WWE TEARS UP Major Creative Plans, AEW Dynamite Moving Nights?

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In Today's Wrestling News:
0:00 Roundup
00:27 Backstage Update On Major Creative Changes For Top WWE Stars
03:58 AEW Dynamite To Move Nights Following Turner's NHL TV Deal?
06:07 WWE Lifts Charlotte Flair's Suspension On Raw
07:40 Updated WrestleMania Backlash Card After Raw - HUGE WWE Title Match Change
09:56 Twitter Questions
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Jordan Boyd
Jordan Boyd 4 kun oldin
Friday night smackdown stays on friday and aew dynamite moves to saturday
Jayla Gaskins
Jayla Gaskins 4 kun oldin
andybrown2310 6 kun oldin
RKBRO last week came out of nowhere - im so happy they are actually doing it, it's genuinley fun watching those two work together. Those 2 could have some epic matches in the future, i mean obviously Orton is gonna get sick of Riddle at some point and turn, but with the right build, having them two go at it again in the future, maybe even with a title on the line could be very exciting if it's done right. I just don't wanna see them break up too soon, they need to build this towards something worthwhile
Nate Norcross
Nate Norcross 7 kun oldin
Hockey is also played on Thursdays, so they could put NHL on a different day even Tuesdays, what about NBA also they were on Wednesday.
SIR1U5 7 kun oldin
maybe it was just me but i remember when i was more into wrestling a few years back that Raw was on top for a good while and SmackDown was more or less a bit of a joke at times
DJ Lew Productions Inc.
DJ Lew Productions Inc. 9 kun oldin
GodEmperor Mac Tonight
GodEmperor Mac Tonight 9 kun oldin
Why do I feel like the roman/bryan match is gonna end in DQ.........
daniel mendes
daniel mendes 9 kun oldin
I'm laughing, so aew want to move nights apparently, like nxt did and now the aew defenders will come out and say this ain't to take on and beat nxt or to kill it off
Emerald Aly
Emerald Aly 9 kun oldin
Tuesday Night Wars!!
Sreekanth J.S
Sreekanth J.S 9 kun oldin
I think RAW is personally written by Vince every week and he is forgetting what was done last week so keeps writing the same script 😂😂😂
Mauricio Espinoza
Mauricio Espinoza 9 kun oldin
AEW to Monday Night
Dustin Kimpton
Dustin Kimpton 9 kun oldin
As long as it's kings ducks and sharks game's
RichieB76 9 kun oldin
I gave up trying to watch RAW months ago. Your Ups and Downs is far more entertaining, so I watch that instead.
QCSaints Productions
QCSaints Productions 9 kun oldin
WWE tears up creative plans.... so... status quo, then?
Josh Littke
Josh Littke 9 kun oldin
Yess, hockey is my favourite wrestling promotion! prove me wrong 😉
Adam Harris
Adam Harris 9 kun oldin
The worst part was easily the Miz section. All that pandering and constant references to Bad Bunny, it makes WWE seem so uncool, like all the wrestlers want to do is hang out with these absent celebrities. These WWE "Superstars" have never seemed less like Superstars than they do right now.
Anders 9 kun oldin
Maybe we can get lots of NHL guest appearances? I want to see PK Subban asscheck the heck out of Ricky Stark when he goes for the spear. Search for 'PK Subban Marchand body check' and feel the tingles.
Mike Honcho
Mike Honcho 9 kun oldin
You both are at the bottom of this channel's talent pool. It's time for different opinions for the daily news (And that does not mean we need Cleary to chirp in). More Gareth. More Nate.
Alex Barrios
Alex Barrios 9 kun oldin
Charlotte and the creative around Charlotte is complete and total trash
anfski2000 9 kun oldin
Is there anything stopping Dynamite moving to Saturdays? Anything on US TV that could potentially affect the ratings?
gelene Celine
gelene Celine 9 kun oldin
Ummm yes everything is on Sundays and Saturdays lol they would be at 600k if they moved to the weekends where all the good shows happen
jimjimjimmy 9 kun oldin
Creative should do Jedi mind trick and give bad story’s so Vince can do the opposite..... wait he actually wants to do the crap we wrote😭😭😭
Michael Robinson
Michael Robinson 9 kun oldin
Didn't they do that once and it gave the worst viewed and review RAW ever? Like it was a few months ago but there's was that day Vince wasn't there so they wrote the show to exactly how they knew Vince would like it and it was utter garbage....I'm fairly certain the guys of Whatculture brought that up here and on the Ups and Downs for that RAW.
