Retro Ups & Downs: Triple H Crashes Stephanie McMahon's Wedding WWE Raw

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Simon Miller's review of WWE Raw from 29th November 1999 when Triple H crashes Stephanie McMahon's wedding.
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Stars Die
Stars Die 14 soat oldin
The Rock faced Al Snow in a cage during this storyline.
Lordblueeyes/FrankieG 21 soat oldin
This show deserved way more ups. Stop hating the attitude era. It’s better than anything WWE has done in years and years.
Eri Rodriguez
Eri Rodriguez Kun oldin
Armageddon 1999
Dan Hamilton
Dan Hamilton Kun oldin
No Mercy 2002. The Winner Take All between Kane/HHH, resulting from the Katie Vick storyline. Please make Simon review this!! Bonus: Lesnar/Taker Hell In a Cell
Tyson Jones
Tyson Jones Kun oldin
Bruh...that letter...😂
Brandon Newby
Brandon Newby Kun oldin
Could we get dates in the titles for the retro-ups and downs? Thank you.
Brandon Newby
Brandon Newby Kun oldin
Heya Simon! What about an ups and downs for the attitude era in the same way that you do your yearly ups and downs? You are my WWEnews source. Thank you. 😁😁😁😁
Brandon Newby
Brandon Newby Kun oldin
The rest of degeneration x taking on the rock, mankind, and a mystery partner? They weren't The Rock and sock connection yet?
distemic Kun oldin
The gunn/rock feud had already happened
Fat Kevin
Fat Kevin 2 kun oldin
The Rock did fight al snow
Zach Whitaker
Zach Whitaker 2 kun oldin
Honestly I know these were silly but if you watch these and aren't entertained, you take wrasslin' way too seriously lol. I go back and watch attitude era shows all the time and was watching nitro before the network moved and even the bad ones are far more enjoyable than the product today. It's ridiculous yes, but it's entertaining and silly.
John Hill
John Hill 2 kun oldin
I was in my late teens and early 20’s during the attitude era. It was amazingly ridiculous
Jon I
Jon I 2 kun oldin
In fairness, everything McMahon said in that letter is true
Brandon Horton
Brandon Horton 2 kun oldin
Please do a retro ups and downs of ECW Wrestlepalooza 97
ew dew
ew dew 2 kun oldin
"2 much brahma for your mama" 😂
Chris Cockrum
Chris Cockrum 2 kun oldin
Summerslam 2005
Travis Rodesiler
Travis Rodesiler 3 kun oldin
8:37 Edge hits the edge to get the win.
Travis Rodesiler
Travis Rodesiler 3 kun oldin
Prediction; more downs than ups for this and most shows from the Attitude Era
Jonathan Esser
Jonathan Esser 3 kun oldin
Vince isn’t kidding. The PTC and school boards are very politically motivated. Most are left leaning nowadays
Changed Soldado
Changed Soldado 3 kun oldin
Retro ups and downs: raw roulette
Robert Marand
Robert Marand 3 kun oldin
This was a great angle, the Attitude Era will ALWAYS be the best era! Even if snowflakes today get offended by it!
Steve Carlisle
Steve Carlisle 3 kun oldin
Wrestlemania 1
mustangman530 3 kun oldin
Wcw new blood Rising 2000. Judy bagwell on a pole
Clarkarias 3 kun oldin
"Penis!" I did a spit take!
Rokiatou Gassama
Rokiatou Gassama 3 kun oldin
Snackdown trow back
benagonnova 3 kun oldin
Love this crazy angle they pulled later in 1999, the year started so strong with Mankind winning the WWF title off of The 'Corporate' Rock. I'm currently on St. Valentine's Day Massacre in 1999 on the Network. I've watched all the way from 1997, and at the moment it's amazing. I love the weekly spats between The Corporation and DX/Stone Cold/Mankind, the Terry Runnells miscarriage (thanks to D-Lo Brown knocking her off the ring apron and he's doing everything she wants, though she was never actually pregnant lol), BlueDust v GoldDust angle, Val Venis v Ken Shamrock because Val was boning Shamrock's "sister" and ESPECIALLY the WWF Lightweight Champion Gillberg... It never ends, and I'm loving every minute of it. I wonder where it turned very weird to Necrophilia, 2nd degree kidnapping and forceful marriage without consent. Hmmm, I guess I will watch on and find out!
