8 Times WWE Thought They'd Be Invaded FOR REAL

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9 kun oldin

Alleged murder threats, pissed off promoters and all kinds of headaches for Vince McMahon's WWE.
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Mike Attard
Mike Attard Kun oldin
The sheer hypocrisy of Vince McMahon doing the Montreal screwjob because he thought Bret would take the WWE belt to WCW (no, he would not have, everybody knows that) when he tried to get Harley Race to do the same thing to the NWA about 14 years earlier... wow.
Edwin Perez
Edwin Perez Kun oldin
And the cease and desist turned out to be a lie to get heat on WWE
CoolNameGuy 2 kun oldin
The clown nose is such a wonderful self own
Jayla Gaskins
Jayla Gaskins 3 kun oldin
LastDropFalls 4 kun oldin
Enzo invaded that one time. So then they started posting his picture up in the arena so security could boot him out if he tried again.
William Batson
William Batson 6 kun oldin
The cease and desist bs was a work to sell tv shirts.
N Galvan
N Galvan 6 kun oldin
Damn scott was scary !!!!
Stuart Ward
Stuart Ward 7 kun oldin
No Enzo?
W C 7 kun oldin
Marty and Flip took Japan.
robert brunelle
robert brunelle 7 kun oldin
dx goes there when no one was there what a joke that was
Jeff GREENE 7 kun oldin
She passed away (CHYNA) of drugs and A BROKEN 💔!!!!!!!!!!
Oliver L.
Oliver L. 7 kun oldin
DiBiase went to the WWF after Watts sold to Crockett. Him leaving didn't really affect the Cowboy anymore. He even had (at least) one UWF-Match that already was under the Crockett-Umbrealla on May 3 1987 with Dr. Death vs. Sting & Rick Steiner. Duggan left earlier in 1987, starting his WWF-Run in early February of that year. By this point the UWF already took a hard blow because of the downfall of the oil-economy in Oklahoma (the companies biggest market) which started in the fall of 1986. Duggan might've stayed otherwise at this point especially given the fact that he was a Main Eventer in the UWF. Putting his departure solely on Vinnie's expansion is a bit of a simplification of matters & in DiBiase's case just plain wrong.
trscsaeg 7 kun oldin
Vince is fucking psycho trying to take race down lol
Gregory Vundal
Gregory Vundal 8 kun oldin
Wheres you BLM shirts you race grifters
Leon Knight
Leon Knight 8 kun oldin
Another let's make a 10 minute video to get paid
The Algers
The Algers 8 kun oldin
I just realised... what culture wrestling enitials are wcw...
Zora 8 kun oldin
That matt hardy story is so sad his best friend stole his girl and became a superstar and he got fired
denis ashby
denis ashby 8 kun oldin
DX tried to sneak into wcw, with a tank? And a megaphone but how seriously how can you be sneaky with a tank(yes i know it was actually a jeep but it had a turret) military vehicles arn't what I would call stealthy
Darren Higham
Darren Higham 8 kun oldin
From what I gather Vince actually contemplated answering bishoffs challenge till his stooges talked him outta it lol
SHERZAD TAHER Mohammed 8 kun oldin
music name?
Anthony Ford
Anthony Ford 8 kun oldin
Even a crazy person knows the vid Is a fraud
Kevin Joseph
Kevin Joseph 8 kun oldin
When you Scott Steiner in the thumbnail, you KNOW it’s gonna be good!
The Thairish Sun
The Thairish Sun 8 kun oldin
4:08 Someone didn't skip leg day!
Bonesaw McGraw
Bonesaw McGraw 8 kun oldin
Imagine thinking you could own a hand gesture hahahaha what a loaer Vince is
spoonyluv19 8 kun oldin
WWE is unfortunately becoming a late stage WCW clone.
The Real Jrü Gordon
The Real Jrü Gordon 8 kun oldin
9:20 Rick Rude never wrestled in the AWA. He came to WWF from NWA (JCP). C'mon guys, you better than this.
Hector Vargas Jr.
Hector Vargas Jr. 8 kun oldin
Bullet Club invading raw was genius,I know it's not original but come on I've would have left my seat just too go out there and joined them.
eric stoepker
eric stoepker 8 kun oldin
At one time, way way back, I saw Harley Race wrestle on WWWF Sat morning wrestling as NWA champion.
Mark Norris
Mark Norris 8 kun oldin
There was that time in 1992 when they thought they were going to be invaded by the DEA.
Tom Seville
Tom Seville 8 kun oldin
The most hilarious thing is, I think the second photo of Steiner above the main one on WWE's bulletin board is Petey Williams...
