Tessa Blanchard Joining AEW, Daniel Bryan Banished From WWE SmackDown

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Today's wrestling news including:
0:00 Intro
0:37 Tessa Blanchard & Daga joining AEW
3:57 Roman Reigns gets new music
6:08 Daniel Bryan banned from WWE SmackDown
9:47 WWE wants to return to the road before AEW
12:42 Andrade's new promotion revealed
15:54 Twitter Questions
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Mudassar Khan
Mudassar Khan 4 soat oldin
Tessa ENTRY in FEMALE ROYAL FIGHT in Double or Nothing will be HUGE
Joshua Waldorf
Joshua Waldorf 2 kun oldin
Dave Meltzer wrote that AEW is NOT signing Tessa Blanchard right now.
QAZ OMEN 3 kun oldin
I don't consider Allister blacks new character as a heel yet? I see him being Roman's next big fued
QAZ OMEN 3 kun oldin
Where is that company andrade is going to ?
QAZ OMEN 3 kun oldin
Maybe Daniel Bryan becomes Bryan Danielson and returns to sdown next week
QAZ OMEN 3 kun oldin
Of course tessa goes to aew. She is the real impact world champion. She should WIN the new impact title back from kO(mega)
Alex Crossland
Alex Crossland 3 kun oldin
one of the things that makes AEW so interesting is the way the rosta is so varied and diverse. the last thing they need is someone with the views that she obviously has coming in and disrupting things backstage. you can make a thing out of it and try and turn it to kayfabe if you want but everyone knows its not.
redgozilla 6
redgozilla 6 3 kun oldin
Is it against the law to have mid card titles for women
JP Jason Power
JP Jason Power 3 kun oldin
I worked security for the AEW Revolution, wwe Wrestlemania and ufc event. No On my way! After they got in wore a mask. It was scary to say the least. We asked them to mask up before they got in then because we couldn’t follow everyone around they took them off. And mania was worst because of the rain
Shadow X
Shadow X 2 kun oldin
@JP Jason Power That's amazing bro 👍
JP Jason Power
JP Jason Power 3 kun oldin
@Shadow X mania was the crazy but it was awesome. AEW was the best just on fan parting and action alone. But a lot of the talent they keep in rooms away from everyone but i did get to see Randy, molly holly, RVD, Rita Ripley and askua so it is well paid and perfect for a fan boy
Shadow X
Shadow X 3 kun oldin
An actual security guard for wrestling companies? Thats so cool tho. Which company did u like working for the most? And which event was your favorite? And do you see everything that happens backstage or nah?
David Kovacs
David Kovacs 3 kun oldin
I'd like to see D-Bry go to NXT and challenge Kushida for the Cruiserweight title. And then feud with Pete Dunne over who the real "best technical wrestler" is.
Chris PH
Chris PH 3 kun oldin
Hangman Page is going to be the one to defeat Omega for the AEW title, right?
John McHugh
John McHugh 3 kun oldin
3:38 You mean "Garbage" baggage? :-P
Mistah Wrestling
Mistah Wrestling 4 kun oldin
I think they should get rid of the 24/7 championship and put out a WWE television championship which has to be defended every week on whichever particular show the person is on.. I love the days of the old NWA or WCW TV championship
xcwarrior 4 kun oldin
Well, now we know who is beating Kenny Omega for the AEW title. Tessa's reign will cause quite the buzz.
The Doom Druid
The Doom Druid 4 kun oldin
I hate that new theme. Lol just another generic song. Edit: also enjoy your Monday holiday! Lol
Levi Thomas
Levi Thomas 4 kun oldin
Of course "all friends wrestling" will botch Tessa. They will do something that makes absolutely no sense and rushed.
Reginald Marsh Jr
Reginald Marsh Jr 4 kun oldin
Awesome segment...lol
Doc A
Doc A 4 kun oldin
Daniel Bryan just could go back to SD just like Charlotte's Ban from Raw just lasted like 0 days :D
geoazar03 4 kun oldin
Tessa Blanchard signing for AEW is fantastic news !! Can't wait.
