydd Williams 8 kun oldin
The chyna figure is part of a build a figure line, it literally on the box 🤷🏻‍♂️
Nermiachaos 8 kun oldin
Diamond mine = I don’t know if he’s currently with WWE but wouldn’t the obvious idea be a new stable lead by DIAMOND Dallas Page
unixsteven 8 kun oldin
Vaccinated crowds only
william mater
william mater 8 kun oldin
nas car and u f c had fans back why not wwe? or is it only with the ppv? a e w has fans some b ball games had fans nas car had tale gators fans was haveing bbqs at last weeks races
william mater
william mater 8 kun oldin
i all ways thout a diomend mined was where you go to mined diomens
Nehemiah Jacobs
Nehemiah Jacobs 8 kun oldin
Adam got the "too the moon" right🤣
william mater
william mater 8 kun oldin
what the flip iis bin coins?? that a u k thing
william mater
william mater 8 kun oldin
@Chad Solivais ook
Chad Solivais
Chad Solivais 8 kun oldin
@william mater no, it got started in 2009
william mater
william mater 8 kun oldin
@Chad Solivais i still not herd of it was it around in 1990
Chad Solivais
Chad Solivais 8 kun oldin
Bitcoin, it's a cryptocurrancy.
Mark wìllis
Mark wìllis 8 kun oldin
Could diamond mine be tessa blanchard
Serial Miller
Serial Miller 8 kun oldin
Diamond Mime will be Timmothy Thatcher's latest venture.. pointless
Chezlyn Daniels
Chezlyn Daniels 9 kun oldin
The "Thug Rose" shout is just the best commentary moment in UFC for me.
Ryan Walsh
Ryan Walsh 9 kun oldin
Mattel has released a number of figures that come with pieces that eventually build to a full Paul Ellering and Chyna’s comes with a Rocko doll
MegamorphJim 9 kun oldin
Would love to see Omega beat RUSH for ROH World Championship and then beat Moxley for IWGP US title. Omega should have all World titles in America except the WWE titles because they dont exist.
btannen777 9 kun oldin
CM Punk returning is the Half Life 3 of professional wrestling.
OscillatorCollective 9 kun oldin
It’s cool that DEBIASSIE showed up
Rachaun Rogers
Rachaun Rogers 9 kun oldin
Why would they take the belt of Osprey?
D'rique Daughtry
D'rique Daughtry 9 kun oldin
I need “It’s not a spoiler, it’s a prediction” Shirts for Adam now
Xavier Herrera
Xavier Herrera 9 kun oldin
I think it’s Parker Bordeaux
Tiffany Fields
Tiffany Fields 9 kun oldin
I love that you can tell Haircuts are legal AGAIN!!!!!!!
Elling Reeves [NEW CHANNEL]
Elling Reeves [NEW CHANNEL] 9 kun oldin
Legend: Thumbnail: Brock Lesnar outline Reveal: Ted Dibiase
Robert Ware
Robert Ware 9 kun oldin
I’m probably the 50th person to write this but it’s a build a figure. So for people unaware basically there are 3/4 figures in the series and each comes with a part of the builder figures in this case it’s Paul ellering. Mystery solved
Vincent Lancon
Vincent Lancon 9 kun oldin
Sad to see people so willing to give up their freedom for safety.
Copy Imitation
Copy Imitation 9 kun oldin
_"That damn Ted DiBiase"_ 😅 I didn't like Grimes before but he's definitely growing on me now.
MIKELIN8 8 kun oldin
He's a good goof.
Copy Imitation
Copy Imitation 9 kun oldin
Would be cool if that person was Urijah Faber! (Although I definitely know it's not)
Jo H
Jo H 9 kun oldin
The Chyna figure is part of a build a special figure set. There are 5 boxes with different parts that make 1 person.
Dennis Garcia
Dennis Garcia 9 kun oldin
The toy comes like that it’s part of a build a figure
Ty Johnson
Ty Johnson 9 kun oldin
the rocco is a piece for a Paul Ellering build a figure. have to buy the whole line of figures to get all the pieces for Paul
Abhishek pandey
Abhishek pandey 9 kun oldin
Khamzat Chimaev is diamond mine👍👍
Troy Kennedy
Troy Kennedy 9 kun oldin
Not gonna cover young bucks stealing photographer photo and refusing to give him credit huh?
Knight Wolf
Knight Wolf 9 kun oldin
Why does whatculture support BLM?? You do realize that the Organization is Marxist and responsible for well over 2 billion dollars in damages not to mention the killing and injuries of people. Makes zero sense to support them.
Ryan Dayvault
Ryan Dayvault 9 kun oldin
I think the Diamond Mine thing is Parker Bordreaux
Jean Longsden
Jean Longsden 9 kun oldin
Diamond Mine = DDP?
Bierguy303 9 kun oldin
Comment for algorithm.
Aurora Syndrome
Aurora Syndrome 9 kun oldin
The line Chyna is in, is part of a build a figure for Paul Ellering, her piece is Rocco the dummy.
