8 Disastrous WWE Debut Matches

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You only get one chance to make a good first impression.
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MecHe 12
MecHe 12 2 soat oldin
Al Snow hell no bro😂
Oliver Pearman
Oliver Pearman 7 soat oldin
Phantasio isn’t all on Vince - del Rios used that gimmick, under the name the Spellbinder, in USWA long before WWE picked him up
jb888888888 15 soat oldin
The Executioner was given a prime debut match, opening the first _Wrestlemania,_ but he muffed it by losing and was never seen again.
Chad Alpha
Chad Alpha Kun oldin
I think "Iron" Mike Sharpe deserves honorable mention as he apparently hurt his arm and it never recovered
Grayson Hughes
Grayson Hughes Kun oldin
I hope the misspelling of “disastrous” in the graphic was a joke.
Raden 2 kun oldin
Serial Miller
Serial Miller 2 kun oldin
Funny how WWF (at the time) fans didn't want to see a WCW match on RAW, just as WCW fans did not want to see WWF on TNT on Black Saturday.
DrakoDragonis 2 kun oldin
The 'Undietaker'!
Brad Mays
Brad Mays 3 kun oldin
Whoever downvoted this list is pro-Katie Vick.
Jayla Gaskins
Jayla Gaskins 3 kun oldin
Jared X Rawlings
Jared X Rawlings 4 kun oldin
I dislocated my right hip in the middle of my first match lmaoo. I had to be gone for 3 weeks after my first ever match.
JR Y 5 kun oldin
Oh come on the bastion booger gross out gimmick was way better than a wrestling monk.
Ashley 5 kun oldin
I don't think Al Snow gets the praise he deserves so it's nice Simon mentioned it 😊
Ryan Abbey
Ryan Abbey 6 kun oldin
Surprised Lord Tensi didn’t make this list.
Leebo13 Kun oldin
It was probably because of the fact that it was Matt Bloom's 4th different gimmick as a WWF/E wrestler.
Chuck D
Chuck D 6 kun oldin
January 2002 WCW was out of business for 10 months how did four WCW stars jump ship ....
SportsGaming2011 6 kun oldin
Damn that’s crazy, that guy with the totally not Simon sign reminds me of someone, can’t put my finger on it
George A
George A 6 kun oldin
Another disastrous enterance was Scott Putski at WWF In Your House
donovan bradford
donovan bradford 6 kun oldin
I also think the magician setting the gorilla position on fire with Bruce Prichard of all people in it didn't help his cause to stay.
Dave Dibley Gaming
Dave Dibley Gaming 6 kun oldin
Radicalz went to WWF in 2000 not 2002
Mr. K
Mr. K 6 kun oldin
Damn! And who says the Polish hammer was a gimmick move?!?!
KatDJZ 7 kun oldin
Can't even lie, if someone started making their opponents' underwear magically appear mid-match on Raw, I'd be pretty amused. Make it happen, lol.
RedVader7 7 kun oldin
“January 2002” - 2:56 they debuted in 2000
Wayne Carter
Wayne Carter 7 kun oldin
Maybe Phantasio misheard the name and thought Mark Calloway was known as "The Undie Taker"! 😆😆😆
Geno Ray
Geno Ray Kun oldin
Well played!
Josh Schultz
Josh Schultz 7 kun oldin
"Imagine if all jobs happened that way" (Shows Wilbourn getting tossed out the window) "Life would be better" Damn, Simon.
SAGiles 7 kun oldin
Did Simon say “Yo-Zay” Estrada Jr.?
Gary McLaughlin
Gary McLaughlin 7 kun oldin
Sammy Zayne dislocating his shoulder on his way to the ring during his debut should be in here. He also lost the match.
Gary McLaughlin
Gary McLaughlin 3 kun oldin
@Jay Harv28 well it was his main roster debut and was billed as such, if you didn't watch NXT (like me) you have bo idea who he is either.
Jay Harv28
Jay Harv28 3 kun oldin
I wouldn't say that was wwe debut match since he was in NXT first
ThrashAD720 7 kun oldin
Do these guys do any research? Hayabusa is not a New Japan star. He only wrestle in New Japan one time representing FMW in 1994 Super J Cup. He wrestle in All Japan from 97 - 99 representing FMW as well as some other promotions.
nathan wheeler
nathan wheeler 7 kun oldin
Surprised That Jackie Gayda Match wasn't mentioned.
