10 Wrestlers Who Prepared For Matches In The Worst Possible Way

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From sitting in hospital beds the night before, to travelling halfway across the world...
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CJ Yi 17 soat oldin
The Christian one is interesting. I bet that wasnt a great talk to have with Vince. No showing is like a cardinal offense.
Forthunder Kun oldin
3:14 what is this new trend with people sticking their tongues out in every picture or video? I'd love to cut them off with some rusty scissors.
hypnosinna Kun oldin
Link to written article please?
Brian Hacker
Brian Hacker Kun oldin
Guess Chris Jericho was just helping Goldberg "get ready for a match" when he slammed his head against the floor :-)
King Of dogs
King Of dogs 2 kun oldin
Fun fact:it’s easier to be first than last.
Devin Flanagan
Devin Flanagan 2 kun oldin
Jeff hardy was fuckin knocked lol he was feeling great
The Kwaiser
The Kwaiser 3 kun oldin
Idk why anyone ever let Goldberg be a thing.
Theslithering viper titantron
Theslithering viper titantron 3 kun oldin
Of course Goldberg is the main banging his head like a bull with no brain everytime and concuss him
Aaron Lusanko
Aaron Lusanko 3 kun oldin
Well Goldberg smashing his head into the locker room door shouldn't hurt his head, he's got nothing upstairs anyways.
Ioritana Lemuelu-Viliamu
Ioritana Lemuelu-Viliamu 3 kun oldin
Every time I watch one of your videos they always get me excited
Kresien //M
Kresien //M 3 kun oldin
Poor Goldberg slamming his head again on the locker room door for the Taker match was karma
Kresien //M
Kresien //M 3 kun oldin
@Aaron Lusanko lol
Aaron Lusanko
Aaron Lusanko 3 kun oldin
Goldberg's got nothing upstairs anyways. Head smashing shouldn't affect him anyways.
ryan richardson
ryan richardson 3 kun oldin
Speak normally you annoying prick.
Matthew Rigby
Matthew Rigby 3 kun oldin
I don't think a drug addiction counts on this list i find it really sly and un tasteful its a disease and should be treated as such
Matthew Rigby
Matthew Rigby 2 kun oldin
@Aaron Lusanko so was Chris Benoit but that was also a mental issue due to head injury
Aaron Lusanko
Aaron Lusanko 3 kun oldin
It should count. It's their own actions
Andy Cain
Andy Cain 3 kun oldin
Sting v Jeff Hardy at Victory Road 2011 gives me the chills everytime. I've heard the story from several angles and the fact that Hardy could be out there in that condition in a ppv main event. Scary.
Robert Wallis
Robert Wallis 3 kun oldin
No matter what else you think of his career, Eric Bischoff handled that one absolutely perfectly, on the fly, with Sting and Jeff... and a live mic, and a live audience. "Slight change in plans, ladies and gentlemen..."
Rydiggydawg 15
Rydiggydawg 15 3 kun oldin
Davey Boy Smith at Summerslam 1992.
Koskos Ehecatl
Koskos Ehecatl 3 kun oldin
UNDERSTAND THAT! 3 kun oldin
I'm from Springfield, Missouri Lol didn't even know he was in Town, Apparently Neither did the WWE. Btw they would Reschedule Us, Boo Undertaker and John Cena one time and they Never Forget.
Rev Wolf
Rev Wolf 3 kun oldin
Wait. Jeff Hardy at Victory Road isn't #1??! How can there be NINE worse than that??!
Ali Chouhan
Ali Chouhan 3 kun oldin
9:46 lmfaoooo
Somber Stricken
Somber Stricken 3 kun oldin
Okay Stone Cold's was little misleading. He didn't stop wrestling because he got dehydrated, he had already made it official. Only a few people knew including the Rock, but the reason he got dehydrated was because he was so tore up about retiring and nervous about that match.
Brandon D
Brandon D 3 kun oldin
2:22 Oh my god, did he just make a High School Musical reference
CM Car
CM Car 2 kun oldin
Underrated shout this 👏
Sepheroth337 3 kun oldin
I think they Christian was left out of the loop on purpose. It is well known that Vince hates him.
