10 Kayfabe Wrestling Moments That Became Real

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When WWE or WCW moments involving Bret Hart, Batista, Triple H and more turned real.
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Zayn Rahman
Zayn Rahman 5 soat oldin
Why do you say McMahon so weird 😂
Audron101 14 soat oldin
Finally someone new at whatculture that isn't named Adam!
Michael Smith
Michael Smith Kun oldin
The hottest part of Bautista and Melina? They added Kelly Kelly for a 3 way.
CALYPSO PETE 2 kun oldin
Now I need to see Kane do a spinaroony 😂
Zach Goins
Zach Goins 2 kun oldin
I like this new guy on what culture , excellent video guys
Ryan McLean
Ryan McLean 2 kun oldin
Good god Hogan getting squashed brutally here...love to see it
Brock Forster
Brock Forster 3 kun oldin
Brah this guy is a terrible voiceover
Relic Garcia
Relic Garcia 3 kun oldin
This video should be called "10 times wrestler worked themselves into a shoot"
Wastelander_juno 3 kun oldin
This video was a snooze fest
David R
David R 3 kun oldin
Even though it does fit this list video, any time The Montreal Screw-job is mentioned the video has to get a down. Everyone has heard of the Montreal Screw-job and WhatCulture Wrestling has mentioned this over and over again over the years. Down!!!
Gene Quagmire
Gene Quagmire 3 kun oldin
5:45 Hurricane Sighting
American Zero
American Zero 3 kun oldin
It's never mentioned that Goldberg and HHH did have words in 2000 at the height of the Monday Night Wars. HHH made some comments about Goldberg on a radio show about him being an overrated flash in the pan, so they met at a wrestling convention months later. Goldberg hurled some insults at H, who just called him a jackass and laughed it off and ignored him. Goldberg even called him out to fight outside. After a little bit more insults ignored by Hunter, Goldberg gave up and left the area. Four years later they meet in the WWE.
that Joel Matthews guy
that Joel Matthews guy 3 kun oldin
Antione Wilson
Antione Wilson 4 kun oldin
Nice to hear you brother
Beefadin 4 kun oldin
When friends tell me wrestling is fake I show them vids like Sid shattering his leg and asking "How do you fake that?". I ease the tension by admitting it's predetermined but still enjoyable. Better than majority of TV shows
tinotica 4 kun oldin
Can we get a reverse of this? Real life moments that became storylines
tinotica Kun oldin
@Ne0n BlaZe CM Punks straightedge lifestyle vs Jeff’s drug-based lifestyle HBK and his faith in 2006
tinotica Kun oldin
@Ne0n BlaZe or Mick Foley and Ric Flair
Ne0n BlaZe
Ne0n BlaZe Kun oldin
Can't wait to hear about Matt, Lita, and Edge again!
Now Martin
Now Martin 4 kun oldin
Not a fan of his presenting style.
Ross Macdonald
Ross Macdonald 4 kun oldin
The Hogan/Mr America thing often gets mocked for being "obvious" is a weird one, I know some people are sarcastic but I've seen others get annoyed WWE were treating them like idiots or something, but it was part of the story that it was Hogan it was never meant to be a surprise since it was just Hulk messing with Vince, Mr.A even used Real American as his theme
Ross Macdonald
Ross Macdonald Kun oldin
@TheDirtySouth404 other than it being obvious with his body shape etc, they deliberately kept his mustache exposed, it wasn't trying to be subtle or tongue in cheek, was just to piss off Vince cos hulk got one over him
TheDirtySouth404 Kun oldin
Yeah I never took it that serious I thought that was the point
Josh Betz
Josh Betz Kun oldin
Like "Juan" Cena lol
Opalescence Doll
Opalescence Doll 4 kun oldin
I just find this so fake
mark spade
mark spade 4 kun oldin
We know your a new kid with the whatculture family but please please say mac man NOT MAC MAARRRRRRNNN
Aaron Hurst
Aaron Hurst 4 kun oldin
Liking the new narrator
Sik Switch13
Sik Switch13 4 kun oldin
I like Nathan, but you gave him a shit assignment here
All depends dunnit
All depends dunnit 4 kun oldin
The screw job was called by Bobby Heenan 5 YEARS before it happened, during the Bret/Shawn WWF title match at Survivor Series 1992. The brain says at one point, in reference to Michaels and the title “Just ring the bell and give it to him”. 5 years later, same event, same match......can’t believe more people haven’t picked up on this!! 💙❤️❤️❤️
TheDirtySouth404 Kun oldin
Interesting 🤔
Rev Wolf
Rev Wolf 4 kun oldin
Listen to Jim Cornette talk about Michaels. And remember, Shawn could sell as well as Curt Hennig. Real injury?
