Ups & Downs From WWE RAW (Apr 26)

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Our WWE Raw review as Simon Miller talks about Braun Strowman vs Drew McIntyre, Matt Riddle and Randy Orton teaming up, New Day and Damien Priest throwing tomatoes at Miz and John Morrison and much more.
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Jayla Gaskins
Jayla Gaskins 3 kun oldin
Boxes World
Boxes World 3 kun oldin
If Nia Jax isn't brutally hurting fellow wrestlers, she's falling all over the place it seems
JimmyJimJam1984 4 kun oldin
I watched this entire Raw and for the life of me I couldn't remember anything from it other than RKBRO. Watching this ups and downs was a painful reminder of what went down lol
Julian Wooten
Julian Wooten 4 kun oldin
I think I may start watching AEW instead of RAW and just get the recaps here. No need to suffer if I don’t have to
The Pro-Wrestling Encyclopedia
The Pro-Wrestling Encyclopedia 5 kun oldin
Sheamus is great as the U.S. Champ!
Caleb Davis
Caleb Davis 6 kun oldin
Remember the time when WWE insisted that Daniel Bryan wasn't actually popular, and that the fans were just doing the Yes Chant because they liked the chant, so they put the Big Show in the crowd to lead it thinking that they could shift all of the Bryan popularity to Show. Remember how it didn't work, and how stupid it was to even try, because when you have a performer who is insanely popular, why not just use THEM instead of trying to move their popularity to someone else. Does anyone else feel like the whole goal of making Bray disappear and making Alexa Bliss into the Fiend is some backstage Vince thing of "Bray Wyatt isn't really popular. People just like Evil Clowns. Make Alexa Bliss into an Evil Clown. That'll work better than Bray; nobody really likes Bray."
Short Adventures
Short Adventures 6 kun oldin
I can't take Charlotte Flair seriously anymore since she now no longer looks like Charlotte Flair 😢😔
Terrous 6 kun oldin
Starting a story and ending a story, with nothing happening or payoff is the exact way to describe WWE story telling.
Cameron Coopen
Cameron Coopen 7 kun oldin
I Agree Simon. I actually didn't even watch RAW, just watched Ups and Downs coz as you said, it's pretty much the same thing...How can Smackdown be so good and RAW so "Un-Watchable"????
SevenYearSacrifice 7 kun oldin
I'm guessing the WWE is attempting to bomb ratings for a show on USA in hopes of getting dropped in favor of Raw moving to NBC perhaps? 🤔
Domingo Galindo Jr.
Domingo Galindo Jr. 7 kun oldin
I officially turned off Raw during The Miz, John Morrison, Elias and Ryker segment when they began to sing. I will not watch Raw until Simon gives the previous episode an “Up”
Spear Pig
Spear Pig 7 kun oldin
I skipped raw. From what I read, braun set a record. So now I'm watching this. Braun seems to switch sides. Big show 2.0.
Invincible Young Empire
Invincible Young Empire 7 kun oldin
RAW isn't even that brand anymore. Just so many misses on great opportunities. There's some that's there and that's it.
R Luna
R Luna 7 kun oldin
Even "Fuego del Sol" sound better than Humberto Carrillo, worst name ever for a wrestler
Nightwing84 7 kun oldin
The only thing fun and exciting about why was RKbro and it seems like the fans like it. So that means WWE is going to break them up and have Randy RKO riddle in a few weeks because reasons..
TimmyTur0k 88
TimmyTur0k 88 7 kun oldin
Could RKBro be the new Team Hell No?
Chris Leung
Chris Leung 7 kun oldin
I think Simon should take a break from raw. I think you are forming a bias perception on the broadcast. RAW is trying to do a soft reset and trying new pairings to see what will work. I can see you are not giving it chances. There are lots of dumb stuff that happens on smackdown, but u seem to be willing to give it chances and watch. U consistently gives aew ups, it's not because they are that good (most of the time i find myself nodding off), it's because you are willing to give chances. You are an entertaining guys simon and i enjoy watching your content, but i think you are bias at this moment. Let someone else do raw ups&down for a month. Take a break.
Hypie Harry
Hypie Harry 8 kun oldin
Raw is awful at the moment compared with Smackdown and AEW Dynamite
Mr. M89 Champ
Mr. M89 Champ 8 kun oldin
I really think having a pay-per-view call (Wrestlemania) Backlash is hinder the storyline. WWE wants to have similar matches and storyline for backlash to make it seems like this is now the final show of the season and you have to tune in to Backlash to see what happen. Wrestlemania is now the event before the season finale.
