Triple H Sells Over $2 Million In WWE Stock

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All of today's wrestling news including:
Triple H Sells Over $2 Million In WWE Stock (0:25)
Mickie James Says WWE Wanted Her To Retire, Talks Ageism In The Company (2:59)
Real Reason AJ Styles & Omos Have Been Missing From WWE TV Since WrestleMania 37 (6:00)
IMPACT Wrestling Rebellion Had 9 Times As Many Buys As Bound For Glory (7:22)
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Jim North
Jim North 3 kun oldin
Tony Khan need to buy it!
Jayla Gaskins
Jayla Gaskins 3 kun oldin
Shady 5 kun oldin
darby is awesome, love his style, so brash and risky, makes things fun
Fabian Zumaran
Fabian Zumaran 5 kun oldin
That the consortium .... THE CONSORTIUM WAS ME! AND NOW YOU AND I !
Ninja Tony
Ninja Tony 5 kun oldin
What do you mean Monday is a holiday? I just checked the calendar, there's nothing Monday.
Sean Charlie84
Sean Charlie84 6 kun oldin
I'm bored of Darby Allin too, and have become uninterested with him predictably winning every match 🙄🙄
Thairish life 55
Thairish life 55 6 kun oldin
What does the Marxist, corrupt BLM movement have to do with wrestling? Absolutely disgraceful you've put this political message at the start of your video. If you want to be anti-racism that's great!! But BLM is NOT anti-racism and this is not the place.
oathbreaker81 6 kun oldin
Damn this must be bad if is cutting outta WWE
wolf cola
wolf cola 7 kun oldin
Steroids are expensive after all.
Joe Blow
Joe Blow 7 kun oldin
Before he did he told the stock "make me look strong"
Svetsi 7 kun oldin
Plot twist: Trips and Steph know the Vince has found the elixir of immortality and are selling up to start their own promotion since vince will run WWE until the universe dies.
Terry Trent
Terry Trent 7 kun oldin
Less trader fees and when one cashes in stock one pays tax on net profit made after fees . if stocks were half price at start of what he sold now and say fees 5% or 100 g he made just over 900 g on which is now considered personal income so fed state local taxes ding about 400 g of that. Pure profit only around 500 g. Example. But all likelihood he only made between 500 to a mil. Likely to pay A Mortgage !!f
Rebel Tuber19
Rebel Tuber19 7 kun oldin
I can only guess that Triple H is going to take all that money to the Moon
MephProduction 7 kun oldin
HHH doesn't need any more money
Jonathan Thomas
Jonathan Thomas 7 kun oldin
Maybe it’s for that new tv show lol
TexZero 7 kun oldin
Wait most shocking heel turn wasn't Tucker ? I mean his heel turn was so bad and out of place that Vince had to make Otis join another tag team and turn Heel too...
Sir D West
Sir D West 7 kun oldin
Imagine saying Omega is a draw and then seeing the ratings from Dynamite yikes
The Spectre
The Spectre 7 kun oldin
I wish triple H was my dad
roshand matabick
roshand matabick 7 kun oldin
Warren police & fire retirement systems sued WWE. Oklahoma Firefighters Pension & Retirement Systems sued WWE. Serious allegations folks. CHEATING retired heroes don't be surprised by anything these people do.
Freedom NotFree
Freedom NotFree 7 kun oldin
Trips is just being smart. Avoiding pending Capital gains Tax jump!
Jake Owens
Jake Owens 7 kun oldin
I don’t think we have to worry about Darby Allin becoming stale. It’s only a matter of time until he turns on Sting. Lol
Daniel N
Daniel N 7 kun oldin
It’s Leh-vek! The S is silent! Learn how to pronounce names properly!
Bubba Holmberg
Bubba Holmberg 7 kun oldin
I think the deal for Kenny v Aldis is already set behind closed doors, same with New Japan, the rona just slowed all this down. Just a feeling i have
Aces High
Aces High 7 kun oldin
For those saying Impact getting screwed in AEW deal, 9 Times the PPV buys. Still wanna complain ?