Jesse .Sutton
Jesse .Sutton 3 kun oldin
I watched that live back in 1999. I was totally invested in the SM/Test wedding. I was cynical. I was like 'If Vince's daughter was going to marry a performer (which makes sense, because it's a road show), he would ABSOLUTELY maki it into a storyline. What a piece of shit.' Yeah, I was cynical. Just not nearly cynical enough. Not for the first time, and not for the last, wrestling pulled a fast one on me.
Tyrus Vaughn
Tyrus Vaughn 3 kun oldin
At this point the rock already did the billy prayer promo that past summer
58632hhhh 3 kun oldin
Retro ups and down, when the Undertaker debuts the Ministry of Darkness and adds Dennis Knight as Median to the faction.
Neil Noel
Neil Noel 3 kun oldin
Two words for next episode Katie Vick
leopard magnus
leopard magnus 3 kun oldin
Backlash 2001
John McHugh
John McHugh 3 kun oldin
It seems only right, after this episode, to do the Armageddon 1999. Other suggestions include my usual one for Unforgiven 2006, and "The Big Event" from the 80s, from Exhibition Place, Toronto, Ontario, Canada!
John McHugh
John McHugh 4 kun oldin
20:35 The "Together" song was originally used for the Macho Man and Elizabeth wedding montage, and was thus released on the WWE Anthology CD set. It's a beautiful song that I nearly used for my wedding montage in a previous relationship.
Cody Willhite
Cody Willhite 4 kun oldin
Backlash 2001
john kamel
john kamel 4 kun oldin
Well you said it… triple H/Katie Vick Raw episode next please.
joshua sander
joshua sander 4 kun oldin
Uwf beach bash I watch it and up there with heroes of wrestling
Arnaldo Medina
Arnaldo Medina 4 kun oldin
Let's do Armageddon 1999 to continue this.
WhiskeyBrewer 4 kun oldin
WCW Sin 2001
Peter Sands
Peter Sands 4 kun oldin
Retro Ups and Downs: Tough Enough Daniel Puder kimura submission on Kurt Angle... think was on Smack-a-down
Roteal 4 kun oldin
Great American Bash 2006. It will be the first ever Retro Downs and Further Down.
Jaimin Parmar
Jaimin Parmar 4 kun oldin
Summerslam 2014
Zachariah Van Sluyters
Zachariah Van Sluyters 4 kun oldin
How have you not done backlash 2006? The macmahons wrestle Shawn Michaels and god.
HyperNova52 4 kun oldin
The final Smackdown of 1999. The Rock vs. Al Snow in steel cage match.
Paul Bugbee
Paul Bugbee 4 kun oldin
The gravy match and the evening gown match actually sounds pretty good to me I don't know what's wrong with you Simon you are indeed a bald a******
Marcus McKinney
Marcus McKinney 4 kun oldin
Projector_man 4 kun oldin
I really enjoyed Miller's reactions - more please
Seth Kaplan
Seth Kaplan 4 kun oldin
Fully loaded 1999 first blood end of an era match👍
Ananya Raizada
Ananya Raizada 4 kun oldin
I think I have seen rock vs al snow. Simon you may have missed it
Adam Coy
Adam Coy 4 kun oldin
It's quite funny actually... I was 11 years old when I stumbled across WWF heat here in Australia. Wondered where all the bigger talent was. Hear the names of the rock and stone cold but never got to see them on tv. I was flicking through fox sports on Foxtel one day and it was half way through this drug segment with triple h and Stephanie. I watched the whole thing and then watched every episode after that until about 2006. Funny how stupid it was but it's what got me hooked at a young age 🤣
20CHP029 Arshath Ali
20CHP029 Arshath Ali 4 kun oldin
The raw where the shield broke up
Vengeance Typhlosion
Vengeance Typhlosion 4 kun oldin
Retro Ups and Downs: Undertaker's first Ladder Match versus Jeff Hardy, July 1, 2002
mael paul
mael paul 4 kun oldin
Bound for Glory (2006-2013) of Simon's choice.
