Jumanji Alan
Jumanji Alan 3 soat oldin
Please let me edit ups and downs
CrazyfitPT 3 soat oldin
Lol Punk was not given an exception for the piledriver, him and Cena just gave no fks and got fined afterwards.
Derrick Smith
Derrick Smith 3 soat oldin
How do i watch impact?!?! I can never find it. I dont wanna pay though. Is there a free place to watch?
Lewis Sara
Lewis Sara 3 soat oldin
E eh pq eh memo
E eh pq eh memo 3 soat oldin
Thats why wrestling is soft today. everyone should be stiff. we simulate combat we do not play fight.
Russ Fox
Russ Fox 3 soat oldin
Storm vs Kenny would be great too
Hold The Truth Hostage
Hold The Truth Hostage 3 soat oldin
I hear the battle cry 😭
Tamzid Mohsin Khan
Tamzid Mohsin Khan 3 soat oldin
Moose should be the one to dethrone Kenny Omega to win the Impact World title
Bradley T Swenson
Bradley T Swenson 3 soat oldin
Great show. Even Jericho falling on the padded area. Padded or not, that's gotta hurt. The WWE crowd that will cry 'fake' about Rey losing an eye? The Fiend being burned alive? What happened inside the ring was extremely brutal. Hard to fake that. And the blood! 5-star match.
YL 3 soat oldin
Imagine youtube back in wwf times and havin Simon makin videos of ups and downs
Daily Passenger Travels
Daily Passenger Travels 3 soat oldin
That's what retro ups and downs is for
Tamzid Mohsin Khan
Tamzid Mohsin Khan 3 soat oldin
Sami Calihan FinJuice needs to join forces with Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston to counter the Elite . It will be like a WarGame type match
cablepiratez 3 soat oldin
That would be insane..
jesse holbritten
jesse holbritten 3 soat oldin
Simon is the best!!!
YL 3 soat oldin
Impact wrestling sux
sethious1 3 soat oldin
Oh and the time The Rock said he was home, and he wasn't going anywhere like he was going to have a real run. And then he was gone again lol
Monster Zero
Monster Zero 3 soat oldin
Giant Haystacks cracking Jackie Fullerton's ribs with a power slam wasn't on here?
sethious1 3 soat oldin
They teased Stone Cold and CM Punk twice that I can recall, once on Raw and the other while they were promoting one of the games coming out at the time
slashandbones13 3 soat oldin
I feel like the Andre the Giant win also was a way to honor his legacy without putting him at risk due to his lacking health at that point.
Kidd Time
Kidd Time 4 soat oldin
Never was a fan of BL
Ugo Strange
Ugo Strange 4 soat oldin
Brian Christopher...oldie but worth a mention. Dude danced all the way to the ring and didn't stop there, got on the turnbuckle, posed to the crowd is ABSOLUTE SILENCE. Nobody does that without expecting a reaction...painful and sad.
Dwayne Greene
Dwayne Greene 4 soat oldin
Ronda is overrated. Sorry surr shes a decent UFC fighter but WWE? She doesnt have it n takes stuff waay too personal.
Just MNY
Just MNY 4 soat oldin
Wish u a nice ̶R̶u̶s̶e̶v̶ Miro Day
Kyle Lane
Kyle Lane 4 soat oldin
As much as I’d love miro to win the tnt title, I feel like it’s going to be a dq finish, page and sky beat up allin, be a bit shit but that’s my opinion
Chris G
Chris G 4 soat oldin
Hearing the commentators that riddle is going to teach Randy the couch lock had me dying 😂 cause I can’t picture Randy having a stoner character 😂
E P 4 soat oldin
Im guessing Eva Marie's career didnt work out they way she hoped? Anyway, i thought they were moving away from crappy female wrestlers?
Neal McCorkle
Neal McCorkle 4 soat oldin
yeah, I am one of the camera angle folks....there had to be an angle to where it wasn't so blatantly obvious.
Mudassar Khan
Mudassar Khan 4 soat oldin
Tessa ENTRY in FEMALE ROYAL FIGHT in Double or Nothing will be HUGE
MARSOFGODS 4 soat oldin
Heal turn
NAC Wrestling Lists
NAC Wrestling Lists 4 soat oldin
Do starrcade ‘83 ups and downs
John Strika
John Strika 5 soat oldin
How Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen aren't on here is mind boggling.
Tryme Tv
Tryme Tv 5 soat oldin
Okay he was on point with his first thing he said
Pulkit Thakur
Pulkit Thakur 5 soat oldin
4:20 that was uncalled for😂😂😂😂😂😂
ValStarwind 5 soat oldin
No Bob Holly's Neck? Guess you also believe it was no botch.