Antwan Rivers
Antwan Rivers 8 kun oldin
Raw is nothing but wrestling filler episodes at this point. It's like watching paint dry.
Mr. M89 Champ
Mr. M89 Champ 8 kun oldin
AJ and Amosnot being on the show, That may be a blessing. AJ is such a good heel, he can make the "Win and take my ball home angle".
Doc Blaq17
Doc Blaq17 8 kun oldin
Good Lord, I appreciate you Simon.....more and more I'm starting to ignore RAW all together and simply wait for Ups & Downs
Dragonstar 8 kun oldin
The show sucks, people need to move on from this company, there are better alternative out there far more deserving of your time.
Noodle 84
Noodle 84 8 kun oldin
We get the same old shit with smackdown too lets not forget! The alpha academy v the mysterios... there's the natalya/tamina v shayna/nia thing...sami zayn interferring in the I.C title picture every week 😒 seth and cesaro's feud will go on forever too, like that stupid eye for an eye thing last year! Both shows suck, but at least smackdown has Roman Reigns. Him and Heyman is literally saving the company at the moment.
Briley Haughan
Briley Haughan 8 kun oldin
Should be 3-11. This was terrible. I might have to start watching aew.
Mychael Jones
Mychael Jones 8 kun oldin
So the YB can kick refs. Get fined. Pay fine. And then just come back and all is forgiven because a real life tragedy happened? Ok... 14:23 pot kettle 🖤
Mychael Jones
Mychael Jones 8 kun oldin
SONYA HAD TO TAKE TIME OFF FOR AN INCIDENT THAT HAD HAPPENED. 14:17 it's not like she was kayfabe written off you dummy.
Mychael Jones
Mychael Jones 8 kun oldin
So when Matt Hardy took a W from Private Party was he a champion? Or how about Jericho putting over Sammy Guevara. Hey remember when Death Triangle were champs?
You Are Now Aware Podcast
You Are Now Aware Podcast 8 kun oldin
Raw got a brown down from me. I like being positive, but it's the same shit every week... no point in even watching...
Mychael Jones
Mychael Jones 8 kun oldin
I loved what is going on with my Sheamus Carrillo Asuka Rhea Lashley Brain and Drew.
Mr Amazing
Mr Amazing 8 kun oldin
You should start counting how many times the wwe does the big four. Count out. Dq. Distraction and roll up
JayBGames 8 kun oldin
I feel like Simon Miller gets EVEN MORE entertaining when RAW sucks. I love it.
Nychavok 8 kun oldin
Just appreciating the fact that NXT is on Tuesdays now so it can quickly erase all the pain from the night before.
Brother Hogan
Brother Hogan 8 kun oldin
Smack down is the flagship show now
Connor StJohn
Connor StJohn 8 kun oldin
God. Just judging by the picture from the video I don’t even wanna know
Josh Collins
Josh Collins 8 kun oldin
When was the last time Raw got an overall up lol?
Nova Doyle
Nova Doyle 8 kun oldin
Charolotte Flair is slowly looking more and more like Ivanka Trump all the time. Cosmetic surgery?
Nova Doyle
Nova Doyle 8 kun oldin
Simon Miller, you cheeky old sod!
The Unseen Chapter
The Unseen Chapter 8 kun oldin
WWE should start teasing a feud between Sonya Deville and Adam Pierce and get them to separate their roles. Get Sonya on Smack Down and Adam on Raw. This will bring back the air of Survivor Series and make the future draft seem important for fans that choose sides.
Dean Gibbs
Dean Gibbs 8 kun oldin
Your bar for an up is depressingly low, to the point of ‘there’s a small chance this could go somewhere’ warranting an up. And still Raw comes out awfully...
Blueberry Car Wreck
Blueberry Car Wreck 8 kun oldin
You know I watched my first episode of AEW yesterday and it was nonstop wrestling. What a concept!
MinThisMoment 8 kun oldin
Well...I guess since they ruined the Fiend and Alexa storyline...i'm just gonna go back to ONLY watching ups and downs for WWE content...minus NXT
BonnieBoi 9743
BonnieBoi 9743 8 kun oldin
Talking segment, seems more like some frickin filler
That Chico- Bert
That Chico- Bert 8 kun oldin
Raw has sucked for a while now - even got Simon finally running out of excuses for them 😆
Psimon Says
Psimon Says 8 kun oldin
Raw is the stick to drive more people to Smackdown. There is no other explanation.
