Ups & Downs From IMPACT Wrestling (Apr 29)

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Our Impact Wrestling review as Simon Miller talks about Matt Cardona vs Bryan Myers, Sami Callihan vs Eddie Edwards ending when Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers attacked and much more.
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Mr. M A J E S T I C XIII . Blackstruggle77
Mr. M A J E S T I C XIII . Blackstruggle77 3 kun oldin
I did not realize that Impact Wrestling, compared to AEW (on TNT), WWE (on USA) and MLW (on Vice TV), Impact Wrestling parent company Anthem Sports & Entertainment owns their own network in Axs TV.
Ben Twynham
Ben Twynham 5 kun oldin
Simon "Impacts getting an up, the graphics guy "I don't think so mate" it's getting a down.😄
Mo Kabeer
Mo Kabeer 5 kun oldin
I wanna see lance archer vs big cass... last man standing match
Derek Riley
Derek Riley 5 kun oldin
Is Impact still on UK TV as can’t find it on 5Star or on my Sky listings?
domi1979 4 kun oldin
No impact is anymore on 5Star. You can watch impact live on twitch or via the impact wrestling homepage.
Gene Quagmire
Gene Quagmire 5 kun oldin
8:10 That's a fetching view of Mrs. Lee.
Gene Quagmire
Gene Quagmire 5 kun oldin
I started watching Impact because of the AEW crossover stuff but now I prefer Impact.
Reginald Marsh Jr
Reginald Marsh Jr 5 kun oldin
Jim McQueen
Jim McQueen 6 kun oldin
Ok Scott hall 2.0
Alex Lewis BEARlyplaying
Alex Lewis BEARlyplaying 6 kun oldin
6:19 it's what we came for. 😉😂
Negro Neutron
Negro Neutron 6 kun oldin
Impact don’t hit
Dominic Gallegos
Dominic Gallegos 6 kun oldin
"He's not educated about how tall he is" Pretty cool reference to the old catchphrase
PUFFA FISH 6 kun oldin
SethX 132
SethX 132 6 kun oldin
What culture should start an MMA channel
Derrick Haggard
Derrick Haggard 6 kun oldin
I'm so wanting to see Sami Callihan appear on AEW and reunite with Jon Moxley, and Eddie Kingston to reform Switchblade Conspiracy.
Simon Diamond
Simon Diamond 6 kun oldin
16:03. I think the screen graphics person is secretly a WWE fan. :P
MrDude88 6 kun oldin
I do like the championship storyline right now. Their most prestigious title is stolen by another company and they have to get it back.
Ra Je
Ra Je 6 kun oldin
Impact has to go on all 3 aew shows now. After blood & guts tho
Mark wìllis
Mark wìllis 6 kun oldin
When is this on the tv
Ashley 6 kun oldin
Simon...don't tell Haku you've a new mortal enemy he will be super pissed lol
Joshua Estrada
Joshua Estrada 6 kun oldin
...why did it end in a down??
Soupy 6 kun oldin
Honestly, Big Cass has Impact World Championship material written all over him.
Shayne Rawls
Shayne Rawls 6 kun oldin
I encourage people to watch the shows yourself if you can. Simon doesnt get everything right
Moralis 6 kun oldin
I wish that Impact was on a better Channel. That way they’d definitely get more viewers.
Damian Skyfire
Damian Skyfire 6 kun oldin
They own the channel they're on.
Bob's Bergers Rule
Bob's Bergers Rule 6 kun oldin
It's ECW AND WCW all over again.. There is some bad wrestling on both... Did you see omega last night throwing punches.... BROWN DOWN
Mick H
Mick H 6 kun oldin
Not trying to be mean, but wow, Rachel Ellering has put on some beef
bulls guy
bulls guy 6 kun oldin
This is the second time in a week the editor guy put the arrow sign the opposite of what Simon gave the show. Dear Editor Guy, WATCH THE EFFING VIDEO YOU ARE EDITING!
UngarToTheMax 6 kun oldin
You should make a Discord server for WhatCulture Wrestling
John Wilkins
John Wilkins 6 kun oldin
Ok @WhatCultureWrestling I’m confused, Simon said up at the end but it was a down arrow 😂
TheAmi1203 6 kun oldin
Please please please Sami to aew for the destruction with Mox and Eddie. HACK THE PLANET!!
