Ranking Every Transitional WWE World Champion From Worst To Best

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The Miz, The Iron Sheik, The Rock?! Who were WWE's best guys for making The Guy?
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slashandbones13 4 soat oldin
I feel like the Andre the Giant win also was a way to honor his legacy without putting him at risk due to his lacking health at that point.
krectus 18 soat oldin
Still to this day never understood WWE's need for transitional champions. Wanting to build up a new long term champion, but instead of having him beat the previous long-term champion for a huge accomplishment, you have the new guy beat someone who only just won the title and on top of that you're having your previous big champion lose to a lesser guy whose not able to hold on to it very long. The only example where it worked well was with Iron Sheik. It's almost always a lose, lose, lose situation for all involved, and a WWE thing that just needs to die.
Jacob Hood
Jacob Hood Kun oldin
Big Show when he beat Lesnar
daniel mcdivitt
daniel mcdivitt Kun oldin
Why can't Simon just be the host of everything
BenIzJammin Kun oldin
Y’all forgetting Kane!
Quintxn! Kun oldin
What bout Yokozona at Wrestlemania 9
Oldbuzzardt Kun oldin
Anyone else wondering why Simon has two finger nails painted black?
Ashhar Qureshi
Ashhar Qureshi Kun oldin
Abhinandan 2 kun oldin
9:27 WWE did this because they wanted Drew vs Bobby (Fresh match) at Wrestlemania.... Also they wanted Fans to expect that Drew will Win again as it happend with Randy.... And I think they were able to produce an Unpredictable match at Mania !!
Novair Ahmed
Novair Ahmed 2 kun oldin
The rock was also the transitional champion in 2013.
Uptomyknees 2 kun oldin
They gave the title to Seth for the incredible dramatic irony of Dean being the one to finally get revenge after having lost their feud.
almightycinder 2 kun oldin
The Fingerpoke of Doom could certainly count. Goldberg had the belt, they obviously didn't want Goldberg to lose to Hogan, so instead Nash wins it by cheating and intentionally forfeits the belt to Hogan. This way, both Goldberg and Nash still look strong since Nash lost to Hogan on purpose. Yeah, it was a stupid idea, but it's better than actually having Hogan beat Goldberg.
Personal Email
Personal Email 2 kun oldin
“Kevin Nash?!? OMG Thought he was dead”
Scott Schofield
Scott Schofield 2 kun oldin
I often wonder why there wasn't a storyline about Million Dollar Man gets his money back from Andre or Andre says nope!
Alex Bondarev
Alex Bondarev 3 kun oldin
miz did it twice
Lewis Last
Lewis Last 3 kun oldin
Kane, winning the title only to lose it 24 hours later because were couldnt have him burn himself alive
Michael Kilbane
Michael Kilbane 3 kun oldin
Yokozuna was a translational champion for Hulk Hogan don't forget.
Dujon J
Dujon J 3 kun oldin
Where’s Roman
Cool Breeze2863
Cool Breeze2863 3 kun oldin
You forgot the fiend was champ for a week and lost it to Roman
william mater
william mater 3 kun oldin
you forgot jhon cena cena then punk then back to cena
Shawn Acklin
Shawn Acklin 4 kun oldin
Should there be a list of champions who gave belts back to the people they won them from? Because i really thought Randy Orton would be on this list, talking about last year's story with Drew McIntyre
Flash Paco Hernandez
Flash Paco Hernandez 4 kun oldin
Rey Mysterio was WWE Champion for like an hour only to lose it to John Cena in the same damn RAW Christian was World Heavyweight Champion only to drop the belt to Randy Orton two or three days after he won it
Michael Cuozzo
Michael Cuozzo 4 kun oldin
Could also use jeff hardy beating edge inladder match and dropping to punk
Michael Cuozzo
Michael Cuozzo 4 kun oldin
Totally forgot Egde after his first MITB cash in
TheJadedWanSaid 4 kun oldin
12+ minute video? Weak
AHMAD SAAD 4 kun oldin
You forgot Cena in 2010.
Jason Vitolo
Jason Vitolo 4 kun oldin
Call them transitional all you want, they've held the main title more than Piper.
