10 Wrestlers Who Got Buried For Someone Else Screwing Up

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Mistakes that cost wrestlers like Mike Awesome and William Regal spots, pushes and jobs.
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Mick Cohn
Mick Cohn 14 soat oldin
Golden Boy Entertainment
Golden Boy Entertainment 17 soat oldin
Red 17 soat oldin
I think its safe to say that Matt/Edge/Lita is the new JBL/Blue Meanie in terms of over exposure for WhatCulture
Liam McCourt
Liam McCourt Kun oldin
Regal was a fantastic and underrated technical wrestler
Lol Spoolin
Lol Spoolin Kun oldin
Matt Hardy was only fired because he aired legitimately dirty laundry when he shouldn't have. Can't say I blame him though.
Tom O'Callaghan
Tom O'Callaghan Kun oldin
The massive amount of inconsistency that comes up with Matt Hardy/Edge/Lita is mental, Matt was fired for putting it out in the open, discussing their personal life and as any HR dept would’ve done, they sacked him - so in theory... Matt screwed Matt
Nyla Iman
Nyla Iman 2 kun oldin
Tht picture of Shawn srsly gets to me a lot. Huuuuh, the sexiness of Shawn Michaels. Like damn. He was sexy his whole life nd carrer.
Claudius Jean
Claudius Jean 2 kun oldin
The Matt Hardy one on this list really pissed me off, and I think he had some of the coolest gimmicks.
Liam McCourt
Liam McCourt Kun oldin
Matt hardy is a wwf legend. I agree with you completely
Tiger 2 kun oldin
Muhammad Hassan and JBL in the company at the same time running they mouths man I miss 2005
Orphan Hart
Orphan Hart 2 kun oldin
Sometimes, I feel like anyone other than Simon intentionally talks slowly just to reach 10 minutes.
shepja87 3 kun oldin
"His (Mike Awesome) characters really sucked" Dude, Mike Awesome sucked, with all due respect to the dead he was an average wrestler, his size being his only redeeming factor. He could only get over by being reckless and hurting his opponents, and 9/10 of his matches started with a brawl to the outside, no psychology or story telling.
mkmd13 3 kun oldin
So Ryker praises our president and that makes him a bad guy? Sorry for having an opinion I guess?
Diesel 84
Diesel 84 3 kun oldin
2:27 .... uhhhh what's wrong with that tweet? Unless your a radical leftie it's just a positive message. Is that the actual thing people melted down over? FFS!
Spence Supreme
Spence Supreme 3 kun oldin
Bart Gunn for accidentally knocking out Dr. Death in the Brawl 4 All
JuJuJetastic 3 kun oldin
0:45 "who was his cousin's uncle" Me: Doesn't..... Doesn't that mean dad?
Aaron Dunlap
Aaron Dunlap Kun oldin
That would mean Mike Awesome was Hulk Hogan’s second cousin, if Mikey withheld that information he could have gotten into a *Lot* of trouble (can we say “Nepotism” boys and girls? I knew you could) look at the Brian Christopher debacle (Google Brian Christopher Jerry Lawler)
brendan909 3 kun oldin
it still kind of bugs me when I hear h pronounced 'haich'. No disrespect intended, I'm just saying.
Tony Stark
Tony Stark 3 kun oldin
I was hoping they would have done Dean vs Alistair Black instead
Martin Rubio
Martin Rubio 3 kun oldin
Ec3 deserved more
Martin Rubio
Martin Rubio 3 kun oldin
Matt hardy should got a push
Martin Rubio
Martin Rubio 3 kun oldin
Muhammad hussan shouldnt left
Brommiesfour Nicolas
Brommiesfour Nicolas 3 kun oldin
Y’all forgot about cryme tyme they were booked to win the tag team championship but Shad kept screwing it up for them
LongLiveRockAnRoll 3 kun oldin
All of WCW roster in 2001 because of Buff Bagwell 😅
Ahmed Al Kathiri
Ahmed Al Kathiri 3 kun oldin
So basically Daniel Puder buried for his own screw up, not someone else's. Makes no sense to put him in this list, let alone at #1.
