Ups & Downs From WWE NXT (Apr 27)

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Which WWE star was on the receiving end of a shock defeat on this week's NXT?
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Jayla Gaskins
Jayla Gaskins 3 kun oldin
AbRealGaming 5 kun oldin
I freaking love Dunne but he is the epitome of non-intimidating 12 year old English kid threatening you with a swiss army knife.
AbRealGaming 5 kun oldin
Theory is the future!
AbRealGaming 5 kun oldin
Freaking love the indi and lumis thing. Long live InDex!
Captain_Pudding 6 kun oldin
There isn't much that makes me want to tune in to WWE tv these days, but CAAAAMERON GRIIIIIMES is definable one of them.
Scott Beckett
Scott Beckett 7 kun oldin
Damn, my man buff as hell. Go head homie. Should have kept the baldie from the quiz. I honestly think you look better.
Chris KeLO
Chris KeLO 8 kun oldin
Nxt is slowly turning into Raw lmfao and that's not good
Dustin Sensenig
Dustin Sensenig 8 kun oldin
I love the way Wade Barrett says tsunami
Reginald Marsh Jr
Reginald Marsh Jr 8 kun oldin
Lee-Sidney Okola
Lee-Sidney Okola 8 kun oldin
I'm here for the Theorometer 😅😅😅
RichieB76 8 kun oldin
What happened to Gareth's forehead.?? Looks like someone got him with a, permanent marker, and it's not all off yet
dragonil kyo
dragonil kyo 8 kun oldin
it should be an austometer its much easier to pronounce
John Gamba
John Gamba 8 kun oldin
Gareth lookin real jacked baby.
DothRah 8 kun oldin
"You said you had his number. What happened?" "Johnny I had the wrong number" That line absolutely killed me xD
Mark Roman
Mark Roman 8 kun oldin
No one has patience with Toni Storm. It's not bad booking. Her losing streak is going to be the storyline. Have a bit of patience.
Old Man Gamer Shawnic6
Old Man Gamer Shawnic6 8 kun oldin
Just a little smitten with Ms. Storm eh Garreth?
Dave Terry
Dave Terry 8 kun oldin
Are you turning into Simon miller? The distraction finish was justified in the storm match. And I'd argue necessary to progress the story. It's not common place in NXT like it is on the main brands, so it works
Alfonse Klyne
Alfonse Klyne 8 kun oldin
Yeah well kongs record is 2 and 1 you want to impress someone bewth the reigning and defending champion godzilla 4 and 0
Vlone Vibez
Vlone Vibez 8 kun oldin
Wow now you doing food stuff that looks good like Adam clery 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Beth Young
Beth Young 8 kun oldin
I love wwe Alyssa
Space Ghost
Space Ghost 8 kun oldin
You are not Simon Wilson. It’s getting a down.
Twistedvincent 8 kun oldin
Toni Storm blew any chance of a serious push in WWE by gaining 20lbs from the waist down during the pandemic. I doubt we'll see Taya Valkyrie get a meaningful push either. Not when they've got women like Zoey Stark who are incredibly talented, take care of themselves and actually give a shit how they look.
Aaron Henry
Aaron Henry 8 kun oldin
Had to mute this after about 10 seconds this guy annoyed me too much
Neil Lolmaugh
Neil Lolmaugh 8 kun oldin
LA Knight could be fantastic. If they gave him a better name. MY GOD does his name suck. And he just comes off as an annoying prick.
Ruben Correia Barbosa
Ruben Correia Barbosa 8 kun oldin
How is nxt and smackdown so good and then you have raw...
James Darrell
James Darrell 8 kun oldin
Quit flexing, and posing....dang it! Makes it quite hard to watch you, mang
John Doiron
John Doiron 8 kun oldin
Am I the only one wondering what happened to Gareth's forehead?
Meir Nissim
Meir Nissim 8 kun oldin
Garrett forgot the Kyle O Reilly watching the Adam Cole interview & the Diamond Mine vignette
vicorp 8 kun oldin
Come on, we all know who's behind the flowers, baked goods, etc: It's Franky messing with the women's locker room, which is a very Franky (Taya) thing to do.
Scott Smart
Scott Smart 8 kun oldin
That makes a little more sense than it was Candice doing it to wind Indi up for their match next week which worked at the end of the night.
Vedant Manjrekar
Vedant Manjrekar 8 kun oldin
They are trying to make zayda ramier new lein ruff similary how ruff won the na title ramier pinned storm there is nothing give down about here
Matthew Lawlis
Matthew Lawlis 8 kun oldin
Thankyou for keeping the NXT ups and downs going
Mandla Msibi
Mandla Msibi 8 kun oldin
Wolfe with that chair was questioning his 'Sanity'
King Chris
King Chris 8 kun oldin
Oh I see what you did there
Mandla Msibi
Mandla Msibi 8 kun oldin
I'm not from the UK but man I'd sign a petition for a UK big 4 ppv when crowds get back. Always so lively.
