Every Wrestling Secret WWE Tries (And Fails) To Hide

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Exposing the tricks of the trade, and the times WWE did that all by themselves...
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Peace Eagle
Peace Eagle 11 daqiqa oldin
Pro wrestling is a blend between live theatre and episodic television, a very weird blend but one we should all be able to enjoy
ODie Soat oldin
0:02 Simon nailed my wrestling watching career lol
Tryme Tv
Tryme Tv 4 soat oldin
Okay he was on point with his first thing he said
Tyler Dowd
Tyler Dowd 9 soat oldin
He described my wrestling love exactly when tna kind of "died" in 2014 15 I stopped watching for years and then started seeing shoot interviews and then I started watching the actual stuff there talking about and it snowballed from there
Tk 780
Tk 780 13 soat oldin
That intro is 100% on point haha I use to watch wrestling from 2004-2009 then stopped till 2016 draft
Logan Morgan
Logan Morgan 14 soat oldin
Virk suxs
Brittney Starling
Brittney Starling 15 soat oldin
Y’all really mad at WWE huh? Lol
Jerry Lanier
Jerry Lanier 15 soat oldin
I hope one day wwe releases alot of the backstage footage they have.
TheSilentScreamX 23 soat oldin
I loved it as a kid, but I can't sit down and watch a full show these days. It's too cringy. That's why I watch stuff like Ups & Downs, so I know which bits of a show to check out and which can be safely ignored.
Ricky Allen
Ricky Allen Kun oldin
Your support of the terrorist group known as BLM, does not impress. Please leave your political nonsense off your videos.
Macario Daal
Macario Daal Kun oldin
My counter to the "You know it's fake" question. Is always "You know m0st progamming on tv is fake right?"
Ede Sands
Ede Sands Kun oldin
No... wwe said the thigh slap bann only apply for NXT 🤷
jasonbommerify Kun oldin
As long as it's not WWE. Vince has played out everything.
TF2Gamer Kun oldin
I thought this guy was johny sins lol
Josh Peacock
Josh Peacock Kun oldin
I'm glad I'm not the only person who felt targeted by the entire "life of a wrestling fan" bit.
PcWitness Kun oldin
My problem with Adnan is that he isnt familiar with the product.
Nathan Heckelman
Nathan Heckelman Kun oldin
Adnan Virk knows nothing about wrestling, literally has made attempting to watch Monday Night Raw unwatchable. Pat McAfee actually helps the commentating on Smackdown because he knows what he is talking about.
Casual signer Casual signer
Casual signer Casual signer Kun oldin
Is that a test and sus cycle nice size there mate
Tat Vela
Tat Vela Kun oldin
Zipper kick?
Nelson Mohapi
Nelson Mohapi Kun oldin
Dude.. your introduction so correct.. that the story of my life.. I watch it differently now..in and out
CFraser Kun oldin
As someone who has taken a few bumps through tables, I'd much rather it not be rigged. There are some safety concerns regarding the metal supports (see Bob Holly's table injury), however, a solid table does a remarkable job of slowing your decent to the floor. I think the fed rigs them to avoid the "Japanese Table" situation as much as injury concerns.
Josh Dickens
Josh Dickens Kun oldin
They tried to hide when they get busted open when they cut their self with the razor braid they try to hide that but they don't do a good job at it
Fayt Vandeberg
Fayt Vandeberg 2 kun oldin
This is crazy. I always thought the leg slap during the kick was used to add arm power to the force of the kick somehow. I mean I was a kid when I thought it and it makes no sense now but I never corrected myself.
Imran Khan
Imran Khan 2 kun oldin
Are u Johnny Sins...
lostpunkrock 2 kun oldin
One that isnt really a secret but a pain that the wwe still does is the blind tag. HOW DOES A BLIND TAG WORK WHEN THE REF LEGIT SLAPS HIS HANDS LOUDLY AND YELLS TAAAAGGGG! If we could hear it at home Im assuming the guys in the ring can as well.
Milad Ahmed
Milad Ahmed 2 kun oldin
They say local medical facility because people used to call hospitals to ask about the wrestlers.
Checka Fred
Checka Fred 2 kun oldin
What happened to the bell intro?
Rob Clark
Rob Clark 2 kun oldin
Rocky Stonejaw
Rocky Stonejaw 2 kun oldin
"I'M A UZpostR AND I SHOUT" - Simon
Kristian179 3 kun oldin
blading... sorta
Rhyleigh Mackenzie
Rhyleigh Mackenzie 3 kun oldin
Superkick overdone? The Young Fucks disagree
ForeverRanger 91
ForeverRanger 91 3 kun oldin
The commentary thing is one reason why I enjoy AEW so much. I know that Tony Khan isn't back there barking at Excalibur, Tony and JR.
