Why WWE RAW Needs To Start Again

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6 kun oldin

Simon Miller says enough's enough and it's time for a change.
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Александър Петров
Александър Петров 9 soat oldin
Atleast they have Bobby and RK-Bro
Kraymer Mcvey
Kraymer Mcvey 9 soat oldin
Aj styles and omos will end up losing titles to r k bro it's gotta happen ...Randy is not happy I like it lol
Kraymer Mcvey
Kraymer Mcvey 9 soat oldin
Simon it's Monday night Bobby raw is dead!
lancourt 11 soat oldin
and NXT and AEW are just killing it week to week. I havent watched RAW this year
Derick Felix
Derick Felix 12 soat oldin
Spoiler alert but that's exactly what happened in Ozark so idk if that's simon shooting on his distaste for that episode or what
Christian York
Christian York 17 soat oldin
I have actually watched a previous week's Raw once and didn't even notice until about an hour in
The Legend
The Legend Kun oldin
shot out to THE OZ
Rylew Kun oldin
More power to me. I won. (I love Raw.)
Devin Waddell
Devin Waddell Kun oldin
MY biggest beef is they broke up the REAL hurt business. WHAT'S the point of AJ and Omas anyway?
kirbalicious420 Kun oldin
I haven't watched raw in like 10 weeks and I feel like I haven't missed anything.
DoThaWork Kun oldin
Dynamite makes 2 hours feel like one hour and Raw makes 3 hours feel like 5 hours.
vadhera productions
vadhera productions Kun oldin
The only thing they can do right now is bring back Brock Lesnar, I don't care what these idiot smarks say about him, that man used to bring intensity to their shows and made raw watchable, plus he is tremendously popular and is by far the biggest draw they have, the only one which comes close is reigns
Wayne Scaller
Wayne Scaller Kun oldin
The thing about raw is every wrestler on raw is injured they can't perforn at there fullest vince just threw them to the wolves
Alexander Larkin
Alexander Larkin Kun oldin
I think the title of this video is misleading. I’m here waiting for Simon to fantasy book a RAW reboot.
Robert T
Robert T Kun oldin
I hated the switch to the "brands" anyways. Actually one of the reasons why I stopped watching. I'd rather reset the whole WWE.
shone haris
shone haris Kun oldin
Bobby is great as champion
784 PRO YT
784 PRO YT Kun oldin
We want roman back on raw without paul heyman
Riese 1979
Riese 1979 2 kun oldin
Eva Marie to the rescue 🤗😏 Russo is allready wankin 👋
Samantha Slater-jenner
Samantha Slater-jenner 2 kun oldin
I haven't watched wwe for a while, kind of wondering why everyone's outfits look like power rangers and mortal combat inspired?
chris padilla
chris padilla 2 kun oldin
Imagine Simon does ups and downs next Monday but they just post last weeks video again
milad mahjoo
milad mahjoo 2 kun oldin
Main problem is they use nice stories like drew vs shamus as filler feuds and on the other side they use meanless feuds without any logic and history again and again.BTW where is Bray?????
Paden Hinch
Paden Hinch 2 kun oldin
Why can't you slap your head?! 😳😳 Simon be safe!!
Eric McGlone
Eric McGlone 2 kun oldin
....why I watch your Ups and Downs vs Raw
Jon Smittle
Jon Smittle 2 kun oldin
We need the YES MAN Danial Bryan on RAW as a start to fix this stale product or get rid of RAW and combine RAW and smackdown to make 2 shows of smackdown per week
High Regards
High Regards 2 kun oldin
Only thing that's worth watching on raw is Charlotte Flair
Devan Traynor
Devan Traynor 2 kun oldin
I honestly believe there is a pretty solid chance that Vinny Mac is intentionally sabotaging the product so it fails when he sells it off or can so longer be at the helm . Which normally wouldn’t make any sense when trying to sell but this is an eccentric megalomaniac of a billionaire . Just look at the Fiends career alone. Massively popular, lightning in a bottle quality character but he didn’t create it... no matter the top sales in merch or anything else ... cause Vince didn’t create him. That’s just one example out of a massive well of completely UN-fathomable stupidity...obviously
Christopher Mattiole
Christopher Mattiole 2 kun oldin
Raw is terrible
Mark DiNatale
Mark DiNatale 2 kun oldin
It's biggest problem is the 3 hrs. They need to go back to less is more, but now they are so indebted to advertisers they really can't go with a shorter running time. Plus for me the gimmicks and characters are not larger than life, most look like people I see at my local Wal-Mart and I am not sure I would PAY to see them fight.