Bayley Austin
Bayley Austin 4 kun oldin
I think The Rock’s 2013 reign was a great transitional reign. I still stand by the decision, especially from a business standpoint. They wanted Cena vs Rock 2 as the draw and wanted Cena to walk out with the title at mania and get his win back over the rock. They couldn’t have had Cena win the belt off Punk. It would’ve had an awful reaction. At least the Rock winning gave us a feel good moment of him finally getting another title, and it wasn’t a bad reign for how short it was. Both matches with Punk were good, and as much hate as it gets, the second match with Cena was well done also. And The Rock of all people only won the belt JUST to lose it to Cena. It wasn’t like Goldberg or Lesnar who won it for no good reason and only had it to have it. The Rock won the world title for the sole purpose of losing it!
brian glass
brian glass 4 kun oldin
Edge in 2006 when he beat Cena and then lost it back three weeks later.
Jay Cooper
Jay Cooper 4 kun oldin
Is it just me or does Simon sound a bit like Boris Johnson
Steven Sanderson
Steven Sanderson 4 kun oldin
I was at that house show in Saskatoon when Bret beat Flair (you ca actually see me in the crowd at the entrances). The original card was supposed to be Ultimate Warrior V Flair, but he asked for a bunch of money or he’d walk. McMahon called his bluff and Bret stepped in last minute. Weird show.
Sik Switch13
Sik Switch13 4 kun oldin
Transitional championship's are down to poor storylines & lazy writer's..... The one thing that WWE excels at......
Fabrice Ahadi
Fabrice Ahadi 4 kun oldin
Cena’s last championship run was pretty much a transitional one too
Michal Marček
Michal Marček 4 kun oldin
Kane? Rey Mysterio?
Dave Dibley Gaming
Dave Dibley Gaming 4 kun oldin
Also triple h winning it off randy at no mercy 2007 defending it the same night against umaga and finally losing it in the main event back to randy Orton
Scuba Steevo
Scuba Steevo 4 kun oldin
JBL was accredited for being the longest reigning transitional champion and we loved seeing him get wrecked in 2004
Matthew Puckett
Matthew Puckett 4 kun oldin
Simon's hand movements are awesome. Zip zop! Bing pow!
Ryan Redd
Ryan Redd 4 kun oldin
There was also: The Undertaker transitioning from Hulk Hogan to Hulk Hogan Kane transitioning from Stone Cold to Stone Cold Rey Mysterio transitioning the belt from no one to John Cena Bray Wyatt transitioning from John Cena to Randy Orton The Rock transitioning from CM Punk to John Cena
Stu Mertens
Stu Mertens 19 soat oldin
For a video that lists "every transitional champ" they forgot loads of them. Big Show held the title for just over a month round the turn of the millennium. Yokozuna at Wrestlemania IX, won it from Bret and then took a challenge from Hulk Hogan Sycho Sid in 1997, won it mid-February from Bret and dropped it to Taker at Mania. Edge had three weeks with the title in 2006 after cashing in MitB. Chris Jericho was pretty much a transitional champion... Little bit more of a stretch here since he had the honour of being the first Undisputed Champ and he had the title for about three months but he was basically Stephanie's bitch the whole time and was just keeping the belts warm for HHH to win them at Mania. I already forgot if Daniel Bryan was on this list, didn't he win it at SummerSlam then get immediately screwed by HHH and cashed in on? Big Show again for winning the World title and getting immediately cashed in on by Daniel Bryan. Christian, his first world title was only about 4 days before dropping to Orton. And there are probably more than that. I'm pretty sure there should be a Jeff Hardy reign in there somewhere. RVD's reign was pretty short but I think that was more due to him getting arrested. I'm interested to know how they came up with the criteria for including some and leaving out others. Yokozuna is 100% a transitional champion, a way to get the belt from Hart to Hogan without having your top babyfaces fight each other. Kane just interrupted Austin's title reign, he didn't transition the belt from one person to another - but the same can be said for several people on this list. This video just seemed to be *really* poorly researched lol.
Emerald Aly
Emerald Aly 4 kun oldin
#6 - I saw an interview with Kevin Nash once where he talked about the squash match with Backlund. He recalled Backlund, even minutes after taking the jackknife and losing the fall, still not even standing up, so fervently was he selling the move, and basically crab-walking back to the curtain. Put him over pretty massively. I think it's interesting to look back on, because we think of Backlund as being older than dirt, but he really wasn't at the time, just 45 (same age as Shelton Benjamin and Rhino right now). it was a good 6 or 7 years more till he stopped wrestling full-time, so he probably had more to give. Maybe not as the world champion of one of the world's biggest companies though.