Christina Marie
Christina Marie 7 kun oldin
I'll never forget watching Big Time Rush on Nickelodeon with my kid and Chris Masters showed up, I was like "well that's odd"
Christina Marie
Christina Marie Kun oldin
@Jordan Banks did they? I'll have to watch that episode again.
Jordan Banks
Jordan Banks Kun oldin
I don’t find his appearance on the show odd I think it’s odd that they billed him as the WWE Champion
RIVERSIDER 4 kun oldin
Sadly , he didn't shift any of their noses 👃🚫👃....
Mark Wrenn
Mark Wrenn 6 kun oldin
Nora Brandt
Nora Brandt 7 kun oldin
I'm surprised that you didn't have that guy (I forget his name) who was Tug Boat later on. He was supposed to enter by smashing through the wall, but as he did he tripped and and his helmet (which a Storm Trooper's helmet with glitter all over it) either came off or got turned around backwards. This entrance was so bad that I forget how the match went.
ゴミ箱YL 7 kun oldin
That was in WCW
Timothy Phillips
Timothy Phillips 7 kun oldin
3:08 we would all be starring at that like eddie did 😂
exactinmidget92 7 kun oldin
honestly the last two gimmicks sounds awesome as hell. i would definitely watch a magician and drunk friar if implemented correctly.
Alex Barrios
Alex Barrios 7 kun oldin
Wasn't Kronik's first match with Taker and Kane so horrible they almost immediately got fired?
Como Amosto
Como Amosto 7 kun oldin
I can’t help but laugh at the explanation Phantasio gave for why the gimmick didn’t work. I’m sure when Taker heard the explanation too he got a good chuckle out of it too for how ridiculous it sounded 🤣🤣🤣
logan kerr
logan kerr 7 kun oldin
they should bring back Masters and challenge Lashley's "Hurt Lock". it'll come full circle
Joey Dugo
Joey Dugo 7 kun oldin
Oh my God it's Stevie Richards!
LifelessSatellite 7 kun oldin
I will never forget Eddie messing up his arm. That was so gross. Poor dude.
Dch94 4 kun oldin
He's doing good now no need to feel sorry for him
Aqib Iqbal
Aqib Iqbal 7 kun oldin
Rehash# love ur stuff normally bro, but this is just a remix list and ur a lot better than this bro!!
Mobin Kiadeh
Mobin Kiadeh 7 kun oldin
2:56 2001 not 2002
AngelicusImmortus 7 kun oldin
I want to see AJ’s original (TNA & Indie) entry. Just because it fits the Phenomenal attitude and he is. Just as they removed Shinske’s it was a dumb move. They never removed Stone Cold’s and will hopefully not do the same to Becky Lynch.
Joe Brown
Joe Brown 7 kun oldin
Radicals debuting in Jan 2002 Mike Shaw being called Mark Shaw Not wanting to be too negative but come on lads
ajk 5 kun oldin
Least it's not as bad as Mick Foley being called Mike in his early days Pre-Mankind lol
Giant M137
Giant M137 7 kun oldin
I could be wrong on this but what about Enzo? Didn’t he get knocked out in his first match?
AJ Mainiac
AJ Mainiac 7 kun oldin
Lol. Very similar to another video you’ve done in the past. Get better material, like top 10 Sunday night matches.
Martin Rubio
Martin Rubio 7 kun oldin
Edge is a legend
Warren Lynch
Warren Lynch 7 kun oldin
The intro sounded a like it hit a little too close to home for Simon
Martin Rubio
Martin Rubio 7 kun oldin
Eddie guerrero deserved to be wwe champion
ajk 5 kun oldin
and of course he was eventually
Martin Rubio
Martin Rubio 7 kun oldin
Chris masters should got a push
Munch KING
Munch KING 7 kun oldin
The problem was they got the wrong kind of monk! "Turn the other cheek" Catholic monks? Not good for Wrestling. Get one of those Shaolin guys, and that guy would have some cred!
CUniverse 7 kun oldin
2:58 *January 2002 lit up the wrestling world* *January* *2002* Oh, Simon, never stop getting dates wrong (actually stop)
Serge Lévesque
Serge Lévesque 7 kun oldin
Only making it worse for Mike Shaw, he lost his first match as Bastion Booger on TV... against Virgil of all people!
Phil Webster
Phil Webster 7 kun oldin
Phantasio sounds amazing, what the hell?
Randall Wall
Randall Wall 7 kun oldin
I loved Mike Shaw as Muka Shing with the Great Kama as Karachi Vice in Stampede Wrestling. Early to mid 80's.