Raven Griffin
Raven Griffin 8 kun oldin
What about the Voodoo Kin Mafia? They tried too & I think even got into a house show?
Dillon Compton
Dillon Compton 8 kun oldin
Who else usually skips the first two minutes of these videos to avoid hearing all the extra nonsense ?
Ivan C.
Ivan C. 8 kun oldin
Did mean to say fishies or feces?!
Jamie Garner
Jamie Garner 8 kun oldin
Shane Douglas did an occupy RAW thing years ago, where he sat in audience with a luchadore mask on, and the took it off, but i think security intercepted him. I don’t think it was an angle, only happened once if I recall.
Lostmymind1 8 kun oldin
No, I remember watching that. Security didn't do ANYTHING because they didn't know what was happening, or who he was. He took his mask off, and like 10-20 people started chanting ECW. Nobody got violent, nobody went crazy, so from the perspective of the rent-a-cops perspective, there is no problem. Then, Shane realized it wasn't going as well as he'd hoped. He was expecting the whole arena to notice him.......but only 10-20 people did. So he left on his own accord, as security "protected him" from the fans. They thought he was a WWE wrestler, or something, and so they treated him as such.
GeneralKayoss 8 kun oldin
This PG era bullshit should be invaded on a weekly basis.
Matt Hill
Matt Hill 8 kun oldin
I loved The Alliance. I thought it was perfect.
Big Dog
Big Dog 8 kun oldin
If you weeel!
TheFlock83 8 kun oldin
Forget what happened with Hardy, Edge and Lita, I need to know more about Matt’s problems with pollen
Jack Mack
Jack Mack 8 kun oldin
The whole deal with Chyna is just sad. Because they couldn't make a deal, everyone lost money. And many blame her for not taking the money that they did offer, but she was devastated by hhh's betrayal and probably figured the extra dough as compensation for having to see the "loveebirds" whenever she came to work.
Donald Grump
Donald Grump 8 kun oldin
Matt Hardy did it. N no matter how many male hormones Chyna took she was a woman, they don't actually have emotions.
heelgill 8 kun oldin
Not everyone can say they bought out their enemy’s entire business.
Ananya Raizada
Ananya Raizada 5 kun oldin
Man no matter how many people speak ill of him. Vince is a genius and wrestling is what it is because of him only. Because I am sitting in India and watching WWE from last 20 years and no other company has telecasted their shows (except TNA)
huffy619 8 kun oldin
He already had shares in WCW...Don’t want to lose that shiz lol
Ibrahim Hosny
Ibrahim Hosny 8 kun oldin
Specially after refusing a 50 mil offer to accept a 4 mil one from vkm...odd
Horrorfan1 8 kun oldin
With Scott Steiner anything can happen
Mike B
Mike B 8 kun oldin
If China got the meeting maybe we get one night in China episode 2 with Hhh
Doug Buckner
Doug Buckner 8 kun oldin
I was expecting Simon to talk about other wrestling companies trying to invade WWE. For example, their (at the time) main rival, TNA. That was not the case. So.... Thumbs Down.
Outlaw Rip-off artist
Outlaw Rip-off artist 8 kun oldin
If I was the security guard, and my job was to stop Scott Steiner from attacking somebody. I would quit my job, because there’s not enough money in the world to make want to do that.
Brian McDubb
Brian McDubb 8 kun oldin
well, you would have quit your job for nothing then since he never showed up.... if he had showed up said security 99% chance would not have had to touch him anyway, you tell him he's not allowed in and then call the police, the army, marines and air force, and if that doesn't stop him you call Meng.
Jeff LeMaster
Jeff LeMaster 8 kun oldin
More like not enough volts in a taser to keep down the physical embodiment of steroids
TheFlock83 8 kun oldin
Nor enough volts in a taser to keep the Genetic Freak down
Jeff Dew
Jeff Dew 8 kun oldin
Simon, why do you say “fee-she’s” so weird?!? I listened n laughed multiple times! 😭😂😭
Mike Attard
Mike Attard Kun oldin
@Rocky Stonejaw I think it's just some dialects just pronounce words a little differently.
Rocky Stonejaw
Rocky Stonejaw 2 kun oldin
He constantly mispronounces names too, it's endearing. I don't think it's deliberate ignorance. Also, gotta remember the guy is a bit of a meathead reading other people's words.
gorobot 8 kun oldin
You should edit out the name of the WWE Stalker. You're just giving him extra publicity
B-Bncs79 8 kun oldin
Enzo Amore: "Yo, did's I ever tell you's the time I invaded WWE?" Everyone else at the bar: "About a million f***ing times, Enzo!"