Game Over
Game Over 7 kun oldin
Mickie should go be with her husband.
Ser Tohu
Ser Tohu 7 kun oldin
2 Mil is not that much to a dude like him, and it's likely he is taking advantage of low interest rates to pay stuff off outright, leaving him overall in a cash forward place. It's all about the Game, after all.
OscillatorCollective 7 kun oldin
DARBY ALLIN is being made into a legit star...and he is giving the TNT title its best run to date...and whoever beats DARBY will get a HUGE rub...DARBY is quietly becoming one of the best things in wrestling.
Bunyan420 7 kun oldin
That is messed up so women hit their 40's WWE want you to retire but be a man and you can wrestle way into their 50's not fair and cool at all
OscillatorCollective 7 kun oldin
Oh wow...WWE is a terrible corporation... No surprise there...
Devin Kemp
Devin Kemp 7 kun oldin
Y'all think vince is dying ? Like when we seen him he hasn't looked good plus hes refused to do any interviews anymore I'm just wondering if he has Parkinsons or something that takes time
franklingoodwin 7 kun oldin
He's probably just old and doesn't want to deal with duties he doesn't have to
Mike Honcho
Mike Honcho 7 kun oldin
You guys are too old to say stonks.
Reality Check
Reality Check 7 kun oldin
I guess Vince's doofus son in law won't be taken over the company after he dies.
Nicholas Bryant
Nicholas Bryant 7 kun oldin
I mean HHH dumping 2 million wwe stocks just helps wwe get short term cash as well but 2 million isn't very much
Chad Solivais
Chad Solivais 7 kun oldin
And it is a lot less than that, after taxes are taken out.
CPA 7 kun oldin
Dynamite was a really good show.
Mayhem Maximus
Mayhem Maximus 8 kun oldin
Mickie James is my favorite woman wrestler. She should be on top.
Piccolo’s happy thoughts
Piccolo’s happy thoughts 8 kun oldin
Sup with the blm lol
DragonDestroyer88 8 kun oldin
HHH is all elite lmao
Ammishaddai Hampton
Ammishaddai Hampton 8 kun oldin
Roman Reigns a surprise heal turn 🤣😂🤣🤣 All they could do with him is to turn him heal because fans overall were jeering the hell out of him and the heal turn would help conceal the lack of talent there of. Don't agree? Give me 2 matches that he carried a lesser opponent that could carry themselves... I'll wait...
franklingoodwin 7 kun oldin
What? They turned him heel when they was no fans in attendance
Black Dragon
Black Dragon 8 kun oldin
8:50 ehhhhhh, was this really "Kenny Omega" that made the buy rates increase? I mean MAYBE some, but let's get real. This was the first cross-promotional PPV of 2 major wrestling promotions in a VERY LONG time. Getting promoted on AEW Dynamite, and the prospect of unifying the titles is what increased the buy rate.
Grayman Media
Grayman Media 8 kun oldin
Nick Aldis isn't gonna risk having his status as the top guy ruined. Especially with Nick's comments about AEW.
I am Monika
I am Monika 8 kun oldin
They still have the OLD vision of females needing to be or look in their 20's, the old diva mentality Asuka is not a good example lol..she's asian thus she looks in her 20s
Brady VanHoof
Brady VanHoof 8 kun oldin
All you guys do is complain about how good the NXT women’s division is and nobody gets a push up to the main roster.... but then you whine when they make room on the roster for them?... Proof you guys are couch and thumb athletes and have no idea what the hell business is and how it works.
Brady VanHoof
Brady VanHoof 8 kun oldin
Yes I know you are great at your business... but it works because you flip flop and pander whenever anybody can be “upset” with a situation
Vinny Yeager
Vinny Yeager 8 kun oldin
Sounds like a draw to me
juselara02 8 kun oldin
thank god people in wall Street doesn`t watch RAW.