TheAmi1203 5 kun oldin
@Gene Quagmire not your style of floppy disk, eh? 😆
Gene Quagmire
Gene Quagmire 5 kun oldin
The only part of that movie that deserves to live.
jerry janik
jerry janik 6 kun oldin
This is a revolution for professional wrestling and I'm happy but both impact and all elite wrestling are working together and it seems it's working out pretty good hopefully the only thing I wish impact wrestlers were shown more on all elite wrestling shows
Th1rty3 6 kun oldin
Those baby "universes" are just that, babies. And if WWE issued a handicap crybaby match against all companies, Twitter will blow up.
Karl Renner
Karl Renner 6 kun oldin
That last graphic is wrong. Simon gave this episode an UP, so why is the last arrow a DOWN? Come on Phil, do better.
Chris G
Chris G 6 kun oldin
“Impact gets an up ⬇️”
big vito
big vito 6 kun oldin
This Simon dude looks like a Gilberg wannabe!
Greg Smith
Greg Smith 6 kun oldin
I really hope sami shows up in Dynamite to slam Omega then fist bump Mox and put Switchblade Conspiracy back together
Derrick Haggard
Derrick Haggard 6 kun oldin
That would be awesome.
Ruff Ryder
Ruff Ryder 6 kun oldin
Why are all ur final ups always pointing down. And vise versa
Master Wolverine
Master Wolverine 6 kun oldin
Simon: I'm giving this episode an Up Editor at WhatCulture Wrestling: I'm going to point the arrow Down
Medau 6 kun oldin
These little rebellions from the editor will win out and someday they'll be running the show.
jstriggsr 6 kun oldin
Kenneth Bass
Kenneth Bass 6 kun oldin
so many downs getting passed over......
ViewtifulCrow 6 kun oldin
uhhh did anyone else see Sami in the intro?
Lawrence Spellman
Lawrence Spellman 6 kun oldin
I’m so tired of surprise roll ups that and dives out the ring are getting so tiresome to see.
C M 6 kun oldin
Aew is pure garbage 🗑️🗑️🗑️
Eugene La Branch
Eugene La Branch 6 kun oldin
Simon, you do realize that the final arrow is pointing down after you said it was an up! It is not the first time either. In what world are you living in? 😂 😂 😂 🤣
J the Treasure Fiend
J the Treasure Fiend 7 kun oldin
OMG Josh Alexander versus ELP yes please 😳
Gene Quagmire
Gene Quagmire 5 kun oldin
I couldn't figure out if you meant El Producto or Emerson, Lake, and Palmer.
yo gang
yo gang 7 kun oldin
"impact is getting an up" * arrow points down
xSMOKEx 7 kun oldin
Simons arrow, is broken or the arrow was just pointing down at the end because WWE Smackdown is on tonight. 🤣
ChambleeGames 7 kun oldin
I don't even watch Impact and I'm interested in what's going to happen next. It's good to see an actual interesting storyline for once.
Robert Barlow
Robert Barlow 7 kun oldin
I'm confused by how little they have given madman Fulton to do. Dude is talented, let him do stuff
Shayne Rawls
Shayne Rawls 7 kun oldin
It's Jordan you twit
Kraymer Mcvey
Kraymer Mcvey 7 kun oldin
I see why Kenny got the belts now!
Grayman Media
Grayman Media 7 kun oldin
Why would Simon think that someone after 10 year away from Wrestling would just squash someone?
NICK DA MC 7 kun oldin
Is nobody gonna talk about the arrow pointing down after simmon he says it gets an up
Diego Rodriguez
Diego Rodriguez 7 kun oldin
When Did Impact become this good. I decided after Rebellion I’d try to watch Impact, and man, this is good. If a global pandemic couldn’t shut down Impact, I don’t think anything can
Tyler Dowd
Tyler Dowd 7 kun oldin
If dixie carter couldn't kill impact nothing can
Beast of Durden
Beast of Durden 7 kun oldin
You say UP but the graphics say DOWN
Zachary Gastelo
Zachary Gastelo 7 kun oldin
When will the Young Bucks appear on Impact?
Patrick Marshall
Patrick Marshall 7 kun oldin
I love how Simon made the comparison to Batman and the joker and Sammy was wearing all black and Eddie was wearing green
CJ R 7 kun oldin
Sting and Darby fight on Revolution PPV was like - Batman and Robin fighting the goons in Arkham Asylum?
rog23dodge 7 kun oldin
Impact gets an up , but the arrow.was pointing down?
matsujonen 7 kun oldin
Just popped in the comments to mention how the tab looked like an old 80s promo
Connor Mac
Connor Mac 7 kun oldin
ever thought out doing a retro u n down for old impact
DVDvsJayDriller 7 kun oldin
In the hat James Storm looks like heavier countries a.j styles
Lester Koon
Lester Koon 7 kun oldin
You gave a up but the arrow was down. Looks like the arrow of power has another thought
Levi Thomas
Levi Thomas 7 kun oldin
I just want to see rhino gore the shit out of twinkle toes mcfingerbang.
