10 Real Life Events That Forced Wrestling World Title Changes

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CM Punk, Seth Rollins, RVD and those others involved in title changes due to real-life events.
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All depends dunnit
All depends dunnit Kun oldin
Erm....The iron sheik WAS Colonel Mustafa!!!! Xxx
Alex Killen
Alex Killen 3 kun oldin
I thought Kenny vs mox was the new screw job?
Jayla Gaskins
Jayla Gaskins 3 kun oldin
John Storm
John Storm 4 kun oldin
WCW should never have caved to the Rabid Chipmunk's demands. Eff him, let the uncharismatic bore walk away.
SAGiles 4 kun oldin
There’s a few in accuracies in here like for one booker t was already WCW world champion but he won the US title at the last nitro making him the final WCW grand slam champ
Oliver L.
Oliver L. 5 kun oldin
With the Iron Sheik & Col. Mustafa?! The Iron Sheik is Col. Mustafa. The other one was General Adnan.
Zombie Magnetic
Zombie Magnetic 5 kun oldin
Realistically, where was RVD gonna go after winning the WWE title? He probably would have dropped it ASAP anyway.
Ronald Sprowal
Ronald Sprowal 5 kun oldin
I Wonder Sometimes what would have happened if Angle was still a Heel at the time of 911 ?
Elbert Ellis
Elbert Ellis 7 kun oldin
What is the point of putting the ending of your video in a tiny box in the corner while advertising other videos? Create a freaking outro already.
BroBuster 7 kun oldin
4:30 "Aligning him with The Iron Shiek, and Colonel Mustafa" Colonel Mustafa was the Iron Shiek. It was Colonel Mustafa and General Adnan.
ColeYote 8 kun oldin
I feel like these lists don't mention Bob Sapp being stripped of the IWGP title for losing a shoot MMA fight to another NJPW wrestler often enough.
504Crypt 8 kun oldin
RVD is my favorite 👍🏿👍🏿
Patrick Dare
Patrick Dare 8 kun oldin
Adam Nicholas is not allowed to narrate any more videos until he learns how to pronounce wrestlers' names correctly. Jacques "Roo-go" in a previous video and Wendy "Ryke-ter" in this one. Would it kill the man to ask someone who knows something about 80s and 90s WWF?
Scott Reid
Scott Reid 8 kun oldin
But then we wouldn't get to hear names like "Bookah" or "Seeyem Puhnk". Give Adam a break... he can't even pronounce his own name properly.
bradwolf07 8 kun oldin
Fun Fact: David Arquette is a certified Bibb Ross painting class teacher. Not sure of the full details, but my brother takes these Bob Ross painting classes, and there are different tiers (how much you pay I think). One of the tiers has David teaching the class. My brother sent me a picture he took with David at the class
Psyonikx 8 kun oldin
Top 10 mispronounced words by WhatCulture!
Psyonikx 8 kun oldin
7:10 I'm sorry, but Wendy WHO? I mean, I know Brits mispronounce all kinds of words, but mispronouncing someone's name? C'mon, do some simple research, if you're unsure.
Patrick Beach
Patrick Beach 9 kun oldin
I used to go to Battle Creek all the time when I was a kid… I am totally calling it Battle Michigan from now on!!!
Kevin Cheeseboro
Kevin Cheeseboro 9 kun oldin
Battle Michigan native?? Battle Creek Michigan Native.
Álvaro 9 kun oldin
What about Roman Reigns leuchemia?
Christy Sherry Music
Christy Sherry Music 9 kun oldin
How come half of the wrestling shaggers are Geordies?! Observation rather than complaint
James Stock
James Stock 9 kun oldin
When you are back in the office... PLEASE bring back last minute rumours and the wrestling advisory board... I genuinely loved that and o think it’s safe to say we all miss it :)
Dave Dibley Gaming
Dave Dibley Gaming 9 kun oldin
It's Oliver PLATT not PRATT
Raj Bhargaw
Raj Bhargaw 9 kun oldin
What happened to adam Nicholas' hair?
Gavin Brash
Gavin Brash 9 kun oldin
Jeff Hardy and Sting in TNA? Surprised that wasn't in here...