Major Delaney
Major Delaney 8 kun oldin
Shida needs to drop the title in the near future. So many developing stars in AEW's womens division, I don't need Britt to beat Shida since when Britt wins she will hold the title for awhile also. Would have loved Thunder Rosa to beat Shida and then Britt beat Rosa at All In!
Isaiah Emmanuel
Isaiah Emmanuel 8 kun oldin
Welp looks like im buying WWE stocks
Sonny Bimbo
Sonny Bimbo 8 kun oldin
He bought dogs coin with the money.
Josh Frantz
Josh Frantz 8 kun oldin
I'm torn on the Darby question. I was hoping for something a little different for the main event, just move Darby around in the card... Like last week, I wished they would have put the women's world title as the main event. But overall I'm actually starting to care more about the TNT title than the world title since the TNT champ ends up a weekly workhorse.
Chad Solivais
Chad Solivais 7 kun oldin
And to me, that's the way it should be, most of the time. I think the tag teams and mid-card belts should be on the line weekly, while the world title shouldn't be that often, as 99% of the time now a days you knownthey are not changing hands on regular TV
Kadeem Gomez
Kadeem Gomez 8 kun oldin
I think it’s about time Vince needs to step down as Chairman of WWE. Triple H needs to take over the reigns.
minibikemafia 8 kun oldin
HHH buying 2 million worth of AEW stock confirmed!!
Ninja Tony
Ninja Tony 5 kun oldin
where's your source? You really shouldn't say "confirmed" if you can't in fact confirm it.
Terry Trent
Terry Trent 7 kun oldin
No he sold it to pay off a Mortgage.
AJ 7 kun oldin
Anthony Pettus
Anthony Pettus 8 kun oldin
You are right by saying Kenny omega is a draw but he’s a draw when the least amount of people watch wrestling so is it saying he attracts the people who are going to watch him already the only way he would be a real draw is if he’s attracting casual fans as well as hardcore fans which he only attracts the ladder
Phinneus Prune
Phinneus Prune 8 kun oldin
AJ Styles and Bobby Lashley are 43 and 44. However ... throw a headband on Bobby Lashley of today and transport him back to 2008. My only question would be.... "When did he get that scar?" I am convinced Bobby Lashley doesn't age.
Anthony Pettus
Anthony Pettus 8 kun oldin
Yea lmao if you look at a picture form when he debuted he looks a little older with the scar but if you remove that he looks the same
Phinneus Prune
Phinneus Prune 8 kun oldin
If I headed up a promotion. Micky James would be my top woman star. Even at her age. She is one of the best. A couple of years ago. Micky James vs Asuka in NXT was one of the best women matches I ever seen. It is a shame Vince sees age as an issue with women.
Phinneus Prune
Phinneus Prune 8 kun oldin
Like with any investor. They sell stock when they need liquidation. This is not a sign of doom and gloom. Most smart investors only invest to keep their money growing instead of tossing it in a bank. I personally believe Triple H has a method. Once the value of his stock increases 2 million. He sells off and goes back to his comfortable investment. So say he started with $25 million in WWE stock. In the course of a year. That value increases to $27 million. He takes 2 and invests it into a sure thing like Apple, Google, Microsoft etc etc essentially keeping his share value at $25 million. Diversifying your portfolio is a smart thing. *Hell ... maybe he needed to put an extension on his home or wanted a yacht. But do not assume he is liquidating his shares because he sees the writing on the wall. And the fact he did this. Means NBC isn't buying the WWE soon. When Triple H throws his money back into WWE shares. That is when you should worry
Niko Grönlund
Niko Grönlund 8 kun oldin
Andy is almost annoyingly logical, keep up the good work!
TayC 8 kun oldin
Pfft thats a lie
Sir D West
Sir D West 8 kun oldin
Doesn’t prove he’s a draw. Just a draw for impact fans which are the people already watching AEW and impact
Johnathan Rivera
Johnathan Rivera 8 kun oldin
The S is "Levesque" is silent. I've literally heard Andy pronounce this correctly. Stahp!
darryl paynts
darryl paynts 8 kun oldin
is HHH selling showing that they think stock will drop in the near future?
