10 Dumbest Decisions By WWE Champions

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It takes smarts to stay on top. Here's when Edge, Bray Wyatt and other famed icons forgot that.
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David Stang
David Stang 11 soat oldin
Blm is fake
Sahil Arora
Sahil Arora 17 soat oldin
Crap video! Crap of an idea. And it was crap right from where you said football as a sport is dumb. I guess you're the one who is dumb.
Arturo Cisneros Cervantes
Arturo Cisneros Cervantes Kun oldin
Stupid is football 🏈 and wrestling in this days it suck
Jake Howell
Jake Howell Kun oldin
Makes sense don't it rvd gets stripped of the wwe title for being caught with weed then 16 years later Matt riddle wins the u.s title while portraying a stoner Logic for you 🤷🤷
Jed Roberts
Jed Roberts 2 kun oldin
RVD420 being stripped was a worse crime than possession
Scoutz 2 kun oldin
Wrestling these days is just dumb period.. I can't even watch it.
Mehdi Amari
Mehdi Amari 3 kun oldin
I hate it when you said soccer come on stop trying to be an American it's football everyone knows it
Jay Rome
Jay Rome 4 kun oldin
Charlotte trying to spear Bayley (miss MITB) at MITB 2019 instead of leaving the ring after knocking her out. I mean Mella cashed in on Charlotte the year prior, she was supposed to know very well that the MITB contract could be used against her at any time.
Míchele Cobré
Míchele Cobré 5 kun oldin
The rey mysterio one is the worst
T. N. Bull
T. N. Bull 6 kun oldin
Unsubbed, looking for guests for my own pod. If you fancy talking message me or leave a comment on the video.
Obliterated Zombies
Obliterated Zombies 8 kun oldin
A more accurate title would be dumbest decisions made by WWE Creative
Obliterated Zombies
Obliterated Zombies 8 kun oldin
Besides #1
Veshane Singh
Veshane Singh 8 kun oldin
11. Going into PG era 12. Cannot make a new star
Delmar Frazier
Delmar Frazier 8 kun oldin
Bob Backland was life lol 😂
Henrik Schmidt
Henrik Schmidt 8 kun oldin
Glad to see Yoko on the list. Not sure I agree that Savage's turn on Hogan or Ric Flair's doctored photos belong on the list. Trying to psych out Savage and getting him before he get's you. Makes sense story line wise.
Daemon konsela
Daemon konsela 9 kun oldin
Kane wasnt given a choice, WWE management forced him to do the rematch
Tyler Crane
Tyler Crane 9 kun oldin
2:11 Kane giving Stone Cold a rematch was the coolest thing not just because the rattlesnake got a shot at the gold he got screwed out of, but because it fit Kane, especially the original masked Kane. Kane didn't fear anyone, and was always difficult to control. So when Stone Cold appealed to him for a rematch, he agreed, while Paul Bearer tried desperately to tell him not to, which made it even better since Bearer was supposed to be somewhat in control of Kane at the time.
Favour Okechi
Favour Okechi 9 kun oldin
Dude, you're British and you called the sport soccer? Good Lord.
MUII UNCUT 10 kun oldin
He sounds british but at the end he said soccer ⚽
xAfterShock 10 kun oldin
“Bunch of drugs”...? Tell the truth. They had some weed.
titan hades
titan hades 10 kun oldin
Costing Hart the title kinda shows one of Austin's dumbest decisions. He could have fought Hart for the title.
Nicholas Smith
Nicholas Smith 10 kun oldin
Why is blm showing up in the video? Keep your racist hate groups off this video, are you going to put kkk next?? There both hate groups, One's black the other is white.
vik saggu
vik saggu 10 kun oldin
Timothy Fannin
Timothy Fannin 10 kun oldin
You would think 🤔 that RVD and Sabu would learn from Jim Dugan and the iron sheiks mistake I mean this is a story I’m sure all wrestlers have heard.
Itachi-kun 10 kun oldin
why Hogan wins the WWE Championship at WMIX after yoko won it is because they didn't want a heel to win in the main event
Tankkilla 21 soat oldin
If that was the case then they could of just had Bret win
Arthur Looby
Arthur Looby 10 kun oldin
The dumbest decision is that Simon Miller isn't wwe champion yet.
Allan Adamson
Allan Adamson 10 kun oldin
yeah man it was a great time I was living in a nice house in Hawaii I had a nice vehicle & money & women & RVD was the champ it was great and then suddenly everyone started making a huge deal about weed to cover up the fact we were killing people overseas
Dinesh Naidu
Dinesh Naidu 10 kun oldin
If anything is silly is American football
gamer-gooner81 10 kun oldin
Born in England yet you call football soccer 🤔
Blade 10 kun oldin
Psyonikx 10 kun oldin
RVD wasn't dumb, he just got harassed by the pigs.