HunterDrone 9 kun oldin
When the nhl has won the Wednesday night war
Epsilon Xero
Epsilon Xero 9 kun oldin
Send Bryan to Raw, he has some pull and may help some of the "catering crew" get TV time. Also, give Adnan a break, he needs time to adjust to this....mess.
Kobba 9 kun oldin
Do you think that Vince even remembers that he ripped up the show the last weeks. Maybe that’s why he keeps writing the same episode. Did Nia Fall down? Did we Neglect the fiend? Did we bury Dana and Mandy? Or Shelton and Cedric? How about MizTV? PERFECT
Adam Feldman
Adam Feldman 9 kun oldin
I get being from England you don’t care about hockey but over here across the pond we do. Now you know how we feel when you talk about soccer.
Adam Feldman
Adam Feldman 9 kun oldin
@zlanath it’s about 9 months with playoffs
zlanath 9 kun oldin
it's not 12months a year though is it?
JS Ranimal59
JS Ranimal59 9 kun oldin
They just got that nice office why are they still doing these from home ?
Search4 TheYeti
Search4 TheYeti 9 kun oldin
Also more Michael Cole impressions
Earthday 1994
Earthday 1994 9 kun oldin
Easy fix for tnt- hockey on Monday and Friday basketball-Tuesday and Thursday aew-Wednesday
Search4 TheYeti
Search4 TheYeti 9 kun oldin
Take back Saturdays
Patrick Keenan
Patrick Keenan 9 kun oldin
God dammit, why can't RAW put out a halfway decent product? Adnon SUCKS SHITBALLS. He is WORSE than Mauro. And the TERRIBLE booking....and we have to sit through 3+ HOURS of this crap. Thank Beelzebub for WhatCulture Ups & Downs or we wouldn't know what is going on, because I have to tune out abot halfway through. Can't take this anymore.
Kim Chi
Kim Chi 9 kun oldin
"It was me! I did it!!!"
happy hamster
happy hamster 9 kun oldin
Aew is getting good ratings right now I don't see the problem and if they switch to Tuesday wouldn't make sense because they already have a show that they air on Tuesday on UZpost so it wouldn't be a good move
happy hamster
happy hamster 9 kun oldin
@Zero The Hero true
Zero The Hero
Zero The Hero 9 kun oldin
Odds are AEW's viewership lowers. The ratings are good though
Darren 9 kun oldin
Turner will be broadcasting the NHL, but not on TNT. It’ll be on TBS. There will be no issue. The lack of anything resembling research on the story in this video is disappointing. Literally Google and 10 minutes of time and you’d be way more informed than what you had in this video.
Mitch Lacasse
Mitch Lacasse 10 kun oldin
that is quite convenient with AEW switching to Tuesdays "because of hockey" what, two weeks after NXT moved to Tuesdays?
Mitch Lacasse
Mitch Lacasse 9 kun oldin
@happy hamster I think it's less about their targeted audience and more the channel. The channel that airs AEW wants to air Hockey on Wednesdays, forcing AEW to move to Tuesdays. I just think it's a pretty big coincidence this happens just as NXT moves to Tuesdays, this feels a bit deliberate (puts my tinfoil hat on)
happy hamster
happy hamster 9 kun oldin
I really don't see hockey a problem as a person that likes aew if they switch that would be stupid
Shrimp God
Shrimp God 10 kun oldin
Am I The Only One Whos Hype For Team RKBro?
Lawrence Spellman
Lawrence Spellman 10 kun oldin
No why would he lose the AEW one first that would be dumb. That’s the company he is signed with would make since for him to lose his outside titles first to show the empire falling apart.
happy hamster
happy hamster 9 kun oldin
Aew switching days would be pretty dumb In my opinion
smokeyson 10 kun oldin
Wizard in the sky could a better job than the whole WWE Raw creative team
Black Dragon
Black Dragon 10 kun oldin
Of course AEW is going to move Dynamite to Tuesday, they can't function without getting the boost from going head-to-head with NXT 🤣
happy hamster
happy hamster 9 kun oldin
Well they're getting good ratings right now so I don't really see the problem and it wouldn't really make sense they air aew dark on Tuesday so it would be a stupid move
Signals of Virtue
Signals of Virtue 10 kun oldin
Meanwhile, The Fiend/Bray Wyatt is back on vacation.
Evan Webb
Evan Webb 10 kun oldin
Thoughts on DB maybe going to NXT to help bring up newer talent?
arofree 10 kun oldin
Vince can't let it go like Elsa regarding Charlotte. He's heavily relying on her family name to carry the women's division on RAW. When Becky returns, she's going to Smackdown.