DoubleTTB22 2 kun oldin
No, the screw up was making it a shoot fight in the first place. It isn't Puder's fault that he was actually good enough to win the shoot fight, since it was supposed to be a shoot. The WWE scheduled a shoot, and then they were mad when they couldn't control the results. Basically, they are complete idiots, and Puder got screwed as a result Heck they did this same thing years earlier when they scheduled a shoot boxing tournament, but then didn't know what to do when the wrong guy won. Do you have any idea how stupid you have to be to want a specific outcome in a wrestling promotion, but somehow decide to do a shoot instead, and just cross your fingers and pray. And to make this same mistake multiple times in less then a decade! It is a baffling level of incompetence. It would be like a sports team just forgetting how their games scoring system works for an entire game
Steve Borelli
Steve Borelli 3 kun oldin
I saw that Goldberg/Regal match: Goldberg did not look bad at all.
Jeremy James Prutchick
Jeremy James Prutchick 3 kun oldin
I'm not sure this counts, but I thought I read something about Jim Ross getting fired because Ric Flair was intoxicated at a WWE video game conference. I heard Flair was grieving, but J.R. still got fired.
Justin Byrd
Justin Byrd 3 kun oldin
God forbid someone supported Trump. How about your little worms across the pond mind your own fucking business when it comes to American politics? You just love hating on our beliefs yet your entire company is built on the media of AMERICA. Get a life. Trump is in the WWE HOF and the McMahon family support Trump. If it bothers you that much then stop watching. You either forget or just don't care that a lot of your audience voted for Trump and continue to support him. So how about you keep politics out of your lists? Okay? Okay.
Gene Quagmire
Gene Quagmire 3 kun oldin
7:55 Why in Christ's name does that flag say $9.99 on it?
A L 3 kun oldin
It was from the time when WWE were advertising the WWE Network for $9.99 per month and that flag is part of the huge promotion. I think it's actually beneath the WWE flag but if you don't know why it's there it must look baffling.
Gene Quagmire
Gene Quagmire 3 kun oldin
0:47 Jim had a way more interesting family than I remember...
TexZero 3 kun oldin
Paige multiple times. Be it at the fault of Brad Maddox or Alberto Del Rio.
Ryan Ellis
Ryan Ellis 3 kun oldin
Good job blaming someone else for what happened to Hassan. I'm so tired of him being shit on for what Muhammad Hassan became. He didn't write the fucking angle! He didn't choose to air that segment the night after the London bombing. Vince could have pulled the segment, but all he will ever see is money, so forget that. if that insane fossil wants to be thought of as a marketing genius and always knows what he's doing AND insists on controlling everything on his shows, then accept the fucking blame too, you psycho asshole.
Josh Strope
Josh Strope 3 kun oldin
The amount of wrestlers who've died too soon is unparalleled to any other sport.😭
Lusty World [L i v E N o W]
Lusty World [L i v E N o W] 3 kun oldin
Keeping Jaxson Ryker and letting Wesley Blake go was just baffling.😆😆
Will Kayl
Will Kayl Kun oldin
I agree. It’s such a strange situation.
pablo amador
pablo amador 3 kun oldin
@gfear24 I see your point. That's how vince sees wrestling as a fucking beauty pageant for muscly dudes
gfear24 3 kun oldin
No it's not. Look at Wesley Blake's body compared to Jaxson Ryker's. Ryker is ripped while Blake is somewhat flabby.
shreder75 3 kun oldin
You guys really need to get over the Jackson Ryker thing. Yeah, forgotten no more was their wrestling gimmick, but you never mention where it comes from: they're all military vets. He/ they got in trouble for having a different viewpoint than the rest of cesspool Twitter. Get. Over. It.
HBK367 3 kun oldin
Wait didnt the warrior match happen before the curtain call
AngelicusImmortus 3 kun oldin
Considering if HHH wrestles you know the other guy is being buried, it’s ironic he got it for the others behaviour
Bill Serad
Bill Serad 3 kun oldin
Muhammad Hassan's character was awesome. Stop trying to be "woke" and offended by everything.
ECW5320 3 kun oldin
The dude is Italian, not even the real thing.