Mickey Wind
Mickey Wind 9 kun oldin
Christopher Daniels is in his 50s and can still out wrestle and out athlete guys 30 years younger. age is not relevant if you can still do it...the Chyna doll looks more like Nyla Rose
Geo Gold
Geo Gold 9 kun oldin
We have a bunch of those toys at the target I work at
shinpai 9 kun oldin
Diamond for Diamond Mine doesn't quite match Tessa's but given their logic sometimes, I could totally see it. Be nice to see Duke and Shafir back in action and on TV though.
Tu Rumm
Tu Rumm 9 kun oldin
I can accept all these (ridiculous) name changes but if they rename Tessa freaking Blanchard... I can’t man 😂
Bobby Roberts - AWB
Bobby Roberts - AWB 9 kun oldin
The Chyna figure with Rocco is a real figure. It's a Paul Ellering Build-A-Figure set. You have to buy all 4 of the Wrestlemania flashback elites to build him...and comes with Rocco as an accessory for him.
Aniket Pai
Aniket Pai 9 kun oldin
Could the diamond mine be Diamond Dallas Page?
Gravey's Brewery
Gravey's Brewery 9 kun oldin
Even though I've only seen the vignette on WWE's YT page, I did see a couple of things on Twitter that intrigued me. It already has me thinking that, as the vignette showed a gym, The Diamond Mine will likely be a stable, mainly consisting of Parker Boudreaux, Bronson Rechsteiner and Dilsher Shanky, with Arturo Ruas, Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke returning to NXT and fitting in somewhere with the aforementioned 3.
Michael Lastre
Michael Lastre 9 kun oldin
The correct answer for the CM Punkn question should be "10 years ago"
Revel 9 kun oldin
Or Diamond Mine could be Malcom Biven Stable. He does call Tyler Rust “Diamond in the Rust”, could be Bivens recruiting some talent. Imagine Bivens managing Parker Bordeaux as well
Revel 9 kun oldin
@BrokenDreams also true. This is more or less reaching at straws since the mma part has thrown me off, as from what I know only Shafir (who just maybe “left” with Roddy) and Duke (who asked not to wrestling during the pandemic and is focusing on yt content) are the only real mma centric backgrounds of people not on TV
BrokenDreams 9 kun oldin
But it has something do with mma and I’m pretty sure rust doesn’t have a mma background
The geeking channel
The geeking channel 9 kun oldin
I want Finn Balor vs Walter
Seth Grey
Seth Grey 9 kun oldin
Maybe after his return, Finn Balor will finally show some moves other than 14 variations of the dropkick
ERIC EDWARDS 9 kun oldin
Revel 9 kun oldin
Could Diamond Mine be that “NXT Evolve” program that was rumored. Where Diamond Mine would be like a developmental show for people who arent on regualr programming but are in the PC and will benefit from some time
BishopS 9 kun oldin
I thought that diamond mine vignette was a commercial for new sports gear and sportswear like tap out or something
Anubisbeat 9 kun oldin
its obviously adam coles new stable lol
Samantha Hieber
Samantha Hieber 9 kun oldin
Good to see the million dollar man has still got it.
B.R. Smith
B.R. Smith 9 kun oldin
I have the figure explanation: of the series line, they purposely mismatch accessories or in Marvel’s case, give you one piece of an assemble a figure, to make you buy the entire series of figures in order to have everything put back correctly or build the one “extra” figure.
RenaldoSeguin 9 kun oldin
Cameron Grimes is one of the only things I like on NXT right now
mike king
mike king 9 kun oldin
NXT sucks and has accomplished nothing. OVW in its first year of existence as a farm territory for WWE produced from scratch John Cena, Brock Leaned, Randy Orton and Batista along with a whole lot of quality mid to lower card talent. NXT has existed as a farm territory for going on 10 years and have given us nobody. Its just a whose who of already established veterans who take all the spots from rookies and newcomers and they end up being grossly mishandled on the main roster anyways
Theendingman 9 kun oldin
Grimes is great, but he looks like a homeless person
daniel temlett
daniel temlett 9 kun oldin
Finn vs Pete Dunn best of 3 series to see who the best technical wrestler is
Theendingman 9 kun oldin
Ted looked great
Peter Taylor
Peter Taylor 9 kun oldin
Diamond mine. Could it be the introduction of Tessa Blanchard 🤔 ?
stephon ferrell
stephon ferrell 9 kun oldin
I hope Tessa Blanchard is the Diamond Mine
Tom LeValley
Tom LeValley 9 kun oldin
AEW has had like 1500 at their shows as I understand...
Cris Ramos
Cris Ramos 9 kun oldin
CM Punk ain't going to WWE or AEW until they get their booking shit right and consistent. I feel that if it's just about getting loads of money and creative control he would have made his return a long time ago. =).
Mr. Scratch
Mr. Scratch 9 kun oldin
Ted Dibiase's finisher the million dollar dream was such a brutal sleeper. Loved how he shook the guy around like a rag doll. Then he jammed money in the passed out wrestler's mouth. Loved it
professor granpa
professor granpa 9 kun oldin
Considering this is the wwe, the diamond mine will either never appear, or will disappear after 3 weeks
Mr Maijaxx
Mr Maijaxx 9 kun oldin
Oh gee I wonder who the legend could be
Chris Q
Chris Q 9 kun oldin
Cameron Grimes should bring back the Million Dollar Championship.
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