CPA 10 kun oldin
RAW fucking sucked again this week.
Silk Buckets
Silk Buckets 10 kun oldin
im glad adam is honest about how much raw sucks
Bobthekow 10 kun oldin
Who else is ready for Wrestlemania Money in the Bank?
psychorabbitt 9 kun oldin
I for one can hardly wait for Wrestlemania Royal Rumble.
Poor Man Games
Poor Man Games 10 kun oldin
do no tell me AEW going to move to Tuesdays they just can not just leave each other alone
CoolmanX5 10 kun oldin
Hockey is apparently moving to TBS so AEW stays on Wednesdays.
Chad Sherrill
Chad Sherrill 10 kun oldin
So what’s a radiator over there?...it’s inside a car over here lol
Vlad Uchiha
Vlad Uchiha 10 kun oldin
No one watches hockey lol
James Meade
James Meade 10 kun oldin
AEW should move to Friday Nights!
TerryBollea1 10 kun oldin
Atleast its better then AEW.....then again....watching paint dry is a better option then AEW.
TerryBollea1 9 kun oldin
@happy hamster only cause of Shaq. Once hes done, which Im assuming he is, itll go back to just regular basement dwellers.
happy hamster
happy hamster 9 kun oldin
@TerryBollea1 well they did grew in viewership they went to 700K to 1 million viewers which mean people started to watch again so looks like people wanted to start watching aew again
TerryBollea1 9 kun oldin
@happy hamster your right about the last part. That why AEW went from 2.5million viewers last year, to 700-800k this year. People are bored.
happy hamster
happy hamster 9 kun oldin
@TerryBollea1 no they do different moves you know that right that's how people stop watching once they start repeating matches the viewers get bored like how most viewers get bored of raw because they have the same matches
happy hamster
happy hamster 9 kun oldin
@TerryBollea1 they're*
TerryBollea1 10 kun oldin
Why is Sonya back?? Shes supposed to be banned per the Mandy match!
Ana Melanie Amaya
Ana Melanie Amaya 10 kun oldin
Charlotte is a burial shovel, she's a Trash,
Ryan Walsh
Ryan Walsh 10 kun oldin
Sooo any reason why we haven’t seen AJ & Omos for three straight Mondays since winning the tag titles at Mania?
chris pehora
chris pehora 10 kun oldin
The best thing AEW could do is move to Mondays up against Raw. Punish WWE for being so freakin lazy. Up your game WWE or AEW just may smell blood in the water.
chris pehora
chris pehora 9 kun oldin
@Adam Harris Don’t know about you but any real wrestling fan would love to have an alternative to Raw right now on Monday night as Raw is sooo bad now. Maybe they can steal at least one demographic.
Adam Harris
Adam Harris 9 kun oldin
AEW would get crushed in the ratings if they tried that. They need more time to build up a loyal audience.
chris pehora
chris pehora 9 kun oldin
@happy hamster A risk only a man like Eric Bicshoff would take. Wouldn’t it be exciting to have the Monday Night Wars again? I mean, if Raw was good I wouldn’t care,but Raw needs some head to head competition to wake them up. Or just hire Smackdown’s creative team. lol
happy hamster
happy hamster 9 kun oldin
Well if they move to Mondays they might lose since aew is getting 1.20/30 million viewers and raw is getting close to 2 million views so it would a risky move
TheSweet Trini
TheSweet Trini 10 kun oldin
Monday night raw made me hate wrestling last night, on God. 😑
Centrist 100
Centrist 100 10 kun oldin
No need to insult hockey
Jeffery Williamson
Jeffery Williamson 10 kun oldin
I honestly don’t think Vince cares about raw anymore. It’s not on fox so he doesn’t care.
John Clark
John Clark 10 kun oldin
Smackdown is pure shit jusy like RAW
Isaiah Hollingsworth
Isaiah Hollingsworth 10 kun oldin
Watched each clip from last night’s raw and I’ve seen worse over the last couple weeks
John Clark
John Clark 10 kun oldin
the fights in hockey are 1000 times better than any wrestling match on tv these days and they only have 30 second fights.
sirant 10 kun oldin
So AEW bragging about chasing away NXT was a LOT premature! Hockey get's the 1-2-3!
happy hamster
happy hamster 9 kun oldin
Well It would be dumb if they do that because they already have a aew dark on Tuesday so they'll kinda be competing against themselves the only move they have is to stay on Wednesday
TwinBladeFury 10 kun oldin
Adnan may be bad, but he'll never be as bad as Rene Young on commentary. That spell made me realize that no matter how good a commentator or TV personality you are, having Vince in your ear can ruin you at the desk.