Mike Craig
Mike Craig 3 kun oldin
Simon looks like he has tired eyes
Infected_Chris 3 kun oldin
Erasing the past. Changing crowd responses.
Robert Wallis
Robert Wallis 3 kun oldin
I thought “The Turning Of The Tables” was going to be about the person going through a table being the one who sets it up first so they know it’s going to work. (And by work I mean break properly.)
gfear24 3 kun oldin
Someone got a sunburn. Also, I can't remember if it's in DC or in Florida, but there is an actual "Medical Facility" with that labeled on it instead of hospital.
geoff davies
geoff davies 3 kun oldin
Secrets wwe tries to hide but fails? How talented most of the roster is?
Manny Sanchez
Manny Sanchez 3 kun oldin
Whats up with simon eye did someone punch him or is he wrestling again and someone gave him a stiff punch
Martin Rubio
Martin Rubio 3 kun oldin
John cena is a legend
James Laforme
James Laforme 3 kun oldin
Also, a cool little secret that WWE fails horribly to "hide" is 95% of the time when a wrestler sets-up a table to put their opponent through it, it's actually them who is going to go through it. I even heard of it in a few shoot interviews talk about it almost as an unspoken rule for wrestlers. if you know you're going to be put through a table, it's your responsibility to set it up and ensure everything is good because they are the ones going through it. Even after finding out why they do this, it just happens so often that as soon as I see someone set up a table, I instinctively know that they are going to be put through it eventually. It really ruins that whole surprise aspect of it, and just takes me out of the moment. It's just one of those things you hear about, that you can never "un-notice" ever again.
Oliver Nagel
Oliver Nagel 3 kun oldin
they make fake injuries so the wrestler can recover from real injuries
Curtis House
Curtis House 3 kun oldin
Lives matter. If you have to put a color in front of it, you're a racist.
TheShadow8771 3 kun oldin
I use Scripted over Fake
PRO X Jayant
PRO X Jayant 3 kun oldin
Wrestling life is different
Gene Quagmire
Gene Quagmire 3 kun oldin
4:50 Yeah whenever you play with illusion like this this kind of recursion is a possibility. Good, because it's all we have left if we know it's scripted.
McJohnson 3 kun oldin
0:00 - My "career" path was a bit different, actually; despite growing up in the hometown of the Hart family at the time when they were at their most popular (like, when Owen Hart died it made the front page of the local newspapers here in Calgary - not of the sports section, *page one*), wrestling was never something I was really into, despite it being always being around me. My dad watched it, my friends watched it, but I never really got into it until _2003_ of all years! And from there it only took me a matter of _months_ to soak in as much info on the sport as I could, from the history to the then-current internet dirtsheets talking about the behind-the-scenes stuff. (When WWE reintroduced the US Championship to Smackdown, I accidentally spoiled it to a friend of mine because I'd read the Tuesday taping results ahead of time. Whoops.) So basically I became a wrestling fan at 14, and by the time I was 15 I was already a smart mark, lol
EricTheRed444 3 kun oldin
That was literally me 😭 I fell in love with Wrestling so much more as an Adult afterwards when I was learning all the real behind the scenes stuff 👀
kissfan003 3 kun oldin
Simon Miller, You're my hero!
Brenn K
Brenn K 3 kun oldin
That intro probably describes close to 99% of this channels subscribers lmao
Mark Dunks
Mark Dunks 3 kun oldin
Is it just me, or does the person who puts out the table always go through it?
frank unodostres
frank unodostres 3 kun oldin
1:53 lmao why is the term "interesting" banned? oh wait >.>
Farid Naim
Farid Naim 3 kun oldin
0:02 Yup. Exactly actually
Raman Chalasani
Raman Chalasani 3 kun oldin
I was today years old when I learned that Simon is gay.
Dope Drood
Dope Drood 3 kun oldin
Simon really nailed it in that intro. It's why wrestling is still a little socially awkward to like as an adult. What's presented on screen is a hokey kids show but we're watching the show in such a meta way that we can't really convey everthing that we're seeing. So we gotta pretend like we think it's stupid to avoid a headache when it's actually much more interesting than what most TV shows have going on.