Ross Macdonald
Ross Macdonald 5 soat oldin
"due to poor tickets sales on various house shows" you answered you're own question why Hogan vs Flair didn't happen, WWE wanted it but fans didn't, quite simple answer
Aerl Varas
Aerl Varas 5 soat oldin
Why stay at wwe for the cash ... fk that shit
Ben Armstrong
Ben Armstrong 5 soat oldin
Should you really be advertising that website in the corner of the Millertron?
Zayn Rahman
Zayn Rahman 5 soat oldin
Why do you say McMahon so weird 😂
Ross Macdonald
Ross Macdonald 5 soat oldin
Takers confidence at that point was low and said himself that Sting match should be left as a dream (I'd say he was right) As for Bryan rumble win he'd just come back from a year long injury, fans got what they wanted at 30 them he gone a month later, then same thing after Mania 31, WWE were right not to have him main event against Brock at that point, Reigns was the right choice bring a fresh top guy that oddly enough fans wanted the previous rumble (2014) too
Jeremy Walker
Jeremy Walker 5 soat oldin
I have never believed Foley going through the cell was accidental. Why else go back up there again? Why frame up in so particular a fashion for THAT panel? Why else did Undertaker break out the supersafe choke-push he only ever used again with with Rikishi at armageddon hiac?
George Stark
George Stark 5 soat oldin
Hornswaggle. Hornswaggle is why I stopped watching wrestling. Just got back into it this year but for me it was hornswaggle.
Jeff Mazziotta
Jeff Mazziotta 5 soat oldin
Let's hope he does leave! it will be better for pro-wrestling as a whole and you know it would also make Bryan happy
Michael M. Balaan
Michael M. Balaan 6 soat oldin
Blood and Mats
Immortal Rimas
Immortal Rimas 6 soat oldin
Who says Daniel Bryan has to go to AEW right now? MLW recently got that huge TV Deal with Vice which his huge exposure so maybe DB goes to MLW to challenge Jacob Fatu’s 2 year reign of terror for his World Title in a David vs Goliath angle? Plus DB being there on Vice could lead to MLW getting so much more exposure which could lead to the rise of a 3rd Professional Wrestling power in the US to rival WWE & AEW where the only winner is us the fans?
David Starnes
David Starnes 6 soat oldin
The only thing wrong with that match was squinting to see the little screen and missing half the match on account of commercials.
Immortal Rimas
Immortal Rimas 6 soat oldin
It will be a Cold day in Hell before VKM consents to Daniel Bryan working for WWE & on the independent circuit unless Triple H & the McMahon siblings plan a coup of the company
Philipp 6 soat oldin
Love that bit on the nugget to be kept on thr mantelpiece, very classy
H.D. Brown
H.D. Brown 6 soat oldin
Caster from the Acclaimed looks high or drunk when he comes out. Id Rather the Inner Circle had won then Jericho got thrown off or Jericho got to throw MJF off after losing.
Will Kayl
Will Kayl 6 soat oldin
People forget how big a piece of shit the Kliq and John Cena were.
💕-Erin-💕 7 soat oldin
i love becky 😙
sonu malik
sonu malik 7 soat oldin
I like that pro wrestler who doesn't get involved in social media , always remains in character on screen and off screen and doesn't break kayfabe . And who doesn't use tiktok . Tiktok , instagram and twitter are cancer for pro wrestling promotions .
sonu malik
sonu malik 7 soat oldin
Today WWE is only meant for pushing wrestlers , creating a 5 star match , and bcoz of pg - no blood , hardcore , abusive language , profanity , vulgar scenes can happen and even that moment which surprise the crowd . No fast paced wrestling , no surprise interference , so much predictibility from smarks , Wrestling experts , I want WWE to be unpredictable and today wrestlers are different on screen and off screen in storylines they were aggressive towards their opponents and in social media they were different . They always getting humble with their opponents . Just like Sonya deville and Mandy rose .
Jamez/guit 7 soat oldin
The Real Reason . but we dont know really i might be this .
Peter Breusch TheGoldShot
Peter Breusch TheGoldShot 7 soat oldin
Cena didn't steal Austin's stunner, its springboard, not even close. With that said he had every right to take a shit on cena for doing it consistently poorly.
