Retro Ups And Downs For WWE WrestleMania X8

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Simon Miller is back to tackle Icon vs Icon!
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Greg M
Greg M 6 kun oldin
Best part of Hogan vs Rock is how both do a double turn mid match to go with the crowd reaction
Kurt Wilkinson
Kurt Wilkinson 6 kun oldin
Did anyone else notice Simon calling Stone Cold the "rattleneck" 🤣🤣 what a legend, love you Simon
Riyaad Ali
Riyaad Ali 6 kun oldin
WM18 was weird because it was like the transition period between attitude era and ruthless aggression. WM17 was the last mania of the Attitude era...
Lav Jyoti
Lav Jyoti 7 kun oldin
The rattlenake 😂😂
Andrew Greene
Andrew Greene 8 kun oldin
That Christian grin was my profile pic on Instagram for like 2 years lol
J_D_TheSportsG 9 kun oldin
Seeing Hunter come out to Drowning Pool instead of Motorhead was certainly a bizarre sight, and a little humorous considering after getting the pinfall on Y2J, Motorhead is played through the speakers. Lol
Jeremy Bullock
Jeremy Bullock 9 kun oldin
So many memories. My only wrestlemania that I ever attended. And had to cross an international border to do it. Me and a buddy spent a paycheck or two to sit in the fifth row and got a cheap hotel in a not great part of town. Quite the walk before and after. Barely had enough money for food before and after the show. But we both lost our voices because of the Hogan and Rock match. We made friends with some guys from Toronto we were sitting near and kept screaming “Rocky sucks “. A couple times the chants filled the arena.
tremblind 9 kun oldin
I know this Mania was a down grade from X-Seven; but this one is my third favorite.
Tyler Lee Stephens
Tyler Lee Stephens 9 kun oldin
I get so excited for retro ups and downs .
brian glass
brian glass 9 kun oldin
Has he done new blood rising 2000, judy bagwell on a forklift match
Jonathan Esser
Jonathan Esser 9 kun oldin
I thought Marilyn Manson did “bodies”
Two Wheeled Traveler
Two Wheeled Traveler 9 kun oldin
ECW heatwave 98!!!!!!!!!!
Bill Serad
Bill Serad 10 kun oldin
I hate this idea that every match needs to be a "wrestlemania caliber match". No. No they don't. Those matches make the main event seem bigger. If every match was a main event level match, they wouldn't feel special. You need to build a card, not fantasy book.
Steve Carlisle
Steve Carlisle 10 kun oldin
Wrestlemania 1 please Simon!!
Keenan Jackson
Keenan Jackson 10 kun oldin
Do ups and downs for WM2000
This Is Life Podcast
This Is Life Podcast 10 kun oldin
judgement day 2006!
Vedant Manjrekar
Vedant Manjrekar 10 kun oldin
Suggestion :WrestleMania 13
Vengeance Typhlosion
Vengeance Typhlosion 10 kun oldin
Retro Ups and Downs for Raw July 1, 2002 - Undertaker vs. Jeff Hardy Ladder Match for Undisputed Title
i came and now i hate myself
i came and now i hate myself 10 kun oldin
😂😂😂rattle neck
Wing Zero-001
Wing Zero-001 10 kun oldin
I'll try this again :"The Wooo off" TNA Impact 7-7-2010 Jay Lethal vs Ric Flair best segment ever comedy gold
Mark L
Mark L 11 kun oldin
"The RattleNake" - Simon Miller, 2021
Cody Willhite
Cody Willhite 11 kun oldin
2001 Backlash
Andrew Atuahene
Andrew Atuahene 11 kun oldin
Yeah I remember being there live at Wrestlemania, and everybody was cheering Hogan lots of people were booing the Rock I was one of the few people cheering The Rock man this was an awesome Wrestlemania!!!!!
Nolan Kuffner
Nolan Kuffner 11 kun oldin
Also, on a serious note, I watched this an hour after leaving a job that paid really well (for another job that just makes me happier, no worries) but I was growing depressed at. Hearing Simon talk about Flair's issues hit me hard, and I will affirm: talk to someone. Or, if you're in a good place, listen to someone.
Nolan Kuffner
Nolan Kuffner 11 kun oldin
WCW DDP was just DDP. WWE DDP 2.0 was a parody of DDP. The guy is such an uplifting, positive, athletic, intelligent guy who still understands wrestling for the physical sport side of things (which is probably why he was friends with Chris Kanyon).