Johnny Jr Kirch
Johnny Jr Kirch 3 kun oldin
I thought Kurt was an Olympian couldn’t take it with an amateur beating him and having all his little wrestler buddies take it out on him makes you wonder if you want to be a wrestler or notOr if winning a gold medal for your country makes you worth anything
Byrron Mobley
Byrron Mobley 3 kun oldin
Rykker or however you spell his name supported someone as divisive as DT. He should have known how that was gonna go. Ain't nothing wrong with supporting him but in this business you got to know your freedom of speech doesn't protect you from consequences. And for clarification. I loathed DT.
Peter 3 kun oldin
Again, there was nothing wrong with Ryker's Tweet and Trump is not a racist. Get this out of your head once and for all.
Mikey Crowe
Mikey Crowe 3 kun oldin
Supporting President of the United States is dumb WOW wonder how things are going now with the current potus who has to be reminded every morning he wakes up that he is the potus LMFAO 🤣🤣🤣
Patrick.M 3 kun oldin
Keeping Jaxson Ryker and letting Wesley Blake go was just baffling.
Jack Mack
Jack Mack 3 kun oldin
It can be argued that Chyna was punished for hhh + steph getting together. Yes, she refused to re-sign with the company after feeling that she was being lowballed. She was only behind The Rock in outside wwe work at the time. Plus, she had one of the top 5 or 10 selling Playboy magazines.
Justin Terry
Justin Terry 4 kun oldin
Let's be honest Matt got fired and punished for taking a private matter and making it public. His emotional lack of control cost him . Not the actions of others
DoubleTTB22 2 kun oldin
It isn't like there is a rule against that in the first place. This was well after kayfabe had died. And it isn't really WWE's problem if a wrestler posts about their relationship online or never talk about it at all. But really. It was Edge and Lita's lack of emotional control that caused the problem in the first place. But regardless of how they dealt with that it isn't really the WWE's place to choose sides and fire people over it. And besides, Matt wasn't fired for making a private situation public, since that isn't something they aren't allowed to do in the first place. There is no rule against talking aboit your private lifevin the post-kayfabe WWE. If Edge had talked about it, they wouldn't have fired him. He was fired because they liked Edge more than Matt and thought it would be awkward to keep them both.
TheValoisMadness 4 kun oldin
Was Ryker's mistake supporting our president the mistake or just putting a political opinion out there? If it's the latter and it's applied across the board, I see no issue with it. However, supporting a president who actually loves America is NOT a mistake. Especially since we're now saddled with a bunch of politicians who want to see America die. So God bless Jaxson Ryker, God bless Donald Trump, and God bless The United States of America.
john kamel
john kamel 4 kun oldin
The Ultimate Warrior Triple H match happened before the Curtain Call.
Ananya Raizada
Ananya Raizada 2 kun oldin
@Tankkilla most of his matches were squash only because he couldn't do more than 3 moves. I would have liked warrior vs Goldberg in an iron man match to see who would be able to stand on his legs after 1 hour
Tankkilla 3 kun oldin
The ultimate warrior match wasn’t booked as a squash. That was all warrior.
MikeAttardYeah 3 kun oldin
@Mike Outlaw ah ok, guess I misunderstood
Mike Outlaw
Mike Outlaw 3 kun oldin
He didn’t say the Ultimate Warrior match was his punishment. The continuous jobbing after the UW was his punishment.
Mike Attard
Mike Attard 3 kun oldin
exactly. It's an urban legend he got punished for it. If I recall correctly, I think Simon did a video that debunked that. You'd think this guy would have done a little research to verify his stuff.
Kant3n 4 kun oldin
1-10: [insert wrestler here]: Given a really stupid storyline or team broken up by Vince McMahon.
cee128d 4 kun oldin
You need to be honest with your viewers. When a person commits suicide like Sean O'Haire you need to state that, not that they tragically passed away which makes it sound like an accident.
Rich White
Rich White 4 kun oldin
Juan Pietro
Juan Pietro 4 kun oldin
You guys forgotten Bart Gunn. The man was humiliated just because he won a unscripted boxe match against dr. Death 🤡
Shadeem 3 kun oldin
@Ran Wolf dr death
Ran Wolf
Ran Wolf 3 kun oldin
who was the other wrestler that screwed up in that situation?