George Cole
George Cole 9 kun oldin
So if you turned in and seen Ultimate Warrior you would understand 🤣
acpgolfpro 9 kun oldin
What do you expect from a show where all the champions are jobbers? Big UP for Simon though!
nick amalfitano
nick amalfitano 9 kun oldin
I cannot believe that raw and Smackdown are both produced and written by the same company. How can one be so good and the other be so bad?
Afraid Of The Folly
Afraid Of The Folly 9 kun oldin
Riddle & Orton was easily the best thing on raw. Had the 3 best lines all in the same 5 minute segment. "He is the apex predator, which I still don't totally understand" "He is the viper and I squashed him like a sexy mongoose" "I don''t know what planet you are from", "I'm from earth", "Shut Up". All absolute gold. Give them the belts!!!!!
Jake Connell
Jake Connell 9 kun oldin
The bar for the ups is so slow
Patrice Massé
Patrice Massé 9 kun oldin
Is Raw still a wrestling show ? It seems to have less and less of it every week. I agree with Simon, Orton and Riddle works. Other than that, I feel I lost my time Monday night.
BenTheZeroTheBullShitPero 9 kun oldin
God Raw sucks. I don't understand the quality difference between this and smackdown.
Crispys Crafts
Crispys Crafts 9 kun oldin
Just watch PPV's..... those are actual wrestling shows.....
Shanto MJ
Shanto MJ 9 kun oldin
Why he looks like johnny sins?🐸
woodsman105 9 kun oldin
The worst part about RAW being the same show week after week is that there's no longer any point in watching Ups & Downs. There's only so much Simon can do to make an exciting episode. And, hes the best thing on What Culture.
Anurag Kataria
Anurag Kataria 9 kun oldin
No AJ No Fiend Drew Pinned Go to Hell whoever thought these are good ideas As soon as she left fiend it was over for me,she is pathetic, Braun pinned the most protected guy rubbish
Hum Gruffin
Hum Gruffin 9 kun oldin
The what board? Simon fudged up.
Mud Water
Mud Water 9 kun oldin
I miss roller derby
Rob Cotton
Rob Cotton 9 kun oldin
Am not much for Charlotte flair she's kind of rammed down our throats don't get me wrong I think she's a good wrestler no doubt, I think asuka needs be rammed down our throats I can't get enough her in my opinion she's the best female wrestler in wwe & probably the world I hope she get her tittle back at some point
Mud Water
Mud Water 9 kun oldin
what a waste
Rob Cotton
Rob Cotton 9 kun oldin
Riddle is an absolute pisser 😂 😂 am all for RKBRO I think that was the best segment on raw other that that the show sucked
Neeladri Somadder
Neeladri Somadder 9 kun oldin
I said it before and i will say it again, Raw is purposefully badly written to show better ratings for Smackdown so that they can credit Roman Reigns for it. being Rock's cousin pays off huge.
Ashley Lake
Ashley Lake 9 kun oldin
Randy Orton and Matt Riddle are the best things on Raw...
Paul Counelis
Paul Counelis 9 kun oldin
The RKBRO stuff is great! Reminded me of Rock and Sock. My kids laughed so hard and loved that they won. I think people forget that kids watch wrestling.
Paul Counelis
Paul Counelis 9 kun oldin
Come on, Priest and The New Day is a super easy call..."The enemy of my enemy..."
Grady Jackson
Grady Jackson 9 kun oldin
Do the same ppl who write Smackdown write Raw? Cause I don’t get it SD is pretty good but raw...👎🏾
1rhpsfan 9 kun oldin
I'm just calling it Backlash, the show does not deserve the Wrestlemania moniker.
justa nime
justa nime 9 kun oldin
Why the hell cant Dominik Dijakovic get his name back?! Goodness lord main roster is essentially bizzaro land...i truly wish hhh had a say in wrestlers not going to the main roster...its extremely rare for them to get treated properly..baffling as sh^t to me...9 times out of 10 its clear there's literally nothing planned for them when they get there!
Nico Bean
Nico Bean 9 kun oldin
Please Randy RKO dude next week you and Edge are the last 2 left
adarsh tiwari
adarsh tiwari 9 kun oldin
Ah now it's finally time for me to step down as a fan of wwe and embrace some other wrestling promotions
bigtmac23 9 kun oldin
He legit said everything i was saying watching raw smh. Ughh raw i rather sit though a 4 min long Hula ad than watch raw or just wwe 20 years of mess.
Anh Huynh
Anh Huynh 9 kun oldin
Give the good bits a down and the bad bits an up?
Mr. Scratch
Mr. Scratch 9 kun oldin
Lets all just sit back and watch wwe slowly die and rot from the inside out.