ThatsBxnk 11 kun oldin
No mercy 2002
Daniel Brown-kenyon
Daniel Brown-kenyon 11 kun oldin
Wrestlemania 20
Shaun Mahle
Shaun Mahle 11 kun oldin
How about WWF In Your House: Fully Loaded 1998
woolicane 11 kun oldin
Think you're being unfair to vince in the case of sending hogan for his red and yellow. Yes it was last minute changes, but it was responding to the crowd, changes like that make sense and should happen, rather than on the whims of the chairman.
antonio scalzo
antonio scalzo 11 kun oldin
Made my day
Mario M
Mario M 11 kun oldin
Simon do Vengeance Night of Champions 2007
Mr. Mimikyu
Mr. Mimikyu 11 kun oldin
Dont you love the fact hogan is still shoved down our throats and is one of the worst wrestlers ever
David Manley
David Manley 11 kun oldin
Who else watched this and went straight to watch the match. Again.
Justin Bonds
Justin Bonds 11 kun oldin
The Rattleneck 😂. I wonder if Simon did that one on purpose.
Lance Whanau
Lance Whanau 11 kun oldin
Hulk hogans over rated and how Wwe still try use him stupid Hulk hogan racist asf
Dusty LaBanca
Dusty LaBanca 11 kun oldin
After triple H crashing the wedding, you could Up and Down SummerSlam 2000
methodius uwizera
methodius uwizera 11 kun oldin
So nobody is going to give the Rock a Down for bullying Coach? Because you wouldn't let it slide in today's product
klose king
klose king 11 kun oldin
Match rock
Ulven Dagoth
Ulven Dagoth 11 kun oldin
Najah Carter
Najah Carter 11 kun oldin
Mouth Juice 🙄😭😭😭
originalwhiteboy 11 kun oldin
Wcw/nwo souled out 1999
MB2Nice 11 kun oldin
Wait, what did Hogan say about the match?
Tarikh Nicholas
Tarikh Nicholas 11 kun oldin
So nobody see the “their fighting over shampoo” sign😂
Shedd-Boy Records
Shedd-Boy Records 11 kun oldin
My favorite Wrestlemania. Hands down
GetSwollJones 11 kun oldin
I think Simon should pick a storyline that he really enjoys and then he can do a series of Retro Ups & Downs on it
jordan hambleton
jordan hambleton 11 kun oldin
Terrence Bell
Terrence Bell 11 kun oldin
Rock v Hogan Golden up
Joseph McLean
Joseph McLean 11 kun oldin
I actually saw Saliva in concert in 2003 when they opened for Kiss and Aerosmith, so I can confirm that they weren't just made up by Vince McMahon.
Travis Zachery
Travis Zachery 11 kun oldin
I've never heard someone call Stone Cold a "Rattleneck." 😂😂😂
ChiefG5150 11 kun oldin
Lol, RattleNeck...a new nickname is born.
Solyhhit Manchild
Solyhhit Manchild 11 kun oldin
I recommend trying to find a copy of the live stream. WWE really messed with the crowd noise to boost up Rock's reaction.
Carole Brandsma
Carole Brandsma 11 kun oldin
Lots of ppl left during the "main event" because public transportation at the time in Toronto ended at 11:30pm
mexicandude971 11 kun oldin
Can simon stop crying about the same shit every show? 😪 hardcore bad he would need a security blanket for a Icw show.
Jayla Gaskins
Jayla Gaskins 11 kun oldin
Jason McCrank
Jason McCrank 11 kun oldin
Ah yes, this was when McMahon's belligerent jingoism ran amok and he had all of the Canadian wrestlers billed from various American cities.
Jason McCrank
Jason McCrank 11 kun oldin
Sidenote on the Kurt Angle promo: Canada didn't win the figure skating Gold medal under dubious circumstances - Russia did. The IOC, in all their infinite wisdom, decided to award both the Russian team and the Canadian team Gold medals despite the fact that the French judge was paid off to give the Russians a high score. 🤷‍♂️
PoofySpoofy 11 kun oldin
😂😂😂 rattleneck 😂😂😂
Dustin Sensenig
Dustin Sensenig 11 kun oldin
The episode of Smackdown from September 2004 where Big Show gets shot with a tranquilizer dart
my jams
my jams 11 kun oldin
Um does the ppv get an up or down?
King Tard
King Tard 11 kun oldin
Omg, looking at rock He looks anorexic back then compared to now.