Mandla Msibi
Mandla Msibi 7 kun oldin
@Jim Lucas Either way we both can agree it would be great to see a UK crowd right now.
Jim Lucas
Jim Lucas 7 kun oldin
I'd rather have a big NXT PPV. Just imagine a GYV vs Ciampa/Thatcher match in front of a UK crowd.
DJB PYRO FX 8 kun oldin
I don’t have any more energy...
JOHN BEAL II 8 kun oldin
I mean who wouldn't want to buy flowers or cupcakes for Shotzi Blackheart she's fine as hell but my heart belongs to one woman only at her name is Asuka she my Soulmate
JOHN BEAL II 8 kun oldin
So let me get this straight about this rivalry between The Way and Shotzi Blackheart and Ember Moon all of this Feud is about Dexter Loomis well it's still better than watching the episode of Raw
JOHN BEAL II 6 kun oldin
@TrocaNero boy I can't wait until Indi finds out that it was Johnny and Candice that was sabotaging her to be with Dexter Loomis cuz we all know those two are behind it
TrocaNero 6 kun oldin
I mean not completely. The Way have had trouble with Shotzi and Ember earlier and right now it seems to be the ladies of The Way wanting the NXT Women's Tag Titles and that mixes with the InDex thing. Also you have Bronson Reed playing into this as well, wanting Johnny Gargano's North American belt.
Devin Kemp
Devin Kemp 8 kun oldin
It would be amazing if Ted managed him
klose king
klose king 8 kun oldin
Looks like Simon wrote the script and he's just reading it
Raghavan N
Raghavan N 8 kun oldin
Cameron Grimes is the best goofy entertaining heel on TV now.Just makes you laugh by his very presence.
frank unodostres
frank unodostres 8 kun oldin
lmao after suffering a big defeat and losing his title, finn balor goes on a nice, happy vacation why are they showing this? do they want to rape kayfabe on tv?
Mario Javier David Haro
Mario Javier David Haro 8 kun oldin
That Chix Sando is that good
william mater
william mater 8 kun oldin
i like pitcher pitcher that way i still see the hole match
william mater
william mater 8 kun oldin
omg maby siomen miller can help you out
أحمد الحوراني Ahmad Hourani
أحمد الحوراني Ahmad Hourani 8 kun oldin
The funny thing is that immediately after you did the (I want it segment) UZpost gave me a Netflix add, so i should do the same thing Iiiiiii want it !!
Pat Delaney
Pat Delaney 8 kun oldin
What a waste of a title run with kushida. So stupid
Revel 8 kun oldin
The one thing this Episode was missing was like an NXT title story. We got a small interview from Cole, and that was it. A few women’s matches/angles for both singles and tag, few tag matches, Escobar/Kushida for CW division, Ruff Scott, NA title stuff with Reed and Theory, but nothing in the mens main event scene
TrocaNero 6 kun oldin
My guess is that NXT title stuff will start next week, but I do agree.
Tom Seville
Tom Seville 8 kun oldin
Kross wasn't on the show at all...
Preyank Dharamshi
Preyank Dharamshi 8 kun oldin
Is Simon Main Roster Bound 😆😆 He never does UPS and DOWNS for NXT. I've never seen him do this
Ashwini Rabidas
Ashwini Rabidas 8 kun oldin
He used to before aew started, he stopped because it was too much for him.
Tamzid Mohsin Khan
Tamzid Mohsin Khan 8 kun oldin
Cameron Grimes is the Ted Dibiase of NXT'
Jesus Diaz
Jesus Diaz 8 kun oldin
I hope Raw was taking notes. We have separate feuds for NXT women’s title and Tag titles. Also there’s all these potential feuds for Raquel Gonzalez with Franky Monet, Mercedes Martinez, and even a little seed planted by the announcers for Dakota Kai.
Eastwaters 8 kun oldin
Don't get your hopes up. The longest running, episodic, show doesn't care for quality.
Raghavan N
Raghavan N 8 kun oldin
Better Idea-The Main Roster Tag Titles can just be retired
Rogue Bunny
Rogue Bunny 8 kun oldin
Tian sha is the faction the dragon lady is Called Mei Ying
Minichoco 1230
Minichoco 1230 8 kun oldin
HORRIBLE INTRO... what culture continue to disrespect nxt 👎🏾
Andrew 8 kun oldin
That Shooting Star Press by Zayda Ramier was about 2 inches away from being a complete disaster. I tend to leave wrestling on in the background while doing stuff and my wife saw it and called me over to watch it and was like "did that person almost break their neck?" I rewound it and was surprised how close that came to going horribly, horribly wrong.