Paul J. White
Paul J. White 8 kun oldin
"Suddenly turned in the mafia"?? That's essentially what the NWA was. Lol
christopher houlihan
christopher houlihan 8 kun oldin
What they did with matt hardy was a joke
christopher houlihan
christopher houlihan 8 kun oldin
Well if vince and co was to stop treating people like crap then they wouldn't need to worry about being invaded
JustMister13 8 kun oldin
I don’t get the Montalvo thing with the PC. Did anyone attempt to have him hospitalized for the obvious mental issues?
Martin Rubio
Martin Rubio 8 kun oldin
Matt hardy should got a push
Martin Rubio
Martin Rubio 8 kun oldin
The bullet club should went to wwe
mightybk 7 kun oldin
Vince would have screwed it up -- if he doesn't create it, he hates it.
Donald Grump
Donald Grump 8 kun oldin
The trademark is owned by NJPW, I assume AEW got permission to say the name on Dynamite the few times edgy have.
Psyonikx 8 kun oldin
Definitely no.
The YarnSan
The YarnSan 8 kun oldin
This audio quality is incredible
Tom Seville
Tom Seville 8 kun oldin
They have a new studio, but can't use it because of the ""ongoing global bastard!"
Angry Joker
Angry Joker 8 kun oldin
Nice sarcasm
Donald Smith
Donald Smith 8 kun oldin
Where's Nathan from what culture??
Carlos Elizondo
Carlos Elizondo 8 kun oldin
Wwe hipocrith Don't allow to chyna bring back because he did porn movie But he bring back x pac AND he did porn movie too. Stupid wwe
Tyna Stevens
Tyna Stevens 8 kun oldin
Didn't Chyna and Xpac do porn together?
Fábio Figueiredo
Fábio Figueiredo 8 kun oldin
She was obviously not brought back because of Steph.
Fábio Figueiredo
Fábio Figueiredo 8 kun oldin
Do you srsly think that Chyna wasn't brought back because of porn?
Mikey 8 kun oldin
Scott Steiner is the biggest PoS in the wrestling business… Soooooo overrated in the IWC too.
Psyonikx 8 kun oldin
Actually, Vince McMahon is the biggest POS in the wrestling business. This video even points out several reasons why.
M. Olender
M. Olender 8 kun oldin
WaveyGamer 8 kun oldin
Vince tried catching Harley Race like he was a damn Pokemon. It get's an up!
Vanessa Stegall
Vanessa Stegall 8 kun oldin
Congratulations to What Caulture wrestling on 2 million subscribers!
Rick Rude
Rick Rude 8 kun oldin
no air time = no free promo
Charles Grape
Charles Grape 8 kun oldin
Props on using an actual photo of Memorial Hall. As someone from the Kansas City area, I popped for it and by popped I mean liked and left a comment.
Dan Goose
Dan Goose 8 kun oldin
💘 Simon vods
You Are Now Aware Podcast
You Are Now Aware Podcast 8 kun oldin
Last time I was here this early, Whatculture wasn’t at 2 million subscribers! Seriously, congrats guys!!
Larry Thee Man
Larry Thee Man 8 kun oldin
Hulk Hogan whatcha gonna do when Big Poppa Pump puts his hands on you?! You won't win that one Brother.
Super Mario
Super Mario 2 kun oldin
@Larry Thee Man Stop the work, Larry.
Larry Thee Man
Larry Thee Man 8 kun oldin
@Captain Quinn who is Stiener? Scott Steiner? I dont know what the hell you talking about.
Captain Quinn
Captain Quinn 8 kun oldin
the math says that Stiener is well, you know!
Z B 8 kun oldin
Omg why is this so loud?
professor granpa
professor granpa 8 kun oldin
New studio, better equipment?
Andrew A
Andrew A 8 kun oldin
Lebron > mj
DJDoubleCee 8 kun oldin
I can actually see Eric Bischoff trying to invade WWE, seeing how hard he was trying to destroy WWE when WCW was at its peak.
Surpluhs 8 kun oldin
@GeneralKayoss notice the quotation marks bud
GeneralKayoss 8 kun oldin
@Surpluhs That was all a work.
Surpluhs 8 kun oldin
It was common in the ECW days to “invade” other promotions
Jacob Wineberg
Jacob Wineberg 8 kun oldin
Jahed A
Jahed A 8 kun oldin
Last time I came this early my girl was pregnant
joe shipley
joe shipley 8 kun oldin
You say this on every video, when obviously you've never touched a girl in your life
Aaron AJ Knight
Aaron AJ Knight 8 kun oldin
No one likes having their shows interrupted.
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