Mystic Pimp
Mystic Pimp 7 kun oldin
Great show last night! Love how Sami is in the opening monologue and that music just love it! Why are the arrows going down when Simon is giving the show an Up? Happened yesterday with AEW Dynamite too. Those are the two best shows too!
001mldearing 7 kun oldin
Where's the news?!?
HellhamerX 7 kun oldin
strange overall up
Tom Dunne
Tom Dunne 7 kun oldin
This is like the 3rd Ups and Downs where Simon says one thing and the Overall Arrow points the other way. Someone is ribbing us
Gainesy 6 kun oldin
I was about to type this. Also sometimes Simon will say a certain spot gets an up or down but it doesn't go on the counter....... What's up with that
K1NG R3N SL 7 kun oldin
It's Callihan
Anicade 7 kun oldin
Taylor Wilde was amazing and hasn't missed a beat. I feel like we watched two different matches. It was a great return.
dcleyre192 6 kun oldin
When I watched it I didn't enjoy it much I felt like I saw a couple boxes and also it just felt really out of sorts. I didn't really get it either.
Shayne Rawls
Shayne Rawls 7 kun oldin
He can't even say Jordan and not DEAN so I wouldn't be suprised. His recaps aren't always accurate.
Mario M
Mario M 7 kun oldin
Repo Man signed with IMPACT RASSLIN
Gene Quagmire
Gene Quagmire 5 kun oldin
That makes this lapel pin current! woot!
Dark Heartt
Dark Heartt 7 kun oldin
Anybody else notice he said Impact got an up but the arrow is pointing down.
IfYouAreCreative GetStuffed
IfYouAreCreative GetStuffed 6 kun oldin
That's Sami Callihan messing with Simon's videos again 😆
Hmmmm. 2 times in a row editor giving the show a down. Well
Zero2k0 7 kun oldin
Jake Something is just kinda there lol. I'm not gonna lie and pretend I like his matches all that much. He's not bad he just needs "Something" like what is even his gimmick? With that name you gotta have it
Trinidad Valdez
Trinidad Valdez 7 kun oldin
The person who should beat omega for the belt should be sami callihan or rich swan at bound for glory
Travis Zachery
Travis Zachery 7 kun oldin
I'm not gonna say Willie Mack and Corey Holcomb are the same person, but you've never seen both of them in the same room...
My name is Jeff
My name is Jeff 6 kun oldin
robert.a.ziemba 7 kun oldin
Simon, Your arrow is still screwed up!!! It was like that from the previous AEW ups and downs too...!!
Da Realest
Da Realest 7 kun oldin
Lol @ the overall down error..the flub ups in these shows so noticeable, they feel like they on purpose
Deader the Final survivor
Deader the Final survivor 7 kun oldin
It's almost like they are on purpose... It's almost like there's a joke happening.
DCStyle 7 kun oldin
That's two shows in a row. Has to be a running gag now 😄
Zero2k0 7 kun oldin
I thought Sammi Calihan was gonna pop up again
Victory! 7 kun oldin
I gave this video a down, I thought that's how Simon gives the overall videos. The up points down
TheRedRellik 7 kun oldin
Everytime Simon says hands up knowing he can't see me, I still raise my hand.
MVMNT 7 kun oldin
8:40 MoooOOOoooose
kalarse 7 kun oldin
The arrow botched lmfao
Meir Nissim
Meir Nissim 7 kun oldin
Luke Harbolt
Luke Harbolt 7 kun oldin
No enzo?lol
Gene Quagmire
Gene Quagmire 5 kun oldin
thank fucking god
Dustin Sensenig
Dustin Sensenig 7 kun oldin
Impact should be on a regular cable channel so more people can see it
Deader the Final survivor
Deader the Final survivor 5 kun oldin
@Gene Quagmire True, but I have direct TV, which to my knowledge, is one of the "big three" in US cable providers. And considering I have channels from across the country, I made the natural assumption that everyone else with cable had those listings as well. Especially since I doubt axs has an exclusivity deal with direct tv.
Gene Quagmire
Gene Quagmire 5 kun oldin
@Deader the Final survivor Jesus dude, not everyone is from the same place as you.
My name is Jeff
My name is Jeff 6 kun oldin
There's several ways to watch impact on Thursdays
Deader the Final survivor
Deader the Final survivor 7 kun oldin
Wait, do you not get 340 with regular cable? I always thought that my "apartment" had basic cable, and I get axstv.