Kenny Smith
Kenny Smith 9 kun oldin
3:40 Mike awesome wasn't canadian he was from Tampa, Florida
Patrick Duffy
Patrick Duffy 9 kun oldin
RVD is from Battle Creek Michigan. Not Battle Michigan
slickricky24 9 kun oldin
Anyone else hear ACW repeatedly?
jeff brady
jeff brady 9 kun oldin
I really wanted punk to go to tna with that wwe spinner
Dale Clark
Dale Clark 9 kun oldin
There’s way more older Screwjobs then the one in 85
TranquiloSZN 9 kun oldin
No Lionheart?
Diamond Oz
Diamond Oz 9 kun oldin
As much as I like the channel, the amount of wrong pronunciations and mistakes in this video was really annoying.
Adam -
Adam - 9 kun oldin
Chris who?
Lord of Allusion
Lord of Allusion 9 kun oldin
DubbaYa V DubbaY was dead long before David Arquette
B.R. Smith
B.R. Smith 9 kun oldin
I have questions about Reigns’ wellness failure now. Was he getting steroid injections or marijuana to treat his leukemia?
Thameem 9 kun oldin
That doesn't mean it was drugs
Daniel DeLappe
Daniel DeLappe 9 kun oldin
You missed Swagger and the pot bust.
Bryce Pendleton-Armour
Bryce Pendleton-Armour 9 kun oldin
Booker ts first world title. Bash at the beach 99. Hulk walking out
Team Kayos
Team Kayos 9 kun oldin
BATTLE CREEK , Michigan not Battle smh
Rich White
Rich White 9 kun oldin
Pittsburgh isn't just Angle's announced hometown. He's from suburban Pittsburgh. It is his hometown!
cyrax94 9 kun oldin
2007, Edge took advantage of both the Undertaker and Mr Kennedy suffering real life injuries to become World Heavyweight Champion. Arguably the biggest moment in his career..... he would be a main eventer the rest of his tenure.
Rich White
Rich White 9 kun oldin
He's not known as "The Ultimate Opportunist" for nothing!
Mohammed Muhi Uddin MM313
Mohammed Muhi Uddin MM313 9 kun oldin
wheres simon? no simon, no watch.
Trashbeast 9 kun oldin
It’s Battle Creek, Michigan you damn Englishmen
William Guion
William Guion 9 kun oldin
Call the people at Guinness world records...most mispronunciations of Wendy Richter's name in a single UZpost video.
Ken Bridge
Ken Bridge 9 kun oldin
That whole David Arquette title reign was B.S. That is the only thing I have to say after this video.
Todd M.
Todd M. 9 kun oldin
The Iron Sheik WAS Col. Mustafa. He changed his name for the Slaughter gimmick and was paired with General Adnan.
Brett Dearwester
Brett Dearwester 9 kun oldin
Battle, Michigan native? You mean battlecreek, Michigan. 😂😂😂😂
IAmTheWereBear 9 kun oldin
Seriously, do you mispronounce things on purpose? -_- maybe it's just one of my pet peeves, but anyone who is hosting and reading facts in a video about wrestling should know how the hell to pronounce Wendi Richter's name....grumble...
Aaron Lowe
Aaron Lowe 6 kun oldin
@Psyonikx the real irony is that they created the language in the first place. Be thankful they chose English, can you imagine the world speaking Scots or Welsh instead?
Psyonikx 8 kun oldin
Brits mispronounce all kinds of words. You should hear them say Dynasty.
Nikko 9 kun oldin
Yall posted this a few years ago lmfao
Nick Montoya
Nick Montoya 9 kun oldin
Here's a good list...Top 10 topics that resurface on top 10 lists (a jab at the Montreal Screw Job)
shutterbuggfan 9 kun oldin
FYI it's Wendy Richter not Wendy wright
Theo Dious
Theo Dious 9 kun oldin
MephProduction 9 kun oldin
yet nobody wanted Kurt to win Austin's title, the fans hated it.. it was not a feel good moment at all.
Thameem 7 kun oldin
@MephProduction not as much as US
MephProduction 7 kun oldin
@Thameem well they do care because they would loose quite of lot of money from merch, licenses, and so on.. (you are watching a uk based wrestling channel) after all it's a global brand. But i'm not sure any Americans like Kurt either.
Thameem 8 kun oldin
@MephProduction Lol WWE is based from US. That's their Main demographic they really don't care about UK fans that much
MephProduction 8 kun oldin
@Thameem yes, i don't recall anyone outside f the US being Kurt fan. he was always heel in the uk.
Thameem 9 kun oldin
Are you sure about that
Tyler Held
Tyler Held 9 kun oldin
18 grams of marijuana, that's 4 grams over a half ounce.