Mark Wrenn
Mark Wrenn 3 kun oldin
The Team America bit had me rolling.
JETMAN80 3 kun oldin
Bullcrap it wasn't a jet ski accident. It was Savage punching the racist a hole.
Flint Ironstag
Flint Ironstag 3 kun oldin
How about how Andre the giant prepared for a match with bad News brown (I'm pretty sure it involved a LOT of alcohol....) where he accidentally shit all over bad News brown 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
MonsterMike Heinrichs
MonsterMike Heinrichs 18 soat oldin
Btw, when I die, I hope I don't end up wherever Bad News Brown wound up, because I laughed so hard at that story when I first heard it that he'd kill me all over again if we wind up in the same place.
Aaron Lusanko
Aaron Lusanko Kun oldin
@MonsterMike Heinrichs ok, but were they on the same team?
MonsterMike Heinrichs
MonsterMike Heinrichs Kun oldin
@Aaron Lusanko They wrestled a few times in tag matches in Mexico. That's where the story comes from.
Aaron Lusanko
Aaron Lusanko 2 kun oldin
@MonsterMike Heinrichs bad news Brown joined WWF in 1988, at this point Andre was a heel. Before 1988, bad news brown was in stampede wrestling from 1982-88. So it would have to be a heel vs heel match in WWF.
MonsterMike Heinrichs
MonsterMike Heinrichs 3 kun oldin
@Aaron Lusanko Andre the Giant was a babyface for the first fiftteen years of his career. He only turned heel during the build-up to WrestleMania 3. And he definitely fought Bad News Brown before that.
Billy G
Billy G 3 kun oldin
Why does every video Gareth narrates, sound like a pre-school TV presenter?
MonsterMike Heinrichs
MonsterMike Heinrichs 3 kun oldin
Maybe he's a preschool TV presenter in his free time?
João Vitor Ferreira Martins
João Vitor Ferreira Martins 3 kun oldin
Oh WCPW how I fucking miss you...
Trevor Walker
Trevor Walker 3 kun oldin
That Jet Ski’s name? Randy Savage.
PRO X Jayant
PRO X Jayant 3 kun oldin
Stone cold in thumbnail makes me to come here😂
Albert Williams
Albert Williams 3 kun oldin
Wow so that bit on smackdown when Eddie and big show were feuding and Eddie got special burritos delivered that big show stole made him skip out on the match cause he had to take a shit was a rib lol the more you know
The 3rd Jake From State Farm
The 3rd Jake From State Farm 3 kun oldin
In "A" Hospital
The 3rd Jake From State Farm
The 3rd Jake From State Farm 3 kun oldin
Who the hell is Kristy-In?
PRODBYGIO 3 kun oldin
thats why Bad Bunny is a better wrestler than Arrow
Troy Kennedy
Troy Kennedy 3 kun oldin
This is a very misleading title lol
Shin-Blade 3 kun oldin
That Hulk Hogan black eye was also told on Dark Side of The Ring on the Randy Savage episode...
The Notorious MGS
The Notorious MGS 3 kun oldin
It’s crazy to know now that orton didn’t practice for the match against taker. That was one of the best matches of the night in my opinion ahead of the misterio guerrero match and behind the angle vs michaels match.
AJ Mainiac
AJ Mainiac 3 kun oldin
Very similar to other videos this channel has done. Get new material, like top 10 Sunday night heat matches.
Jordan Scott
Jordan Scott 3 kun oldin
Speaking of... I’m going to go watch that again
aegian48 3 kun oldin
Acolytes vs Public Enemy is number 1
LeftyStegman 3 kun oldin
shocked no ecw wrestlers were on here
Mala Llama
Mala Llama 3 kun oldin
If RVD smoking a joint before every match isn't here... I'm burning Whatculture's office
Flint Ironstag
Flint Ironstag 3 kun oldin
Get your accelerant and matches ready....