Rants 'N' Bantz
Rants 'N' Bantz 7 kun oldin
Only get one chance to make a first impression
Rants 'N' Bantz
Rants 'N' Bantz 7 kun oldin
Let's go champ
Peter Castillo
Peter Castillo 7 kun oldin
A bit shocked not to see Sami Zayn on this list.
Michael Brown
Michael Brown 7 kun oldin
Anyone else hear him call Jose, Yosay?
Qiwi 7 kun oldin
I clicked the title and thought Sin Cara
blorpinino999 7 kun oldin
Hey, watch it...some of us liked Bastion Booger...
Alan the hedgehog
Alan the hedgehog 7 kun oldin
I expected Daniel Bryan here
Unholy Periodza
Unholy Periodza 7 kun oldin
Mike Kannellis, Samoa Joe, Daniel Bryan, Neville
Trinidad Valdez
Trinidad Valdez 7 kun oldin
Hendinrich, luther reigns, jeff hardy, sting( back in the day )
Leon Knight
Leon Knight 7 kun oldin
Another 10 minute video
Trinidad Valdez
Trinidad Valdez 7 kun oldin
Mordecai he didn't last long because the person behind the character just couldn't pull it off and he was jobbing to hardcore holly
Gman75 6 kun oldin
I was thinking the same thing when I saw this thumbnail. He’s got to be in there.
Trinidad Valdez
Trinidad Valdez 7 kun oldin
Stone cold as the ringmaster he was ok against savio Vega but he could have done better
Trinidad Valdez
Trinidad Valdez 7 kun oldin
Tazz because he suplexed the crap outta angle and after that nobody wanted to work with him
Trinidad Valdez
Trinidad Valdez 7 kun oldin
Shemus debut against jamie noble omg poor noble
Dark Cloud
Dark Cloud 7 kun oldin
Did you know, Don Calis give Al Snow head ....... it’s true, it’s dam true
frank unodostres
frank unodostres 7 kun oldin
funfact: chris masters used the full nelson as his finisher and it was one of the most protected finishers for the longest time. the first man who broke the so called master lock was bobby lashley. fast forward to 2021 and lashley is wwe champion. and what's his finisher? that's right, the full nelson aka the hurt lock
Justin Bonds
Justin Bonds 7 kun oldin
It all came full circle
Mohammed Muhi Uddin MM313
Mohammed Muhi Uddin MM313 7 kun oldin
Yaay more Simon.
Deangelo Mccauley
Deangelo Mccauley 7 kun oldin
I knew edge was going to be on this list
dannyaraya1988 7 kun oldin
need Simon to retro up & downs that Raw episode when Phantasio debuted “he removed his underpants magically! this not only gets a down, but a brown down”
Mark Jackson
Mark Jackson 7 kun oldin
Well it can't be any worse for Al Snow than playing " Frosty James" in the somehow trilogy of a car crash series of films that were Ultimate Death Match!
Mark Jackson
Mark Jackson 7 kun oldin
I don't think my memory is hallucinating but does anyone remember Rodney Mack's debut against the aforementioned Al Snow who on this occasion was fortunate not to end up with a broken neck as a result of Rodney's clumsy version of a finisher when he tried to do a modified power bomb but either lost his grip or just plain carelessly dumped Al on his head!
soulknife20 7 kun oldin
I remember that. Mainly cause I'm watching that time frame of WWE. Mack looked like a million bucks but man was he clumsy
dr. snakes
dr. snakes 7 kun oldin
That clumsy powerbomb was my finisher in Smackdown vs. Raw '06! 😂😂
Mehgend 7 kun oldin
I don’t even remember Rodney Mack ever being in a WWE ring and I am a walking WWE encyclopedia
C.G D 7 kun oldin
I thought phantasio wore facepaint not a mask
C.G D 3 kun oldin
Maynard Peralta
Maynard Peralta 4 kun oldin
It was as dumb as you could possibly imagine. He wore a mask of his facepaint, and took it off when he entered the ring to reveal the exact same design on his facepaint.
Meir Nissim
Meir Nissim 7 kun oldin
The Radicalz arrived in the WWF in 2000 NOT 2002
Rev Wolf
Rev Wolf 7 kun oldin
It's like they don't do any research at all.
Tom Seville
Tom Seville 7 kun oldin
Perry Saturn was RELEASED in 2002 and Dean retired in 2001...