SmokeBlaze1980 4 kun oldin
Edge’s first reign was transitional also
Emerald Aly
Emerald Aly 4 kun oldin
#8 - surely you can see that simply being able to say "all three Shield members held the WWE title within seconds of each other~!~!~!~!" is the reason it unfolded the way it did.
Stephen Crane
Stephen Crane 4 kun oldin
Simon parsing this to be seen in 20 years time.
Suraj Yadav
Suraj Yadav 4 kun oldin
Why didn't Randy won his WrestleMania 25 main event, I mean the 30 year kid with probably 15 years in tank vs the guy who'll be part time in 2 years, Why??? Because Stephanie's husband wanted to win his main event at WrestleMania 25, yes believe that
Daily Jadyn
Daily Jadyn 4 kun oldin
Why is John Cena not here? Like he won the title at the rumble only to loose it at the chamber 2 weeks later
Steve Manzo
Steve Manzo 4 kun oldin
I was at MSG when Diesel won the title, in a box with a life long friend that’s sadly passed. Great time and memories
Aint You That Guy?
Aint You That Guy? 4 kun oldin
Goldberg beating Owens for the UV title
Scott White
Scott White 4 kun oldin
Anyone remember that weird period in 2002 when Jericho dropped it to Triple H, who quickly dropped it to Hogan, who quickly dropped it to Taker, who quickly dropped it to The Rock, who quickly dropped it to Lesnar? Mania to Summerslam was nothing but transitional champions.
Rundown Kun oldin
@Gon Killua "unheard of" 1999: Am I a joke to you?
Gon Killua
Gon Killua 2 kun oldin
I still dont get all that. Did Vince want everyone to be undisputed champion? Brock also lost to Big Show 3 months later, who quickly dropped it to Angle in December. 2002 had 8 different men as WWE Champion. Unheard of.
Ki-Jahni White
Ki-Jahni White 4 kun oldin
Fun fact: Money in the bank 2016 was The last either Roman reigns and Seth Rollins held the Wwe Championship and this was the last year Dean Ambrose held that or any world title until Late 2019 or 2020
Uziel Gonzalez
Uziel Gonzalez 4 kun oldin
Rey mysterio When he dropped it to cena
beesly01 4 kun oldin
Yokozuna, Wrestlemania 9.
Nick Vlahakis
Nick Vlahakis 4 kun oldin
Wait... I was playing MLB while listening to this... did they forget Yokozuna? Or did I just forget that
Steiner Recliner
Steiner Recliner 4 kun oldin
I think if memory serves me right big show's first wwf title win was a transitional one.
ReItachi1989 4 kun oldin
Uh...Simon, originally Savage wasn't suppose to win the title at WMIV. It was suppose to be Ted, but since Honky Tonk Man didn't want to drop the Intercontinental Championship, and since they needed a babyface win they gave the title to Savage instead. The rumor is that Ted got the Million Dollar Championship as a way to apologize to Ted for not get the World Title.
ReItachi1989 4 kun oldin
@Lex Kanyima Indeed, hence why Ted was originally going to be the winner of the tournament. It was a way to make it possible for Ted to be Champ without him having a victory over Hogan.
Lex Kanyima
Lex Kanyima 4 kun oldin
But also WWE made a huge risk of taking the belt off of Hogan, if they really want to make Savage THE guy
A.J. Santiago
A.J. Santiago 4 kun oldin
Actually, Bill Goldberg is a two-time transitional world champion in WWE. I didn’t see Rock as a transitional champ in 2001 but I definitely saw it in 2002 and 2013. Just for significance alone, I feel The Iron Shiek should be #1.
Brian Vogt
Brian Vogt 4 kun oldin
THE ROCK again with jonh cena lol😉👍 2nd once in a LIFETIME lol🤣🤣🤷‍♂️
Christopher John
Christopher John 4 kun oldin
My Life is a transitional champ...
