10 Stiffest WWE Wrestlers Ever

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WALTER, Vader, The Legion of Doom, and the hardest hitters in WWE history.
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E eh pq eh memo
E eh pq eh memo 3 soat oldin
Thats why wrestling is soft today. everyone should be stiff. we simulate combat we do not play fight.
John Strika
John Strika 5 soat oldin
How Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen aren't on here is mind boggling.
Colin Hudson
Colin Hudson 9 soat oldin
I will always remember the match between Greg Valentine, and Ronnie Garvin, that was an awesome hard match
Mike Ohlsen
Mike Ohlsen 15 soat oldin
How about Haku?
kiezer sosay
kiezer sosay 17 soat oldin
Scott stiener legit scared me as a kid...
deevahgirl 20 soat oldin
Nice to the hammer getting the respect he deserves
DA BEAST 22 soat oldin
How is Stan Hansen NOT on this list?
BigMark2.0 23 soat oldin
wrestling did exist before the 80s.
Mads Borrisholt
Mads Borrisholt Kun oldin
How about Jacqueline Moore. She is a legend
Chris Duitsman
Chris Duitsman Kun oldin
There's a reason that Greg Valentine was known as The Hammer. He'd hit you hard like a hammer. Very stiff.
Justin Stransky
Justin Stransky Kun oldin
I'm surprised RAVISHING RICK RUDE wasn't added to this list. I've heard other wrestlers in past interviews talk about how stiff he was ,and pretty reckless he was to wrestle in the ring. That's why Hogan never wanted a piece of him...
sanjeev Kun oldin
Roderick strong is missing.
jake durnin
jake durnin Kun oldin
So basically...Vader couldn't work with money guys.
JohnDaWhale3 Kun oldin
Zeus was 10 times stiffer than any of these guys.
Rando1975 Kun oldin
I remember in the early days of the internet on the wrestling newsgroup that us fans thought Finley and Regal legit hated each other because the matches were so stiff.
Charles Muhammad
Charles Muhammad Kun oldin
No Stan Hansen?
Glo Solo
Glo Solo Kun oldin
Dude chest turned into a cereal bowl in thumbnail
Michael Bowden
Michael Bowden Kun oldin
Raymond Singo
Raymond Singo 2 kun oldin
I miss Vader. Watching him go to the top was always a treat
Ian Thomson
Ian Thomson 2 kun oldin
Ultimate Warrior, Goldberg, Ryback and of course Nia Jax ..
Saif Ali Mukadam
Saif Ali Mukadam 2 kun oldin
Vader vs Harley race!!! Dream match
Nick Johnsen
Nick Johnsen 2 kun oldin
Damn. that chop to the throat must have hurt.
Nick Johnsen
Nick Johnsen 2 kun oldin
Okay but Sean Spears/Tye Dillinger's Smash bros my hero academia mash up t shirt is fucking perfect. And I don't even watch the anime.
Jdhdh Jdfhdhd
Jdhdh Jdfhdhd 2 kun oldin
Roman reigns as a heel should be on this list He is hitting very hard
James 2 kun oldin
This video was put together by someone who knows very little about pro wrestling. None of the people on this list came close to the stiffness of Stan Hansen, who broke your #1 pick's orbital bone.
Chad Tabor
Chad Tabor 2 kun oldin
Forgot Nia Jax!
Duval County 103
Duval County 103 2 kun oldin
Rest Easy B V V
Duval County 103
Duval County 103 2 kun oldin
At # 6 and just Proves 80s 90s didn’t have a bunch TV Guys that all want to do Everything But Wrestle
313 Comedy with #Libraking
313 Comedy with #Libraking 2 kun oldin
I can't believe i wanted to be a professional wrestler😐
suoquainen 2 kun oldin
I think many of Vader's best matches were at AJPW, like that one against Misawa.
MANIE374 2 kun oldin
1,2,3 really good picks 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
ernie gossmann
ernie gossmann 2 kun oldin
Goldberg kicked Bret Hart in the head hard in Starcade 1999.