Darth Leafs
Darth Leafs 8 kun oldin
Uk geeks
franklingoodwin 8 kun oldin
Kenny Omega is a draw for AEW. The majority of buys were from AEW fans. The 9x buy rate of the Impact PPV is relative to the low buy rates they usually have. Please try and apply context to your arguments instead of accusing people of making statements he isn't a draw because they don't like him. It's things like this that contribute to the toxic fanboyism in the Internet wrestling community
Xan Aalto
Xan Aalto 8 kun oldin
Eff Triple H..... Miro made Kip cry!
Hakimuddin Diwan
Hakimuddin Diwan 8 kun oldin
Seems Triple H know something and taking out cash while he can before the stocks went down.
Hakimuddin Diwan
Hakimuddin Diwan 7 kun oldin
@franklingoodwin Aww I got your nerves didn't I?
franklingoodwin 7 kun oldin
@Hakimuddin Diwan You're a clown. Maybe work on your own insecurities (because you're clearly deflecting) rather than talking crap. You could've just said what you actually meant in the first place instead of insuniating. You even doubled down and tried to lie that what I said about the Peacock deal was what you meant 😆 Learn self awareness my friend
franklingoodwin 7 kun oldin
@Ikrani He also did Judy Bagwell on a forklift match. I rest me case 😄
Ikrani 7 kun oldin
@franklingoodwin And what else did Vince Russo do? Let's review: - put the WCW title on Booker T and Scott Steiner (reminder: Steiner's one and only world championship reign in WCW) - wrote the Ministry of Darkness storyline (except for who The Higher Power was; McMahon overruled him on that) - oversaw WWF creative from 1996 to 1999, gaining more or less FULL creative power in 1997. Remind me: how profitable and high-quality were those years? - pitched about a million catchphrases for Mick Foley's Dude Love persona (as seen in Beyond The Mat bonus scenes), some of which Mick used - encouraged Mick to wear the headband as Dude Love, for merch purposes (same scenes as previous) - oversaw the rise of multi-faction warfare in WWF (reminder: before that, most kayfabe factions were little more than tag teams) - ensured everyone on the midcard had a storyline - got rehired in 2002, AGAINST the wishes of people on creative like Heyman, Prichard, and Stephanie, because Vince McMahon wanted his talent back on the payroll - suggested that McMahon hire Bischoff before leaving for TNA - wrote TNA into its highest-ever viewership numbers. Remind me: how's it doing nowadays? Because back when Russo was involved, those numbers broke 2 million more than once. So yes, I do want another Vince Russo, because unlike the people currently working at WWE, Russo wasn't afraid to speak truth to power, and he actually knew how to write stories for a television audience, not just wrestling marks.
Hakimuddin Diwan
Hakimuddin Diwan 7 kun oldin
@franklingoodwin It's funny how you are insisting on finding my 'hidden' intentions. Don't waste your time bud and promise you will work on being less insecure for your beloved company.
Jesse Oakley III
Jesse Oakley III 8 kun oldin
Should Kenny Omega be the next NWA Champion?
roshand matabick
roshand matabick 8 kun oldin
Wrestlenomics, for more detailed info. Good job guys.
jerry jack
jerry jack 8 kun oldin
WWE with all the progress they made in women's wrestling still calling women at age 41 "old" . Smh.
Russell Campbell
Russell Campbell 8 kun oldin
I love how you both respect everyone's opinion. It feels genuine as well.
franklingoodwin 7 kun oldin
They definitely don't respect everyone's opinions
Cyclops Was Right
Cyclops Was Right 8 kun oldin
Not a single fan cares about Mickie James being 41. She moves like someone half her age. Shane McMahon is 51.