Zjarcal 11 kun oldin
Rock vs Hogan deserved a golden up
Kayleigh Morrison
Kayleigh Morrison 11 kun oldin
After the rain delay at Mania gave us those great unscripted promos, we need a Retro Ups and Downs for TNA Hard Justice 2006 - when the building set on fire during the first match and the roster were cutting promos in the parking lot whilst the fire marshall inspected the building.
Lecx Xcel
Lecx Xcel 11 kun oldin
Forgot how much that mania sucked
Nathan Wagner
Nathan Wagner 11 kun oldin
lol there is no way that i am alone if i say that i forgot that DDP was ever the European champion
Dan Linthicum
Dan Linthicum 11 kun oldin
Wild I legit watched this one last night hahahah
S. Thompson
S. Thompson 11 kun oldin
Pretty MEH wrestlemania, huh?
BBK 11 kun oldin
Hogan & Rock stole the show One of my favourite Wresltemania matches
Wil Rivera
Wil Rivera 11 kun oldin
... I was at wrestlemania 18. My only one :)
Blood Bath and Beyond - Pop Goes Metal Covers
Blood Bath and Beyond - Pop Goes Metal Covers 11 kun oldin
Ihad to download that Rock vs Hogan match just to re-experience really was insane!
Jamyo Daily
Jamyo Daily 11 kun oldin
Can you do the RAW when the sheild broke up?
Kyle K
Kyle K 11 kun oldin
Rock vs Hogan is totally one of the best matches of all time.
sean callahan
sean callahan 11 kun oldin
I dislike Meltzer because some of his sayings are bonkers. Please explain how talent like Benoit, The Rock, Eddie, Jericho, Shamrock, etc never got five star matches? Seriously? You can't tell me Jericho didn't have one perfect match in WWE. You can't tell me Kurt was just lacking and couldn't get a five star. It's absurd. You can tell he doesn't like WWE and it's very obvious. Jericho vs Omega was not Jericho's best match to date and it was crazy it got five stars over some of his WWE matches.
Cyclops Was Right
Cyclops Was Right 11 kun oldin
"You can't undo the past." says someone who's never followed the WWE.
Peter Ludwig
Peter Ludwig 11 kun oldin
WWE is writing its own history since its beginning. WWE has a monopoly and history is written by the winner. It always was. And Vince can alter the entire history of the sport when he wants.
Ibrahima Niang
Ibrahima Niang 11 kun oldin
WM 18 is a one match show, but a very watchable one match show. I always get a kick from the performances, commentary and entrances from the talent roster of the time. Its just hurt historically by being between two excellent wrestlemanias
Nich Pariman
Nich Pariman 11 kun oldin
Retro ups and downs the raw with the live sex celebration
Ramblin Erikk
Ramblin Erikk 11 kun oldin
How much longer are people gonna keep blaming Hulk Hogan for one tiny mis-step (that he's abundantly and publicly apologized for)?
Death'sNíteMare Sinfullust
Death'sNíteMare Sinfullust 11 kun oldin
That'll probably happen around the time people stop bringing it up while trying to defending him.🤔 (They need to Forget because they don't Seem to know how to Forgive) 👍
Ratten Racing
Ratten Racing 11 kun oldin
Judgment Day 1998
Rusty Nail
Rusty Nail 11 kun oldin
He said mouth juice then Saliva but such different meanings
Travis barr
Travis barr 11 kun oldin
Is it just me or at 12:26 did Simon say cocaine kicked out of a pin?
Death'sNíteMare Sinfullust
Death'sNíteMare Sinfullust 11 kun oldin
I think u mean 9:57
Death'sNíteMare Sinfullust
Death'sNíteMare Sinfullust 11 kun oldin
Haa! Completely forgot Saliva ever existed. They got pretty popular in America from what i could tell, clearly not popular enough to make a Long lasting impression as i didn't remember them even being at Wrestle Mania. 😄👍 Thanks to Simon and WcW(WhatculturWrestling) for the flashbacks. Edit: Haa! 9:57 It sounds Like Simon says "Cocaine is allowed to kick out of the Angle Slam...."
James Heath
James Heath 11 kun oldin
"To the Hurricycle!" KLONG! Glorious.
Ian St-Onge
Ian St-Onge 11 kun oldin
It's simply astounding that Rock-Hogan match wasn't the WrestleMania 18 main event.