Glenn Welsh
Glenn Welsh 4 kun oldin
WWE tells you to do something. You do what WWE tells you to do. WWE gets mad at you for doing what you were told to do and punishes you for it. That company can be really fucking stupid sometimes.
N&N Music
N&N Music 4 kun oldin
I can’t believe Jaxson Ryker. Supporting his own president? The fiend! He didn’t even mention race genius.
Christopher Lesiuk
Christopher Lesiuk 4 kun oldin
Yet in south park it was Edge who said you took my girl and my job
AJ Mainiac
AJ Mainiac 4 kun oldin
This is all stuff you’ve already covered! Get better material like top 10 Sunday night heat matches.
Larry Thee Man
Larry Thee Man 4 kun oldin
The Curtain Call happen in May 96. Triple H was punished before the actual event took. Are you this dumb? WrestleMania was that March. So how was this one in the same? It's not! Andy Murray isn't bright at all.
The Master of Lion
The Master of Lion 4 kun oldin
Debra got buried because her husband didn’t want her on TV or going to the ring
Ricardo Martins
Ricardo Martins 4 kun oldin
Muhammad Hassan was the best WWE had at the time and is one of the best heels ever. He was only fired because of racism and sheer hypocrisy of those who don't like wrestling because "it's fake". There are several tv series with terrorist characters, but when wrestling does it, everyone loses their minds.
Ricardo Martins
Ricardo Martins 3 kun oldin
@DBoy37 I know, that's why I said racism and the hypocrisy of those who don't like wrestling.
DBoy37 4 kun oldin
Wrong dude. Hassan got sacked because UPN (who was broadcasting Smackdown at the time) pretty much forced WWE to drop the character.
ben tarbuck
ben tarbuck 4 kun oldin
somewhere out there is a universe were mohammad hassan was brought back with the santino gimmick
BaBa Booey
BaBa Booey 4 kun oldin
Jackson Reicher did nothing wrong but stand up to the BLM lie and defend his President. We have a little thing ia America you Brits don't have, it's called freedom of speech. I forget how lefty you guys are. Stop with the propaganda an d just cover wrestling, we all don't agree with your politcal leanigs.
Christopher DeLaughter
Christopher DeLaughter 4 kun oldin
The last guy doesn’t belong in this list his exit was his own fault
Jason Zackey
Jason Zackey 4 kun oldin
Any BTW!!!!! Ryker’s tweet is not DUMB!!!! Anyone thinking there is something wrong with it is the dumbass.
R J 4 kun oldin
Daniel Puder is the Steve Blacksman Storyline Gone Wrong 😂. Once again a real legit fighter beats one of the boys and gets punished for it. At least with steve the guys refused and he became a staple on the show for a little.
Drew Call
Drew Call 4 kun oldin
Man this douche canoe is annoying.
mark madsen
mark madsen 4 kun oldin
The forgotten sons one makes even less sense because they were punished for ryker's comments yet ryker's the only one still signed to wwe
Justin Byrd
Justin Byrd 3 kun oldin
@smgalia These people are such jokes. Vince is a Trump supporter! Linda was part of Trumps team for fucks sake. But the haters don't wanna talk about that. The dude is literally in the WWE HOF.
smgalia 3 kun oldin
No kidding. "Herp a derp, he's a Trump supporter. Let's fire him." How stupid.
Peter 3 kun oldin
Probably because Ryker did absolutely nothing wrong.
7093211 4 kun oldin
Old Vinny Mac 100% liked it
Chetan Upadhyay
Chetan Upadhyay 4 kun oldin
Matt Hardy has done pretty decent for himself... wrestling in multiple promotions... multiple great gimmicks...more versatility than Edge...sadly most wrestlers are judged on the basis of heavyweight titles they have won.
KD 3 kun oldin
Some people can be over and not need a title, like the Undertaker didn’t really win as many championships as he could have for example. But either way having the title means more publicity and recognition, for better or worse
Yroko 4 kun oldin
Look at tommy dreamer, piper, theres a list of more people. Those 2 stuck out the most. Tommy wanted his character to be the underdog, and piper was more over when he was going for the belt like taker. If piper won just 1 title he'd be more over than hogan.