Dean 10 kun oldin
... How the hell did Backlund beat Bret Hart? Bret Hart always put over talent back then. Even surprised me when Nasty Boys beat the Hart Foundation.
Shane Bellantoni
Shane Bellantoni 10 kun oldin
Gene Quagmire
Gene Quagmire 10 kun oldin
1:12 I didn't watch any of this but yes that's legit dumb. Oh my god ,the terrifying pixels!
Tom Seville
Tom Seville 10 kun oldin
RVD was losing the title at SNME in July 06, in the same manner that he did two weeks earlier on Raw. The situation just expedited the change.
Ftbl_JP 10
Ftbl_JP 10 10 kun oldin
TheRuns2 10 kun oldin
Kennedy putting his MitB briefcase on the line vs. Edge while being in no condition to do so. AJ offering a title shot to Paige a day after defending it against many women at WM. Paige returning the favor when they did their double turn.
Ross Johnson
Ross Johnson 10 kun oldin
Football, you're english.
Nick Montoya
Nick Montoya 11 kun oldin
#9 ummm, McIntyre but difference is he retained
Jorge Fonseca
Jorge Fonseca 11 kun oldin
Soccer?!Are you english or australiano?!I mean you sound australian but i know that you re english,cmon Simon!It's football
Travis Miller
Travis Miller 11 kun oldin
Why would Stone Cold agree to a “First Blood Match” against Kane who wears a mask and full body suit that are red?
J J 11 kun oldin
RVD and Sabu were just pulled over by cops who weren’t wrestling fans, there’s plenty of road stories of wrestlers indulging while driving and they all got away with it due to status or Vince making it go away.
RC Dune
RC Dune 11 kun oldin
Figures it was the damn Ohio state pigs who ruined the reign of RVD
Venom Wolf
Venom Wolf 11 kun oldin
Dumbest is always going from NXT to Main roster if You are man or You care more about entertainment than money.
mkmd13 11 kun oldin
And this is why you don't do drugs kids.
死ぬ 11 kun oldin
0:15 reminds me of something
Matthew Byrd
Matthew Byrd 11 kun oldin
Eddie Guerrero jumping off the steel cage instead of leaving the steel cage match and jbl and retaining his championship but was an amazing moment
Jonas Koch
Jonas Koch 11 kun oldin
This sport is called football
Campbell Tansley
Campbell Tansley 11 kun oldin
Pretty sure Randy Orton's arachnophobic
Broken Chainz
Broken Chainz 11 kun oldin
The thing that kills me with the Hogan at WM9 thing is that Hogan had no affiliation with Bret got him to even come out during that match
Lukas Skeirys
Lukas Skeirys 11 kun oldin
every time I see three letters BLM, I just hit the dislike button for the lack of research done on this scam/political tool
Larry Thee Man
Larry Thee Man 11 kun oldin
Andre The Giant decision wasn't dumb! It was for money. Money is important,buys things maybe people and would never be dumb.
Johnny Jr Kirch
Johnny Jr Kirch 11 kun oldin
RVD smokes marijuana pop some pills gets stripped of title brock Lesnar he’s on drugs the whole time he’s a champion he’s even was pooped for them
Paul Ekezie
Paul Ekezie 11 kun oldin
Kofi Kingston agreeing to wrestle Brock Lesner
Nova2512 11 kun oldin
*So what was Edge’s dumb decision? Getting beaten up by someone in a wrestling show? Punk did with the MITB case what he were supposed to? Really had to stretch that list huh? Should have made it number 8 or something*
Tre Williams
Tre Williams 11 kun oldin
RVD was a good champion wish he had another shot RVD vs Seth Rollins or ricochet would be amazing to see flips and stuff🤔
Surreal469 11 kun oldin
Not the greatest list. WWE should've just rolled with the RVD thing. That's his gimmick. And Savage turning on Hulk was 1) purely about emotion and B) correct. Because Hogan was the true bad guy.
Jayla Gaskins
Jayla Gaskins 11 kun oldin
Ethan Murray
Ethan Murray 11 kun oldin
Also dumb decision...how you gonna have a first blood match with a guy....who is all covered up?! Come on Stone Cold?!