WHEL CHANNEL 666 Hell TV 7 kun oldin
you can watch it on twitch for free on their channel
Meir Nissim
Meir Nissim 7 kun oldin
James Storm beat Deaner on BTI
Chickendust 《Cerebal assassin》
Chickendust 《Cerebal assassin》 7 kun oldin
simon has now crossed the line by doing ups and downs of impact
Atomic Ultimate Pull 2.O
Atomic Ultimate Pull 2.O 3 kun oldin
@Kenny Warren yeah I know about that video game & action figure line that they had was called that. But it sounded like the original comment was meant to be a troll comment going against impact.
Kenny Warren
Kenny Warren 7 kun oldin
@Atomic Ultimate Pull 2.O their motto use to be cross the line. Nice pun
Atomic Ultimate Pull 2.O
Atomic Ultimate Pull 2.O 7 kun oldin
Gage Heyboer
Gage Heyboer 7 kun oldin
Why again is the video editor giving the show a down when Simon gave it an up!!
Gage Heyboer
Gage Heyboer 7 kun oldin
@Atomic Ultimate Pull 2.O They did it on Dynamite ups and downs also
Atomic Ultimate Pull 2.O
Atomic Ultimate Pull 2.O 7 kun oldin
Sami Callihan hacked it
Steven Blackmon
Steven Blackmon 7 kun oldin
I think Simon has broken the up arrow. The he's giving shows an up but the arrow is pointing down.
kev R
kev R 7 kun oldin
Is it just me or Impact was more entertaining than RAW 🤔
Sinisterrayne89 7 kun oldin
Any other wrestling show is better than Raw these days but definitely a good Impact
Joshua Melton
Joshua Melton 7 kun oldin
Wing Zero-001
Wing Zero-001 7 kun oldin
For sure
Revel 7 kun oldin
Also Josh Alexander vs El Phantasmo. Yes please
igotdeuxhanz 7 kun oldin
The roll up isn’t overused. It’s used incorrectly often times. Was it overused in Macho vs Steamboat at WM3?
Vedant Manjrekar
Vedant Manjrekar 5 kun oldin
@Gene Quagmire yes in olden days people used to win by big boots and ddts and finisishers were only reserved for big matches
Gene Quagmire
Gene Quagmire 5 kun oldin
Is it possible that something wasn't overused 30-40 years ago is overused now? *smh*
Vedant Manjrekar
Vedant Manjrekar 7 kun oldin
Machoman and the dragon are legends
Sanjay Manjarejar
Sanjay Manjarejar 7 kun oldin
simon miller you should start giving silver up too not every match can get golden up i know but some matches are in between of greatest of all time and normal wrestling matches so i think you should start giving silver ups to these kind of matches
Revel 7 kun oldin
I would love a story of people tryinf to keep Kenny from getting to the show in order to strip the title. You can have people try and attack Him outside of the venue and all of those places so he cant meet the obligations, and Impact’s locker room can come together to get the title back. Make it a Kenny and Good Brothers vs Impact story to solidify how much people hate him at impact
Zack Newell
Zack Newell 6 kun oldin
It would be good for one episode. Then it would get stale immediately after.
Anonymous Gaming
Anonymous Gaming 6 kun oldin
Lol no atleast not immediately..... And on tv tbh it would look pretty dumb
dcleyre192 6 kun oldin
Sounds like a 24/7 skit
Revel 7 kun oldin
@Benny Omega what does that even mean lmao. Its a story, and we know from this episode that the impact talent wants their title back. So have people try and make Kenny be stripped of it, makes him appear strong when he still can show up and tells everyone watching he’s the massive heel
Atomic Ultimate Pull 2.O
Atomic Ultimate Pull 2.O 7 kun oldin
That’d be cool 😎 & all, but that sounds like it’d lead into a crime where Kenny omega & the good brothers would end up either brutally injure or they’d end up something worse
Donkeysaurus Rex
Donkeysaurus Rex 7 kun oldin
What channel is Impact Wrestling on? What time does it come on?
Anicade 7 kun oldin
@Mr Glass yes airs on their twitch channel same time as AXS TV
Mr Glass
Mr Glass 7 kun oldin
@Knowledge Cloud Can you?
Knowledge Cloud
Knowledge Cloud 7 kun oldin
Watch it on twitch
Tankkilla 7 kun oldin
Axstv. 5 pm pst
Beep 7 kun oldin
Impact was excellent last night
Joey A M
Joey A M 7 kun oldin
I also agree.
