10 Wrestlers Who Didn’t Get The Reaction They Wanted

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Triple H wasn't going to retire from the WWE ring without you knowing about it for MONTHS.
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Shadowbreed 21 daqiqa oldin
Like a famous announcer once said the audience is fickle.
Ugo Strange
Ugo Strange 4 soat oldin
Brian Christopher...oldie but worth a mention. Dude danced all the way to the ring and didn't stop there, got on the turnbuckle, posed to the crowd is ABSOLUTE SILENCE. Nobody does that without expecting a reaction...painful and sad.
Evil Taco
Evil Taco 21 soat oldin
The seth angle could be explained in one statement: "Seth Rollins injures knee. Again. How unique."
TheNaturalPatHarris 23 soat oldin
8:41 that’s what you get for leaving to go to Japan and get better.
Steve Leslie
Steve Leslie Kun oldin
Hahaha omg yes, Lord Tensai lol forgot about that. I remember being excited to see who came out and then just feeling nothing when it was Albert lol
Marquise Taylor
Marquise Taylor Kun oldin
Best thing wwe has done in a while is turn Roman heel... as far as everything else idk what wwe doing rn
Juunanagou777 Kun oldin
So.... everything on this list is after the 2000s.... makes sense
António Silva Channel
António Silva Channel Kun oldin
Yeah fans sometimes booos.
Jephcott the Prince of Plymouth
Jephcott the Prince of Plymouth 2 kun oldin
Daniel Bryan fans are the plagues of the modern world.
Jonathan Esser
Jonathan Esser 2 kun oldin
I literally went right down the list of videos until I had Simon
Jason Douglas
Jason Douglas 2 kun oldin
Nobody cares about HHH
mia davis
mia davis 2 kun oldin
I started crying when HHH had that match with Brock not because I thought he was done for good but it signified he wasn’t a full time wrestler anymore.
Andrew Mann
Andrew Mann 2 kun oldin
1:04 maybe the most obvious photoshopped photo ive ever seen
NY - Buddy
NY - Buddy 2 kun oldin
Every Roman Reigns existence minus Lukimia
FL1PN0S1S 2 kun oldin
Triple Nose in the thumbnail? skip video, don't care.
mark braverman
mark braverman 2 kun oldin
Mania 17 one of the worst
Chris Davey
Chris Davey 2 kun oldin
Ronda Rousey literally anytime things dont go her way across all platforms.....gets the shit kicked out of her in mma throws a hissy and leaves, fans treat her like the bitch she is in wwe throws a hissy and leaves, no one likes her in hollywood cus of her attitude/she cant act for shit throws a hissy and leaves....I wish I knew the exact moment that happened in her judo career and cant wait to see it happen to her youtube channel lol
Deтroιт313Daѕн! 2 kun oldin
Sin Cara was an epic flop
Chant Macleod
Chant Macleod 3 kun oldin
The problem is how no one in WWE creative has learned how to pivot on crowd reactions. The only time I recall wrestlers turning the crowd reaction to their favor was New Day, and it took them over a year of refusing to give up.
Martin Rubio
Martin Rubio 3 kun oldin
Tommy dreamer earned the ecw title
Sergio Halaby
Sergio Halaby 3 kun oldin
When (heel) Charlotte attacked on Ronda, people started cheering, you can see how Ronda was sad
N 4L
N 4L 3 kun oldin
not telling
not telling 3 kun oldin
number 10: good. hunter fucking rhodes 100 percent deserved that (you wanted to be dusty? great, you can get booed out of the building like he did in 1988 when he had the road warriors spike him in the eye). glad to see the virgil of the kliq and dx get taken down a peg or 2 (most overrated booker in wrestling history and got his butt whipped by a wrestling nerd who never wrestled a day in his life).
almightycinder 3 kun oldin
I don't understand why they can't do gradual transitions to a new character. It worked for The Godfather. That is the same character as Kama Mustafa. Shortly before the Brawl for All, while he was still in The Nation, he started coming out wearing a vest and leather pants and they started calling him "Kama Mustafa, the godfather of The Nation." He was wearing roughly the same outfit, but it wasn't flashy colors yet, nor were they saying he was a pimp. He took it off before the matches and still wore his Nation gear in the ring. After Bart Gunn beat the shit out of him, he showed up several months later, now simply The Godfather. They didn't try to pretend that this 6'6" 290 lbs man who looks exactly like Kama Mustafa is somehow a completely different person.
