Ups & Downs From AEW Dynamite (Apr 28)

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Our AEW Dynamite Review as Simon Miller talks about Darby Allin vs No. 10, Hangman Adam Page vs Brian Cage, Jon Moxley attacking Kenny Omega and much more.
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TTIG 17 soat oldin
Funny how soon as Chis Jericho mentioned Shawn Spears stupid blonde mohawk, he changed it the very next week.
Kayla Pitre
Kayla Pitre Kun oldin
Hahaha. It's crazy how many ups AEW gets compared to WWE. It just shows how much WWE's product has deteriorated.
malenkas3 2 kun oldin
I kant beleve u expose rock like dat!
J Stun
J Stun 2 kun oldin
So you mean you're gonna lie like AEW never fight before a match so that it can end in a false finish? Like just stop the lies fr
greenghost2008_Progressive 3 kun oldin
I'm really thinking of going AEW only. WWE is so bad right now.
Crispys Crafts
Crispys Crafts 3 kun oldin
Simon is amazing. I want a video of him and Ruiz from ant Man just talking to each other
The Anti Life Equation
The Anti Life Equation 3 kun oldin
Man this program is f'in stupid.
Jadzia Ezri
Jadzia Ezri 4 kun oldin
My favorite exchange of the night : Don Callis “don’t you guys have security?!” TonySchivane “if we did you wouldn’t be here” 🤣😂
Jadzia Ezri
Jadzia Ezri 4 kun oldin
Hey Tony Khan, can you please give Audrey Edwards a raise for climbing up on that bus and trying to break up the fight Between Cody and QT?
Jason Rogan
Jason Rogan 4 kun oldin
Get Orange Cassidy on the show and you will be sports entertained.
Damijan ma
Damijan ma 4 kun oldin
How can i hate the young bucks if they keep makinh video games references 😅🔥.it makes me love them even more.they are such a goofs
Graza 4 kun oldin
I love me a war game so to be getting it on free TV... I cannot properly express how I want to see it and I cannot believe they are going to do it not on a PPV. The amount of properly OTT awesome matches they just drop on their show is nuts. I do wish they'd had a better longer build though. They had a beatdown and a stolen locker room. Then a beatdown and a stolen locker room and that's it. It feels like the feud is going to continue afterwards because it kind of has to. But if it continues after a war game then what the hell are they going to do to finish it? The originally mooted inner circle Vs Elite one was just under a years worth of on off build with this being the only way to solve it. I mean we got the stadium stampede instead which was awesome to be fair. But it ended the feud completely. Also Sammy to turn heel and join MJF to end the bout is my pick.
Kenshigo 4 kun oldin
The Parley was amazing. Such a good promo by every single one of them! Can´t wait for the match!
Poes Reflection.
Poes Reflection. 4 kun oldin
Best way to prolong the long term storyline of Page and Omega
zlanath 4 kun oldin
@simon miller: It was lance Archer & 10 that came out to save STing/darby. More likely we see those 2 team up to fight "the most over-rated man in wrestling" & Ethan Page, as what I have thought will be a precursor to LA & jake the snake joining up with Dark Order at some point.
zlanath 4 kun oldin
How is Britt Baker #1 contender?? she's had a few squash matches on UZpost, beaten noone & now she gets a title shot... surely you need to be other people in the rankings to get higher???
Bryan Morrison
Bryan Morrison 5 kun oldin
A think there turning miro into a complete phsyco to run threw roster to land and kennys feet n kenny the aroganice wont work n miro wrecks him, then give omega the tnt titke deserves that more as so many btr machines n charchters for the AEW HEAVYWEIGHT title Miro being no1
Bryan Morrison
Bryan Morrison 5 kun oldin
N u say rankings matter he was undeafeated this yrar prob no realy any single stars wae a win record ratio than hangmans so whos number 1 now as to my count its 9,10-1 as like a said every week he oot fitst n wins x
Bryan Morrison
Bryan Morrison 5 kun oldin
Always hangman starting AEW but wow he got beat which defo shld hv happn a Cage is a machine n needs some momentum.
