10 Famous Wrestlers No One Liked Working With

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11 kun oldin

Can't get along with everyone.
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That One Guy
That One Guy 3 daqiqa oldin
Mick Foley: Damn Dynamite is stiff man Mankind: Throw me off a 20 foot cell, throw me through a 20 foot cell, backdrop me and chokeslam me on tacks, and tombstone me on some too while you’re at it.
anime Is my life
anime Is my life Kun oldin
Isn't that what got him killed if I'm not mistaken didn't another wrestler kill him I believe another wrestling murdered him if I'm not mistaken the last guy on this list got murdered right of course he didn't deserve that no one has the right to take another's life
anime Is my life
anime Is my life Kun oldin
Ryback left because the entry dude he had stem cell surgery and he's already come out and said CM Punk was already injured before that on his UZpost channel and those were just rumors
TreyBo Kun oldin
I wonder what Undertaker has to say about Bruiser Brodie
B Kun oldin
Stan Hansen had three moves one was the lariat
Steven Saunders
Steven Saunders Kun oldin
Didn't I read somewhere that Vader was bad to work with because he couldn't hit moves properly? Maybe I'm getting mixed up
A House Cat named Mr. Jenkins
A House Cat named Mr. Jenkins Kun oldin
God: I command thee to drop thy belt thus sayeth the Lord! Hogan: Doesn't work for me Brother
Cdhearn14 Hearing
Cdhearn14 Hearing 2 kun oldin
Unstoppable force vs a past his prime chipndale dancer
Forrest Vernier
Forrest Vernier 2 kun oldin
Kinda Ironic how Both Hogan and HBK were in the thumbnail
TheLuscious 2 kun oldin
Htf did Golden Shovels Cena Charlotte and H not make this list
Oncle Jo
Oncle Jo 2 kun oldin
Vader is literally the first image of wrestling around 6y old
S G G 3 kun oldin
Brock: "What did you say about Sable?" WhatCulture Dweeb #1: ""
John Mondeaux
John Mondeaux 3 kun oldin
Dude stop spreading that lie about taker waiting backstage for Shawn if he didn’t drop the belt. Taker himself said that was bullshit
Tvang1991 3 kun oldin
Lol, what a f*cking loser Punk.
Death Star
Death Star 3 kun oldin
Bret hart not being #1 makes this list nonsense and void.
Aaron Williams
Aaron Williams 3 kun oldin
another wrestler killed bruiser brody
Manuel Labor 78
Manuel Labor 78 3 kun oldin
Who remembers when the Big Show was The Giant in the NWO???
James Michaels
James Michaels 4 kun oldin
Try listening to the Wrestlers themselves instead of Dave Meltzer and wade Keller you stupid mark
jb888888888 4 kun oldin
"tip of the iceberg" I do not think that means what you think it means.
Jeff Taylor
Jeff Taylor 4 kun oldin
Also the “founding father of hardcore” is the Sheik.
Jeff Taylor
Jeff Taylor 4 kun oldin
I think everyone liked working with Shawn Michaels. I think it was the times when they were around him and they weren’t actually working is when they didn’t like him. Like in the locker room or on the plane. But in the ring, The only guy that really had a tough time working with him was Vader and that was because Vader just didn’t want to hurt him
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith 5 kun oldin
Hogan Hogan Hogan
Raymx slapped y'all
Raymx slapped y'all 5 kun oldin
at wcw the odd way the crowd would cheer for Goldberg it sounded like mocking almost "goooldbeeeerg"
Adam Grayskull
Adam Grayskull 5 kun oldin
You misspelt paid during the Sable segment.
beesly01 5 kun oldin
Great thumbnail, had me guessing which guy you were referring to.
SMPMS8389 5 kun oldin
How is Hogan not #1
tryannosaurus flex
tryannosaurus flex 6 kun oldin
1:25 that was Twitter, not tumblr.