Jordan Nitchman
Jordan Nitchman 4 kun oldin
Nathan may sound like a robot (AKA Andy Murray) but I actually didn’t know a few things in this list 🤷‍♀️
J B1989
J B1989 4 kun oldin
Well... he doesn't. Keep insulting comments to yourself 😉
Joe Bing
Joe Bing 4 kun oldin
Thankfully Katie Vick hasn't become more than kayfabe.
Gawaine Cowans
Gawaine Cowans 4 kun oldin
Come through with the representation WhatCulture! Love it!
Mr Mojo Majestic
Mr Mojo Majestic 4 kun oldin
Dude, you need to work on your presentation. Less jokes (or maybe try one's that are, you know ... funny ?), more details. This is WhatCulture and, to quote the leader of the C-Nation ... _"It's called a promo and if you want to be the big dog around here, you're gonna have to learn how to do it."_ You've got skills, you just need to refine them a little. You still get a thumbs up, it wasn't a train wreck.
Kikasitsu 4 kun oldin
“... And it’s a shame *he didn’t take his own life!*” - Joey Styles ominously forbearing the fate of Mike Awesome, as he does a Suicide Dive onto Masato Tanaka. ECW One Night Stand, 2005.
Derrell Jackson
Derrell Jackson 4 kun oldin
Benoit story is hardly mentioned
Pat Flynn
Pat Flynn 4 kun oldin
Hunter decided he wanted to have sex with a woman who didn't have a penis
Rants 'N' Bantz
Rants 'N' Bantz 4 kun oldin
Gowan Nathan
An Electric Heart
An Electric Heart 4 kun oldin
Hey!... Your not Simon!
Shadowkiller 420
Shadowkiller 420 4 kun oldin
If wrestling is fake then why is there so many injuries
Courtezy Flush
Courtezy Flush 4 kun oldin
This feels more like a rough draft than a finished project. 👎
Josef Foronda
Josef Foronda 4 kun oldin
Nah. Batista and Booker lost The Spinaroonie contest. That's why they fought hahah
Brian Knapp
Brian Knapp 4 kun oldin
You kinda glossed over the whole Edge/Hardy Boys/Lita storyline- but I guess that was more reality-becomes-kayfabe anyways!
LifelessSatellite 4 kun oldin
Had the privilege of being at WM 14. HBK was legit messed up. His back was screwed, and having come back from addiction...was strictly against painkillers. You can see it in the match.
Shawn richard
Shawn richard 4 kun oldin
Shaun of the dead!!!
Teddy McFail
Teddy McFail 4 kun oldin
Great video man!
it's eZatoru
it's eZatoru 4 kun oldin
(Little Random) But I feel WWE's main problem lately is their non existent ads. It's like they forgot about how important it is to hype up your product outside of the actual show. AEW is really helping them see that too.
Nick Barnes
Nick Barnes 4 kun oldin
Ryan Anderson
Ryan Anderson 4 kun oldin
Ugh... where's Simon... skip.
a warriorspirit
a warriorspirit 4 kun oldin
Please stop taking the Lord's name in vain.
Sonic Hydra
Sonic Hydra 4 kun oldin
Great video Nathan, wish we could see and hear more of you on the channel. Your presenting is top notch. Also, anyone who quotes Chris Kamara is a legend in my book :'D
unixsteven 4 kun oldin
Marky mark
unixsteven 4 kun oldin
Fire this guy
Mr. Blanc
Mr. Blanc 4 kun oldin
Fans saying shit like Kayfabe like their part of the wrestling industry, MAAAAAAARKSSS
H.T JR 4 kun oldin
More Nathan please.
Vinnie-Dangerous Official Music
Vinnie-Dangerous Official Music 4 kun oldin
"Words can hurt, aye Hulk Hogan" nice shot there man
Moltenriches1 4 kun oldin
Has this fool ever watched wwe? That's not how you pronounce vince mcmahon. Not like the dude hasn't said his own name numerous times over the years... Oh no wait he has dammit
McGovP 4 kun oldin
Jesus, this man is a charisma vacuum.
wulpurgis 4 kun oldin
i agree, jesus is a charisma vacuum
Kid Villain
Kid Villain 4 kun oldin
Don't lie to us Mr. America was not Hulk Hogan
westnile21 4 kun oldin
“Game of Moans” is a game I play with my girlfriend and with other guys girlfriends all the time.
Collin 6667
Collin 6667 4 kun oldin
Really like Nathan 💫
Cartyr DeYager
Cartyr DeYager 4 kun oldin
I’m not sure if this commentator is new or not but I really enjoyed the change of pace he brought to what culture wrestling top tens, there are somethings he can get better at(he’s just getting started and learning), Hopefully he commentated on more videos and becomes a big contributor to what culture
Emerald Aly
Emerald Aly 4 kun oldin
He's not all that new, but he definitely doesn't feature too often (perhaps he's part-time, or freelance? Idk). I agree he's pretty solid.