Vincent Meyer
Vincent Meyer 4 kun oldin
Tessa challenges Omega for the Impact title she never lost. The closest thing of a nine year old girl Omega can wrestle on national tv
Connor Wong
Connor Wong 4 kun oldin
Andrade vs Alberto on July
Matt Haas
Matt Haas 4 kun oldin
I always get a kick out of watching all the "men" on WC fellate themselves while the C19 panic porn. They are legitimately embarrassing and dangerous/willfully/purposefully ignorant of any actual facts.
Tuna On A Stick
Tuna On A Stick 4 kun oldin
Isn't Tessa really cancerous in the locker room? That's concerning.
Kayvon Ghaffari
Kayvon Ghaffari 4 kun oldin
Go-Nolo 4 kun oldin
Rhea Ripley has the best of the newer themes in my opinion.
Wrestling and Amusement park lover 62
Wrestling and Amusement park lover 62 4 kun oldin
For Tessa we see becuase of that dimond teaser on nxt
Joey Myers
Joey Myers 4 kun oldin
You all constantly remind us that Hulk Hogan is a terrible person. Why doesn’t Tessa Blanchard deserve the same treatment?
Danotron 4 kun oldin
Jeebus, is Simon Miller the only guy at WhatCulture with a personality?
Dennis Morgan
Dennis Morgan 4 kun oldin
I don’t like when a heel is a legitimately unlikeable person.... that’s the whole point????
David Stephan
David Stephan 5 kun oldin
The great thing about being in Murica is that we have more than enough vaccines for everyone, thus live crowds coming soon. Sorry UK
thehmph1 5 kun oldin
Michinoku driver!!
Deviant Gaming
Deviant Gaming 5 kun oldin
can we get Tessa Vs. Kenny?
Todd Gedeon
Todd Gedeon 5 kun oldin
Maybe Tessa is going to be a surprise at Blood and Guts and help the Pinnacle beat the Inner Circle.
JC HAZARD 5 kun oldin
Can't deal with this two idiots
Diamond NightFury
Diamond NightFury 5 kun oldin
You guys are all friends and still social distance through zoom. I like your content but you guys are pussies.
Diamond NightFury
Diamond NightFury 5 kun oldin
No matter when and where we have crowds. Theyre will always be SJWs that complain about social distancing and mask wearing. Just get on with your lives.
BushinRyuCat 5 kun oldin
There's not even ink on it... But i'm allready TOO F'kn excited for newest Pinnacle mamber Tessa Blanchard vs Britt Baker!!!! Why? These two baddest B*tches colliding :D
Dyl O'Rourke
Dyl O'Rourke 5 kun oldin
I just don't understand why Roman didn't have his new theme at Wrestlemania. Would have probably carried a bit more significance
Pritam gulhane
Pritam gulhane 5 kun oldin
tessa Blanchard great wrestler but her attitude and previous comment Stop to sign him Aew need tessa Blanchard Aew great addition improve woman division just like nxt woman division
Emerald Aly
Emerald Aly 5 kun oldin
Interesting to note, Daniel Bryan and Johnny Gargano wrestled two matches with each other a little over a decade ago, both for an Ohio-based indie called AIW (Absolute Intense Wrestling). Gargano won the first, the second was a time-limit draw. One was just prior to Bryan's signing for the initial incarnation of NXT in 2009, the other came during his very brief hiatus from WWE after the Justin Roberts tie thing in 2010. Some other notables wrestled on that 2010 AIW show - Ricochet, Shiima Xion (Joaquin Wilde), Sterling James Keenan (Corey Graves), Tyler Black (Seth Rollins), AEW's Chuck Taylor, future Ring of Honor champion Dalton Castle, and the one the only Colin Delaney of WWECW fame.
Gary Brown
Gary Brown 5 kun oldin
Tessa Blanchard a member of the Pinnacle???? Could be interesting!!!!
Gary Brown
Gary Brown 5 kun oldin
Daniel Bella is now mr. Mom!!!!
Jeff Mazziotta
Jeff Mazziotta 5 kun oldin
obviously I am just 1 fan but i definitely have zero enthusiasm for Tessa Blanchard in AEW- i'd prefer she not come to AEW with her history of bad behavior. ugh.