Mertaranta 8 kun oldin
It's not a new move with her. There's several gifs of her doing it on her twitter account. She does it even outside the ring.
David Stone
David Stone 8 kun oldin
Big-time under-rotation until way late and she didn't quite get the distance she was probably looking for, either. It was worrisome.
BuffKitty6193 8 kun oldin
The Maverick and Dain/Imperium part is the most intriguing to me from this weeks show. If they split Alexander Wolfe from Imperium and paired him back up with Killian Dain again that'd be cool. Wolfe is the least important member of Imperium and Dain needs a change to get some momentum going.
Preyank Dharamshi
Preyank Dharamshi 8 kun oldin
Maybe a triple tag team break up Wolfe goes with Dain again (Imperium breaks up) As Dain goes with Wolfe in the process (Dain n Maverick breaks up) Ciampa and Thatcher lose their title match against MSK (Ciampa and Thatcher is done) And Thatcher goes back to basic i.e joins Imperium A perfect storyline involving so many superstars and tag teams in it
Subham Kumar
Subham Kumar 8 kun oldin
Simon...can u take over nxt ups n downs too.. As its a free day for u
Robert Johnson II
Robert Johnson II 8 kun oldin
Love nxt ups n downs 🥰👍🏾 But just don't like THIS guy 🙄👎🏾 Soooo not funny
Luke Harbolt
Luke Harbolt 8 kun oldin
The distraction board should be included here too. Anyone?
Jaskim 8 kun oldin
As bad as the nxt women’s tag team is, it is miles ahead of the main roster.
Luke Harbolt
Luke Harbolt 8 kun oldin
Hmmmm I wonder who sent the flowers????? papa John maybe?
David Stone
David Stone 8 kun oldin
Definitely Candice
Tom Seville
Tom Seville 8 kun oldin
Candice, to keep her "daughter" focused on the titles, leading to Indi leaving "the family" for Dexter...
Comrade Pingu
Comrade Pingu 9 kun oldin
I can't be the only one scratching my head about the way Toni Storm is being used, right? Toni is like the one woman who could potentially be a superstar down there, and she's doing....this. K.
Comrade Pingu
Comrade Pingu 8 kun oldin
@Sanjay Manjarejar again, what? You're moaning and telling me to shut up, because of something I haven't even said? Is there something wrong with you or something? What's the problem? She is Toni Storm, and she is way too good to be used to put over newcomers like that. Even with a distraction, it is just not good. They should be presenting her as a big deal. Instead, they've presented the newcomer as a big deal, which someone else could have easily done btw. The problem with this is that it sends a message to people watching that Toni Storm isn't really much good. That is not how you treat someone who has the potential that Toni does. It is a waste.
Sanjay Manjarejar
Sanjay Manjarejar 8 kun oldin
@Comrade Pingu dont go word to word mate and also she is getting used properly she literally got two title shots at io sometimes you need to work low profile feud to get other talent over and whats the problem a new tag team is getting formed without completely burying toni
Comrade Pingu
Comrade Pingu 8 kun oldin
@Sanjay Manjarejar also, you keep talking about not everyone can be champion, but I don't see anyone here using the word champion either lmao.
Comrade Pingu
Comrade Pingu 8 kun oldin
@Sanjay Manjarejar what are you talking about? Did I say she was buried? I said they weren't using her properly, that's it. Learn to read.
Sanjay Manjarejar
Sanjay Manjarejar 8 kun oldin
@Comrade Pingu first of all no losing doesnt means you are buried losing in a illogical way means that you are buried this wasnt illogical zoey stark distracted toni and zayda pinned her so it protected toni and created a new star in zayda instead of just a predictable squash match and also zayda winning adds a new team in womens tag team division and toni storm will become nxt womens champion one day mark my words just have patience and let thr story play out
ApexSmoke X
ApexSmoke X 9 kun oldin
No hip thrusting Garrett 🤣🤣 excellent show and excellent up and downs!
Kedryck James
Kedryck James 9 kun oldin
@Gareth Tian Sha is the name of the faction. Mei Ying is the name of their leader
jstriggsr 9 kun oldin
Alvin Ching
Alvin Ching 9 kun oldin
8:12 in chinese means below the sky 天下
JD Sofi
JD Sofi 9 kun oldin
I wonder what Bobby Fish will do when he comes back because he doesn’t have a tag partner anymore and he needs a new theme
Tony Slicer
Tony Slicer 8 kun oldin
He and Strong might both goto rosters there talks for another draft but who knows
Anthony Perkins
Anthony Perkins 9 kun oldin
All the Tsunamis Theory takes. He's going to start talking like Macho Man permanently
Kentrell Mosley
Kentrell Mosley 9 kun oldin
very much miss adam .. pause
Frost 9 kun oldin
The chicken sandwich is quite enjoyable
Henley Ng
Henley Ng 9 kun oldin
That popeyes sandwich is 👌
I'm a Unicorn
I'm a Unicorn 9 kun oldin
I HATE picture in picture...