Curtis Jack
Curtis Jack 3 kun oldin
Stone Cold is a GOAT he's the only person in history to get cheered for turning heel😂
OHarold118 3 kun oldin
Lol I was there in Pittsburgh for the Rumble.. At a point fans were chanting "we want pizza" lol. They didn't care at all for Orton vs Cena
Brock Freeman
Brock Freeman 4 kun oldin
2014 the Evolution reunion when they didn’t get a reaction at all. You can almost hear crickets.
Cerebral Assasn
Cerebral Assasn Kun oldin
That was weird tbh.
RC Dune
RC Dune 4 kun oldin
Didn't they chant Husky Harris when Bray Wyatt debuted in 2013??😂🤦🏻‍♂️
ben dover
ben dover 4 kun oldin
Grand master sexy return was brutal. I still can't watch it 🙈🙈
Tre Williams
Tre Williams 4 kun oldin
I believe John Cena vs randy orton should have happen at wrestlemania 27 then the MIZ come on Simon Miller
Michelle Schu-blacka
Michelle Schu-blacka 4 kun oldin
It's crazy how little wwe listens to it's fans and doesn't even seem to care. It feels to me that the issue is Vince and his ego. If he steps down or at least steps back a bit more, the product would get massively better for everybody.
Bill Adams
Bill Adams 4 kun oldin
"Not getting the reaction they were hoping for"? This is a throwback, but nobody cared that Bob Backlund had returned in the Nineties until the character went nuts, and then they didn't care again when it dragged on forever.
Shivneel Kumar
Shivneel Kumar 4 kun oldin
It's funny how WhatCulture doesn't include AEW in videos like these, considering AEW can manage barely a million viewers on its weekly t.v and PPV shows two years later. That means they constantly have wrestlers who don't get the reaction they want. 😆 It's almost like the biased smarks at WhatCulture are in AEW's pocket or something. Or maybe they really are as dumb as the rest of the smarks. 🤔
JIM DIM 4 kun oldin
Drew McIntyre at Wrestlemania 37 I think Vince realized he’s not the next big thing😂😂
I’m a nerd Cort
I’m a nerd Cort Kun oldin
@JIM DIM That is an opinion....it has nothing to do with the statement that you stated and I responded to
JIM DIM Kun oldin
@I’m a nerd Cort drew is boring
I’m a nerd Cort
I’m a nerd Cort 2 kun oldin
That’s not true in the slightest....Drew got I believe the most cheers out of anyone in the first day of Wrestlemania....if you want to talk about crowd reactions really being bad over something, the look at Asuka vs Rhea Ripley....sensational match but the crowd was dead
Tyr Magnus
Tyr Magnus 4 kun oldin
Becky Lynch "turning heel" and attacking Charlotte and getting cheered for it. Every time they bring out Hulk Hogan and he gets booed.
Ben Fisher
Ben Fisher 4 kun oldin
Looks like Aubrey Edwards crying at 7:18?
Ben Fisher
Ben Fisher 4 kun oldin
Just did some googling and it looks like that is Aubrey.
KWETribute 3
KWETribute 3 4 kun oldin
And with #1, WWE never ever tried to pretend someone the fans already knew was really somebody else. Well, except for Commander Azeez / Dabbo-Kato. And the various former members of Retribution. And War Machine/ the Viking (fill in blank). See, Vince learned his lesson.
Woke Joke
Woke Joke 5 kun oldin
Was that Aubrey Edwards!?!
pha1len106 5 kun oldin
Karan Darade
Karan Darade 5 kun oldin
Casual fans sucks🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿 They cheers for heels and boos to Babyface🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Thats why there are no more good babyface in wrestling anymore.