Johnathon Calleros
Johnathon Calleros 5 kun oldin
Turn the 24/7 title to hardcore championship or shit even cruiserweight tag team titles be better than that
Mo Kabeer
Mo Kabeer 5 kun oldin
I wanna see karian kross destroy Daniel Brian...
Yassar Butt
Yassar Butt 5 kun oldin
I hope Tessa B joins AEW
edgar brown
edgar brown 4 kun oldin
@Yassar Butt Why should we forgive her?
Yassar Butt
Yassar Butt 4 kun oldin
@edgar brown people need a chance to change. Forgiveness goes a long way.
edgar brown
edgar brown 4 kun oldin
Why? Why would u want this racist human being in AEW?
Tessa Blanchard to The Pinnacle is the best move.
itsmezed 5 kun oldin
Yeah, you'd have to believe that's the way they'll go -- at some point if not immediately. Her connection with Tully would give her an easy storyline 'in' to Pinnacle.
Ehsan 5 kun oldin
The allegations against Blanchard are very very serious, I don't think it'll be a good move for Tony Khan if he signs her into his company!
edgar brown
edgar brown 4 kun oldin
No it wouldn't be good.
Hayden Divine
Hayden Divine 5 kun oldin
WWE is retarded. Imagine Tessa vs. Charlotte built up properly based around their lineage
James Ellis
James Ellis 5 kun oldin
Who else is watching Pokemon snap in the background on Phil's Screen? ROFL
gelo almario
gelo almario 5 kun oldin
16:02 Where's the Twitter question of tetey? Lol i though my screen Hung or something
Mawile 5 kun oldin
Tessa Blanchard vs Kenny Omega. Oh wait, she walked out on Impact 😂
joshsleeze 5 kun oldin
Did we learn nothing from the Ivelisse situation? No? Oh okay. No yeah I’m sure Tessa will be an absolute JOY to work with in AEW. 🙄🙄🙄
Jessie Patton
Jessie Patton 4 kun oldin
@edgar brown I'm not saying otherwise. I don't know her so I can't judge her, but once again, it doesn't matter if you dislike her... All that matters is what she can do for them.
edgar brown
edgar brown 4 kun oldin
@Jessie Patton Dude i still don't like her. She's a rotten human being.
Jessie Patton
Jessie Patton 5 kun oldin
As sad as it may be, that doesn't matter. The money she can make for them is what matters. She may have a bad attitude, but she's one of the best female wrestlers on the planet. That being said, I still think she'll change. She's lucky to get another chance at all so surely she knows what would happen if she repeats previous behavior.
Xristosdomini 5 kun oldin
Man... I remember when heels were *always* built of "real world not very nice" stuff...
curt decker
curt decker 5 kun oldin
You see how Whatculture said not even one word about how AEW ratings feel from 1.1 million down to 890,000. But when raw smackdown or nxt lose viewers they make a 11 min video about it.
Mega Mijit
Mega Mijit 5 kun oldin
love romans new music! tired of the old shield theme
CPA 5 kun oldin
Daniel Bugden
Daniel Bugden 5 kun oldin
So Tony Khan bans Hogan and his wife for racist comments and hires a racist in Tessa,LOL I love how much hypocricy exists in AEW.
Daniel Bugden
Daniel Bugden 5 kun oldin
@david graham What does that mean two wrongs make a right ?? So WWE is a disgusting company and everyone calls them out on it, but with AEW they can do what they want??? I mean they love to block people on twitter and flag videos on UZpost.
david graham
david graham 5 kun oldin
Good thing it's only in AEW, isn't it?
Be Vegan
Be Vegan 5 kun oldin
Welcome to AEW tessa
Seth Freakin Rollins
Seth Freakin Rollins 5 kun oldin
Tessa Blanchard signing with AEW would be a huge plus for the company. She'd help the women's division tremendously.
edgar brown
edgar brown 4 kun oldin
How? She's a toxic human being.
Brandon Vega
Brandon Vega 5 kun oldin
If she can keep her ego in check.
Juan A
Juan A 5 kun oldin
Damn really? I honestly don't want to see Tessa on AEW I enjoy AEW and with her there I feel were gonna get a Charlotte Flair type with her getting all the air time. Her time in TNA was good but really with her baggage she's really not worth it.