Spaz Phoenix
Spaz Phoenix 9 kun oldin
Garreth is a ledge, that’s the tweet 😎
tmbsilver 13
tmbsilver 13 9 kun oldin
Kyle O'Reilly watching a TV screen like a normal person? UP.
Alex Wolstencroft
Alex Wolstencroft 7 kun oldin
O’Reily and reigns the only two people aloud to watch tv like a normal person
Raghavan N
Raghavan N 8 kun oldin
This got me 😁
ApexSmoke X
ApexSmoke X 9 kun oldin
Cmdr Pertanga
Cmdr Pertanga 9 kun oldin
Who wins in the office arm wrestling matches between you and Simon?
Vinceras 9 kun oldin
Bro, the spicy chicken sandwich from Popeyes is RIDICULOUSLY GOOD!!!
John Gamba
John Gamba 8 kun oldin
Popeyes sammies are da truf
Christian Ramirez
Christian Ramirez 8 kun oldin
It’s okay but overhyped
This Is Life Podcast
This Is Life Podcast 8 kun oldin
@Brycen Grout true, dash pass helps alot, but this new regulatory response fee makes is a giant middle finger.
Brycen Grout
Brycen Grout 8 kun oldin
@This Is Life Podcast doordash is fire if you wanna spend 20 dollars for a fast food sandwich 😂 still guilty of using it far too much tho
This Is Life Podcast
This Is Life Podcast 9 kun oldin
Yeah it is. Doordash FTW
Paul Walsh
Paul Walsh 9 kun oldin
Gareth is your forehead ok?
Addi Ace
Addi Ace 9 kun oldin
I forgot nxt was on Tuesdays now
Lars Schwurack
Lars Schwurack 9 kun oldin
Chewsday, it's called Chewsday
Michael Singer
Michael Singer 9 kun oldin
Downs: Toni Storm booking. Ups: Everything else.
The Commentator
The Commentator 9 kun oldin
NXT never fails to go over the limit when it comes to both entertainment and wrestling. Vince should take notes...
Keven Moseley
Keven Moseley 8 kun oldin
Problem is that at the end of the day nxt is not putting butts in seats. And that is the only thing that matters
kingslayer Laksh
kingslayer Laksh 8 kun oldin
SmackDown is the best wrestling show and Triple H needs to take notes from Vince McMahon.
JOHN BEAL II 8 kun oldin
Yes I totally agree that's the difference between how Triple H runs his brand and how Vince McMahon runs Triple H puts his heart is so into NXT and it shows and it's so fun and watchable and he actually cares about his product and the talent as well while Vince doesn't care about the product and he don't care about his talent either and it shows on every single episode of Monday Night Raw proves that why it's terrible
KeepMovingForward 8 kun oldin
Bro chill lol. Don’t you think he would’ve done it now.
wstine79 9 kun oldin
Cameron Grimes and Ted DiBiase together was pure gold.
Rebellious Renegade
Rebellious Renegade 8 kun oldin
Pun intended
Wing Zero-001
Wing Zero-001 8 kun oldin
Ted DiBiase did mention on Booker T podcast that he's going to the PC to work a few angles with Cameron Grimes hopefully brings back the million dollar championship, yeah this makes for great programming
j sb
j sb 9 kun oldin
Best show on what culture
smythe holmes
smythe holmes 9 kun oldin
Yeah really wasn’t a fan of the show yesterday was slow and dragged on a little
Hosea 9 kun oldin
WWE NXT is better then raw
JOHN BEAL II 8 kun oldin
@Raghavan N well there Black lightning on Monday on the CW that's something good to look forward to on Mondays
Raghavan N
Raghavan N 8 kun oldin
RAW is just another reason to hate Mondays more!
JOHN BEAL II 8 kun oldin
Everything is better than Raw I rather watch Matt stonie eating four boxes of pizzas in 10 minutes more than 3 hours of Raw
Lars Schwurack
Lars Schwurack 9 kun oldin
@Hosea how naughty
Hosea 9 kun oldin
@Lars Schwurack it is moist
Shaunda Leer
Shaunda Leer 9 kun oldin
First! (Always wanted to do that.)
Mayoisglue 9 kun oldin
ThatKiidZico 9 kun oldin
This guy is actually first wow
theshadowluca_ 9 kun oldin
Скуби-Ду! Тайна рестлмании
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