Joshua Estrada
Joshua Estrada 11 kun oldin
I love how I’m smoking a joint enjoying this great content and then the dumbest thing you say someone can do is “have drugs”. 🤙🏼
Trinidad Valdez
Trinidad Valdez 11 kun oldin
The fiend accepting a triple threat right after summerslam
Jason Anthony
Jason Anthony 11 kun oldin
A Brit like Simon actually said soccer😱
Knicky Dymondz
Knicky Dymondz 11 kun oldin
I was at the Backlund vs Diesel MSG show. Backlund’s biggest mistake was trying to show sportsmanship lol
Hima Hosni
Hima Hosni 8 kun oldin
What happened exactly? Or post a link
Vondiasu Fracara35
Vondiasu Fracara35 11 kun oldin
Ecw last show
Newell Joseph
Newell Joseph 11 kun oldin
Rey Mysterio defending his title against John Cena on the same night he won it
Matt J
Matt J 20 soat oldin
@Rahaman Roberson nah they said that he agreed to it
SAGiles 3 kun oldin
Míchele Cobré
Míchele Cobré 5 kun oldin
Zedrik Allen
Zedrik Allen 6 kun oldin
2011 is so stupid.
christopher houlihan
christopher houlihan 6 kun oldin
You can't blame rey for that though it was a stupid decision then again nothing surprises me when it comes to vince and co
Cody Atkins
Cody Atkins 11 kun oldin
At least soccer ain't predetermined
One Zook Nation
One Zook Nation 11 kun oldin
I've noticed in the past 10 years or so that people have stopped looking both ways before crossing the street and seem to purposely walk in front of cars.
Ace of Spades
Ace of Spades 5 kun oldin
It's called Jaywalking
Mazen Aljeldh
Mazen Aljeldh 11 kun oldin
Difference between football and pro wrestling is that football is a real sport 😂
Tamzid Mohsin Khan
Tamzid Mohsin Khan 11 kun oldin
Shame that RVD's WWE title reign is short lived due to his Wellness Policy violation
Jeremy Williams
Jeremy Williams 11 kun oldin
1. Kofi Kingston jumping on the shoulders of Brock Lesnar, thus getting hit with an F5 and losing the WWE Championship in about 9 seconds on Smackdown 2. Daniel Bryan kissing A.J Lee at Wrestlemania XXVIII.
Christopher Lesiuk
Christopher Lesiuk 11 kun oldin
Simon, you're British. British people should never call it soccer
AKking27 11 kun oldin
Just notice after watching Simon for years... Simon is actually bald...wow!!
Martin Rubio
Martin Rubio 11 kun oldin
Hulk hogan and savage was a good feud
Ash27 11 kun oldin
please don't call Football "Soccer" YOUR ENGLISH!
LUHH C4 11 kun oldin
Josh Wright
Josh Wright 11 kun oldin
They had two machines to print money in both storylines with Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton. And they ruined both of them at wrestlemania by just phoning it in.
Spades X
Spades X 11 kun oldin
Congratulations on 2 mil
Raiyan Amin
Raiyan Amin 11 kun oldin
8:00 Abusing the MITB stipulation? Uhmm... isn't it the whole point?
Tristan Scatliffe
Tristan Scatliffe 11 kun oldin
*Me,an American waiting for Simon to say football* Simon:SOCCER! Me: Nani!?
Mason Cook
Mason Cook 11 kun oldin
2 million
koa022 11 kun oldin
What about Christian accepting Randy Horton's challenge ? You just won your first World Championship belt after a grueling ladder match 2 days before (won it on May 1st, lost it on May 3rd) after so many years in the business, you're battered and bruised, you are giving a very emotional celebration speech, and then, Randy Orton interrupts you, no story line or anything, just throw a challenge in the air in a ''why not, I have nothing to lose and he might accept'' manner, and you stupidly agreed to the match, not next week, but that same night
Mekqa 11 kun oldin
Did you just day the s word 🤮
The Inquisitor Johnston
The Inquisitor Johnston 11 kun oldin
Rey agreeing to defend the big gold belt against Cena
High Duck
High Duck 11 kun oldin
@Mohamad Fatehi thats the name of the vid is says wwe champions. rey definately fits
The Inquisitor Johnston
The Inquisitor Johnston 11 kun oldin
@Mohamad Fatehi ah I apologise I was mistaken
Mohamad Fatehi
Mohamad Fatehi 11 kun oldin
it was WWE championshipe
dustin simms
dustin simms 11 kun oldin
Come on guys yall need to stop wit black lives matter crap it's all lives matter
Fu-FuCuddlyPoops 11 kun oldin
I like how they’re all “dumb decisions” within their respective storylines except for RVD getting busted for drug possession.
Cobh Dublin
Cobh Dublin 11 kun oldin
I really feel that the best interpretation of the Savage/Hogan feud was that Hogan was playing mind games and messing with Savage the entire time.