Ruby Reign
Ruby Reign 5 kun oldin
I'd love a triple threat 2 out 3 falls match with all titles on the line Omega/Moxley/Moose
Seng Vang
Seng Vang 5 kun oldin
Bret Hart vs Piper at Wrestlemania.
Don Beissel
Don Beissel 5 kun oldin
Add an up for no Brandon DeGroat. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
David Valdivia
David Valdivia 5 kun oldin
Can anyone educate me on what they are doing with the big show ?
Owen Faulkner-Nolan
Owen Faulkner-Nolan 5 kun oldin
The beauty of what they’re doing with Spears is amazing, having him struggle on dark and going more and more heal, leading to what is clearly gonna be a top heal run as he cheats, and does whatever it takes to stay on top and you can see why it’s justified from how we treated early on. Love it.
Demitryus Martinez
Demitryus Martinez 5 kun oldin
Aew is not that good come on now Simon
Ayanokouji Kiyotaka
Ayanokouji Kiyotaka 5 kun oldin
Sorry Simon gotta give a dislike for not catching the Johnny Cage reference
Rip Ripertonsworth
Rip Ripertonsworth 6 kun oldin
Is it that ye hate wwe so bad that ye pretend that awe is actually one slightest bit fucking entertaining?
Mickie 6 kun oldin
I never comment on any of your videos because everything be perfect for me but you be Johnny cage from mk my gud brother
The J Martin Show
The J Martin Show 6 kun oldin
Simon "john cena" miller will live on
The J Martin Show
The J Martin Show 6 kun oldin
who else is here from the botch livestreaming of smackdown ups and down?!
holo 6 kun oldin
I can't stand this darby push... I don't get it even though I like the guy Every single match is him getting ragdoll'd around for 15 minutes and pinning out, then somehow his opponent is hella tired and Darby wins with some shenanigans. I should be feeling empathy for him given how he's coming back every time, but since it's obvious he's gonna win anyway I just can't get invested in his matches.
Kilian Jacobs
Kilian Jacobs 6 kun oldin
Hangman page and Christian Cage will team up to take out team tazz.
TVfanatic342 6 kun oldin
I believe that finish was Bret Hart vs. Roddy Piper at Wrestlemania 8, IIRC.
TVfanatic342 6 kun oldin
It was Mortal Kombat, not Street Fighter. How do you not know the Johnny Cage split low blow? Especially being on a channel that reviews video games. Guess you're not a fan of that series.
Zachariah Morris
Zachariah Morris 6 kun oldin
That dislike counter. Nice
Chris Huey
Chris Huey 6 kun oldin
Lance Archer is gonna pull a Robert Fuller.
Michael Cumberbatch
Michael Cumberbatch 6 kun oldin
@simon Alex is definitely making up what he says, as he's told us he is the "interpreter "not the translator
True Grinder
True Grinder 6 kun oldin
Excellent show, fly by. For the first time I did get annoyed at Jim Ross on commentary though. After that scary beating by Miro, JR drops a line about Kip not enjoying that trip to the woodshed. Just think a little more gravitas was called for there, but that’s a minor gripe.
Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor 6 kun oldin
When is the Penta vs. Orange Cassidy program going to work its way up to the main event? Their match was wonderful fun and I wish they had at least twice as much time to work with! I've seen WrestleMania main events that were less entertaining!
1664_Thorat_Swapnil 6 kun oldin
Moxely and Eddie is great pairing means they hang out like proper buddies and both have killer promo game but mote than that AEW let them back their words in ring and I guess it is just matter of time they will held that AEW tag gold and dish out hardcore classics.
Scott Barton
Scott Barton 6 kun oldin
Simon, they play goofs so well because they are a bunch of goofs.
canderia 6 kun oldin
I don't have a problem with making a punch to the stomach a brutal move. That's how Houdini died.
Sad7Statue 6 kun oldin
Cage vs Cage in a Cage match. The match books itself.