Giuseppe Maggiò
Giuseppe Maggiò 4 kun oldin
Matt Hardy is easily one of the most underrated and underused performers in WWE history
D. Anthony
D. Anthony 4 kun oldin
EC1 and 2 basically got more over in WWE the EC3 🤣
rebal180 4 kun oldin
Imagine racial tension being caused by simply supporting the President of the United States. Good thing we don't have racism in the white house now right? 🙄
Marty G
Marty G 4 kun oldin
Dumbass gonna dumbass.
shaggy9522 4 kun oldin
Umm wasn't the ultimate warrior match BEFORE the curtain call?
DBoy37 4 kun oldin
Yes, that was at Wrestlemania 12.
DeAndre Nicholas
DeAndre Nicholas 4 kun oldin
The man behind the Muhammad Hassan character was buried because Vince and that borderline retarded group that comprise "creative" there put a gimmick on him that was doomed to fail from word go.
Adam -
Adam - 4 kun oldin
Triple H and Matt Hardy will 100% be on here.
Aaron Samuel
Aaron Samuel 4 kun oldin
What about Chyna??
Mr.Wolfchamp 1999
Mr.Wolfchamp 1999 4 kun oldin
I don't get the big deal over the Regal match. He made it look competitive like they wanted. I remember seeing someone call it one of Goldberg's better matches and it probably was.
Mr.Wolfchamp 1999
Mr.Wolfchamp 1999 4 kun oldin
@DeAndre Nicholas How did it expose Goldberg as not being able to wrestle? I don't remember the details but I don't remember the match necessarily being a bad showing for Goldberg.
DeAndre Nicholas
DeAndre Nicholas 4 kun oldin
Regal exposed Goldberg in that match. I don't know if he did it on purpose, but it was put out there for all to see that Goldberg couldn't wrestle for real. And he apparently never learned how in all this time.
Coyote Style Pro
Coyote Style Pro 4 kun oldin
Never give a gun to a shooter then cry when you get shot XD
BiG E RiCH 4 kun oldin
As a kid couldn't stand Matt Hardy for some reason. Like most ppl Jeff was always the draw... fast forward a few decades and who would have guessed he'd reinvent himself and straight-up become the best thing I've seen in wrestling since the attitude era!? 🤣
Mr.Wolfchamp 1999
Mr.Wolfchamp 1999 4 kun oldin
The first one with Mike Awesome sounds like just speculation.
Meir Nissim
Meir Nissim 4 kun oldin
Wesley Blake was released April 15 2021 along with 9 others
Crabman Gaming
Crabman Gaming 4 kun oldin
The Regal story is not true. He has confirmed this himself. Regal was suffering from substance abuse.
tinotica 4 kun oldin
Triple H getting squashed at Wrestlemania 12 wasn’t because of the curtain call.
Nero D. Blanco
Nero D. Blanco 3 kun oldin
They literally said that it wasn’t in the video
tinotica 4 kun oldin
@B Mack right. That part I knew. I just didn’t know why he included Wrestlemania when the curtain call incident hadn’t happened yet lol. That was just Warrior not wanting to do business
B Mack
B Mack 4 kun oldin
The hog pen match against Henry O Godwin on the other hand ....
tinotica 4 kun oldin
AJ Lee and Damian Sandow should be on here
Comrade Pingu
Comrade Pingu 4 kun oldin
Yes, how dumb of Ryker to be patriotic and stand behind his beliefs that go against the views of an angry mob trying to cancel people...😒
AustinTalks V2
AustinTalks V2 4 kun oldin
Say it louder! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Dylan Driscoll
Dylan Driscoll 4 kun oldin
Wasn't Mohammed Hassan actually Italian? If they wanted to do a more edgy character, they could have had him portray an Italian mafioso.
DBoy37 4 kun oldin
And Jordanian through his mother.
DeAndre Nicholas
DeAndre Nicholas 4 kun oldin
That's not racist enough for Vince and WWE "creative". And yes, he actually is Italian. And honestly, your idea for him is leaps and bounds better than what those fucktards gave him. The man behind the character deserved better.