John Rambo
John Rambo 6 kun oldin
Er the ultimate warrior HHH Vader
Gilded Vulture
Gilded Vulture 6 kun oldin
Kinda surprised my fav wrestler Big Van Vader and my girl Nia Jax didn't make the list
Jeff Henning
Jeff Henning 6 kun oldin
Bret Heart wrestled 5 times after Goldbergs match. 1 of them being a hardcore match that he lost. That he took MULTIPLE head shots in... Bret is just a bitch to Goldberg because he got the limelight that Bret wanted
Glenn McBain
Glenn McBain 6 kun oldin
Here's the real top 10 1 Hogan 2 Regal 3 Hogan 4 Hogan 5 Vince McMahon 6 Charlotte Flair 7 Bianca Belair 8 Hogan 9 Nia Jax 10 Hogan
Pragyan Rawat
Pragyan Rawat 6 kun oldin
Lamo fact
Glenn McBain
Glenn McBain 6 kun oldin
Morrison is less then a jobber still
ShelLuser 6 kun oldin
Ryback... yet he still made it in other promotions. Are we sure this isn't a "WWE thing"?
Rex Styles
Rex Styles 6 kun oldin
Still hate Hulk Hogan to this day.
Jake Navatka
Jake Navatka 6 kun oldin
Ultimate Warrior should be on this list (he's not, but he deserves to be).
Alisa Burdick
Alisa Burdick 6 kun oldin
I have a question for anyone who might know.. Is All Japan Pro Wrestling a predecessor to New Japan Pro? I'm curious.
Gabriel Braswell
Gabriel Braswell 6 kun oldin
Kevan MacDonald
Kevan MacDonald 6 kun oldin
It’s paid guys, not payed. ✌️
Randy Barnett
Randy Barnett 6 kun oldin
You guys forgot about Dr D !
Freak Eclipse, Cot27C
Freak Eclipse, Cot27C 6 kun oldin
Can’t believe they didn’t talk about the time Goldberg got into a fight with Jericho.
AntonDoc14 6 kun oldin
Slagging hogan again - zero respect
Thorsten Schwarz
Thorsten Schwarz 6 kun oldin
Incredible that the Melina story is still being spread. Everyone who has ever met Melina knows, that she is one of the nicest and most humble person, you will ever meet. Mickie James, Victoria, Jillian Hall, Trish Stratus, Gail Kim and most other Women who had Matches with her are good friends with her until today. Michelle McCool confirmed that the stories about backstage Heat between them were all lies. And PaulLondon confirmed that there was no reason for the Wrestling Court. Sometimes they only want to bully someone. They only wanted her to make her cry.
The Winter
The Winter 2 kun oldin
Exactly, she is the nicest wrestler ever. I cant beileve they really made her look like a bad person.
j0etb 6 kun oldin
"Know any other others?" Well yeah, what about the Ultimate Warrior?
The Underrated Guy
The Underrated Guy 6 kun oldin
Ready for this week's SmackDown? Am hyped for the main event, possibly the biggest match in recent history. Big fight feel! Will be watching. I think Bryan will be going to NXT after losing,or maybe turn heel and align himself with Reigns? No matter what,I am excited. This Friday! Huge match up.
Johnny Smash
Johnny Smash 6 kun oldin
Mil Mascara was someone that a lot of guys didnt like working with. Good video bro.
Andrew Tellier
Andrew Tellier 4 kun oldin
And no one likes working with his nephew Alberto Del Rio
Bob Burnquest
Bob Burnquest 6 kun oldin
You think people didn’t like working with hogan??😂😂😂 regardless of him using his politics wrestlers would love to get the chance to make some money with hogan are you serious??
Danny Ruiz
Danny Ruiz 6 kun oldin
What about Jeff Jarrett? Or Ultimate Warrior?