Kameron Hornbuckle
Kameron Hornbuckle 10 kun oldin
So Andy is polite for Raw, but he rips the Fiend to shreds.
Samantha Hieber
Samantha Hieber 10 kun oldin
Am I the only one that didn’t think the tomatoes were rotten?
DJB PYRO FX 10 kun oldin
Apart from the women’s tag team division I personally really enjoyed RAW and the creative changes that were made. I just hope they keep it up.
K DuB 10 kun oldin
Once again what culture shows there inability to see the obvious. JOE RETURNS KILLS OMEGA BELT NOW HIS. ALSO JOE DON'T NEED NO DAMN BUILDING!!!!!
John Wright
John Wright 10 kun oldin
If having t bar and mace attack drew and Braun repeatedly throughout the last two weeks was an attempt to get them over, well due to poor creative development it failed.
Sprout's Pokemon Openings
Sprout's Pokemon Openings 10 kun oldin
Us Canadians love are Hockey.
Mick Hack
Mick Hack 10 kun oldin
We get it, you're AEW marks at WhatCulture
OscillatorCollective 9 kun oldin
@Jay Maledic this is true...the worse wwe gets the more I love AEW...
Jay Maledic
Jay Maledic 10 kun oldin
RAW's terribleness is making people AEW marks, and not the other way around. Blame RAW.
OscillatorCollective 10 kun oldin
No...the point is that RAW is terrible...RAW being AWFUL doesn’t translate into “well you are an AEW mark”...RAW is terrible, and it has nothing to do with AEW...
Grayman Media
Grayman Media 10 kun oldin
The Charlotte Suspension Angle was designed to make Dave Meltzer look bad.
A R H 10 kun oldin
When are you going to stop endorsing a Marxist and fraudulent group WC ?
MrBahki 10 kun oldin
I hope they move to Monday’s.
Chad Conery
Chad Conery 10 kun oldin
Raw is extremely boring. Confusing and stupid. I was done after disbanding the hurt business. I think Vince is really racist. He didn't like the hurt business actually being awesome
Troy Staunton
Troy Staunton 9 kun oldin
Yep everything is race related. You absolute pudding.
Ryan Petty
Ryan Petty 10 kun oldin
The first two matches this Monday were almost exactly the same as the last two matches the Monday before. WWE can’t tear up what they don’t have.
Pamelq Taylor
Pamelq Taylor 9 kun oldin
@Tiger They died on the way back to their home planet
Tiger 10 kun oldin
9 hours of raw and no omos or styles update lol
The List of Jericho
The List of Jericho 10 kun oldin
Don’t move it to Tuesdays. That’s when Superman and Flash are on
Hisham Amir
Hisham Amir 9 kun oldin
They can always fight Raw on Mondays
Zero The Hero
Zero The Hero 9 kun oldin
Also NWA Powerrr
Gern Blanston
Gern Blanston 10 kun oldin
They can't do Tuesdays or Thursdays on TNT. That's when the NBA airs. What isn't talked about here is that Turner owns multiple stations other than TNT. They own TruTV and TBS as well as others. Both TruTV and TBS air sporting events throughout the year so both could be in play for the NHL or a Dynamite move.
gorobot 10 kun oldin
did I miss when Rhea turned heel?
2buxaslice 10 kun oldin
For those unfamiliar with Hockey or the NHL in particular. Wednesday's are not special or important to hockey. There are games on every night during the season although the same team will not play more than two nights in a row (unless pandemic calls for it) So there is no reason why AEW should have to move nights unless it's the playoffs. I'm also curious to see what teams TNT shows. I am happy hockey is getting better TV deals though TNT and ESPN have signed new deals with the NHL.
psychorabbitt 9 kun oldin
Not to mention that the NHL is the least watched of the big 4 American sports leagues. Aside from die hard fans, most people don't pay attention until the playoffs, and then only if their team is in it.
happy hamster
happy hamster 9 kun oldin
True I agree
Shaun Kunz
Shaun Kunz 10 kun oldin
Aew lost. That's why they're being replaced....
Bryan Morrison
Bryan Morrison 10 kun oldin
A loved it wen no ref noticed was a great heel but u were drawn to him. N defob DB on Raw nfir what use said 100 mby get a couoke nore over as fe talents on smackdown baykey etc no gettn used get them to raw x
BrontoDan 10 kun oldin
In normal time, Wednesday is not that much of a big day for NHL. Maybe some other team play on that day but mostly it's Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Of course some other week it changes but still not that many games on Wednesday.