Hatchbasic 5 kun oldin
Cena vs Orton will happen again
woolly91 5 kun oldin
DX not getting the reaction at Survivor Series 2006 in Philly. They thought everyone would cheer for them, instead they all chanted for CM Punk lol
Lex Kanyima
Lex Kanyima 4 kun oldin
They get huge pops
LoboErrante 5 kun oldin
Don't forget bayley,s null reaction when she got injured :P
Suellen 5 kun oldin
Nice wee cameo from Aubrey Edwards there!!!
Varun 5 kun oldin
After watching this video I can conclude that we as wrestling fans suck
Private 5 kun oldin
Lesnar should have shaved HHH's head in the ring after breaking his arm instead of HHH's coming back with that haircut and not made an angle (and money) out of it. Ego over what's best for business perhaps? Imagine the sympathy reaction he would have gotten with that!
Hector Rico
Hector Rico 5 kun oldin
It's hard to watch HHH vs Sheamus at WM26. You could clearly see his retirement was around the corner. He lost all his timing, he looks way too injured, you'd never seen him like that. Sure enough that year he went missing/became a part timer. *** It was weird in 2006 to see them try to revive ECW. A lot of those guys were just "damaged goods". Way too slow and injured by then. You didn't know what to expect, a lot of them didn't survive the Invasion angle. *** After like 2008 you knew John Cena wasn't capable of telling a story. He just had a routine-match and burried everyone.
Lex Kanyima
Lex Kanyima 4 kun oldin
Triple H is on the verge to become a legend and Cena since he forfeit the belt in October 2007 that's the start of a burial right there.
John Brohl
John Brohl 5 kun oldin
Eddie Guerrero turning heel, fans cheered him instead
JustSomeGuy 5 kun oldin
Any Hogan appearance since WM 35 hasn't gone his way and rightfully so
Gary McLaughlin
Gary McLaughlin 5 kun oldin
Shawn Michaels anytime WWE is in Canada and he's reminded he screwed Bret.
Gary McLaughlin
Gary McLaughlin 4 kun oldin
@Robert Brown i do recall one time he responded to the crowd and said it was a long time ago and that they have to move on, must have got to him.
Robert Brown
Robert Brown 5 kun oldin
I feel like he expects that
Earl Chatterton
Earl Chatterton 5 kun oldin
The HHH vs Brock Lesnar matches were so damn boring and drained away Lesnar's heat. No one was buying HHH as an underdog after being the top guy for so long.
Kristofer Kidd
Kristofer Kidd 5 kun oldin
I thought that the title was unified at TLC in December 2013 and then was a rematch at the Royal Rumble in January 2014?
Kristofer Kidd
Kristofer Kidd 3 kun oldin
@Football India I just like for the commentary and history to be recounted accurately that’s all.
Football India
Football India 4 kun oldin
Exactly. You're right. What's the issue
Lex Kanyima
Lex Kanyima 4 kun oldin
TheMorningBeerPodcast 5 kun oldin
Lord Tensai :-) :-) :-)
No Way
No Way 5 kun oldin
IDGAF with anybody says, Vince winning the ECW championship at any point in time is in my opinion, downright amazing! If they wouldn't have booked the following rain like s*** he would have had superheat. It's just unfortunate that WWE has this thing where every time they do something good, they do 10 things bad and then nothing matters and nobody gives a shit anymore.
Matthew H Wood
Matthew H Wood 5 kun oldin
Albert had a WrestleMania match against The Undertaker. You don't just forget a victim of the Streak.
Isaac 5 kun oldin
arrownoir 5 kun oldin
Cena vs Orton always sucked.
John Doiron
John Doiron 5 kun oldin
Cena and Orton should have formed a heel team like the Two-Man Power Trip.
Samiksha Parkhi
Samiksha Parkhi 5 kun oldin
Why don't you mentioned when Becky turn heel but she still get cheered from crowd.
astrosjay5 5 kun oldin
How on God's green earth is Becky Lynch at SummerSlam not on this list let alone not number one
john Carlos
john Carlos 5 kun oldin
Was that Aubrey the AEW ref?