Brian 5 kun oldin
Then have Cargill train with Tessa. Tessa could help her a lot.
Vripper 5 kun oldin
It’s crazy how a veteran like Tessa Blanchard would actually be the youngest women’s wrestler on AEW Women’s division. People forget SHE JUST TURNED 25. Also Charlotte flair is a wannabe Tessa. Tessa maries a Mexican rockstar Charlotte marries a Mexican rockstar They are all copying Chyna who had that fling with them Mexican drug cartels back in the early 2000s
edgar brown
edgar brown 4 kun oldin
At least Charlotte isn't a toxic cake like Tessa is.
Donovan Corbett
Donovan Corbett 5 kun oldin
Don't give Florida complements it will go to their heads
David Worden
David Worden 5 kun oldin
Its about time one legit badass girl
Peter 5 kun oldin
I hope it works out with Tessa Blanchard. I mean, they just let Ivelisse go and both of these ladies seemingly have difficult personalities. So it's kind of like trading one troublemaker for another. But we'll see. They are still signing a really good wrestler.
Paul Lihat
Paul Lihat 5 kun oldin
Yes, one bulling expert.
Snarkticon DM
Snarkticon DM 5 kun oldin
I’m so over Tessa. They overkilled by making her impact champion
Dave V
Dave V 5 kun oldin
Tessa is All Elite !!!
Muzza1986 5 kun oldin
I remember when whatculture WWE said that Eva Marie was rejoining WWE....
Chi Sasa
Chi Sasa 5 kun oldin
Who cares lol. Bring back lucha underground
david graham
david graham 5 kun oldin
Hell yeah!!!
gil jackson
gil jackson 5 kun oldin
Tessa i knew you'd Come😀
John Amorose
John Amorose 5 kun oldin
She's a bullying racist. I think that's what you meant to say.
william mater
william mater 5 kun oldin
ya he gos to raw and joins bliss
william mater
william mater 5 kun oldin
she looks like one of the bellas or miky j
Rohan Jn
Rohan Jn 5 kun oldin
Honestly are should not be signing Tessa.... She's a good wrestler but not good human being
RichieB76 5 kun oldin
Tessa is a good wrestler, and will be a good addition to the roster. The main issue, is she worth the hassle of having her around. There should be a clause in the contract that states if she tries that shit again, instant dismissal and out of the door.
E Woody
E Woody 5 kun oldin
Its a 10 year old kid with a beard🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
david fitzpatrick
david fitzpatrick 5 kun oldin
GOd please DO NOT SEND ANOTHER MAIN ROSTER GUY TO NXT! I'm sorry I know a lot of people like Balor in NXT but I honestly don't. I don't like it when a wrestler goes back to NXT because the main roster has nothing for them. I like the prince character don't getr me wrong but I don't like how he's now taking a spot in NXT when I'd personally rather see him on the main roster. TBH its mostly because I want Demon Balor vs the Fiend. Raw needs a wrestler like Bryan to get it's ratings up so I really hope he goes to raw.
Kona Jyun
Kona Jyun 5 kun oldin
Tessa Blanchard would take AEW Women's division to the next level point blank period.
david fitzpatrick
david fitzpatrick 5 kun oldin
Ok Tessa joining AEW doesn't make any sense since Khan himself has said publicly that he doesn't want her! So my guess is that this is absolute BS! plus considering its coming from a source that's not recognizable (to me at least) i don't think this is true.
david fitzpatrick
david fitzpatrick 4 kun oldin
@david graham Very true plus her fiancee (Husband lover whatever she calls him) is Mexican.
david graham
david graham 4 kun oldin
@david fitzpatrick Ok, didn't know. Plus, we all say stupid stuff in the heat of the moment, don't we? God knows I have. Doesn't necessarily mean we mean it. Maybe they can have Big Swole call her out on it, I understand they're friends in real life.