Chuck Morris
Chuck Morris 4 kun oldin
Edge took Matt’s girl and his jerb
Khet Ndlovu
Khet Ndlovu 4 kun oldin
To my knowledge the reason Matt Hardy got fired was that, while Edge and Lita cheated, he knowingly put them on blast and made the private matter unnecessarily public.
Tiger 2 kun oldin
@ECW5320 the only thing we can blame Matt for is the promo to hype their match edge murdered Matt and Matt hardy had that weird promo
Joshua Berlin
Joshua Berlin 3 kun oldin
I would have done the same thing that Matt did, if I was in his shoes.
ECW5320 3 kun oldin
Matt had every right to. Can you really blame him?
Unholy Periodza
Unholy Periodza 4 kun oldin
No Shayna Baszler?
Steel City Sultan
Steel City Sultan 4 kun oldin
Yet Ryker is still on TV every week
Rich White
Rich White 4 kun oldin
He did nothing wrong for any of them to be punished.
Antoine Monin
Antoine Monin 4 kun oldin
It's funny when people entirely blame only Edge for the Lita stuff and not Lita herself. It's not like Edge captured and raped her.
Matt Gould
Matt Gould 4 kun oldin
Commenting on Ryker: if all he said was the tweet that was shown, then everyone else is a bunch of over sensitive idiots! IMO it seems like he was punished for having an opinion that was not the popular one and it seems hypocritical coming from those preaching openness and inclusivity!!
Yroko 4 kun oldin
Look at Gina Carano, or some others like Tim Alan. Say 1 thing people dont agree with and ur banned for life, never to work again. Brie larson said some stupid shit that i dont agree with, i think shes a terrible actresses, i wont watch her movies, but i wont tell people to ban from acting.
Comrade Pingu
Comrade Pingu 4 kun oldin
Freedom of speech and inclusiveness. As long as you agree with us!
charles616 4 kun oldin
I don't agree with Triple H being on this list. He was out there, too, so he screwed up. He got more heat because he was the low man on the totem pole, but he was there.
DoubleTTB22 2 kun oldin
The curtain call was approved by Vince in the first place. So if anything it was Vince's screw up.
unbroken1010 4 kun oldin
That tweet is actually nothing compared to how much Insanity there. is on Twitter. Employers should mind their own freaking business. I really don't care about the right left paradigm but I'll will never allow anyone to tell me what I can or can't say on social media or in life.
Ran Wolf
Ran Wolf 3 kun oldin
even if it's part of your business?
shreder75 3 kun oldin
@Korey Bland so you despise him for... supporting the guy he voted for?
Filipe Gomes
Filipe Gomes 4 kun oldin
@A Bit of Everything Oh okay. Well you are very much correct then
A Bit of Everything
A Bit of Everything 4 kun oldin
@Filipe Gomes My comment was in response to "I'll never let anyone tell me what I can or can't write" rather than any specific incident.
Filipe Gomes
Filipe Gomes 4 kun oldin
@A Bit of Everything Only insofar as terms of service go or censoring of misinformation (i.e. regarding the curremt pandemic), and that particular tweet by itself didn't cross any of these whatsoever. Plus it's hardly "spewing racist tirades", all it is is a simple claim of support of the then current president, nothing else. Assuming that this is "capitalizing on racial tensions" is a massive leap and assumption, whether it's correct or not. That is essentially the equivalent of saying that if you ever show any kind of support for a particular president (regardless of your reasoning and/or motivations) you must be trying to entice racial tendencies or otherwise spewing racist ideologies and that this association should be a given
Mean Bob
Mean Bob 4 kun oldin
What about how Chris Kanyon got buried just for being friend with DDP?
Drake Smith
Drake Smith 4 kun oldin
Edge seems like a chill dude but come on ya can't be digging for gold where someone else has all ready set up camp.
Anbu_229 4 kun oldin
Lita came on to him. And honestly none of them could help it, both were alone on the road a lot due to being matt being off tv due to this injury and matt lashed out online instead of settling it in private which was against his contract But who cares, both matt and edge are doing great right now and both have loving wives and families who love them and lita is....alone Now that's karma
unbroken1010 4 kun oldin
The funny thing is most of you do it more then you know.