Bluezy 5 kun oldin
Jdeck Gaming
Jdeck Gaming 5 kun oldin
Hogan vs Kevin Nash wcw they expected cheers but got boos
arcale peace
arcale peace 5 kun oldin
Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series 2018.
Franz Bumanglag
Franz Bumanglag 5 kun oldin
7:18 Is…that who I think it is?
Ovais Malik
Ovais Malik 5 kun oldin
Rock against Lesnar and Hogan. He adjusted very well to the latter.
coreman17 5 kun oldin
When Triple H came back at the 2016 Royal Rumble and won the match/ world heavyweight title also, obviously they wanted him to get booed but the crowd actually popped for it because it wasn't Roman Reigns winning. Honestly you could put almost any of Roman Reigns' matches (especially when he was in the main title picture) on this list from 2015-2020 because he wasn't getting over despite being forced down our throat constantly.
Cerebral Assasn
Cerebral Assasn Kun oldin
Him appearing in the rumble in general was huge. He got the biggest pop when his music hit.
LUHH C4 5 kun oldin
Benjamin Morgan
Benjamin Morgan 5 kun oldin
Pamelq Taylor
Pamelq Taylor 5 kun oldin
And years later WWE is doing Carmella the same way they did Lord Tensai .... wonder what is the connection?
Rob Robb
Rob Robb 5 kun oldin
Since invasion angle. Everytime they tried to turn Flair heal. No one wants to boo him at this point in his career.
Ayad Ali
Ayad Ali 5 kun oldin
😂😂😂Dude, the year 2014 popped up and you said 2013 instead!🤣🤣🤣
TheRuns2 5 kun oldin
The 1st Goldberg vs. Lesnar WM match. Batista vs. Big Show in WWECW.
Ayad Ali
Ayad Ali 5 kun oldin
😂😂😂Who would have thunk it?!🤣🤣🤣
Edwin Lui
Edwin Lui 5 kun oldin
Also John Cena😂😂😂😂
Digiking101 5 kun oldin
To sum up 2013-2014 WWE fans, we hate u if you ain't Daniel Bryan
Hassan Khan
Hassan Khan 5 kun oldin
Well CM Punk was loved, Dolph Ziggler also, Cesaro, Sami Zayn, Chris Jericho. It was just the odd top stars like Sheamus, Randy Orton, John Cena, Alberto Del Rio.
Suman Chhetri
Suman Chhetri 5 kun oldin
Duh... Beckys' heel turn was probably the biggest 'wrong reaction' ever.
Gary Monaghan
Gary Monaghan 5 kun oldin
Im surprised ray mysterio getting booed out of the building when he came out at no 30 in the royal rumble cus he wasn't dbry. Wasn't on here
Lex Kanyima
Lex Kanyima 4 kun oldin
And Royal Rumble 2015 was far worse
satsubatsu347 5 kun oldin
I don't social media Simon.
Clarkarias 5 kun oldin
Matt Bloom is an underrated performer: he deserved better.
Sven F.
Sven F. 4 kun oldin
@BIG MIKE1 but he deserved more it's true. His njpw run was epic
BIG MIKE1 5 kun oldin
Stop. He's a step above a jobber
Sven F.
Sven F. 5 kun oldin
At least he still has a very well payed job at the pc
Daniel DeLappe
Daniel DeLappe 5 kun oldin
Roman Reigns is still an average in ring worker and has the persona of a warmed over turd. His matches with Bryan are good because Bryan is good.
B 5 kun oldin
We may need a second video Simon! Top 100!
AMY HOARD 5 kun oldin
Rey getting booed out of the building when he ended up being the last guy out at the Royal Rumble, cause he wasn't Bryan needs to get on part 2 of of this list.
Clarkarias 5 kun oldin
I was in Philly at the Rumble. It was brutal. Other than the pop for Bubba Ray the loudest cheers were for Rusev to hopefully eliminate Reigns.