Romaro Brandon
Romaro Brandon 8 kun oldin
I wish WWE would do a mini belt collector gimmick. They can have Charlotte be drafted to SmackDown as Raw Women's Champion and she is wins the SmackDown Women's Championship before going to NXT and winning that title before losing them all to Kay Lee Ray who becomes the Undisputed Women's Champion, defending the titles everywhere until she loses them all one by one. Also most shocking heel turn is Rhea Ripley & Alexa Bliss because they literally came out of nowhere and nobody saw either of them coming.
Cristian Podariu
Cristian Podariu 8 kun oldin
I am disappointed because for today's final you didn't show Shida's twit of why he is going to win or Eddie Kingston facts. I laughed so much seeing those
B.R. Smith
B.R. Smith 8 kun oldin
I hate the action figure “complete the series” ideology. Because it’s predatory and greedy.
Justin Feuerstein
Justin Feuerstein 8 kun oldin
Of course he did, the capital gains tax is about to through the roof. He doesn’t want to give his money to the government to flush down the toilet. Smart guy!
Jared Nichols
Jared Nichols 8 kun oldin
9 times more than what? still did not say how many buys kenny not a draw he is unwatchable
Manny V
Manny V 8 kun oldin
Watch Triple H invest that $2 million into Dogecoin 😂😂😂
Manny V
Manny V 8 kun oldin
@Josh Downing I see you are a man of culture
Josh Downing
Josh Downing 8 kun oldin
Should put it in safemoon
minibikemafia 8 kun oldin
Thunder Puf
Thunder Puf 8 kun oldin
No Lives Matter, wokeculture.
Dennis Garcia
Dennis Garcia 8 kun oldin
The toys are in the uk too
Vashon Noel
Vashon Noel 8 kun oldin
ADAM!!!! Roman reigns revelation t shirt coming to a door near you
Money Charts
Money Charts 8 kun oldin
$2m a boat load? LOL Ok
Chad Solivais
Chad Solivais 7 kun oldin
And it's less than that, after he pays taxes on it. People be acting like he's 2 million richer now
Crispys Crafts
Crispys Crafts 8 kun oldin
Can we talk about how wonderful the non WWE wrestling world is right now?
franklingoodwin 7 kun oldin
No. Don't be that guy
Theo Dious
Theo Dious 8 kun oldin
Triple H is not 2 million dollars richer, he's 2 million dollars more liquid. And the S in Levesque is silent. Wankers.
Theo Dious
Theo Dious 8 kun oldin
Here's the thing. I don't like Kenny Omega. But a lot of people do. And his presence has definitely caused those numbers. My question though us whether it's "Kenny Omega" that people want to see or is it "the AEW crossover guy." Obviously impossible to know but I wonder if Jericho or Moxley or Cody would have done the same numbers. At the end of the day though Omega is the guy I'm thst position and he gets credit for the numbers.
franklingoodwin 7 kun oldin
It's the AEW crossover guy. It's likely that those extra buys were from AEW fans not wrestling fans in general
Revel 8 kun oldin
Thats kinda how I feel. While Omega definitly has some of the highest drawing of the AEW, is he drawing anyone else but the people who are already big AEW fans? And if he isnt, is it Omega specifically drawing or just the fact he’s a big guy from AEW bringing the already existing fans overp
Dan Richards
Dan Richards 8 kun oldin
9 times another PPV isn’t a number. How many buys did bound for glory do? If Bound did 10k that’s impressive but if it did 1k it’s not impressive.
franklingoodwin 7 kun oldin
Exactly, It's all relative. But some people would rather be seen as right than apply context
Fabian Andiel
Fabian Andiel 8 kun oldin
Also the son-in-law doesn't believe in the booking. Still waiting for Goldberg to bury Dexter Lumis next.
franklingoodwin 7 kun oldin
Says who?