Tyler Wadleigh
Tyler Wadleigh 9 kun oldin
And 10 less than a full ounce.
Washkabe 9 kun oldin
I loved Ready to Rumble
Romaro Brandon
Romaro Brandon 9 kun oldin
Pretty sure another Adam made this exact same video some 5 years ago on this channel.
Scott Reid
Scott Reid 8 kun oldin
Almost. Five of the entries are the same with slightly differing reasons. It seems that Andrew Pollard was quite impressed by John Canton's original piece... or too tired to write an entirely new one.
Thala Mohan
Thala Mohan 9 kun oldin
This channel always puts Roman reigns in negative light!
Thameem 9 kun oldin
Martin Rubio
Martin Rubio 9 kun oldin
Cm punk should come back
AJ Mainiac
AJ Mainiac 9 kun oldin
Very similar to another video this channel has already done. All they did was change 1 word in the title. Get new content like top 10 Sunday night heat matches.
Aaron Sugar
Aaron Sugar 9 kun oldin
A week or so before SpiderMoolah beat Richter, there was another SpiderLady who was much taller and thinner than Moolah that debuted on TV. It was obvious right away in the title match that it wasn't the same person.
Martin Rubio
Martin Rubio 9 kun oldin
Booker t should beat triple h
Transcendance: The Podcast
Transcendance: The Podcast 9 kun oldin
Battle CREEK, Michigan... disappointed whatculture😞
Martin Rubio
Martin Rubio 9 kun oldin
Tazz deserved a push
Sean Mcculloch
Sean Mcculloch 9 kun oldin
All of WhatCultures mentions of Montreal ranked from worst to best would be some video
Andrew Laing
Andrew Laing 9 kun oldin
Most of us don't have that long left!
Boku no butt cheek's academia Katsuki Bakugou
Boku no butt cheek's academia Katsuki Bakugou 9 kun oldin
At least Seth Rollins won
Meir Nissim
Meir Nissim 9 kun oldin
Edge forfeiting the World Heavyweight Championship in 2011 due to announcing his retirement & Roman Reigns forfeiting the Universal Championship in 2018 due to Leukemia diagnosis
Tristanosaurs 9 kun oldin
FYI, it is Battle Creek Michigan. Not Battle Michigan.
Jeffrey Mark
Jeffrey Mark 9 kun oldin
Let me guess the Screw Job will be in there somewhere
Smash The Ninja Hedgehog
Smash The Ninja Hedgehog 9 kun oldin
not to be that guy....but i think you meant to say general adnan because iron shiek was colonal mustafa....
Daniel 9 kun oldin
The original did this list better
Tyler Woodward
Tyler Woodward 9 kun oldin
Please stop saying with a bullet
Unholy Periodza
Unholy Periodza 9 kun oldin
No Jeff Hardy losing the TNA world title to Sting because of drug issues?
Laid Back 1-20-7
Laid Back 1-20-7 7 soat oldin
@Unholy Periodza also, wasn't sting supposed to go over anyway?? I can't remember.
Laid Back 1-20-7
Laid Back 1-20-7 7 soat oldin
@Unholy Periodza that made multiple list of versions of this video... They're just mixing it up.
Unholy Periodza
Unholy Periodza 8 kun oldin
@João Vitor Ferreira Martins In Victory Road? No its Jeff.
João Vitor Ferreira Martins
João Vitor Ferreira Martins 8 kun oldin
@Crazier CodyI had to check it cause I wasn't sure either, Sting took the title from Hardy just weeks before VR2011
Crazier Cody
Crazier Cody 8 kun oldin
@João Vitor Ferreira Martins are we talking about Victory Road 2011? Cuz I remember hardy was the champ going into it
The Doctor
The Doctor 9 kun oldin
*ROMAN NEVER FAILED THE DRUG TEST* He was unfairly suspended for prescribed drugs which has happened to many other stars as well. At least do your dang research before spewing nonsense and lying to your audience.
Thameem 9 kun oldin
Did he fail the test or not? Doesn't matter if it is his fault
Jim Thole
Jim Thole 9 kun oldin
Jeffrey Mark
Jeffrey Mark 9 kun oldin
Pretty sure that still a failed drug test and forced a different champion. You're some angry. Anger management might be a good idea son
Smoke_OW 9 kun oldin
Unfair or not, he failed the test and they suspended him. How is that wrong?