K.C. Jones
K.C. Jones 3 kun oldin
I was there as well - I was telling people don't get your hopes up, Roman is gonna win this one...I remember how as soon as Bryan got eliminated, the fans booed the rest of the way through. Brutal as you said! Tried to get behind several people, Ambrose at one point, Ziggler as well, and then finally Rusev (a total heel) anyone but Reigns! Rock you get booed too for coming out for the save...
v b
v b 4 kun oldin
Fans were like "we will like the pathetic homeless hobo as our champ but Reigns booo"
Generic Name
Generic Name 5 kun oldin
@AMY HOARD Welllll, i reckon with this new character he has, when the crowds come back he’s either gonna get booed (which is good cause he’s a heel) or get cheered (like he hasn’t since the shield/wrestlemania 31)
AMY HOARD 5 kun oldin
Vince should just give up on trying to get the fans to cheer Roman. Roman never has and never will be a complete replacement for the Rock. He is related, but that doesn't mean he in a clone of the Rock.
Daniel DeLappe
Daniel DeLappe 5 kun oldin
Triple H was surprised. He should have watched is career of boring bullshit he left behind.
john doe
john doe 5 kun oldin
The racist hulk Hogan being booed with each return.
T3hKa5 5 kun oldin
Gotta love the Philly fans. Actually, you could make a list of the top ten things Philly (and Jersey) fans did. Lol.
G Lavish
G Lavish 5 kun oldin
Ngl I think we need 1 more cena vs orton match at WM
Gloriuschriss s
Gloriuschriss s 5 kun oldin
I loved and still love the John Cena and Randy Orton “ legacy feud “ ( you just know their kids are gonna be in this to right 😂 )
Dragonzaka 2 kun oldin
@Vintage Girl yet
Vintage Girl
Vintage Girl 3 kun oldin
Cena don't have kids
H_Noel 5 kun oldin
Triple H and Vince on an episode of Raw sometime in 2011, when Vince was voted by WWE stock-holders or something to relinquish his power. And Triple H came out to break the news to him during a promo. It was supposed to be this sad emotional moment, but just fell completely flat. I believe it was what led to Triple H becoming the on-screen C.O.O. and was working with CM Punk.
Robert T
Robert T 2 kun oldin
There's a lot of reasons that likely led to that reaction. People knew it just BS and they had done something similar to this for years that had no payoff. I am also pretty sure they were tired of the McMahon ego show.
Robert Vitale
Robert Vitale 5 kun oldin
Aubrey Edwards alert at 7:18!!
2175Martin 5 kun oldin
Roman still sucks
Sergio Cristancho
Sergio Cristancho 5 kun oldin
1:46 I just need one more Cena vs Orton but like Orton said for the record ... break Flair record has to be a WWE event to make, and all we can see this new Orton develop better promos and kick more Cena than before... and Yes Orton deserve to break the record... Legend Killer anyone 2 legends die in one match Cena and flair, right ? or is it something more meaningful before we get the ending of Orton's career/gimmick? ( just saying)
Here's a game
Here's a game 5 kun oldin
I think your being too generous to dreamer and ECW in the 90s
corrosivecabal 5 kun oldin
How strange is it that you can use a clip from a Disney™️ movie care free but splicing in a WWE gif has about a 99% chance of getting your video taken down?
Mbalenhle Molope
Mbalenhle Molope 5 kun oldin
HHH can't get people to feel sorry for him
Arashi Tendou
Arashi Tendou 5 kun oldin
For those that had to go through the Reign of Terror.......why would they
Michael Pennett
Michael Pennett 5 kun oldin
If Ronda Rousey isnt number one...
Titania Bird
Titania Bird 5 kun oldin
90% of these can pretty much be attributed to fans being pricks, right or wrong.
Brandon League
Brandon League 5 kun oldin
Fans can be assholes, eh?
Swelling Nub
Swelling Nub 5 kun oldin
Giant gonzalaz reaction was priceless!! Everybody laughing in the audience!!!
gregxianda 5 kun oldin
Funny enough CM Punk did train Seth Rollins years back
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