Sean Harris
Sean Harris 2 kun oldin
I knew Ronnie Garvin would be on here.
John M
John M 2 kun oldin
Surprised that The Ultimate Warrior didn't make the list... 🤔
ehud ankrah
ehud ankrah 2 kun oldin
Honourable mention to the western lariat. Stan swung his hand like a wrecking ball.
Cocaine Cat
Cocaine Cat 2 kun oldin
With all due respect to Vader, pro wrestling shouldn’t hurt. With that being said, I can see why HBK would be mad at Vader
Paul Thompson
Paul Thompson 2 kun oldin
From what Cornette says the Steiner's were a bit stiff but we're also very safe unless u got on the wrong side of them Chris Champion and DDP spring to mind
K.james Carters
K.james Carters 3 kun oldin
Regal? He’s tight and has that world of sport technique but never saw his as stiff. I suppose he is, but perfectly safe
The Ice
The Ice 3 kun oldin
Wrestlers I'm just going to forget that he didn't put on the list: Nia Jax Ryback Giant Gonzalez Omos {Probably} The Great Khali
Guy Williams
Guy Williams 3 kun oldin
You mean "The Road Warriors"!?!?!?
Ashawn Mayeux
Ashawn Mayeux 3 kun oldin
Look at this guys heart on the thumbnail
Adam Parr
Adam Parr 3 kun oldin
Ya forgot about Stan “The Lariat” Hansen.
Mr. Shaq
Mr. Shaq 3 kun oldin
Sheamus is pretty stiff worker.
JYNX_WRLD 3 kun oldin
That thumbnail though
Coltkiller Gaming
Coltkiller Gaming 3 kun oldin
Where’s Brock lesnar
Ryan Munoz
Ryan Munoz 3 kun oldin
the thumbnail hurt to look at
Mike Golczynski
Mike Golczynski 3 kun oldin
No Dynamite Kid?
Martin Hyatt
Martin Hyatt 3 kun oldin
When you just go by WALTER...you better hit hard. He does.
Ryan Carlo
Ryan Carlo 3 kun oldin
If your wrestling Walter you should get armour plates from the buy station first
Spence Supreme
Spence Supreme 3 kun oldin
The Steiners are at least 2 of the forefathers of Suplex City
TboneSloanaroma 3 kun oldin
Iron mike sharp was really really stiff. He needs to be on this list.
Justin Stransky
Justin Stransky Kun oldin
Yeah....but he was just a jobber! Who gives a shit about a stiff jobber??🤔🤔🤔
Black Napalm
Black Napalm 3 kun oldin
*NIA NEW JAX* has injured more opponents than this entire list combined.
dazzaburger 3 kun oldin
Let’s be real here Chris Benoit was the stiffest wrestler ever
Joshua S
Joshua S 3 kun oldin
What? No Nia Jax?
zaberfang 3 kun oldin
You forgot Nia Jax
PY GOD 3 kun oldin
What about Haku? Was he stiff to work with or just legit tough?
Sean Bateman
Sean Bateman 3 kun oldin
No Haku? How dare you insult him. Better get life insurance
nubatama07 3 kun oldin
bruiser. brody.
JuggsAndMagsss 3 kun oldin
Ayoooooo, y’all gotta pause this title 🤣🤣 that’s crazy
ezy. mac
ezy. mac 3 kun oldin
I just came to say that that thumbnail looks like a freakin fatality!!
Barry Alexander
Barry Alexander 3 kun oldin
I heard the Nasty Boyz were pretty stiff in the ring, as well
Xavier Minor
Xavier Minor 3 kun oldin
Chris Benoit forever
Xavier Minor
Xavier Minor 3 kun oldin
Can’t disrespect Chris
Xavier Minor
Xavier Minor 3 kun oldin
Chris beniot
Roshai Moore
Roshai Moore 3 kun oldin
Rumor is RVD kicks were very stiff...
Crio Wot
Crio Wot 3 kun oldin
Huh ... Stan Hansen?