Abdullah Broomes
Abdullah Broomes 11 kun oldin
A shame Hogan didn't cut a promo & said "Silverdome"
Ryan Nelson Holt
Ryan Nelson Holt 11 kun oldin
Saliva is literally the worst band ever. 😂😂😂
Ryan Nelson Holt
Ryan Nelson Holt 10 kun oldin
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Yeah. I’m tone deaf and you like Saliva.... Fuckin hell guys. Smh
Shadow Warrior
Shadow Warrior 11 kun oldin
You are just tone deaf man, nothing wrong with Saliva, plenty of bands I would rate a lot worse then them.
Chris Atkins
Chris Atkins 11 kun oldin
@Ryan Nelson Holt Lol maybe its just you don't have good taste in music. Shit you cant just sit there and tell me that "Click Click Boom" or "Always" wasnt poppin back in the days when Alternative Rock was perhaps at its best
Ryan Nelson Holt
Ryan Nelson Holt 11 kun oldin
@Chris Atkins uh, no they don’t. But thanks for the pointless reply. 👍
Chris Atkins
Chris Atkins 11 kun oldin
Lol far from the worst they got more hits than your favorite artist
a warriorspirit
a warriorspirit 11 kun oldin
Hogan and Rock, should have got a golden up.
Ki-Jahni White
Ki-Jahni White 11 kun oldin
Survivor series 2012
Jeff Werth
Jeff Werth 11 kun oldin
WHAT - no final up or down? I say DOWN - a few good matches but overall, mweh. Sort of like Raw?
smartboy201 11 kun oldin
Simon talking about Saliva: "I don't think I ever saw them outside of a WWE Event!" Not sure if it counts, and I could be completely wrong, but didn't the lead singer do a song with Chad Kroeger for the first Spider-man movie? "Hero", I think it was? Am I totally wrong? I remember _that_ video...
Chris Atkins
Chris Atkins 11 kun oldin
@smartboy201 All Good It Happens lol
smartboy201 11 kun oldin
@Chris Atkins Ayyy, an extremely rare point for my normally garbage memory! Thanks for the confirmation!
Chris Atkins
Chris Atkins 11 kun oldin
Yeah that was "Hero" which dropped a few months after this event
Chris Atkins
Chris Atkins 11 kun oldin
The only thing I don't like about Simon is it seems that he over exxagerates things. The crowd was live during Edge's entrance & Rock didn't get booed as much as people claimed he did.
Judist Zoinkiski
Judist Zoinkiski 11 kun oldin
Fun Fact: The longest Match of the night wasnt the Rock Vs Hollywood HH or the main event it was the Undertaker vs Flair match.
Joseph McLean
Joseph McLean 11 kun oldin
I believe it! My friend's mom ordered the pay per view for him, and my parents wouldn't let me stay out that late to watch on a school night, but they did let me go over for about an hour, and that Flair/Taker match is all I remember. I probably saw more of the show, but I've anyways remembered JR saying "Undertaker has never lost at Wrestlemania" and that was the first time I was aware of The Streak (though it still wasn't really a thing yet) and I knew right then that Taker was going to win.
JR Brennan
JR Brennan 11 kun oldin
The Japanese shampoo commercial storyline was topical at the time due to the rise of youtube and internet videos which exposed A-list American celebrities doing commercials for rather frivolous Japanese products which they wouldn't do in the US because it would lower their status. Dumb...but it was topical
Joseph McLean
Joseph McLean 11 kun oldin
It's a stupid thing to feud over, but given the feuds we get in 2021, I'll take a shampoo commercial thank you.
Josh Dale
Josh Dale 11 kun oldin
Am I the only one who fucking hates Terry Hogan? So much so i can't even call him Hulk?
Numero1superfly 11 kun oldin
How about ups and downs for the worst wrestling promos throughout the years.
Colm McCrilly
Colm McCrilly 11 kun oldin
1st episode of Sunday night heat
George Harvey
George Harvey 11 kun oldin
Here's another fun fact about the Regal/RVD match. When Regal came out with the Intercontinental title, he'd accidentally put it on upside-down.
millertime7275 11 kun oldin
I wanna see royal rumble 99 rock mankind I quit match/Vince wins rumble
CutterHistorical 11 kun oldin
Do u plan on doing one for the OTHER WrestleMania in Canada, 6?
John Clark
John Clark 11 kun oldin
there is not enough money on planet earth to get me to watch anything by Hulk Hogan or Rick Flair. they are the worst crap in wrestling history.
PunkSkater Pizza
PunkSkater Pizza 11 kun oldin
Neil Coatham
Neil Coatham 11 kun oldin
How about one day the smackdown with the Billy and Chuck wedding
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