RVD wrastling
RVD wrastling 8 kun oldin
Fucking biased
Rich Bands
Rich Bands 8 kun oldin
So Goldberg can come in & instantly win the WWE Title but Mickie James can’t even get a push?? That’s WWE alright
JayVon Deontae
JayVon Deontae 7 kun oldin
I’d rather watch EVERY diva wrestle before I watch a Goldberg snooze fest.
Jona Alstern
Jona Alstern 7 kun oldin
U can’t compare Goldberg and Mickie lol but it’s still messed up
franklingoodwin 7 kun oldin
Let's be real, no matter what you think of Goldberg he's more of a draw than Mickie James
Theo Dious
Theo Dious 8 kun oldin
It's almost like they dont see anything in her personally rather than being down on her age.
shoot from the right
shoot from the right 8 kun oldin
Ok let's compare Omega's buy rates to say I don't know maybe any PPV from the 90's or early 2000's. You guys are over the moon for numbers that would have gotten WCW or WWF/WWE execs fired. Just shows the state of modern wrestling.
shoot from the right
shoot from the right 7 kun oldin
@Christopher Marriott If "getting with the times" means over looking lazy wrestling with no story telling and tiny little midgets doing spots for spot's sake then... no thanks. Kenny Omega has horrible facials and can't cut a good promo to save his life. The fact he is today largest draw says more about the decline of wrestling than it does about his skills.
Anthony Pettus
Anthony Pettus 8 kun oldin
@Christopher Marriott lmao it’s numbers lol are you dumb he’s very much right
Christopher Marriott
Christopher Marriott 8 kun oldin
Nobody cares about 20+ years ago. Get with the times.
K DuB 8 kun oldin
K DuB 7 kun oldin
@Donkeysaurus Rex lmfap omg the Fantasy booking!!!!!!
Donkeysaurus Rex
Donkeysaurus Rex 8 kun oldin
And Tony Khan bought his stock. It was me Vince! It was me all along
monu sharma
monu sharma 8 kun oldin
Kenny omega is a draw. 9 times is an amazing number but 9time what they did not tell us
franklingoodwin 7 kun oldin
It's an amazing number compared to the practically non-existent buy rates Impact usually has. Pretty much all the extra buys were from AEW fans and this will be seen when the next PPV goes back to having a low buy rate
Disappoint Panda
Disappoint Panda 8 kun oldin
So with HHH cashing out stock, look for the price to tank soon as the storylines will probably get worse and even more fans will tune out .
Jeremy Walker
Jeremy Walker 8 kun oldin
Darby Allen is getting stale. The danger of a "numbers" point of view, is that the week the numbers go down will come a month or so after people started loosing interest.
Anthony Pettus
Anthony Pettus 8 kun oldin
@Christopher Marriott you mad bro
Christopher Marriott
Christopher Marriott 8 kun oldin
You clearly don't know what the hell you're talking about. AEW has a loyal following. They actually care about storytelling and letting things play out. AEW fans aren't going to lose interest because you want things to get rushed on something you don't like. There's a reason why AEW caters to the hardcore fans and not the casuals. Casuals lack patience to allow things to develop and just want everything given to you all at one time. That is not how AEW operates.
angryhighlander 8 kun oldin
Nine times one is nine
Dan Poirier
Dan Poirier 8 kun oldin
Not to keep this argument going but you can have the 9 times thing mean anything you's all good saying it drew 9 times more than normal but if you you have some 2000 buys and suddenly drew 18 still doesn't mean much...and i'm actually removing Omega from the argument as i'm not one of the detractors here, i'm sure as shit not the biggest fan of his as i find he has zero charisma mostly...but his in ring ability alone means i will always watch a match of his. but yeah i find i needs to be said that number can be made to say pretty much anything you want them to depending on how you present them.
monu sharma
monu sharma 8 kun oldin
They 9 times more buys than last year bound for glory and the numbers are yet to be reported so i think it will be a big number 🤔
Dan Poirier
Dan Poirier 8 kun oldin
@Jay Maledic i’m sorry buddy, i’m not sure i understand what your asking?