PRIMETIME 210 7 kun oldin
5:45 It is not Street Fighter, that move is from Jonny Cage of Mortal Kombat the video game and movie 1. He even said it on Dynamite. Please remember your notes
Reginald Marsh Jr
Reginald Marsh Jr 7 kun oldin
howard collado
howard collado 7 kun oldin
Simon-I just loved that Brian Cage win!! Simon’s Tum Tum-me very very happy!! 😊
William Rosmer
William Rosmer 7 kun oldin
Mortal kombat not street fighter simon. They even referenced it themselves in the match
Marvel Protogen
Marvel Protogen 7 kun oldin
Lol giving the "People's Elbow" and not just kill them? Haha 😂
Francisco Luciano
Francisco Luciano 7 kun oldin
I think AEW is going to eventually give RAW some competition... maybe not like WCW did but I know Vinny Mac has to a little worried about them...
Breanne Dupuy
Breanne Dupuy 7 kun oldin
i agree that brian cage got the upper-hand because he attacked hangman before the match had even started but you have to admit that this was the most brutal that we’ve seen him since he started at aew. i’m glad to finally see a BIG guy doing big moves, not just a bunch of spins and kicks and lucha moves
Hetty Queensberg
Hetty Queensberg 7 kun oldin
Oooh Mr Simon I love the way you do your reaction. I
Hetty Queensberg
Hetty Queensberg 7 kun oldin
The machine is a coward. If he's really the machine Taz claims he is, why attack Hangman? Instead of he fighting him as the machine he claims.
Bruce Blackwell
Bruce Blackwell 7 kun oldin
Team Taz got a big win for once
nagorak666 7 kun oldin
They actually have had non-title matches in MMA, particularly in Pride FC.
madmeth0d 7 kun oldin
0:13 when you walk up to a girl and tell her you still watch pro wrestling
Steven Davis
Steven Davis 7 kun oldin
Way more fun that other company
Aditya 7 kun oldin
There are just SO MANY GREAT main event caliber storylines! Pinnacle vs IC, Elite vs Moxley/Kingston, Nightmare Family vs Factory, Dark Order and Page, Allin Sting Archer, Christian vs Team Taz... just wow.
Mike Chu
Mike Chu 7 kun oldin
10’s shoulder was off the mat
The JooJooMan
The JooJooMan 7 kun oldin
Brian cat
Brian cat 7 kun oldin
Sorta wanna see Darby turn heel and page gets the TNT championship, joins the dark order and becomes their leader if not TEN definitely should. Could make the mask yank Darby did come full circle
Kai Barthel
Kai Barthel 7 kun oldin
Miro at the end "good talk" made my day
Real Mexican Food Shouldn't Give You Diarrhea
Real Mexican Food Shouldn't Give You Diarrhea 7 kun oldin
I’m probably the only person who was unhappy with the ending of Penta v OC. Idk man, I miss ruthless Pentagon Jr.
James Warren
James Warren 7 kun oldin
simon had to really stretch to find that 1 down, everytime SCU fight on any show, the break up stipulation is mentioned, but yeah Dynamite rocks every week
Prince Leo
Prince Leo 6 kun oldin
@James Warren I’m wondering if that stipulation will still apply after they’re tag team champions (if the win them)
Grumpy Wolf Gaming
Grumpy Wolf Gaming 7 kun oldin
Jose Concepcion
Jose Concepcion 7 kun oldin
Hangman is way overrated cage should get a better push hangman is just a damn wanna be drunk cowboy
UngarToTheMax 7 kun oldin
I feel like we haven’t seen Thunda Rosa since her insane match with Dr. Britt Baker
Robert E Lee
Robert E Lee 7 kun oldin
I agree. I love Thunder Rosa and she needs to be back on, like.....YESTERDAY! (yes, I know that yesterday was Wednesday....let it slide y’all 😁)
J_ Delay
J_ Delay 7 kun oldin
I can't wait until Page and Page team up against Cage and Cage
BurgoBeyond 7 kun oldin
can we get a new intro already
Nico 7 kun oldin
3:00 Brian Cage in smash bros confirmed???
Pete Brown
Pete Brown 7 kun oldin
AEW is STILL the best wrestling show going today woo!!!! Stellar Show- yes!
Strider VM
Strider VM 7 kun oldin
@4:10 For me "Non Title Match" is just codeword for "Exhibition Match"
Aldair rocha
Aldair rocha 7 kun oldin
Simon as a Mexican Alex doesn’t make up what penta says he actually translates as best he can in the pre match promos
Justin Tallman
Justin Tallman 7 kun oldin
I wish Penta and Fenix could be in an alternate AEW without Omega and the Bucks. They are so good.