Cold as ice
Cold as ice 6 kun oldin
I'll try to guess, 1- Brock Lesnar 2- Braun strowman 3- The Miz 4- Goldberg 5- Lars Sullivan 6- Nia Jax 7- Brie Bella xD 8- Shayna Baszler 9- Hulk Hogan 10- Sheamus
Aka Miguel Sanchez
Aka Miguel Sanchez 6 kun oldin
Doesn’t work for me brother
Neil Lane
Neil Lane 6 kun oldin
No Low Ki? Absolute fail of a list
Fahad Beats
Fahad Beats 7 kun oldin
Brody was my favorite wrestiler he was kill it God damnit
The McLaurin Experience.
The McLaurin Experience. 7 kun oldin
Goldberg was wreckless in the wrestling ring didn’t even make sure that other wrestlers are safe from preventing them from getting injured
Cernunnos 2024
Cernunnos 2024 7 kun oldin
Every time I walk into a room the Shawn Michael's Theme Starts Playing...
mark braverman
mark braverman 7 kun oldin
Aries had problems in ROH as well
Bruce McKinlay
Bruce McKinlay 7 kun oldin
Ya I'm sure people HATED working with the Hulkster, making more money than they ever have before. *rolls eyes*
Yesterday Productions
Yesterday Productions 7 kun oldin
Goldberg was a dangerous undisciplined animal in the ring. A lot of wrestlers complained about him. In Professional Wrestling, even though the outcome is predetermined, it is a dangerous, brutal Sports Entertainment Event & you have to TRUST the other guy with whom you are working.
Jeremy LeBlanc
Jeremy LeBlanc 7 kun oldin
Giant Gonzalez?
Robert Goldman
Robert Goldman 7 kun oldin
Abdullah the butcher
Roll Tide
Roll Tide 7 kun oldin
Brody never pulled that crap with Harley Race.
Eazy 7 kun oldin
Ryback mind as well stop working out and get a beer belly cause no one is going to pick him up again lol!!!!!
Lord of Allusion
Lord of Allusion 8 kun oldin
Vader in tears is a horrible thought.
OJ McClanahan
OJ McClanahan 8 kun oldin
Stan Hansen "cranked his unprofessionalism up a notch".... So protecting your image and how you're presented is unprofessional now? I wish the people that made these videos actually knew something about professional wrestling.
John McHugh
John McHugh 8 kun oldin
6:35 "Payed" is a nautical term, "Paid" is the word YOU are looking for here.
not sure
not sure 8 kun oldin
Yeah no one wanted to work with Hogan. Except everyone in the 80s and 90s because working with Hogan meant MONEY!!! But hey you smarks be you.
Hayden Divine
Hayden Divine 8 kun oldin
I'm shocked Hulk "That doesn't work for me brother" Hogan wasn't #1
Rob Frank
Rob Frank 8 kun oldin
Nobody liked working with Hogan. They damn sure liked cashing those paychecks... isn't that why people work anyway
tasos diaforetico
tasos diaforetico 8 kun oldin
Not enough puns
Adam Webb
Adam Webb 8 kun oldin
I love Melina.. she can stiff power slam me any day
Chris Frew
Chris Frew 8 kun oldin
Surely, Warrior?
Ethan Mahon
Ethan Mahon 8 kun oldin
As soon as I saw this video title all o could think of is 90s Michaels 😂
PrezidentHughes 8 kun oldin
Adam Wilborn: "What about the Attitude Era?"
sadowolf 8 kun oldin
The first name that came to mind when I saw this list was Warrior; I'm shocked he's not on it. WWE pretty much did a smear documentary full of wrestlers talking about how they didn't like working with him haha.
sadowolf 4 kun oldin
@Nell Sun Sure but the list isn't "10 Wrestlers Who Were On Top For A Long Time and Weren't Liked By Viewers," It's "10 Famous Wrestlers No One Liked Working With." He was a very famous wrestler that other wrestlers didn't like working with, so I think he's worthy of the list.
Nell Sun
Nell Sun 5 kun oldin
He was at the top for a relatively short time tho, and most viewers liked him at the time.
Vee Vendetta
Vee Vendetta 8 kun oldin
Nia Jax?
Cthulhoop 8 kun oldin
Randy Orton and Lesnar should be on here.
Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider 8 kun oldin
i think shawn was screwing Vince and Triple H i know a former wrestler and i believe it.. just a boy toy?? yeaaaaa
Emmanuel Makoba
Emmanuel Makoba 8 kun oldin
I thought Shawn and Hogan would be 2 and 1
Michael Martin
Michael Martin 8 kun oldin
Roo go?
Espada #25
Espada #25 8 kun oldin
This song is caulifa U theme after videos
the rumbler master
the rumbler master 8 kun oldin
if i was back there i would feel so bad for vadar i bet if mr McMahon saw him crie i think Shawn would be fired but knowing mrMcMahon he probably woudent
Prison Mike
Prison Mike 8 kun oldin
Everybody LOVED working with Hogan. Hogan was the money match and you knew you were in the Main Event. It's like boxing Floyd Mayweather or fighting MacGregor.
Yesterday Productions
Yesterday Productions 7 kun oldin
Almost all the wrestlers PERSONALLY hated Hogan for his ego & backstabbing. Working with him because you'll make more money & but actually disliking it along with hating him personally are TWO different things. LOL
samantha sims
samantha sims 8 kun oldin
Im shocked lesnar isnt on here beyond overrated
MGOfficial 8 kun oldin
Brock lesnar
AOB YungCP 8 kun oldin
HBK vs Hogan was a 5 star match Hulk was all gimmick why not put his gimmick over more even tho it was a huge rib it was dope!!
Adam Sheppard
Adam Sheppard 8 kun oldin
No mention of Mabel? He was fucking dangerous..
David Burch
David Burch 8 kun oldin
I'm surprised Brock Lesnar is not hear
Buttercup III
Buttercup III 8 kun oldin
Justin Mayberry
Justin Mayberry 8 kun oldin
Hogan has REPTILIAN eyes in the hes too small picture,I didn't know he was one of them but I should have known after hearing all the shoot interviews,he truly was a snake in the grass.
Mr.Everything Sundrani
Mr.Everything Sundrani 8 kun oldin
This is a Reupload
Crazy Anime Gamer
Crazy Anime Gamer 8 kun oldin
I don't know a whole lot about Bruiser Brody, but he didn't deserve to be murdered did he?
Gejamugam Latsoomanam
Gejamugam Latsoomanam 9 kun oldin
Drew McIntyre is another. He refusal to job unless he was threatened to, being stiff in the ring
Zachary Rodriguez
Zachary Rodriguez 9 kun oldin
No wonder why bruiser brody was stabbed
Greg Gorecky
Greg Gorecky 9 kun oldin
I would have Hogan, Michaels and Brody as my top three.
Dan Preston
Dan Preston 9 kun oldin
How was Ultimate Warrior not on here
Nyla Iman
Nyla Iman 9 kun oldin
I can definitely understand why melina was released. She's a pieces, my older brother is a pisces. The attitude is why. Too sensitive and emotional. Smh. I would love to be a female to get rid of melina if I was a WWE Diva wrestler.
ugly devon
ugly devon 8 kun oldin
Astrology is bullshit bruh
Martin Teece
Martin Teece 9 kun oldin
Should do a opposite one where it talent who everyone wanted to work with an why. Ofcause brodie lee for number 1 slot the man was all about improving his fellow talent
-ĹÓÚÍÉ- 8 kun oldin
undertaker too one of if not the most professional and safe in ring performerd in his prime
Ryan Connell 5150
Ryan Connell 5150 9 kun oldin
The funny thing is from the cover photo, we can't tell which one you're talking about. Both were douchers back in the day.
Steve Garcia
Steve Garcia 9 kun oldin
Whoever has to catch Charlotte’s moonsaults.
pwilsonlf3 9 kun oldin
Sable walks in room, tells x pac, "Remember when you 💩in my stuff? Well this is my husband BAAARRRROOOOCK LEEESSSSSNAAAARRR, and he is gonna shit down your throat.
Patrick Dare
Patrick Dare 9 kun oldin
How about Nia Jax? Most dangerous women's wrestler ever?
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