The Wolverine
The Wolverine 4 kun oldin
The Rock was actually transitional twice when he beat CM Punk just to lose to Cena
Austin Price
Austin Price 4 kun oldin
Yokozuna? Rey mysterio?? Where are they 🤣🤣 both of their title reigns weren’t even a half hour
Jason Voorhees
Jason Voorhees 4 kun oldin
Shocked Kane wasn't on this list
Money Charts
Money Charts 4 kun oldin
I don't like calling Iron Sheik a transitional champ or if he is the best ever. I was born in 1975 and grew up with that match where Hogan beat him and for years Iron was very iconic during the hulkamania run.
Snt Kurisu
Snt Kurisu 4 kun oldin
Youve forgot many Transitional Champions tho, such us Christian, Goldberg (again), Brock in 2019, Orton in 2020 etc
Miguel Gonzalez
Miguel Gonzalez 4 kun oldin
Sheiky Baby break your back and make you humble. That jabroni hulk hogan worse than the Michael Jackson.
Jay Northrop
Jay Northrop 4 kun oldin
Yokozuna for about 5 minutes at Wrestlemania 9.
Leon Pennings
Leon Pennings 4 kun oldin
Worst imo: Sergeant Slaughter... He defeated the Warrior for God's sake!
Frank Fitzpatrick
Frank Fitzpatrick 4 kun oldin
*Summer of Punk was 10 yers ago* kill me now
MisterJRyan 4 kun oldin
The rock was a transitional champion again in 2013, so Cena could get his rematch and beat the rock at mania
Calum Neeson
Calum Neeson 4 kun oldin
Otherwise known as wrestling’s middlemen ranked
RepentantSky 4 kun oldin
How'd you forget Edge? A good number of his runs were transitional.
ASHIM CHAWLA 4 kun oldin
5:28 it was no way out 2009, Simon
Voodoo Chile
Voodoo Chile 4 kun oldin
What do you mean you don't understand why Seth won? It's the poetic justice that Seth was getting his just desserts by being snuck up on by Dean and Dean making *kind of good on his word of Seth not getting to be champion
Tony Stark
Tony Stark 4 kun oldin
2017 had three John Cena taking it from An then Wyatt then Orton before dropping it to Jinder for 6 months
Dani Hilton
Dani Hilton 4 kun oldin
No Kane or Rey Mysterio?
Tiger 4 kun oldin
Terrible video you missed so many transitional champions like Jericho in 08 Kurt angle 2006. The rock 2002. Psycho sid 1997 and so many others
Jonathan Blaine
Jonathan Blaine 4 kun oldin
Does Yokozuna at Wrestlemania IX count?
Chad Gratton
Chad Gratton 4 kun oldin
Lol you've made this video before
GrimJester82 4 kun oldin
The Miz is the biggest geek in wrestling history.
Romaro Brandon
Romaro Brandon 4 kun oldin
Technically Alberto Del Rio lost the WWE Championship to John Cena before winning it back and losing it to CM Punk again. That makes John Cena a transition champion as well. Also, Honorable Mention goes to Yokozuna who held the WWF Championship at WrestleMania IX for about 52 seconds before losing it to Hulk Hogan.
Lex Kanyima
Lex Kanyima 2 kun oldin
@Romaro Brandon yeah
Romaro Brandon
Romaro Brandon 3 kun oldin
@Lex Kanyima I mean yeah but are you really a transitional champion of you just lose it to the same person you won it from? Simon seems to thing so but most transitional champions lost it to another person that wasn't the previous champion.
MephProduction 3 kun oldin
Hogan cashing in his Money in the back contract.. lol before it was a thing.
Lex Kanyima
Lex Kanyima 4 kun oldin
Hogan was also a transitional champion
rog23dodge 4 kun oldin
You forgot Daniel Bryan
Walter Cruz
Walter Cruz 4 kun oldin
hey Simon you forgot Rey Mysterio didn't he win and in same night lost to Cena
Anush Ramnani
Anush Ramnani 4 kun oldin
Del Rio lost it to Cena, Won back in HIAC and then lost to punk
timonuzumaki 4 kun oldin
What about Edge at New Year's Revolution 2006? The first ever MITB cash in
nrbyers 4 kun oldin
Edge’s first title reign probably should be #1 though
WADE 420
WADE 420 4 kun oldin
Tbh MIKE THE MIZ should be #1
Monster Pro Wrestling
Monster Pro Wrestling 4 kun oldin
It’s interesting to see the path the title has taken over the years.
nrbyers 4 kun oldin
Daniel Bryan beating Cena the turn around and lose it to Randy Orton. Also one that lead to a good feud Christian winning it and then dropping it Orton to kick off their feud that lasted till summerslam.