david fitzpatrick
david fitzpatrick 5 kun oldin
@david graham Back when she first got released in 2020 during a media call. He was asked if Blanchard giving her ties with AEW (her father is Tully Blanchard) would sign with AEW and he said that he doesn't want someone with her issues in AEW. However I would agree that she has probably changed as we all say stupid stuff when we're young and it would be interesting if AEW did a redemption angle regarding her. Unfortunately u'd probably wouldn't be able to have Tully involved since he's a heel but it would be interesting if AEW has the cojones to address something every wrestling fan that pays attention to wrestling media knows. U can look up the video as it was reported on a whatculture news video. Im not sure of the date but i think it was either May or April.
david graham
david graham 5 kun oldin
When did he say that?
king5club 5 kun oldin
hope DB goes to NXT
MephProduction 5 kun oldin
AEW taking on more wwe starts? wwe hasn't had good music since 2001
Muhammad Abdel
Muhammad Abdel 5 kun oldin
I hope AEW signs Tessa.
Knn316 5 kun oldin
Improvement? Jim Johnson wrote full songs CFO$ wrote ring tones def rebel seems to do both
Sean Blackheart
Sean Blackheart 5 kun oldin
Yeah, I've liked songs from all three but always felt CFO$ were the most repetitive of the three excluding collaborations.
Slingshot 7
Slingshot 7 5 kun oldin
I hope she dont it will ruin a great womens division.
Knn316 5 kun oldin
How is a racist gonna fit in the clean in aew
Beef Ingot
Beef Ingot 5 kun oldin
So AEW is ok with racists. Thats basically what they are saying. Screw them then
david fitzpatrick
david fitzpatrick 6 kun oldin
I have to love Heyman's promo on Bryan before the match. Paul Heyman the best talker WWE has.
Cheddar The Shredder
Cheddar The Shredder 6 kun oldin
I don't give a shit how good she is Tessa isn't worth the drama.
bmelly25 6 kun oldin
Managed to last 3 seconds..
Cameron LaPage
Cameron LaPage 6 kun oldin
Well, everyone cheered AEW when they brought limited fans back so I can see why WWE would want to get ahead of the curve.
Cameron LaPage
Cameron LaPage 6 kun oldin
What's crazy about Smackdown is that the second hour actually out-drew the NFL Draft.
Kyle Tucker
Kyle Tucker 5 kun oldin
That was the second day. Not that impressive.
Cyrribrae 5 kun oldin
really? dang..
Ryan Rebman
Ryan Rebman 6 kun oldin
Tessa Is a huge waste in the little leagues til WWE gives her a call
Ryan Rebman
Ryan Rebman 4 kun oldin
@david graham thunder Rosa only one with juice in that group and she’s a little older and kind of sloppy
david graham
david graham 4 kun oldin
@Ryan Rebman How about Thunder Rosa, Penelope Ford, Allie, Kris Stadlander, Nyla Rose, Red Velvet, some of the other girls are coming along well too.
Ryan Rebman
Ryan Rebman 5 kun oldin
@Be Vegan I mean the show is fine but they have one, maybe 2 draws on the entire show and one of those guys is over 50.. What are you gonna do with Tessa put her against Baker 50x a year?
Be Vegan
Be Vegan 5 kun oldin
Aew is the big leagues get your facts right
Dovydas 6 kun oldin
WIthout Bryan, Smackdown will not feel the same!
Victor ARG
Victor ARG 6 kun oldin
Roman’s new theme has remnants of the Shield while having that samoan aesthetic
The List of Jericho
The List of Jericho 6 kun oldin
Is she going to join the Pineapple?
Alexander Asher
Alexander Asher 6 kun oldin
Didn’t Phil live on a house boat?
Hugo Ruiz
Hugo Ruiz 6 kun oldin
Dagger is going to be a jobber if joining. Give him the baron black treatment and elevate baron black. Baron paid his dues and deserves a feud.
Frank Bingham
Frank Bingham 6 kun oldin
It's good that Tessa Blanchard is joining aew and finally joining her dad Tully Blanchard.
Daniel Britts
Daniel Britts 6 kun oldin
I gotta say, I hope you're wrong. I abandoned WWE months ago because I wasn't even enjoying SmackDown anymore. So, I'm holding out hope that in 3 months, we get the graphic that John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt is All Elite. (And a best of 3 thumb wrestling war with the Cleaner would be a great story-line after Hangman kicks out of the One Winged Angel and wins the strap)
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