Atomic Ultimate Pull 2.O
Atomic Ultimate Pull 2.O 7 kun oldin
I agree
Tamzid Mohsin Khan
Tamzid Mohsin Khan 7 kun oldin
Imagine Sami Callihan appearing on AEW to reunite with Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston to counter The Elite
Mr M . A Campbell
Mr M . A Campbell 5 kun oldin
Sami has teased a switchblade conspiracy reunion on his Twitter
DJ Tommy D
DJ Tommy D 5 kun oldin
yes! it would be sweet if Mox reunites the switchblade conspiracy & help get the Impact belt for Sami since he already hates Omega...I would absolutely love to see them teamed with Kingston
Brendan Toungate
Brendan Toungate 6 kun oldin
Yes. Just, all the yes.
Daniel DeLappe
Daniel DeLappe 6 kun oldin
That sounds fun AF.
damien777 6 kun oldin
Yes please
Raghavan N
Raghavan N 7 kun oldin
The show got a overall down.Seems Whatculture is "Under Siege" from the Elite!
The Vicious Head Society
The Vicious Head Society 7 kun oldin
Good to see Cass back in the ring
THE HQ FAMILY 7 kun oldin
Is that big cas
Packed Entertainment
Packed Entertainment 7 kun oldin
No I think it might be Cass Big or maybe Morrissey W. 😉
Alex Wolstencroft
Alex Wolstencroft 7 kun oldin
Watch them start building W.Morrissey to be the one to take the world heavyweight championship off of Kenny.
Kenny Warren
Kenny Warren 7 kun oldin
It SHOULD be Moose. Long overdue
Alex Wolstencroft
Alex Wolstencroft 7 kun oldin
A man can dream 🤷‍♂️ id like for it to be moose.
Atomic Ultimate Pull 2.O
Atomic Ultimate Pull 2.O 7 kun oldin
Idk 🤷‍♂️ about that.
W0NK042 7 kun oldin
I think Cas being picked up, & pushed, by Impact makes us all warm & fuzzy in our tum-tum.
Mark Calloway
Mark Calloway 7 kun oldin
Who else is here during the premiere
Tamzid Mohsin Khan
Tamzid Mohsin Khan 7 kun oldin
Sami Callihan vs Kenny Omega feud will be instant classic
Packed Entertainment
Packed Entertainment 7 kun oldin
@Bryan Robinson nah he’s had classic matches with Pentagon Jr, Eddie Edwards, Tessa Blanchard & even Rich Swann.
Packed Entertainment
Packed Entertainment 7 kun oldin
@Bryan Robinson there you go again miserable. First you bash impact for their championship, not you’re bashing one of their talents. Real mature, miserable. You need god in your life to help your miserable heart.
Miguel Swagero
Miguel Swagero 7 kun oldin
@Bryan Robinson honestly there’s very few in this bishness that works like Omega. Not many that feud like Sami. It could be a classic. I’m not reckless enough to guarantee instant classic tho.
Teo Brotchie
Teo Brotchie 7 kun oldin
W. Morrissey is a future Impact World Heavyweight Champion
Atomic Ultimate Pull 2.O
Atomic Ultimate Pull 2.O 3 kun oldin
@Dean this is why you failed to say something relevant & truthful. Also it’s *Impact Wrestling. Not TNA, but Of course you wouldn’t know that since you’re hating but don’t even know the name of the company you’re hating on, it shows that you don’t even know what you are talking about. But imma go 🏃‍♂️, I don’t want to waste anymore time than I already have talking to you.
Dean 7 kun oldin
@Atomic Ultimate Pull 2.O this is why TNA will always fail 😂 😂 😂
Atomic Ultimate Pull 2.O
Atomic Ultimate Pull 2.O 7 kun oldin
@Dean you also sound fun at parties. Since you said that idiotic & simple response. You went out of your way just to say that lol 😂 that’s laughable. f***ing no life.
Atomic Ultimate Pull 2.O
Atomic Ultimate Pull 2.O 7 kun oldin
@Bryan Robinson here we go with the haters that just love trolling, because they can’t stand to see impact getting positivity.
Packed Entertainment
Packed Entertainment 7 kun oldin
@Dean why are you responding to me with your sarcasm. This doesn’t concern you. You were that bored? To the point that you wanted validation & wanted attention, so you felt the need to make that sarcastic remark. Great job you gotten attention for that sarcastic remark, now go do something of importance or don’t I really don’t care as long as it’s doesn’t concern me ... Meaning don’t response to me with stupidity & ignorance, being an attention seeker.
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