Joe Feeney
Joe Feeney 5 kun oldin
And Savage going mad because fans and commentators (except Jesse) didn’t see the truth!
The J-Man Or Riot!
The J-Man Or Riot! 11 kun oldin
What culture wrestling:black lives matter Also what culture wrestling:hires no black employees
Gemini Skies
Gemini Skies 11 kun oldin
@The J-Man Or Riot! Not sure bud. I just know I've seen him on videos and he's pretty good. I just don't remember his name and that's nothing against him or WC it's just my memory sucks.
The J-Man Or Riot!
The J-Man Or Riot! 11 kun oldin
@Gemini Skies so they give him the scraps? While the others are more prominent
Gemini Skies
Gemini Skies 11 kun oldin
@The J-Man Or Riot! They do, he makes videos every now and again.
The J-Man Or Riot!
The J-Man Or Riot! 11 kun oldin
@Gemini Skies not on UZpost
Gemini Skies
Gemini Skies 11 kun oldin
That's not true lol
The Roadshow Classic
The Roadshow Classic 11 kun oldin
Honestly if anyone has a few minutes, I just uploaded my first interview with NXT superstar Christian Casanova! Would love any feedback, it is all appreciated, as I'm looking to pursue journalism!!
Fred Herbert
Fred Herbert 11 kun oldin
How about Bret Hart going to wcw? They didn’t do anything at all with him
Fred Herbert
Fred Herbert 11 kun oldin
@Chase Kozak he was that night before loosing that match
Chase Kozak
Chase Kozak 11 kun oldin
Read the title bud. All about WWE champions
Kenjing Taboh
Kenjing Taboh 11 kun oldin
Dont compare wwe with football!
J_D_TheSportsG 11 kun oldin
The legit attack on Flair by Savage postmatch at WM 8 was crazy. Flair wasn't too bright planting a forced smooch on Elizabeth. Savage had Flair shitting himself. Then you see Flair and Perfect taking cheapshots at Savage while Savage is being physically restrained by Shane McMahon and Tony Garea. Craziness.
CalumanderTube 11 kun oldin
Ok you did not just use a shot of Becky with a Gaelic Football and say Soccer!
Psyonikx 10 kun oldin
@Niall O'Reilly Sooooo... puking is like hockey? What the hell kind of language is this?
Niall O'Reilly
Niall O'Reilly 10 kun oldin
He'll call hurling/camogie fucking field hockey next
Gene Quagmire
Gene Quagmire 10 kun oldin
Can someone translate Leprechaun?
RadBrad Music Artist
RadBrad Music Artist 11 kun oldin
Edge isnt world champion material. Hes a tag team champion at best
predator 01
predator 01 11 kun oldin
Lmao,He is one of the best champions wwe ever had in ruthless aggression era.
Dustin Kimpton
Dustin Kimpton 11 kun oldin
Isn't he a 6 time champion though?
Anthony Cotto
Anthony Cotto 11 kun oldin
Get help
mez xai
mez xai 11 kun oldin
My man compared wrestling‘s silliness with football AND CALLED IT FUCKING SOCCER.
Dxtreme111 11 kun oldin
for a brief moment I thought you were gonna talk about the mobile game WWE Champions :D
The Ugly Being
The Ugly Being 11 kun oldin
When Nia Jax ruin her champion reign challenging Ronda Rousey as of Nia Jax was going to win 🙄. When Nia Jax is an okay wrestler and Ronda Rousey was "a force to be reckoned with" at that time...
Brandon White
Brandon White 11 kun oldin
You’re English and you really just said “Soccer” ?!! cmon mate !
Johnpaul Morrison
Johnpaul Morrison 3 kun oldin
@Vintage Girl Yes you Americans are.
Vintage Girl
Vintage Girl 3 kun oldin
@Johnpaul Morrison Americans aren't idiots.
Johnpaul Morrison
Johnpaul Morrison 11 kun oldin
@Raiyan Amin For the wider idiot community. There i fixed it for you.
Raiyan Amin
Raiyan Amin 11 kun oldin
That's for the wider American audience
C M 11 kun oldin
Aew is pure garbage 🗑️🗑️🗑️
professor granpa
professor granpa 11 kun oldin
2:58 I forgot all about Ted and his "manservant" virgil..that wasn't a good idea then, can you imagine wwe trying that now?
Brent black
Brent black 11 kun oldin
Everytime I see blm i dislike
Mad Man 1
Mad Man 1 11 kun oldin
0:09 soccer? Shows GAA. Idiot
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