حليم hlem
حليم hlem 3 kun oldin
Nice 👍👌
Cedany 3 kun oldin
Still supporting that awful movement with a hypocritical co-founder
GameZ 3 kun oldin
honestly I don't mind the concept of no thigh slapping, but certain moves like McIntyres Claymore you kinda need it. Selective Slaps fellas.
vegetamegadisk 3 kun oldin
@9:15 100% facts Simon
soulcrusher807 3 kun oldin
The "something" was the Benoit incident.
Bruce Blackwell
Bruce Blackwell 3 kun oldin
im sorry but I see the hand grip all the time now. the camera ppl need to do a better job
Prestin Hurshberry
Prestin Hurshberry 3 kun oldin
BLM are terrorists
eric stoepker
eric stoepker 3 kun oldin
I miss commentators like Gorilla and Heenan (my all time favorites) or early Cole and Lawler, ahh the good old days.
Avery Wilson
Avery Wilson 3 kun oldin
How On Earth Did This Man Know My Exact Experience When Watching Wrestling 👀?
D.C. TONY 3 kun oldin
i love this video
Noah Axinn
Noah Axinn 3 kun oldin
Very right about that, my fandom just didn’t take as long of a break as most, probably stopped watching at the end of 2013 when I was 12 and got back into it like a year and a half later right after Wrestlemania 31, still loosely followed what was going on though
Lee Shwan
Lee Shwan 4 kun oldin
Walter (Hamflett) and Simon Miller as a Tag Team with Adam Nicholas as their manager! 👆🏻
Kaushik Adhikari
Kaushik Adhikari 4 kun oldin
Blood = red bodily fluid
professor granpa
professor granpa 4 kun oldin
After I learned about them watching the ref count I catch it almost every time
Rob Steele
Rob Steele 4 kun oldin
My favorite conversation about it 'being fake' went like this. Him - You know it's fake, right? Me - Well, what's your favorite show? Him - NCIS. Me - You know that's fake, too, right?
Rob Steele
Rob Steele 2 kun oldin
@lance turley BEHOLD! My point.
lance turley
lance turley 2 kun oldin
Really, all TV is fake when you get down to it. Even reality competitions and news programs still have writers and editors manipulating what we see to get the story they want to present.
Frost Demen
Frost Demen 3 kun oldin
Every real documentary involving real cops ever: Our jobs isn't like what you see on tv irl things go much slower
Sarah Benton
Sarah Benton 4 kun oldin
STFU Simon
Sinister Aquarian
Sinister Aquarian 4 kun oldin
X means warm up the mobile medical facility. 🤠
GameZ 3 kun oldin
Rev up those stretchers
Charge Beam Gaming
Charge Beam Gaming 4 kun oldin
When I found out about the hand grip and that it's called The Iggy I tried to work The Iggy into my daily vocabulary but nobody got it.
Gejamugam Latsoomanam
Gejamugam Latsoomanam 4 kun oldin
Tables should be made of redwood tree wood with thick iron bars as supports.
Naiji 4 kun oldin
It's always funny seeing people think pulling the curtain is somehow gonna diminish the enjoyment you get. I love telling them that it just makes it even more entertaining for me.
SK TV 4 kun oldin
Well this is kind of weird but Simon's fellow Brit K'eyush the Stunt Dog has just surpassed Whatculture Wresting in terms of numbers of subscribers. Somebody call the Wizard in the Sky for help!!!!
SK TV 2 kun oldin
@Paul Vandersypen No coincidence, Key is as unique as the New Day's Unicorn and he too loves to sing just like them
Paul Vandersypen
Paul Vandersypen 2 kun oldin
@SK TV You may have noticed that K'eyush loves waffs, and the New Day loves pancakes. Coincidence? I think not.
SK TV 2 kun oldin
@Paul Vandersypen Btw it's fun to see someone being the fan of both K'eyush the Stunt Dog and Whatculture Wrestling. Keep it Up Sire
SK TV 2 kun oldin
@Paul Vandersypen Very well said Sir, Atleast Key's owner Jodie does not present the same thing week after week
Paul Vandersypen
Paul Vandersypen 2 kun oldin
That's because we understand Key. Key is rational and intelligent. We usually don't understand wrestling, especially Monday Night Raw.
Brandt Savoy
Brandt Savoy 4 kun oldin
Huh. No. 2 was the one i didnt know or notice at all.
Bierguy303 4 kun oldin
Comment for Algorithm
Brandi *click* Bear!
Brandi *click* Bear! 4 kun oldin
Drew Macintyre's thigh slap is the one I hate most.