Jay Maledic
Jay Maledic 8 kun oldin
I dunno, mate. Suddenly, a 9x increase in buy rate "doesn't mean much"? But then, it ultimately lead to your dislike of him, and not really giving explanation of why 9x increase don't mean much.
Dan Poirier
Dan Poirier 8 kun oldin
That is a stupid answer and does not at all have any weight in what i said, i said you could have number mean anything and that the fact that saying 9times more draw didn’t mean shit...they should have said the numbers themselve since saying 9 times more could mean they got 90k instead of ten or it could also mean they got 9k instead of 1k... THEN i said what i thought of Kenny...and in case you didn’t read all the comment which i’m guessing is the case considering your snowflake answer although i stand by my comment of no charisma i should have pointed out that i meant as a heel, i always watch his matches as he is one of the best workers out there.
monu sharma
monu sharma 8 kun oldin
He was a golden boy for njpw for some years for a reason he Is a draw whether you like it or not
Simon Delisle
Simon Delisle 8 kun oldin
You don't pronounce the S... It's sounds like Lay V'hike
Muhammad Nabil
Muhammad Nabil 8 kun oldin
Triple H to AEW confirmed 😁
lAsEr- hybird
lAsEr- hybird 8 kun oldin
If its bloody ómós thats injured. That's kinda funny(not that he's hurt. Just how he was managed by throwing ppl
Andrew 8 kun oldin
I have just accepted that I am in the apparently minority on Darby Allin and it is what it is. Like the person in the twitter question, I don't really pay attention to his matches anymore, I just leave them on and do something else or switch if a good NBA game is on. People can like different things though, so if he's getting good numbers and people like his matches, all the power too him because he's clearly talented.
Southern Puma
Southern Puma 8 kun oldin
wow cool, harpo mcfingerbang brought a dead company back.
feuerhirn 8 kun oldin
I think Darby is fine. He was the tough guy who could endure punishment from the beginning. He never went into his matches releasing a load of attacks. He always kept taking damage and just hitting back when it hurt the most. I really like that and to be honest I can't wait to see who will be able to break through that wall in the end to claim the title.
Will May
Will May 8 kun oldin
Darby is still developing. The question about him becoming stale is strange,
Mario M
Mario M 8 kun oldin
2022: DISNEY+ buys WWE.
Emily Curtis
Emily Curtis 8 kun oldin
WWE becomes more disjointed and weirdly "family friendly" but not. AEW amps up the blood matches. Impact adds more drug use and pervy jokes. NJPW keeps laughing. ROH shrugs. (Okay, I haven't watched ROH in ages)
Sean Murrell
Sean Murrell 8 kun oldin
Selling stocks does not make him 2 million dollars richer, it's a transfer of wealth. Other than liquidating your portfolio as he has suggested in the past (you buy things with currency not stocks unless the buyer agrees) there are other reasons to do it. He may believe WWE stock is about to tank and he could be onto something there for sure. The stock market as a whole is way overvalues so taking stocks out to a more secure asset is always a good thing in times of uncertainty. The SEC filings are required so that shareholders know this and are not blind sided by mass sell offs or buy backs from the executive board.
Sean Murrell
Sean Murrell 8 kun oldin
@Andrew Yes or the dreaded they let people go when it was their most profitable year yada yada. Investors and retirement plans want the best ROI. Corporations don't give a shit about their feelings until it hurts the bottom line :)
Andrew 8 kun oldin
A more simplified version of this is transferring money from your Savings to your Checking Account at the bank, that doesn't make you richer, you just moved where the money is. I mean, it's not all that complicated, especially given that these two like to _constantly_ talk about WWE and their financials, you think they'd understand something as basic as stocks.
hellobutbye420 8 kun oldin
Roman gets all wwe main titles and Kenny gets more main titles from other promotions, then the doors open and kenny and roman fight. Who wins?
Pooldead 8 kun oldin
I'd actually like to see them have a match at some point, outside of wwe of course then roman would be able to be him self and do other moves
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