BrontoDan 6 kun oldin
@gelene Celine I guess it depends of the team your following. Mine almost never plays on Wednesday or Friday. This year is different but in normal time almost never.
gelene Celine
gelene Celine 9 kun oldin
Umm it they usually have all their big games for the week on that day
Crispys Crafts
Crispys Crafts 10 kun oldin
Please not Daniel on Raw. Even he can't resolve that s**t storm
Shivneel Kumar
Shivneel Kumar 10 kun oldin
Where will AEW end up? Out of business soon.
Randy Meeker
Randy Meeker 10 kun oldin
How Sway?
MAsterr Serch
MAsterr Serch 10 kun oldin
The fact that Tom Phillips was the guy this tool Verk replaced makes the replacement all the more worse. Tom was great. One of the few guys these days whose commentary didn't get on my nerves
Nishit Gautam
Nishit Gautam 10 kun oldin
That would be absolutely stupid of TNT to move their HIGHEST RATED SHOW from a night where it is doing 1 million.
Theendingman 10 kun oldin
The show sucks so bad that having extra bad commentary on top of it, its too much terrible
Andre Fening
Andre Fening 10 kun oldin
You know what i really miss about the RAW commentary team? "OOHHH GIVE US A KISS!!!"
Theendingman 10 kun oldin
Cant do thursday either, basketball is on turner
Reginald Marsh Jr
Reginald Marsh Jr 10 kun oldin
That's funny...lol
Bryson Khalil
Bryson Khalil 10 kun oldin
“Switching gears.” -Michael Cole
Zachary Nugent
Zachary Nugent 10 kun oldin
The last match was pretty good at least
Werner Moser
Werner Moser 9 kun oldin
Well, match quality in general is the least of WWEs problems. Most random undercard matches on RAW or SD are better than most huge matches during the Attitude era. The huge problem is: Nobody cares about the matches because they are at least one (mostly multiple) of the following: Completely meaningless, randomly chosen out of nowhere, with no buildup, rehashes of matches you saw 1-2 weeks ago, created to push a wrestler that either doesn't need to be pushed any further or doesn't connect with the fans. Of course SD is better in that regard, but you can see the same things happening there.
feuerhirn 10 kun oldin
I do like Braun...but his involvement in most title matches always feels so...forced.
Michael Cumberbatch
Michael Cumberbatch 10 kun oldin
I remember when smackdown was the worst show
Reginald Marsh Jr
Reginald Marsh Jr 10 kun oldin
Awesome segment...lol
Bob Dobbs
Bob Dobbs 10 kun oldin
Can't wait to see how AEW does against Monday Night Raw!
Hakimuddin Diwan
Hakimuddin Diwan 10 kun oldin
They already have Dark Elevation 😅
StanleyBoringWorld Music
StanleyBoringWorld Music 10 kun oldin
I see this in my mind: Humberto laying On the couch, chilling for couple of months, then *ring ring* -Hey, pack up! You gonna be US title contender? -Why? I dont fight for a while... Hello? Are you still there?
Wolverine 367
Wolverine 367 10 kun oldin
It's Thursday night and you know what that means
Matthew Scott
Matthew Scott 10 kun oldin
Did anyone else think Adnan Virk introduced Sheamus like he was a golfer?
StanleyBoringWorld Music
StanleyBoringWorld Music 10 kun oldin
I love Charlotte, as long as she is off title picture. She should beat her father record but we need a long break for her. Let her create a new top womens stars, new top contenders. I see her versus Dakota Kai, Candice LeRae, Io Shirai
StanleyBoringWorld Music
StanleyBoringWorld Music 10 kun oldin
@Basel Mohmd RAW and Smackdown womens championship are world level belts for womens
Basel Mohmd
Basel Mohmd 10 kun oldin
Beat her father record?? Correct me if I'm wrong but Charlotte never one a single world champion before
Jared Nichols
Jared Nichols 10 kun oldin
eveey Tuesday the headline reads raw tears up script
Sherwin John
Sherwin John 10 kun oldin
NBA is on Tuesdays and Thursdays so maybe AEW will just be pushed back later in the night?
happy hamster
happy hamster 9 kun oldin
Staying on Wednesday is their only move right now
Jeremy Bearimy
Jeremy Bearimy 10 kun oldin
Why would TNT AND USA both air hockey on Wednesday nights? Makes no sense...
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