Chris Brooke
Chris Brooke 4 kun oldin
And Number 1... the entire thing haha. Brilliant!
Marvel Protogen
Marvel Protogen 4 kun oldin
I've always wondered is the word hospital ambulance accident and emergency emergency service etc are somehow © or ™
NiKoS 4 kun oldin
I feel like Simon is someone who got picked on at school for be nice. And that is high school reunion he picked up a bully, powerbombed them to a table, then apologized and got them a drink
Anthony Quintero
Anthony Quintero 4 kun oldin
Damn. That first 20 seconds is 100% FACTS 😂😂 how'd you even know I took a break from it tho??? Lmao
Copy Imitation
Copy Imitation 4 kun oldin
Lol I don't feel like I'm in a _"special club"_ when I hear wrestlers call out moves.. It ruins the match for me 🤷‍♂️
Copy Imitation
Copy Imitation 4 kun oldin
Man.. way back around 2000 I was at a local Wrestling show in Ohio and they either forgot to gimmick the table or didn't want to. It was VCW (Violent Championship Wrestling) and Chris Hero was slammed onto the table probably 5 times before the legs gave out 😬
Gaming With Cubby
Gaming With Cubby 4 kun oldin
I’ve never had an issue with the hand squeeze, legitimises the sport to me and reminds me that bumps are real and the performers are putting their well-being on the line for my entertainment
Anthony Soriano
Anthony Soriano 4 kun oldin
Nice of Simon to shoutout Botchamania. Sucks that he had to deal with that copyright situation
Ifan Dafydd
Ifan Dafydd 4 kun oldin
Going to watch endless tag team matches now to look out for the hand facing up and down (no pun intended) thing
Terry Trent
Terry Trent 4 kun oldin
Simon "Secret Information" Miller?
Ryan Jenkinson
Ryan Jenkinson 4 kun oldin
I'm gonna be brutally honest here but WWE went downhill when Dean Ambrose left and went to AEW 😂🤚
Benjamin Clark
Benjamin Clark 4 kun oldin
That first "Let's" was so high pitch, I wouldn't have thought it a sound I would ever hear come from Simon's vocal cords. I had to loop it for about five minutes. Really, you all should try it.
Copy Imitation
Copy Imitation 4 kun oldin
He makes the wildest voices 😂 Sometimes I go around my house talking like him and it feels so ridiculous.
Lekelere Emokpaire
Lekelere Emokpaire 4 kun oldin
21st my fav number
Dave Marchitto
Dave Marchitto 4 kun oldin
Umm... Why DONT they have an audio dump button on the ring mic? That would kinda fix the whole problem.
wstine79 4 kun oldin
Placing microphones in the steel steps to make the bumps louder.
Vikkor Heel
Vikkor Heel 4 kun oldin
Thunder Puf
Thunder Puf 4 kun oldin
No Lives Matter.
Bruh plus Meme equals Breme
Bruh plus Meme equals Breme 4 kun oldin
Kinda early 20 mins late but uhmmmm 16th
Cyril Ogude
Cyril Ogude 4 kun oldin
Wow everyone had the same wrestling life
CW Volcano
CW Volcano 2 kun oldin
@Joe James sorry that your sensitive 😐
David Parsons
David Parsons 3 kun oldin
Exactly. Love it as a kid. Leave it. Find it
Gene Quagmire
Gene Quagmire 3 kun oldin
Except me.
SchnulliBrudiTV 3 kun oldin
gundo Rambau
gundo Rambau 3 kun oldin
Billy James
Billy James 4 kun oldin
3 really OPEN Secret that WWE Tries and Fails to Hide are - *VINCENT K McMahon has gone Cuckoo, instead of making him "exit gracefully" they let him run the show *MONEY is everything even if it comes from Dictators & Questionable Sources *They don't give a DAMN about Womens Wrestling or in general
Joe James
Joe James 4 kun oldin
I hope that last one is true. No one gives a damn about women's wrestling, its not a draw.
Kierkegaard 4 kun oldin
shadowedambition 4 kun oldin
Simon Miller may be the best commentary on Wrestling Today. He is the essence of our childhood eloquently translated into a wrestler's physique. Joy personified.
Gene Quagmire
Gene Quagmire 3 kun oldin
It's ok to be attracted to him but maybe that's clouding your judgment?
D.C. TONY 3 kun oldin
i really agree
Parag Chaturvedi
Parag Chaturvedi 4 kun oldin
No. Adam be the best
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