Bryan Fahey
Bryan Fahey 3 kun oldin
No kind of string style on the list?
Cj Jones
Cj Jones 3 kun oldin
Lol wth u say fit finley and regal stiffest match seen in US? Now where close you prove two thing saying that you young and you have limited wrestling knowledge especially about US based wrestling...
H Gurthy
H Gurthy 3 kun oldin
This is not what I had in mind when I clicked on the video
Andrew DiMarco
Andrew DiMarco 3 kun oldin
At little surprised Haku and Steve Blackman didn't make the list. Blackman was shoot stiff 99% of the time.
Grimbel Fix
Grimbel Fix 3 kun oldin
I think it fits to the topic, go watch Finlay vs Sami Callihan from Evolve 9, it's on the Network
Jayla Gaskins
Jayla Gaskins 3 kun oldin
GENOCIDE2099 3 kun oldin
i thought that thumbnail was edited.
Zach Scott
Zach Scott 3 kun oldin
“Tight.” Stiff in safe places isn’t really stiff, imo. It’s just a difference of semantics though. Great video :)
W C 3 kun oldin
That thumbnail... wow
Jason Bradbury
Jason Bradbury 3 kun oldin
Umaga was notoriously stiff refer to stevo talking about it.
NotJaysDay 3 kun oldin
I was surprised to not see Sheamus mentioned.
Mark Dombrowski
Mark Dombrowski 3 kun oldin
Stan Hansen would have scared the shit out of the old WWE superstars.
mush room
mush room 3 kun oldin
Ken shamrock and the rock is one of the most underrated angles. They had some great promos and matches
David Adams
David Adams 3 kun oldin
Stan Hansen?
L0wki 4 kun oldin
Stan Hansen is missing! He beat Vaders eye out of his socket!!
Ross Leyshon
Ross Leyshon 4 kun oldin
That thumbnail is terrifying
G Lodge
G Lodge 4 kun oldin
Yea holly only ever hit like that with newbies
Adi Ghraiz
Adi Ghraiz 4 kun oldin
Yes, vader was tank, his only match was mark henry, another bulldozer 😅
JAHamilton77 4 kun oldin
Not Val Venus?
LCFC81 4 kun oldin
Iron Sheikh when he put Hogan in the Camel Clutch.
Paul Harbron
Paul Harbron 4 kun oldin
Brock Lesnar worked stiff as hell when he first broke through. I remember whincing many a time at his work with Spike Dudley
Big Daddy
Big Daddy 4 kun oldin
It’s all a performance and all are actors - don’t make out it’s a legit sport as it ain’t !!!
Andy Leary
Andy Leary 4 kun oldin
Kurt Angle??? Nobody
John Moreno
John Moreno 4 kun oldin
Lol William Regal 😆😂
Drevon McClay
Drevon McClay 4 kun oldin
Low key miss hardcore holly
Nick I
Nick I 4 kun oldin
No Stan Hansen??
Leigh 4 kun oldin
Nasty Boys were also brutal in their in ring style
King Cam
King Cam 4 kun oldin
Apparently Brock Lesnar and Goldberg’s WCW days just disappeared from the history books.
Dwayne Greene
Dwayne Greene 4 kun oldin
Woof woof its tiime its TIIME! ITS VADER TIME!!
Gary Hurt
Gary Hurt 4 kun oldin
Sounds like a bunch of assholes to me.. let's go out in a fake fight and really beat up these guys that can't say shit cuz we're stars and they ain't.. but wouldn't go work in a real fight league where the guys could fight back without being fired, black balled etc..wanna be tough guys that weren't tough enough to real fight real fighters (except shamrock) so they abused guys that couldn't fight back or they'd lose their jobs.. that's fucked up
DomNick 4 kun oldin
Do the 10 Safest Wrestlers.
Romeo TRM
Romeo TRM 4 kun oldin
Da hell is wrong with that thumbnail?
S.D. CP9
S.D. CP9 4 kun oldin
Where is Steve Blackman here? 😆
The Unfun Gamer
The Unfun Gamer 4 kun oldin
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