Justin Tallman
Justin Tallman 4 kun oldin
I'm kind of over Simon being so negative about things.
dannyaraya1988 4 kun oldin
we did get The Rock vs. Al Snow for like 3 weeks in a row on SmackDown different stipulations for each match. dec 1999 or jan 2000 during the McMahon\Helsley era
originalwhiteboy 4 kun oldin
Wcw bash at beach 1996
Jofo In The Ring
Jofo In The Ring 4 kun oldin
pt004 Thomas
pt004 Thomas 4 kun oldin
2005 no mercy Eddie final pay per view
RealBillyGarcia 4 kun oldin
Impact Wrestling Total Nonstop Deletion
Jofo In The Ring
Jofo In The Ring 4 kun oldin
hahaha nice one
IfYouAreCreative GetStuffed
IfYouAreCreative GetStuffed 4 kun oldin
Thanks Simon, excellent vid as ever :) My suggestion for the next Retro U&D is Raw from 27th June 2011 - yes, THAT one with the CM Punk "Pipe-bomb" speech (I can't remember if you've done that one already or not). A truly landmark moment in pro-wrestling :)
Richard W. Kelly
Richard W. Kelly 4 kun oldin
How about the raw where triple h fought taka michinoku
Christopher Paton
Christopher Paton 4 kun oldin
Katie Vick episode
BigMike3917 4 kun oldin
Bash at the Beach 1998: Dennis Rodman and Hulk Hogan vs. DDP and Karl Malone
This Guy
This Guy 4 kun oldin
Also, ya wanna do retro, do the angle shane kor match (y'all know which one)
This Guy
This Guy 4 kun oldin
Holy bananas, vinnie mac was "leaning left" in 99? Weird he ended up being a trump supporting fascist asshole :/
Brian Vogt
Brian Vogt 4 kun oldin
Raw October 18th whatever year that day landed on a monday lol🤷‍♂️ its my bday👍🎂🍻
Hassan Barnes
Hassan Barnes 4 kun oldin
July 6, 1998 episode of WCW Nitro when Goldberg beat Hollywood Hogan for the World Heavyweight Championship.
deadman4551 4 kun oldin
lol! i went to this Raw back in the day. 1st ever Raw at Staples Center. i didn't remember Big Show being champ.
Monkeybone 4 kun oldin
I don't know what's worse. Getting triggered over bras or actually wanting Peacock to censor stuff due to being triggered. Either way it's a brown down for the video.
Doug Savage
Doug Savage 4 kun oldin
Unforgiven 1999 - Kennel from Hell match.
Seth Crockett
Seth Crockett 4 kun oldin
Whewwww the whole of this RAW is so brutal 😂😂😂...thanks for watching it in it’s entirety for us
Martin Jauregui
Martin Jauregui 4 kun oldin
The Raw where Triple H has relations with a corpse.
LifelessSatellite 4 kun oldin
Oh, the Attitude Era...
Ki-Jahni White
Ki-Jahni White 4 kun oldin
New Years Revolution 2006 The first ever Money in the Bank cash-in
MAsterr Serch
MAsterr Serch 4 kun oldin
100 bucks says all the DOWNS he gave this Raw that had to do with violence and sexuality that is supposed to be soooooo "bad" in 2021, Simon LOVED it as a teenager watching it live 🤣 ..... I was in my 20s during the attitude era and the rise of ECW, and I absolutely loved it all back then, and I yearn for my wrestling to be like that again now. Sure, they don't have to show a woman getting powerbombed thru a friggin table, but a little more violence and sexuality in the matches and storylines would only help the product and ratings...cuz I am pretty sure HEY BRAUN LETS FIGHT BECAUSE YOURE SO STUPID wasn't interesting to anyone...