Meci pedindo carona
Meci pedindo carona 9 kun oldin
Imagine be in a WCP chat and send "Hey Adam"
The Official Professional Wrestling FederationTM
The Official Professional Wrestling FederationTM 9 kun oldin
Man when I saw this thumbnail I was like don't tell me reigns has failed another wellness test
PhilSonnetArnold SONNET
PhilSonnetArnold SONNET 9 kun oldin
I like Booker T and if I am honest, I feel that Bret did indeed Screw Bret.
Thameem 9 kun oldin
@PhilSonnetArnold SONNET Fair enough
Thameem 9 kun oldin
@Rich White he literally promised he would drop the title Next night at Raw. He was a loyal man for about 15 years and Vince couldn't trust him. One thing Bret known for is being an honest man. Vince screwed Bret
PhilSonnetArnold SONNET
PhilSonnetArnold SONNET 9 kun oldin
@Thameem I know that it's my perception!
Rich White
Rich White 9 kun oldin
@Thameem I know exactly what I'm talking about. Bret Hart is "The whiniest there is, whiniest there was, and the whiniest there ever will be!" He wanted to have his cake and eat it to. He made it clear he was signing with another company and then cried that he lost the WWF title. Did he actually believe Vince was going to allow him to do what Flair or Medusa did, when he left WCW/NWA and she showed up on Nitro and threw the WWF Women's title in the trash? Vince had to take the title off of him and he did what he had to do, if Bret wasn't going to willingly drop the belt. Bret is the guilty party here and I am no Vince McMahon fan by any stretch of the imagination. He's running the WWE into the ground but he did the right thing, in that instance. Fans not liking it, or obviously not understanding it from a business point of view, doesn't change that. So again, "Bret screwed Bret!"
Thameem 9 kun oldin
Both of you guys have no idea what you're talking about
Javon Drake
Javon Drake 9 kun oldin
Javon Drake
Javon Drake 9 kun oldin
@Andrew Grabowski yeah true that
peacepunk sean
peacepunk sean 9 kun oldin
RVD got robbed
Andrew Grabowski
Andrew Grabowski 9 kun oldin
1) he did get arrested for it. 2) that arrest makes the champion look bad for the company. 🤷🏻
Red Dawn
Red Dawn 9 kun oldin
WWE was just scared he would get arrested for it
Jamal Vargas
Jamal Vargas 9 kun oldin
John Morrison Being ECW champ due to the Chris Benoit Double Murder Suicide should be #1
Football Stats
Football Stats 9 kun oldin
wasn t a title change. the title was vacant and benoit was supposed to win it
DJDoubleCee 9 kun oldin
At 9:35, I guess that explains why Kurt Angle won the WWE title from Stone Cold at Unforgiven 2001.
Theo Dious
Theo Dious 9 kun oldin
Eddy Zamhary99
Eddy Zamhary99 9 kun oldin
Video idea :Top 10 best storyline ever
Ali Aldoseri
Ali Aldoseri 9 kun oldin
The vid is really good too
Ali Aldoseri
Ali Aldoseri 9 kun oldin
Pllana productions made a video about it 3 days ago
Crapper316Productions 9 kun oldin
RVD came to my mind the very second I read the title
Xtra Playz
Xtra Playz 9 kun oldin
RVD and Jeff Hardy hand in hand doobies ablaze
Samoa Joe
Samoa Joe 9 kun oldin
Whatculture rocks because of Simon and all the other 69 Adams.
Graham Villiers
Graham Villiers 6 kun oldin
Sidg non believer I see.
Lucius Monarez
Lucius Monarez 8 kun oldin
Tom Seville
Tom Seville 8 kun oldin
69 Adams? Lucky Eve...
Samoa Joe
Samoa Joe 9 kun oldin
@Yehia Tamer 😫
Yehia Tamer
Yehia Tamer 9 kun oldin
@Dustin Kimpton blampiad and pachetti 😢
FabzooN 9 kun oldin
Desmond Olbrysh
Desmond Olbrysh 9 kun oldin
Very sad
Rohit Roxx
Rohit Roxx 9 kun oldin
Nice idea to make video on this❤️
Gravy biscuits
Gravy biscuits 9 kun oldin
Sq 9 kun oldin
TAZ ABSTRAKT 9 kun oldin
Notification gang 😈♥️
Keegan Moore
Keegan Moore 9 kun oldin
Keegan loves you
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