Boyan Kovachev
Boyan Kovachev 4 kun oldin
Nathan ain't so new as a presenter, but, yea he is quite good, and yea, he could get better, but even now, for me, he is the best after Simon.
metallicaddictno1 4 kun oldin
Hey, it's Nathan! I really like him!!
Revcharge 4 kun oldin
@Boyan Kovachev yea...
Boyan Kovachev
Boyan Kovachev 4 kun oldin
I mean, he is my favourite presenter, after Simon ofc. He is really good. @Revcharge yea, no. That's kinda racist, I think. And no one wants to be racist. Yea?
Revcharge 4 kun oldin
aka Black Adam sorry (not sorry?)
Moonlight Graeme
Moonlight Graeme 4 kun oldin
I always find it hard to believe that fans didn’t know Vince was the owner before Montreal.
Michael Smith
Michael Smith Kun oldin
@MephProduction I was a kid back then too.
MephProduction Kun oldin
@Michael Smith most if us were kids back then lol. plus wwf literature wasn't widely available in the uk, it was just someone we would catch late at night on the telly, or the odd vhs tape.
Michael Smith
Michael Smith Kun oldin
There was a book published independently in the mid-80s (who name escapes me) that had kayfabe bios on faces and heels from various federations. Under the "miscellaneous" section was a quick bio about Vince. They called him the most powerful man in wrestling back *then*. You had to be a kid or a real mark to not know Vince was in charge.
wulpurgis 3 kun oldin
@MephProduction remember when Meltzer got free publicity from Hogan burning his "rag sheet brother"? i wonder how many people actually knew what the heck that was about
MephProduction 3 kun oldin
it's true we didn't, it was never mentioned on screen, and there wasn't really anything off screen we could indulge in, unlike you newbies with your internets, and youtubes, lol
CAITO 4 kun oldin
Hbk enter from AssHole🍑🦿 to Christian 🤠 ᥬᥬ👁👄👁᭄᭄
CAITO 4 kun oldin
wulpurgis 4 kun oldin
lol no
WolfsRain99999 4 kun oldin
OMG please fire this presenter to avoid all these dislikes.
WolfsRain99999 4 kun oldin
@Foxfire Inferno He's definitely NOT NEW.
wulpurgis 4 kun oldin
your channel is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better
Foxfire Inferno
Foxfire Inferno 4 kun oldin
Give him a chance. All new presenters are a little rough 'round the edges. Look at Simon's early stuff and you'll see what I mean.
Ede Sands
Ede Sands 4 kun oldin
Shawn michaels "lost his smile"=he failed his wellness test🤦🤣
Aryan Verma 2996
Aryan Verma 2996 2 kun oldin
Nah it meant "I refuse to lose against Bret "
American Zero
American Zero 3 kun oldin
@Ricky Lyon We'll never know if it's for real or not. The common belief is that Shawn was gonna drop the belt to Bret at Wrestlemania 13, but didn't want to so he came up with this sudden career ending knee injury. Bret thought it was BS and claimed he was trying to get out of dropping the title. But Shawn disputes to this day that his knee injury was legit.
Ricky Lyon
Ricky Lyon 4 kun oldin
@Foxfire Inferno Shawn claimed a serious knee injury that could potentially spell retirement for him. It turned out to not be the case in the end but Bret Hart and a lot of guys didn't buy the injury and thought Shawn was weaseling out of losing to Bret at WM13. The losing his smile promo just came from Shawn after his mother made the comment during a recent conversation they had.
Foxfire Inferno
Foxfire Inferno 4 kun oldin
I'm not even sure it was that. I think it was just that HBK didn't want to lose a belt clean, so he always came up with some excuse to vacate it or get it stripped instead of losing.
Christopher Greenway
Christopher Greenway 4 kun oldin
Im glad theres new presenters but i get the feeling he was just reading a script and doesnt know much about wrestling
wulpurgis 4 kun oldin
your comment is so crap, i assume you just copy and pasted a script and you don't know much about presenting
Foxfire Inferno
Foxfire Inferno 4 kun oldin
It always takes a bit for new presenters to get into the groove. Look at some of Simon's early vids and he'll look just as rough around the edges, I can assure you.
Matt Austin
Matt Austin 4 kun oldin
Another British wrestling top ten list on youtube, another commentator pronouncing it "Haitch-BK"
Jonathan Lennox
Jonathan Lennox 4 kun oldin
Whit ye talkin aboot ya maddy?
wulpurgis 4 kun oldin
i know right, foreigners need to stop being so foreign
GBProductions84 4 kun oldin
Such riveting content on your channel...reactions to songs...how interesting.