VIBEteam 7 kun oldin
Cage vs cage in a steel cage its only match they must do
Raining Days
Raining Days 7 kun oldin
The savior of wrestling is back Cody!!! Yes right you wish buddy
Karl Renner
Karl Renner 7 kun oldin
Statlander is just the best! Boop! Fookin great stuff!!!
Leon Cook
Leon Cook 7 kun oldin
According to Simon ups and downs of AEW you would think the show was nearly flawless.
Leon Cook
Leon Cook 7 kun oldin
Simon I’m giving the video a up for the good content but I’m giving you a down for talking poorly of the peoples elbow
GuillotineStare 7 kun oldin
Why would you not want to get a punch in the Stomach over? BECAUSE YOU CAN HIT IT AT ANY POINT. Match starts and he can punch......
Christian Prince
Christian Prince 7 kun oldin
Someone tell Simon that when Jade says She's That Bitch! It simply means that she is THAT good. And not that she is calling herself a bitch in a derogatory way
Julian Warren
Julian Warren 7 kun oldin
It's My Birthday!!!! I made it to the 30s Club Gents!!!
MK - 08LL 738555 Earnscliffe Sr PS
MK - 08LL 738555 Earnscliffe Sr PS 7 kun oldin
Simon hacked it he says it gets an up but the animation was down
GuillotineStare 7 kun oldin
Street fighter? How old are you????? Mortal Kombat
Shawn Acklin
Shawn Acklin 7 kun oldin
Wrong game, Simon... Mortal Kombat, Johnny Cage... Easily... Still love you though
Riese 1979
Riese 1979 7 kun oldin
Does aew pay meltzer and whatculture Now?
dre nova
dre nova 7 kun oldin
Jade called herself THAT bitch, there is a difference 😂
Jay Pee
Jay Pee 7 kun oldin
I rather enjoy the fact that they do story telling on the youtube shows and build it up to being on dynamite. It actually gives you a reason to watch them.
Jonathan Leonard
Jonathan Leonard 7 kun oldin
Am i the only that noticed when he said he gave the show an up the arrow went down?
Jason Rodriguez
Jason Rodriguez 7 kun oldin
The elbow drop was a made up move the Rock did in a tag match with him and Triple H vs Stone Cold and Undertaker,Rock did it to the Undertaker to try and make Taker break Kayfabe and laugh...
Jason Rodriguez
Jason Rodriguez 7 kun oldin
Damn just forget about the only Puerto Ricans on the show!!!!
GenZoplays 7 kun oldin
Lmao, loved the people’s elbow reference 😅
Ian K
Ian K 7 kun oldin
Was that background music from the game Peggle?
christopher houlihan
christopher houlihan 7 kun oldin
For only the 2nd time AEW gets a down absolutely shocking 😁
Invincible Young Empire
Invincible Young Empire 7 kun oldin
Rusev in this mode is what we wanted from the get go. Darby main eventing Dynamite recently is for sure believing in your stars to be greater and Jade is on FIRE!!
Calvus WoM
Calvus WoM 7 kun oldin
24:18 "its getting an up" Millertron: "No, i dont think so"
Adithya S Menon
Adithya S Menon 7 kun oldin
Maybe aew is pushing Penta in order to do another Penta Omega rivalry?
christopher houlihan
christopher houlihan 7 kun oldin
Wrong game reference simon that low blow that Matt jackson did is what johnny cage does in Mortal kombat
robert barnum
robert barnum 7 kun oldin
What ever happened to buff Bagwell?
Robert E Lee
Robert E Lee 7 kun oldin
Dude, I saw an interview with him like 2 years ago.....he looks ROUGH. He looked like he was about 75 years old and so, just plan nasty.
Big Daddy Pennywised517
Big Daddy Pennywised517 7 kun oldin
Matt Jackson hit him with Johnny Cages left nut punch from Mortal Kombat
Michael Formosa
Michael Formosa 7 kun oldin
This show and AEW is so shit!
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