The This Guy Experience!!!
The This Guy Experience!!! 4 kun oldin
U didn’t mentioned that Triple H and other reported that they got the green light from Vince to do the hug in the first place
Tiger 2 kun oldin
We all know that story no one wants to hear it again.
candycover 4 kun oldin
Number 1 is wrong. Daniel Puder did that to him self.
unbroken1010 4 kun oldin
Doesn't matter they could have made it into a great storyline.
Darshura 4 kun oldin
EC3 getting buried by Vince McMahon and writers. But WWE would blame Dean Ambrose. (Edit) Glad this was on the list.
Tiger 2 kun oldin
Ec3 was never gonna make it in wwe
Jove Joved
Jove Joved 4 kun oldin
A reminder that **Ryker didn't post anything wrong.** His tweet was "Thankful for the @POTUS we have! God bless America. Built of freedom. Forgotten No More". Stop pushing the lie that he posted something controversial or racist. I know WhatCuckture leans far left, but come on.
Scott Fitzgerald
Scott Fitzgerald 4 kun oldin
We dont want to offend the snowflakes
Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor 4 kun oldin
Sean OHaire early death tragically proved Roddy Piper comment about wrestlers was right
UniversalEcho 2 kun oldin
Hell Roddy predicted his own death in that very interview and was spot on... It's eerie to watch now, and horribly tragic.
Shawn Belew
Shawn Belew 3 kun oldin
Literally paused the video to check the comments to see if anyone had made this observation.
Andrew Kearley
Andrew Kearley 4 kun oldin
I was thinking the exact same thing, talk about foreshadowing.
John McHugh
John McHugh 4 kun oldin
8:40 Daniel Puder would surely be remembered for TWO moments, the main one and the beatdown he got at the Royal Rumble as a result?
LUISPRIME 4 kun oldin
5:50 Sadly Piper was proven correct about wrestlers dying under the age of 45. Too bad about Sean O' Haire. He looked like he had potential.
Anbu_229 4 kun oldin
Sean reminded me of what you'd get if you got kevin nash combined with rvd with his build and moveset lol. Dude was one of a kind, what a shame.
GodEmperor Mac Tonight
GodEmperor Mac Tonight 4 kun oldin
Mohammad Hasan is really messed up considering he's friggen Italian in the first place, dude wasnt even Middle Eastern, and why even do a terrorist angle when it was ALREADY a controversial topic at the time. I never made any sense why a GLOBALLY traded and promoted company always has to go the "you're not american? ok thats enough to make a heel out of you" route.
DBoy37 4 kun oldin
Wrong. He is Middle Eastern trough his mother who is Jordanian.
JM Dromanah 2.0
JM Dromanah 2.0 4 kun oldin
We need a part 2 for this list
Tim Terrell
Tim Terrell 4 kun oldin
I remember hearing about Mike Awesome getting paid over a million for an entire year to sit home and do nothing. What a life.
Tiger 2 kun oldin
When you are elite performer and love what you do that would make you miserable. Only simpletons would be happy doing something like that.
Jae Prize
Jae Prize 3 kun oldin
@Cute But Evil That's not the only way to get paid. Some people just see that they have the potential to make millions by signing to WWE...then they see the reality of it. Not everyone is getting paid millions, and some people don't even get used.
Jae Prize
Jae Prize 3 kun oldin
@Anbu_229 They can't, WWE always had contracts. You can't just leave and work somewhere else...at least right away.
King Yahshua
King Yahshua 3 kun oldin
@Carrot シ exactly. Also, there’s no longevity in sitting out. You aren’t building a reputation, getting in-ring time, and you aren’t guaranteed that 1 million forever. You’re left with a lump sum of cash and a stay in career limbo.
Cute But Evil
Cute But Evil 4 kun oldin
@v b not really understood life have you? Wrestlers, including Olympians, go to WWE because that's how you get paid. Footballers don't turn down million pound contracts with top clubs to stay in their home town earning almost nothing do they? It's nice to do what you love but no-one (except apparently you) is stupid enough to choose to do it for a pittance.
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