Robert Spettigue
Robert Spettigue 2 kun oldin
WWE has to do a ridiculous amount of programming per week. At this point, just they're putting stuff on to fill time. Logical booking? They ain't got time for that.
Kypli 1
Kypli 1 2 kun oldin
Sounds like the reason I stopped watching like 14 years ago when John Cena was the poster boy and it was build up for a title run, win it at a ppv, lose it the next night, repeat.
Todd Gedeon
Todd Gedeon 3 kun oldin
The WWE doesn't have to produce quality or interesting content these days. With their tv and Peacock deals, all the WWE has to do is produce something and who cares if its bad. They got paid.
Travis Rodesiler
Travis Rodesiler 3 kun oldin
Currently pro wrestling is all boring and terrible.
M P 3 kun oldin
If WWE or any wrestling company is to go mainstream again, the last thing they want to be doing is pandering to you geeks and nerds. You will watch regardless, they already have you. The fact that you find New Day entertaining in 2021 is proof enough that your opinions are to be discarded.
Sebastian Gonzalez Hernandez
Sebastian Gonzalez Hernandez 3 kun oldin
Simon Should Be The New WWE Writer
Andrew Ungemach
Andrew Ungemach 3 kun oldin
I'd be fine with 3 hours of RK BrO also Gable is so talented I wish he would get a big title opportunity or just a decent US or IC title run lol
Indigo Dragon
Indigo Dragon 3 kun oldin
Raw - The Broken Record Season of 2021.
Zack Zack with two Ps
Zack Zack with two Ps 3 kun oldin
didn't we just had a reset a few months ago?
Tom M
Tom M 3 kun oldin
Raw has become lazy with its storytelling. They should have the Strowman's, Mcintyre's and Lashley's having squash matches with the lower card to build their characters and provide excitement for when they do clash. AEW has done a superior job in getting their stars over in squash matches and developing talent during those matches. I find myself watching Elevation and Dark and just doing the highlights of Raw. I actually enjoy the card on AEW even when you know on Elevation and Dark who is going to win the matches in advance. How can you have so many good wrestlers just disappear for weeks/months at a time?
Allan Adamson
Allan Adamson 3 kun oldin
they used to say.... RAW IS WAR!! ... now they say... RAW IS BORING!!
Jared Brady
Jared Brady 3 kun oldin
Raw is poison
Hold The Truth Hostage
Hold The Truth Hostage 3 kun oldin
WWE is just Trash on a BBQ Grill no matter how much BBQ Sauce they put on it, will never be good
S E B 3 kun oldin
Raw and smackdown feel like two different companies
RichieB76 3 kun oldin
RAW has totally lost any appeal. The UK is meant to get an hour long, "Highlights" show. You get one maybe two matches, and a Lot of dross filler. The basis of a "Highlights" show is to get people interested enough to pay to see the whole show. Instead you're left thinking " I'm definitely not paying to see three hours of this crap, I would rather chew my toenails or contract a harmless yet disfiguring disease "
Chance Ray
Chance Ray 3 kun oldin
Honestly they should incorporate an off season where smack down is going on a part of the year and raw is going for a part of the year and road to wrestlemania is where they can both be on for a bit. Idk how they would work survivor series tho
Gp De Ciantis
Gp De Ciantis 3 kun oldin
You can blame a lot of this on lack of proper feedback from the audience. When I was in the thunderdome there was a dude prompting everything you were supposed to do. If they actually were smart they would be watching people's actual actions and figuring out how to play the story to the audience. The audience is part of the story. Remember Hogan vs. Rock. The audience changed the match as it started.
Deadlii Chris
Deadlii Chris 3 kun oldin
Watching Raw rn I can definitely see why Brian Zane quit reviewing it. I’m trying to enjoy it but I’m so bored most of the time
Alberto Rosales
Alberto Rosales 3 kun oldin
Remember when Angel Garza was hanging out with Miz and Morrison for a week
BGM brand
BGM brand 3 kun oldin
What Simon not slapping the head!!?? I hope your doing good my man best wishes.
DJ Pauley
DJ Pauley 3 kun oldin
it all comes down to 2 issues. 1. a creative department that doesn't include the actual wrestlers they write for. 2. A single guy at the top who apparently isn't happy no matter what anyone comes up with.
RedWolf Gaming
RedWolf Gaming 3 kun oldin
Simon Miller needs to be signed by WWE or AEW fast and made a play by play commentator because he could be a all time great in the same group as good ol jr, Bobby the brain Heenan, and gorilla monsoon
Dewey L
Dewey L 3 kun oldin
Soon as they broke up the hurt business it all just went down hill from there lol
Sonny Wright
Sonny Wright 3 kun oldin
Free Ferg and Free Allen Jones
zephkin 3 kun oldin
'Will Upper Management sell the company to someone who cares so restructuring can begin?' is the only storyline I care about now unless the hurt business does something interesting.