Doug 7 kun oldin
Stevie Richards did an interview where he said Arn Anderson told Masters to hit him as hard as he could. Stevie was against it, but Masters did what he was told.
tdkcastro 7 kun oldin
When Chris Masters debuted, I didn’t really like his gimmick as I saw it a copy of the Narcissist Lex Luger, and I was never really a Luger fan
Mark Myers
Mark Myers 7 kun oldin
Phantasio whod only work as a ultimate muscle character as in a cartoon!
Erik Gonzalez
Erik Gonzalez 7 kun oldin
For some reason I thought Chris Masters had died, what a pleasant way to figure out that's not the case
Matthew Rigby
Matthew Rigby 7 kun oldin
Can we get a list of 1st match types (e.g first ladder, hell in a cell, triple threat, fatal 4way, no dq match, last man standing)
Justin R
Justin R 7 kun oldin
You mean a good first impression?
Aaron Talks Films
Aaron Talks Films 7 kun oldin
Isn't that the joke?
rod knock
rod knock 7 kun oldin
34th maybe?
Ivan Blackwell
Ivan Blackwell 7 kun oldin
ik ec3 here
Ryan Prior
Ryan Prior 7 kun oldin
I got to defend sin Cara on the entrance botches.. jumping the ropes like that is hard even with a small trampoline (which doesn't add much spring)
Bryan Hutton
Bryan Hutton 7 kun oldin
No Sami Zayn?
Ryan Prior
Ryan Prior 7 kun oldin
Tbh fighting your girlfriends dad can get you some mad credit (if you believe you're in the right)
Jeremy Ngai
Jeremy Ngai 7 kun oldin
"We all want to make a first good impression"
Tony Voigt
Tony Voigt Kun oldin
I rewound to hear that, just as i read your comment lol
Mickey McKibbles
Mickey McKibbles 6 kun oldin
@sugarnnndiesel should be "good first impression"
sugarnnndiesel 7 kun oldin
i don’t get it
Aaron Grim
Aaron Grim 7 kun oldin
I thought I was hearing stuff. But it made me laugh to hear that.
mada pheonix
mada pheonix 7 kun oldin
It's a work
Ray Klassen 1973
Ray Klassen 1973 7 kun oldin
8:37 The UnderwearTaker!! LOL 😆👍
PhilSonnetArnold SONNET
PhilSonnetArnold SONNET 7 kun oldin
Simon, where in the UK are there any Wrestling Schools?, I always wanted to be a Wrestler but could never find and Schools to Train.
robert clark
robert clark 7 kun oldin
@PhilSonnetArnold SONNET NP .
PhilSonnetArnold SONNET
PhilSonnetArnold SONNET 7 kun oldin
@robert clark Thank you Pal.
robert clark
robert clark 7 kun oldin
Al Snow Wrestling Academy (UK) Stayton Road , Sutton , SM1 2PS .
Wayne King Is Great!
Wayne King Is Great! 7 kun oldin
He said UK
David Voice
David Voice 7 kun oldin
I hear Al Snow has a good one in Canada. Kane and Tom Pritchard also have school in the United States
Kraymer Mcvey
Kraymer Mcvey 7 kun oldin
Love the Wilborne being airborne through a window!
General Blackbeard
General Blackbeard 7 kun oldin
wait holy shit this is a new video haha
Chase Oliver
Chase Oliver 7 kun oldin
Is Buff number 1? Kizarny?
INSERT NAME 101 7 kun oldin
Not first.
Tamzid Mohsin Khan
Tamzid Mohsin Khan 7 kun oldin
Sin Cara screwed himself by becoming injury prone . So his WWE debut was a failure
Gary Angel
Gary Angel 7 kun oldin
Masters was fun but IMO his best moment was Lashley breaking the master lock.
Gary Angel
Gary Angel 7 kun oldin
@DK Domo damn I didn't even think about that. That is crazy.
DK Domo
DK Domo 7 kun oldin
Ironically lashley uses that finisher now
Kraymer Mcvey
Kraymer Mcvey 7 kun oldin
Ding dong!
Darren Hall
Darren Hall 7 kun oldin
I remember Chris Masters disaster, full of the flu and hurt Stevie
Owen Scarberry
Owen Scarberry 7 kun oldin
I'm so early there is 4 people saying first
Michael Purnell
Michael Purnell 7 kun oldin
Great video. Matt Damon brought me here!
James Jackson WWE
James Jackson WWE 7 kun oldin
Javeoo 7 kun oldin
Ik sin cara on here 😂
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