Julius Perry
Julius Perry 9 kun oldin
Why would mvp pull drew off braun?!?! That was so stupid!!! As a champ you dont want a 3-way match because you dont have to get pinned to lose your belt 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
TailzP 9 kun oldin
I'm just waiting for Mace or T-BAR to say, "Welcome to the wasteland"
Diane Long
Diane Long 9 kun oldin
he sung my favorite song!! thanks simon!! we need the stone cold days of "what" every min of raw!!
Bob Jones
Bob Jones 9 kun oldin
News is, WWE creativity is giving back creative control of the Fiend to Bray, under the condition he kills the Fiend bc WWE can’t advance future prospects, in a result of having an unbeatable entity. I hope he does. I hope he “saves” Alexa Bliss. I would like to see a situation where Bray Wyatt does a cinematic match with Alexa Bliss....where the build up is Bray trying to explain that the Fiend is sucking life from Alexa. Where it’s Bray, fighting Lilly (a reincarnation of the Fiend) and sacrificing himself to be the one that the Fiend tortures, and leaves Alexa alone. Then create the Fiend character as a “Mankind” influential mentality that Bray could start to fight against himself weekly. You could essentially kill the Fiend, but give Bray and Alexa an out. Give them time to create new personas, and continue their creativity. Without the Fiend persona overshadowing them.
Mike Oleniacz
Mike Oleniacz 9 kun oldin
The distraction board used the most devastating move in all of sports entertainment lol
Erik Wagenvoorde
Erik Wagenvoorde 9 kun oldin
I’ll give the Seinfeld reference a golden up 🤩
Macmak Mc
Macmak Mc 9 kun oldin
Simon doesn't appreciate Lily 🤣lmao
michaeloptv 9 kun oldin
I’m waiting for Randy Marsh to appear on RAW one day and be like “I’m sorry. I thought this was America!!” 🤣😜😒
DigitalStains 9 kun oldin
Simon you're awesome
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 9 kun oldin
who ever can last the 3 hours deserves an award i had to change the channel after the elias miz song
T Martin
T Martin 9 kun oldin
Thanks for enduring so we don't have to
Pacs Life
Pacs Life 9 kun oldin
So basically I’m never seeing Alexa Bliss on those little wrestling tights she used wear anymore 😢
Abid Gani
Abid Gani 9 kun oldin
Where are Omos and AJ Styles? I really hate when WWE just make superstars disappear without saying why or where they have gone. We are seeing the same thing with Edge on Smackdown.
RC Rescue
RC Rescue 9 kun oldin
Who is in charge of the camera cuts. It’s the worst camera work on any show ever. I think a hamster drinking a monster is in charge
I'm nobody you need to know
I'm nobody you need to know 9 kun oldin
Hulu cut out Humberto and Shaemus both weeks and cut out Ripley this week. Also it didn’t show that was how Mandy Rose ended up fighting Charlotte.
Some Pothead
Some Pothead 9 kun oldin
I agree. Put those worthless tag titles on them for a bit. I can see a lot of very interesting and entertaining matches and feuds. There are some good tag teams on raw they can play with.
Simply Badass
Simply Badass 9 kun oldin
You know what my dude?I find you very entertaining.
Jacqueline Tierney
Jacqueline Tierney 9 kun oldin
It's a mini Simon! 😂
Karson O'Connor
Karson O'Connor 9 kun oldin
josepgutierrez22 9 kun oldin
Raw will only change if we all stop watching it
NATERGATOR 9 kun oldin
Simon deserves an award for watching this show and then talking about it
DeAndre Nicholas
DeAndre Nicholas 9 kun oldin
I'm sure he is paid well for putting himself through it. Maybe he gets hazard pay like Firefighters lol
Chris Young
Chris Young 9 kun oldin
Cant do anything new without a crowd, both for the atmosphere and revenue, I get it but damn do something interesting
Murderous Koala
Murderous Koala 9 kun oldin
I will watch Raw literally just for RKBRO, idc, I already love this dumb dynamic they have. Randy had so many "damn what he did looked pretty cool, but I gotta stay serious" moments
Clay Talman
Clay Talman 9 kun oldin
I thought it was T-bag & Lace?
akash khan
akash khan 9 kun oldin
RAW was actually better than last few weeks
Zom 9 kun oldin
Thank you Mr FoP Miller for watching this for us so we don't have to. We respect your sacrifice
Dead Homer
Dead Homer 9 kun oldin
When was the last time Raw had more ups then downs?
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