Jackson Gallman
Jackson Gallman 3 kun oldin
We have 3 matches with Braun and Drew, a horribly booked women’s division, and whatever is happening with the fiend and Alexa, but Ricochet and Mustafa Ali are relagated to Main Event and the tag champs are MIA???
Jack Sinister
Jack Sinister 3 kun oldin
Smiling Simon OR Mellow Miller
Not Noah
Not Noah 3 kun oldin
Raw needs to go back to 2 hours, utilize all the talent they have, stop with the dq finishes, and no more silly storylines that go nowhere.
EldiabloEldo 3 kun oldin
FYI everyone we are getting another tag match with Lana and Naomi with the tag Champs for the titles again
Adam Jonstone
Adam Jonstone 3 kun oldin
I hope you’re okay Simon
Old Man Gamer Shawnic6
Old Man Gamer Shawnic6 3 kun oldin
Good thing we don't have to watch since Simon does it for us. Sorry Simon.
luka luka
luka luka 3 kun oldin
Shhhh I hear something *6 man tag*
Joe Smitgate
Joe Smitgate 3 kun oldin
I've switched to ufc it's unpredictable usually
kelan cameron
kelan cameron 3 kun oldin
Do you really want to know what fans want? They want Raw and Smackdown to be as intense as PPVs. It used to be like that. Fans get tired whenever we need to wait a whole month to get hardcore matches, steel cage matches, etc.
Ashtyn Heike
Ashtyn Heike 3 kun oldin
Vince turning into Biden
John McHugh
John McHugh 3 kun oldin
Hope your head is okay, Simon!
ketxxx1 3 kun oldin
The 47 dislikes are the Mcmahon family and their cronies.
JOHN BEAL II 3 kun oldin
Raw has become a joke now ever since last year it keeps getting worse and worse every single Monday this show had made me stop being a wrestling fan but AEW has restore my faith as a Fan again and I'll be enjoying everything on SmackDown but with this show I'm done I'm tired of see the same old storyline crappy promos and the Charlotte flair show and the three hours everything about it is terrible I know they don't care anymore because all the money they be making but still show some love and respect to the show again at your talent we all know Vince McMahon doesn't care anymore he lost his passion for the business because of all the money they be making anything about the show sucks and it needs to change but as of now Raw is easily one of the worst wrestling shows on TV right now
Matthew Payton
Matthew Payton 3 kun oldin
Smackdown is better than RAW
Ayoutube user
Ayoutube user 4 kun oldin
Feels like Raw is on standby
Smokeman 27
Smokeman 27 4 kun oldin
Isn’t the whole point of Wrestlemania to reset the year? It’s the Super Bowl of WWE and what do they do? Shut down stories that clearly aren’t done (Alexa Bliss and The Fiend) but then they continue stories that don’t need a longer push (Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley). It’s frustrating.
Glen Newsome
Glen Newsome 4 kun oldin
Let's not forget breaking up The Hurt Buisness and the criminally underused Ali and Ricochet.
Razza 4 kun oldin
Hair transplant for Simon incoming
Richfield Ayeni
Richfield Ayeni 4 kun oldin
Can’t Simon be a writer for WWE🤦🏽‍♂️
Steven Pryor
Steven Pryor 4 kun oldin
Raw now is worse then wcw in late 99 and 2000
BBOY STANCE 4 kun oldin
Could the WWE not make wrestling like they did in the early 2000's with the stories and stuff? Sure media wouldn't like it and people would want to cancel it, but at the end of the day, I think a lot of people would tune in and watch it.
Luke Allsopp
Luke Allsopp 4 kun oldin
WWE seem to bury the fiend at every chance too, he returned and gets beaten by Orton at mania to then create a storyline for Alexa Bliss but yet he has nowhere to go at this point and took another pointless loss... Such a great gimmick but I really do think it is hugely wasted.
23R07H3H3R0X 4 kun oldin
Simon has said "shib" uncensored two videos in a row now 😳
Mark Kenneth Villafuerte
Mark Kenneth Villafuerte 4 kun oldin
Raw keeps on winning over Smackdown during Survivor Series and in every draft pick, they always get the huge star the most but hell, they still fail. Those are just reasons why I love Smackdown and NXT more.
Andy heron
Andy heron 4 kun oldin
How many times have we said this since 2018 though..