Travis Atwell
Travis Atwell 4 kun oldin
Some of the way you pronounce things and sorta baby talk at times is a little much. Not trying to hate on ya or anything just some constructive criticism from a long time viewer.
TheRockingRoller 4 kun oldin
That Bret Hart promo on Raw is one of the main reasons why I think the Screwjob was a work.
TheRuns2 22 soat oldin
I used to think that. The Screwjob episode of "Dark Side of the Ring" changed my mind.
garrett spillane
garrett spillane 4 kun oldin
Watch wrestling with shadows. Brett is still salty about losing his title. He let it consume him. Watch any of his shoots. He’s so bitter . He kind of reminds me of Ole .
Ellisha Wright
Ellisha Wright 4 kun oldin
You're doing great Nathan! Keep it up 😁! Also, I'll never forgive HHH for double crossing Chyna 💯.
Big Brown Memes
Big Brown Memes 4 kun oldin
People these days completely forgot that Be a man was a real fire track. It holds up much better than today's mumble rappers
wulpurgis 4 kun oldin
im either not high enough, or too high, to understand this
Don't Matter
Don't Matter 4 kun oldin
That doesn't work for me brother
Larry Legend
Larry Legend 4 kun oldin
Alan Gibson
Alan Gibson 4 kun oldin
What way is he pronouncing Vince’s name ?! 😂😂😂
SCOBigMike666 4 kun oldin
@Alan Gibson 😂 I was going to comment something similar to your original one but then I saw your comment and @B.B's reply and felt like I had to weigh in 😂
Alan Gibson
Alan Gibson 4 kun oldin
I’ve started a maelstrom !
SCOBigMike666 4 kun oldin
@B.B no offence to Nathan in the video here but trust me he's pronouncing it strange even for an English man he's trying to sound fancy with it and instead just drawing attention to a wrong pronunciation
SCOBigMike666 4 kun oldin
@B.B dude literally everyone I know over here says it the same way, we can pronounce the differences between mc and mac
B.B 4 kun oldin
@SCOBigMike666 well you're talking about vince only?That's the us way of saying it not how its said in Britain what I heard.I know of Irish folk who say the name Mahon pronounced Marn.Anyway enough of that .
heelgill 4 kun oldin
People don’t realize how deep the pro-wrestling/entertainment industry is.
wulpurgis 4 kun oldin
@shepja87 hehehehe
wulpurgis 4 kun oldin
@shepja87 no? maybe dont be so fragile my man
shepja87 4 kun oldin
@wulpurgis and don't stalk me via videos I put up nearly over a decade ago, that's weird
shepja87 4 kun oldin
@wulpurgis I wasn't even talking to you, I suggest getting another hobby other than picking fights online with people
wulpurgis 4 kun oldin
@shepja87 when can we get more of Adam passed out?
Dosen Plok
Dosen Plok 4 kun oldin
whatculture ist echt fürn Arsch im Jahr 2021. Schlimm was aus diesem Kanal geworden ist.
Jonathan Lennox
Jonathan Lennox 3 kun oldin
@Dosen Plok Angela Merkal
Dosen Plok
Dosen Plok 4 kun oldin
@Jonathan Lennox Hannover 96
Jonathan Lennox
Jonathan Lennox 4 kun oldin
Bayern Munich
Jamal Vargas
Jamal Vargas 4 kun oldin
Jeff Jarrett and Karen Angle back in TNA are they still together though that's my question
BTeam Gleem LLC
BTeam Gleem LLC 22 soat oldin
@Brett Dearwester Karen Angle Jarrett
Mitchell Johnston
Mitchell Johnston 4 kun oldin
Her name is Karen Jarret so I think they might be
Radio Queen Bee
Radio Queen Bee 4 kun oldin
Yep they are.
Brett Dearwester
Brett Dearwester 4 kun oldin
Yes. She’s still Karen jarrett.
shell1338 4 kun oldin
Yes, they are still married.
deandreus hayes
deandreus hayes 4 kun oldin
Just goes to show that sometimes wrestling is real.
Jahi B.
Jahi B. 4 kun oldin
Anthony Beckham
Anthony Beckham 4 kun oldin
Diane Murphy
Diane Murphy 4 kun oldin
@The Water balloon & Sport studio he's actually second
Anthony Beckham
Anthony Beckham 4 kun oldin
How Robert posted his 3 seconds before mine
VoxRox1 4 kun oldin
@Z3N Z fourth
Z3N Z 4 kun oldin
@The Water balloon & Sport studioAnd you’re actually 2nd that makes me 3rd 😂
The Water balloon & Sport studio
The Water balloon & Sport studio 4 kun oldin
Your actually first
Robert Germain II
Robert Germain II 4 kun oldin
Big Hand
Big Hand 4 kun oldin
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