Tiago GUERREIRO 4 kun oldin
Bray Wyatt x The Fiend should be in the list 1: He drop the wwe championship to Orton at Mania 33 after 48 days 2: The Fiend loss the Universal championship a week after Summerslam to Reigns (even if Strowman was pinned)
nrbyers 4 kun oldin
The two for the price of one set up that is Rey Mysterio to John Cena who then lost to cm punk
Falconplaya1 4 kun oldin
Ups and downs from raw cm punk pipe bomb
Little Mac Is underrated
Little Mac Is underrated 4 kun oldin
Bruh, jbl was a transitional champion
Mike Bangs
Mike Bangs 4 kun oldin
Jericho, he got to be the undisputed champion cos HHH was injured.
who cares
who cares 4 kun oldin
Yall 4got Reys 1 day reign & Yokozuna same day reign. Also didn't reigns win the title after seth got injured only to lose it 5 min later to shemus only to win it back on the raw after TLC only to lose it to hhh in the royal Rumble & if u think about it he won it back at mania only to lose it in the match u mentioned in MITB where he lost it to seth who lost it to Dean. Which to me is the weirdest thing because he was a transitional champ for himself unlike others who won it just to lose it to some1 else to have a big run. I mean if u think about his whole time as wwe champ was as a transitional champ
Little Mac Is underrated
Little Mac Is underrated 4 kun oldin
Iron shiek is why wwe exists today
Adam Gonzales
Adam Gonzales 4 kun oldin
Jinder Mahal
Bizarro 4 kun oldin
You should've mentioned The Rock winning it from Punk just to lose to Cena for the rematch
Gon Killua
Gon Killua 2 kun oldin
And The Rock winning it from the Undertaker just to lose to Brock Lesnar the next month.
Kenlyn W
Kenlyn W 4 kun oldin
I was about to say the miz wasn’t a transitional champion but then i remember he had the second title reign hahaha
Big Hand
Big Hand 4 kun oldin
Broken Chainz
Broken Chainz 4 kun oldin
Cena took it from Alberto then Alberto took it back from Cena before punk took it from him, Alberto is not transitional
Nathan Heckelman
Nathan Heckelman 4 kun oldin
Wasn't Kane a transitional champion?
ziggy78eog 4 kun oldin
You forgot to mention Kane, who won the belt from Rey Mystero, only to loose to Edge, 24 hours later.
Stu Mertens
Stu Mertens 20 soat oldin
@Arashi Tendou but they included Orton, that was the WHC wasn't it? ETA: and Goldberg was on the list, that was Universal Title
Stu Mertens
Stu Mertens 20 soat oldin
@ziggy78eog Kane held the World Title for several months after beating Rey, his WWE title in 1998 was a 24h reign though
ziggy78eog 4 kun oldin
@MonsterMike Heinrichs Kane won it from Mysterio, when he cashed in his MitB briefcase, the same night he won it. I might be confusing his title reigns, when it comes to the timeline.
MonsterMike Heinrichs
MonsterMike Heinrichs 4 kun oldin
When did that happen? I remember Rey held the world title from Fatal 4 Way in 2010 to Money in the Bank just a month later where he lost the title to Kane, who feuded with the Undertaker for a few months before losing it to Edge later in the Fall.
Arashi Tendou
Arashi Tendou 4 kun oldin
I think that was the World Heavyweight title This is just for their WWE World Title
who cares
who cares 4 kun oldin
You got your facts wrong Simon yes del Rio was a transitional champ but he didn't originally lose the title to cm punk at Survivor Series he actually lost it sooner to Cena at Night of Champions but regained it back at Hell in a Cell then lost it to punk so if anything cena should be on this list
who cares
who cares 4 kun oldin
Also if seth only held it for 9 seconds how is he higher on the list than del Rio who had a longer reign & actually had 1 title defense. Not only that del Rio lead to punks long reign while Seth lead to ambrose meh reign. Not saying Dean was bad but his run as champ isn't nothing to write home about.
Thomas Kia
Thomas Kia 4 kun oldin
Bob Backlund hold the Title for over 2000 days and had the second longest reigns but his second reign only lasted a few days
Newell Joseph
Newell Joseph 4 kun oldin
2,121 officially and 2,138 according to WWE
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