Noodles DaGoat
Noodles DaGoat 4 kun oldin
Is there anyone here who actually likes Monday Night Raw? I just want to know why.. I need to hear people's reasons as to why they enjoy the show
Ancil Tom
Ancil Tom 4 kun oldin
I only watch Smackdown every single week i can't sit through a whole episode of Raw
Cyclops Was Right
Cyclops Was Right 4 kun oldin
i didn't really like Riddle UNTIL they put him next to Randy. It was basically the only good part of the last two shows.
Adrian Smith
Adrian Smith 4 kun oldin
I stopped watching Raw because it literally feels like they aren't trying
jdog Johnson
jdog Johnson 4 kun oldin
Yeah what happened it used to be fun to watch now I can skip it and not miss much.
Matthew Sobers
Matthew Sobers 4 kun oldin
All of this... and the fact that it’s 3 hours long.
Tuna On A Stick
Tuna On A Stick 4 kun oldin
As long as a lot of people are watching they'll never change. AEW Dynamite literally has to attract 2 million people every week for like 6 months or whatever while Raw is kept somewhere in 1 million for Vince to budge. He's happy where he's at right now and I doubt it's going to change. The name WWE Raw alone sells it.
Craig Beckett
Craig Beckett 4 kun oldin
Have an hour long show called “Raw Fire”at the start of the show. Feature all the young/new talent. Make Raw proper 2 hours.
Infinite Chase
Infinite Chase 4 kun oldin
Simon Simon, you were doing good until you complained about the Charlotte Flair storyline. Obviously it is long term storytelling to not only continue to contribute to her heel persona but also to continue building on the growing rift between Sonia Deville and Adam Pierce leading to a power struggle, maybe even to the point where Sonia leverages Charlotte for some other sinister purpose. Careful that you don't lose sight of potential stories and complain for the sake of complaining because it diminishes your message you are trying to get across which was mostly right EXCEPT for the Charlotte story.
wooo hunnid
wooo hunnid 4 kun oldin
RAW= Really Awful Writing
Rusty Nail
Rusty Nail 4 kun oldin
Very curious why Simon can’t slap his head... Why? *slaps head* Here’s why! 😂
huhn 4 kun oldin
It would be so easy. You can just brainstorm some minutes, I do this with friend very often. You can easily figure out new stuff to do on three hours. The only thing I liked about raw since mania was the riddle Orton stuff. Mania backlash is killing it, it's just shit. Just let braaaaun say, I bet mcmahon, I want the title shot now, it makes all the sense in the world. Give him a noumber one contender match and let him win it clean. Keep Drew away for 1 month, maybe do some video packeges of him training etc. Just do some random matches without any crap. Let the winners then contend in noumber one contender matches. I just don't know why we can't use raw underground for some place like this: 8 people, tournement, everybody against everybody for 8 weeks, last 2 get a match at a ppv, he gets fired (or better said repacked) and the first ones are going to have a world title shot
Chris Fornaro
Chris Fornaro 4 kun oldin
So basically he is saying there is bad writing
Donkeysaurus Rex
Donkeysaurus Rex 4 kun oldin
Só that’s why they rejected the Ozark script I sent in!
Olympia Lowlife
Olympia Lowlife 4 kun oldin
WWE is horrible. Reset for sure!
Chris Lopes
Chris Lopes 4 kun oldin
How to improve Monday night Raw cancel the show
Michael Brown
Michael Brown 4 kun oldin
Nxt is way better
TWISTEDCREECH96 4 kun oldin
Raw is so bad now, I would rather watch a Raw from the PG Era ( guest host, Super Cena, Nexus, Heel Michael Cole, goofy kiddy segments) than this crap!
DukesMusic 4 kun oldin
YES. For the first time I've given them absolute zero ratings, reactions, or even tweets. Pretty sure I'm not the only loyal wrestling fan who has decided to save their energy on Mondays. That's how much it sucks now.
Patrick Dare
Patrick Dare 4 kun oldin
As Simon pointed out, it seems as if they are using half of the roster. I'm a big Nikki Cross fan and I haven't seen her in months. I know that WWE doesn't see her as a main eventer, but she is so fun to watch and can be used to make other people more interesting. Yet, she sits on the sidelines while Nia Jax, clumsy in the ring and on the mic, is a champion.
DJB PYRO FX 4 kun oldin
Totally agree about Riddle and Orton! Especially after watching him on Broken Skull sessions saying how much he wants to work with the new talent
Zer0GXD 4 kun oldin
Go back to 2 hours. 3 hours of TV is just too much.
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