Alex G
Alex G 4 kun oldin
I was there at staples that day.
Dan Aked
Dan Aked 4 kun oldin
Al Snow and the Rock wrestled a couple of times, once on Raw in a Brama Bull rope match (30/11/1998) and then on Smackdown in a cage match (23/11/1998).
SlicingDicingGamingEntertainment 4 kun oldin
Can we get an Ups and Downs for the first season of Lucha Underground? I honestly was a massive LU fan and wish the company handled its business better
JoJo Kingsland
JoJo Kingsland 4 kun oldin
I can take undertaker retiring but the day Simon stops from whatculture is a day that I’ll never recover from
Ananya Raizada
Ananya Raizada 4 kun oldin
Taker hasn't retired. I think he will return
Demetri Thomas
Demetri Thomas 4 kun oldin
ARMAGEDDON 2008 or was it 2009?😅 iDk but the one where Jeff solidified his goat status
william mater
william mater 4 kun oldin
lol them gravy mates thats what is missing from raw maby a black goo match
silenttoxic707 4 kun oldin
Wrestlemania 2000 over No Mercy? gtfo lol
AsunDelgun 4 kun oldin
Al Snow actually pinned the Rock in a singles match. They actually had a mini fued
Steven West
Steven West 4 kun oldin
SmackDown that was headlined by a 4-way TLC match with The Hardy’s, The Dudleys, E & C, and Chris Jericho/Chris Benoit.
Chris 4 kun oldin
Triple H crashes Edge & Vickie Wedding
Eminem200183 4 kun oldin
SmackDown Sept. 13th, 2001: the Post 9/11 episode
Chavis Greenard
Chavis Greenard 4 kun oldin
Ok baby
Trinidad Valdez
Trinidad Valdez 4 kun oldin
Omg this angle was awesome idc it was a shock twist
Ceddy Lo Production
Ceddy Lo Production 4 kun oldin
Tna bound for glory 2006
J Snap
J Snap 4 kun oldin
Raw when Kane sets JR on fire
Griff Fourn
Griff Fourn 4 kun oldin
RAW, July 18, 2011. It's the RAW following MITB 2011.
Frank Howard
Frank Howard 4 kun oldin
Wow life is crazy Triple H & Stephanie on air couple now married in real life who would have thought
Daeleon Manuel
Daeleon Manuel 4 kun oldin
they played that same wedding song "Together Forever " for Triple H and Stephanine wedding in 2002 as well
Robert Spuehler
Robert Spuehler 4 kun oldin
How about you do the following week. The aftermath of this infamous moment
Bruce Hills
Bruce Hills 4 kun oldin
People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in bitcoin
Sp Oon
Sp Oon 3 kun oldin
Sir this is a wrestling video this is not a video for you or any of your bots to comment on.
Richard Jason
Richard Jason 4 kun oldin
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Brigdes Noir
Brigdes Noir 4 kun oldin
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Martins Smith
Martins Smith 4 kun oldin
If you've started trading with this man then you're not far from making profits
Alexander Smith
Alexander Smith 4 kun oldin
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Jordan Scott
Jordan Scott 4 kun oldin
I watched this when it first aired. I remember the main points. laughing at how nuts this all is now. How did I enjoy this? Oh yeah I was 17.
Lee Gibson
Lee Gibson 4 kun oldin
Al snow actually beats the rock not long after this happened. Though the rock gets his win back lol
Saadiq Chothia
Saadiq Chothia 4 kun oldin
The raw after edge cashed
EqBeats Official
EqBeats Official 4 kun oldin
WCW Bash at the Beach 2000. With all the Russo-Hogan situation!
Pfunani. B Mavunda
Pfunani. B Mavunda 4 kun oldin
The attitude error is really overrated
Rusty Nail
Rusty Nail 4 kun oldin
So can we go ahead and get the Katy Vick RAW? Vote it up so we can help Simon out 😅
Alex Lewis BEARlyplaying
Alex Lewis BEARlyplaying 4 kun oldin
9:03 You guys came to hear it! 😂😉
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