Iwillone 7 soat oldin
Blood and Guts was awesome but I wished every match was allowed to use both rings though (-_^ )
simeon517 7 soat oldin
7:41 They was like To Hell With That, We Doin Out Own Shit 😂
knightshousegames 7 soat oldin
It's not that Orange doesn't want to wrestle, it's that Orange just gives the absolutely minimum necessary effort for a given situation. He basically takes the concept of sprezzatura to the extreme, he's too cool, too aloof to care about most situations. It's not that he can't do amazing things, it's that he only does when he feels like he needs to, otherwise, you know, he just chills out. He does all the clown moves as disrespect, to show that he doesn't care, and to make them take him lightly. But when his opponent gets him in trouble, or if he's against an opponent he knows he needs to take seriously, thats when he takes off. Orange Cassidy is basically Miyamoto Musashi Reincarnated as a Calvin Kline model. Musashi used to use similar tactics in his duels to throw off his opponents, he'd show up late, he'd forget his sword, then beat them with a sword he carved out of wood. And he clearly knew what he was doing, since he's one of the few samurais to ever die of old age. He wrote a book about it, it's really good. It's really amazing when people who think they are super smart about wrestling don't see this and hate on Orange Cassidy.
Slap List
Slap List 7 soat oldin
I can’t wait to hear how MJF and Jericho explain the cardboard ramp fall from blood and guts, next week on Dynamite. Seriously the way Mox, Omega & Eddie K had to explain the “boom” a couple months back was priceless.
Justin Hinson
Justin Hinson 7 soat oldin
Stop giving ups to shit that you know is fucking trash
G B 7 soat oldin
Love stipulations for hangman and the titles if he wins he vacates the rest.
Armin Muminovic
Armin Muminovic 8 soat oldin
Why are all the screenshots used in the video from a website that hosts these for free? Are you guys not gonna get in trouble?
robert shelton
robert shelton 8 soat oldin
Sabu would actually have a good career if he could turn his botches into angles because you know they kinda happen in every match with him
Oliver Pearman
Oliver Pearman 8 soat oldin
Phantasio isn’t all on Vince - del Rios used that gimmick, under the name the Spellbinder, in USWA long before WWE picked him up
sunil ojha
sunil ojha 8 soat oldin
I think wrestling fans watch Simon more than raw and also only Vince and his idotic family are the only ones watching their dumbass raw
robert shelton
robert shelton 8 soat oldin
Mic Foley, the only guy to a lose a 1 fall match taking 2 falls
knightshousegames 8 soat oldin
It's insane to think one of the worst on screen characters WWE had with John Lauranitis used to have insanely good matches with the likes of Mitsuharu Misawa and Kenta The world is weird. Especially the Wrestling world...
Raider Nation
Raider Nation 8 soat oldin
Ehh having “7” portray a potential child molester might be considered. Thankfully Rhodes buried the angle when he debuted it. But the promos leading up to it were.. yeah...
robert shelton
robert shelton 8 soat oldin
If billy Kidman could do a normal shooting star press also proves aew is more creative than e but not saying much they need to botch less while wwe needs to botch more instead of micromanaged and recycled boring bollocks
Paul Counelis
Paul Counelis 8 soat oldin
No complaining about all the lonnnng back to back talking segments? While watching it live I thought for sure Simon would at least mention it. The Omega talking segment seemed to last for 72 and a half awkward minutes
Hot Pepper
Hot Pepper 8 soat oldin
Eva is back my girl!
Chavy D
Chavy D 8 soat oldin
Makes next weeks episode even more worth looking forward to
soberkids 8 soat oldin
I slaped a up!
Optimus 200
Optimus 200 8 soat oldin
I still think Shane should be No. 1. No McMahon gets that reaction while not being named Triple H at the same time.
Donald Campbell
Donald Campbell 9 soat oldin
Can't feel to sorry for C.M. Punk, he did leave with A.J. Lee
monu sharma
monu sharma 9 soat oldin
Aew promotes njpw more than impact because they know which company is gonna benefit them
Colin Hudson
Colin Hudson 9 soat oldin
I will always remember the match between Greg Valentine, and Ronnie Garvin, that was an awesome hard match
Mary Vinson
Mary Vinson 9 soat oldin
What wrong with Vince it get good on Wwf then he mess it up I love Daniel B tell Vince not take Daniel off love watching him think about having pro wresting on Saturday morning thank you so munch
CPA 9 soat oldin
Great show but man that ending was lame. MJF should've thrown Y2J off the cage like Taker did Foley.
CPA 9 soat oldin
Man that ending was lame. MJF should've thrown Y2J off the cage like Taker did Foley. Still a great show overall. *UP!*
Chiib 9 soat oldin
what about kaitlyn winning that battle royal against eve accidentally, and then literally becoming divas champ because of it.
Tyler Dowd
Tyler Dowd 9 soat oldin
He described my wrestling love exactly when tna kind of "died" in 2014 15 I stopped watching for years and then started seeing shoot interviews and then I started watching the actual stuff there talking about and it snowballed from there