Dante K
Dante K 3 kun oldin
I love Macho Man but I believe he is all talk. The only person that would be scared of him physically would be Miss Elizabeth
Justin Mayberry
Justin Mayberry Kun oldin
Well youd be wrong
Kevin Betts
Kevin Betts 3 kun oldin
Team America is one of the greatest movies ever 😂
Comrade Pingu
Comrade Pingu 3 kun oldin
Guessing Davey Boy is gonna be number 1 on this list...
LongLiveRockAnRoll 3 kun oldin
Was going to say the same. How could anything be worse?
Comrade Pingu
Comrade Pingu 3 kun oldin
Anddddd not even on the list lol.
Karl Renner
Karl Renner 3 kun oldin
Jeff Hardy listed at 6'1" 225lbs is just silly. No way Hardy was ever over 210lbs.
Tiny Table Wargames
Tiny Table Wargames 3 kun oldin
Depends on his muscle mass, might be quite ripped under there buy a bit podgy due to having munchies ha
Jeremy Williams
Jeremy Williams 3 kun oldin
How about Jake Roberts getting intoxicated before Heroes of Wresting? But then again, that show was a disaster altogether.
B G 3 kun oldin
i said i drank a red bull, what? a four loko, what? a five hour energy, what? another red bull, what? another red bull, what? another five hour energy, what? if you can see through time gimme an “oh, hell yeah!”
Flint Ironstag
Flint Ironstag 3 kun oldin
Another four loko! WHAT?
Se7eN Deadly
Se7eN Deadly 3 kun oldin
See through time? That combination teleported him straight to retirement
Swear Souls
Swear Souls 3 kun oldin
Last time I was this early chris benoit won the rumble from number one
poopsyko 3 kun oldin
Hogans Jet Ski accident:Macho Mans fist
MegaUltra SuperKO
MegaUltra SuperKO 3 kun oldin
Jon Moxley revealed on the "Talk is Jericho" podcast that he takes a shot of whiskey before every extreme match. Don't blame him.
RJ S 3 kun oldin
I mean dude was SWIGGIN before the exploding barbed wire death match
Mr. Smiley
Mr. Smiley 3 kun oldin
Undertaker and Paul Bearer once got lost trying to make it to a show.
Raman Chalasani
Raman Chalasani 3 kun oldin
I don't understand why people don't like Gareth as much as the other WhatCulture staffs.
bchampy 3 kun oldin
He's much better than the "this is tha nooooooze" guys.
InfiniteTranquilo _
InfiniteTranquilo _ 3 kun oldin
Most of these are honest mistakes or bad luck, but there's no real justification for slamming your head into a locker....
Aaron Lusanko
Aaron Lusanko 3 kun oldin
Goldberg had nothing upstairs anyways.
Mrassassin 3 kun oldin
To be fair one time he decided to punch the locker instead and ended up breaking his hand
Jonah Whitney
Jonah Whitney 3 kun oldin
Who else pops for a high school musical joke?
New York Sports
New York Sports 3 kun oldin
“Number 10 any Goldberg match. Why is he the way that he is...? Number 9!”
Theslithering viper titantron
Theslithering viper titantron 3 kun oldin
True lol 😂
Curtis Jack
Curtis Jack 3 kun oldin
😂😂😂😂nice one
Jamal Vargas
Jamal Vargas 3 kun oldin
As Much as I hate Jeff Hardy being stoned at Victory Road I get tired of seeing that darn clip
Nicholas Mars
Nicholas Mars 3 kun oldin
@Rick D Stoned is a weed specific term, Jeff hardy was blasted, high, and fucked up. But not stoned.
Rick D
Rick D 3 kun oldin
@Nicholas Mars you get stoned off any narcotic weed pills ANYTHING
Nicholas Mars
Nicholas Mars 3 kun oldin
He wasn't stoned, Weed doesn't do that to you, he was on painkillers at Victory road.
Luis Lazo
Luis Lazo 3 kun oldin
Liking cause its not Adam Wilbourn
emeldez16 3 kun oldin
Diane Murphy
Diane Murphy 3 kun oldin
wow! it's amazing how nobody cares.
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